Jan. 8-12, Atlanta, GA
J. McRae & Debbie A. Richter


Beltwide Cotton Production Conference

Cotton Yield and Quality Genetic vs Environmental Affectors

D.R. Krieg

Cotton Incorporated Activity Report 2001

J. Berrye Worsham, III

Free Trade . . . What Kind of Yarn are we Spinning?

Anderson D. Warlick

Insects in Low Spray Environments and Modified Cotton Ecosystems

B.R. Leonard and K. Emfinger

Marketplace Insights

William B. Dunavant, Jr.

New Developments from Industry

Continental Eagle Corporation New 9500 Down-Packing Slip Box Press

Frank R. Clark

Cottonflo™ and Fuzzpellet™ Value Added, Partially Delinted Cottonseed Feeds for the Dairy Industry

Bruce Harding

The Ag Leader Technology Cotton Stripper Yield Monitoring System

Brent Busenlehner

Using Infrared Photography as a Tool for Replant Decisions and Herbicide Application Decisions

Bobby J. Phipps and Barry B. Bean

ScoutLink — A Consultant's Experience with a New Geo-Reference Scouting Tool

E.M. Holman

Koromite™: A New Miticide for Use in Cotton

R.L. Kepner

Leafless®: Performance of a New Cotton Defoliant

Alan W. Dalrymple

Intrepid* 2F: A Registration, Availability and Performance Update

Gary D. Thompson

Novaluron - A Benzoylphenyl Urea for Cotton Insect Control

R. Tim Weiland and James Whitehead

Nu-Coat Hopperbox Cottonseed Treatment

David T. Schulteis

Starvation of Whiteflies

Jerry Kitten

BXN 49B and ST 457: Two New Varieties from Stoneville Pedigreed Seed Company

Michael Robinson

New Transgenic Fibermax Varieties

J.K. Dever

PHY 76 Pima: A New Leading Pima Variety for the San Joaquin Valley, CA

Joel F. Mahill, John W. Pellow, David M. Anderson, John Palmer and Scott Bordelon

Cold Tolerant Varieties for 2002

John M. Green and F. Linwood Roberts

CPCSD Acala BXN Nova: A BXN® Acala Cotton for the San Joaquin Valley

Stephen R. Oakley and G. Eugene Lytle

PM 2266 RR, A New Mid-Maturity Stripper RR Variety

Tom R. Speed and Richard Sheetz

PM 2167 RR, A New Early-Maturity Stripper RR Variety

Tom R. Speed and Richard Sheetz

PM 2344 BG/RR, A Medium-Maturity Stripper "Stacked" Variety

Tom R. Speed and Richard Sheetz

SG 215 BG/RR, A New High-Yielding, Early Maturing Picker Variety

Ken E. Lege' and Robert McGowen

DP 448 B, A New Mid-Maturity Bollgard Variety

David W. Albers and Larry Burdett

DP 491, A New Delta and Pine Land Variety which Combines High Yield with Outstanding Fiber Quality

Don L. Keim, David W. Albers and Ken E. Lege'

Nematode Management

Root-Knot Nematodes (Meloidogyne incognita)

Terrence L. Kirkpatrick and Donald Plunkett

The Reniform Nematode

G.W. Lawrence and K.S. McLean

Columbia Lance Nematode

John D. Mueller

Economics and Ecology put to Use - Action Thresholds

Steve Koenning

Workshop: Nematode Management-Reniform/Root-Knot Competition and Reproduction

Charles Overstreet and Edward C. McGawley

Nematode and Fungal Disease Interactions on Cotton

K.S. McLean, W.S. Gazaway and G.W. Lawrence

Development of Resistance to Plant-Parasitic Nematodes in Cotton

James L. Starr

Alternative Technologies

Cultivar Evaluation: Evolution of Systems Trials to Compare Transgenic and Non-Transgenic Cultivars

O. Lloyd May, A. Stanley Culpepper, Don Shurley and P.M. Roberts

Cotton Disease Council

The Economics of Diseases and Nematodes in Cotton Yield Stagnation

Don Blasingame

Factors that Contribute to Lack of Genetic Progress

William R. Meredith, Jr.

Possible Contribution of Root-Knot Nematodes and Black Root Rot to Yield Stagnation Southeast Arkansas

T.L. Kirkpatrick, C.S. Rothrock, D. Plunkett and K. Williams

The Effect of Soilborne Fungi on Yield Stagnation

T.A. Wheeler, E. Peffley and Zhixin Xiang

Bronze Wilt as a Cause of Yield Stagnation

A.A. Bell

Effect of Verticillium and Fusarium Wilts on Cotton Yield and Quality

Kamal M. El-Zik

The Impact of Disease Incidence and Severity on the Yield of Cotton in Australia

Stephen J. Allen

Role of U.S. Public Research Scientists in Solving Disease and Nematode Problems in Cotton

Johnie N. Jenkins

Diseases and Nematodes: Their Role in Cotton Yield Stagnation — Summary of a Beltwide Special Symposium

Robert Nichols and Robert Stipanovic

Studies Towards the Identification of a Causal Agent of Cotton Bronze Wilt

Zhinong Yan, Daniel Kluepfeld, John Mueller, Mike Jones and Craig Rothrock

Temporal Occurrence of Bronze Wilt in Two Cotton Varieties in Louisiana

Boyd Padgett, W. Rea and J.L. Price

Estimating the Importance of the Interaction Between Thielaviopsis basicola and the Root-Knot Nematode on Cotton Using Paired Plots in Growers' Fields

C.S. Rothrock and T.L. Kirkpatrick

Prevalence of Thielaviopsis basicola in Arkansas; Association with Abiotic and Biotic Soil Factors

C.S. Rothrock, T.L. Kirkpatrick and K.R. Williams

Relative Recovery and Pathogenicity of Fusarium Species on Cotton

A.J. Palmateer, K.S. McLean and G. Morgan-Jones

Recovery of the Fusarium Wilt Pathogen from Plants not Displaying Foliar Symptoms

P.D. Colyer and P.R. Vernon

Association of Fusarium SP. with Hardlock of Cotton in the Southeastern US

James J. Marois, David L. Wright, Pawel J. Wiatrak and Matthew A. Vargas

Occurrence and Significance of Fusarium Species in Acid-Delinted Cotton Seed from Australia and Possible Sources of Seed Infection

Shirley N. Smith, R. Michael Davis and J.E. DeVay

The Australian Cotton Industry Response to the Fusarium Wilt Problem

Stephen J. Allen

Toxicity of (+)- and (-)-Gossypol to Rhizoctonia solani

L.S. Puckhaber, R.D. Stipanovic, C.R. Howell and M.K. Dowd

Ecology and Biocontrol of Pre-Emergence Seedling Disease Pathogens of Cotton

C.R. Howell

Stand Establishment Comparisons among Conventional and Transgenic Cottons

W.E. Batson, R.E. Baird and J. Caceres

Minutes of the 2001 Cotton Disease Council Business Meeting, January 11, 2002 Atlanta, GA

Craig S. Rothrock

Cotton Disease Loss Estimate Committee Report

Don Blasingame and Mukund V. Patel

Report of the Regional Disease Problems Committee - 2001

W.E. Batson, Jr.

Report of the Nematode Management Committee - 2001

R.F. Davis

2001 National Cotton Fusarium Wilt Report

Kathryn M. Glass, Edzard van Santen and William S. Gazaway

Review of Soil Fungicide Treatments used at Planting Time in Cotton

Julius Fajardo and Kathy McLean

Performance of Cotton Seed Treatments under Different Disease Pressures

G.L. Sciumbato

Nematicides against Reniform Nematode in Northeast Louisiana

Terry L. Erwin, Charles Overstreet and Edward C. McGawley

Reniform Nematode Management on Cotton with VRT and Site Specific Applications

G.W. Lawrence

Comparison of Nematicide Efficacy in Strip-Tillage and Conventional Tillage Cotton

R.F. Davis, M.J. Bader, R.C. Kemerait, P. Jost and R.D. McNeill

Fumigants for Reniform Nematode Management in Louisiana

Charles Overstreet, Edward C. McGawley and Terry L. Erwin

Root Knot Nematode (Meloidogyne incognita) Control and Carryover Effects of Telone II (1,3- Dichloropropene) in Cotton in Ashley County, Arkansas

Kenneth R. Williams, Terry Kirkpatrick, Bruce Bond and Jim Jaggers

Nematicide Treatment Effects on Reniform Nematodes in Cotton

Paul D. Wigley, Stephen J. Komar, Robert C. Kemerait and William D. Shurley

Horizontal and Vertical Distribution of Rotylenchulus reniformis in a Mississippi Cotton Field

H.K. Lee, G.W. Lawrence, A.T. Kelley and K.S. McLean

Recovery of Reniform Nematodes at Various Soil Depths in Cotton

M.A. Newman and T.C. Stebbins

Detection of the Reniform Nematode Rotylenchulus reniformis on Cotton using Hyperspectral Imagery

A.T. Kelley, G.W. Lawrence, H.K. Lee and K.S. McLean

A Study of the Diversity of Geographic Populations of Rotylenchulus reniformis, and Observations on Compatible and Incompatible Interactions with Cotton

P. Agudelo, R.T. Robbins and J. McD. Stewart

Progress in Transferring Reniform Nematode Immunity from Gossypium longicalyx into Upland Cotton

A. Forest Robinson, Alois A. Bell and Alan C. Bridges

Heterogeneity for Reniform Nematode Resistance in Selected Day Neutral Primitive Cotton Accessions

Lawrence D. Young

Reniform Nematode Reproduction on Soybean in tests conducted in 2001

R.T. Robbins, L. Rakes, L.E. Jackson, E.R. Shipe and D.G. Dombek

Reniform Reduction in CRVP Fields through Crop Rotation

Donald E. Plunkett, Terence L. Kirkpatrick, Ron Matlock and Reginald W. Talley

Greenhouse and Microplot Studies on Possible Causal Agents of Cotton Seed Rot

Zhinong Yan, Daniel Kluepfel, John Mueller and Mike Jones

Report of the Cottonseed Treatment Committee for 2001

C.S. Rothrock and S.A. Winters

Site-Specific Detection of Meloidogyne incognita in Cotton Fields

Allen Wrather, Gene Stevens, Ben Kellams, Andy Mauromoustakos, Terry Kirkpatrick and John Mueller

Comparison of Three Extraction Techniques for the Reniform Nematodes in the Light to Mixed Soil

Fanny X. Liu, Gabe L. Sciumbato and Lawrence D. Young

Recovery and Viability of Rotylenchulus reniformis from Naturally Infested Field Soil Placed in Controlled Cold Storage

Linda Carter, K.S. McLean and G.W. Lawrence

Relationship of Columbia Lance and Root-Knot Nematodes to Soil Type

Ahmad Khalilian, John Mueller, Steve Lewis and Young Han

Cotton Economics and Marketing Conference

The Impact of Exchange Rates on International Cotton Trade

Stephen MacDonald

Outlook of U.S. Cotton Price

Sharon C. Johnson

The U.S. and World Cotton Outlook

Carol Skelly

Cotton Supply by Type

Gérald Estur

Technological Advances in Cotton Marketing: E-Commerce and Price Discovery

Kelly Burkholder

Exchange Rates and Patterns of Cotton Textile Trade

G.A. Raines, III and M.A. Messura

Cotton at Retail

Melissa R. Bastos, Kimberley S. Kitchings and Mark A. Messura

Evaluation of Cotton Put Options as a Price Risk Management Tool

Blake K. Bennett and Jeanne Reeves

Organic Cotton: Production and Marketing Trends in the U.S. and Globally - 2001

Sandra Marquardt

Factors in Yield Variation among North Carolina Cotton Fields for the 2000 Crop Year

Blake Brown, Zulal Denaux, Ada Wossink and Gary Bullen

Profitability and Cost of Production of Roundup Ready versus Conventional Cotton Varieties in the Southern High Plains of Texas

Jason Blackshear, Phillip Johnson and Heidi Gum

Six Years of Transgenic Cotton in Arkansas

Kelly J. Bryant, William C. Robertson, Gus M. Lorenz, Rob Ihrig and George Hackman

Impact of China's WTO Accession and BT Cotton Adoption on Chinese and U.S. Cotton Sectors

Cheng Fang, John C. Beghin and Bruce A. Babcock

2002 Farm Bill Panel: Meeting the United States WTO Commitments

Mechel S. Paggi

Three Years Experience with Limited Seedbed/Chemical Tillage Cotton Production in Mississippi, 1999-2001

D.W. Parvin, F.T. Cooke and S.W. Martin

Three Years Experience with No-Till Cotton Production in Mississippi, 1999-2001

D.W. Parvin, Steve Cummings, F.T. Cooke and S.W. Martin

Three Years Experience with Skip-Row Cotton Production in Mississippi, 1999-2001

D.W. Parvin, J.W. Burkhalter, F.T. Cooke and S.W. Martin

Three Years Experience with Ultra-Narrow-Row Cotton Production in Mississippi, 1999-2001

D.W. Parvin, Judson W. Gentry, F.T. Cooke and S.W. Martin

Economic Assessment of Ultra Narrow Row Cotton Production in Georgia

W. Don Shurley, Michael J. Bader, Craig W. Bednarz, Steve M. Brown, Glen Harris and Phillip M. Roberts

Profitability of Alternative Cotton Defoliation and Harvest Timing Strategies

J.A. Larson, C.O. Gwathmey and R.M. Hayes

Cotton Precision Farming in Six Southeastern States

Roland K. Roberts, Burton C. English, James A. Larson, Rebecca L. Cochran, Bob Goodman, Sherry Larkin, Michele Marra, Steve Martin, Jeanne Reeves and Don Shurley

Impacts of Farm Policy Alternatives on the Representative Tennessee Cotton Farms

Kelly H. Tiller and Jennifer G. Brown

Assessment of the Profitability of Precision Farming in Irrigated Cotton Production

Susan E. Watson, Eduardo Segarra, Man Yu, Hong Li, Robert Lascano and Kevin Bronson

Effects of Insect Growth Regulators on Insecticide Use and Costs in Arizona Cotton

George B. Frisvold, G. Ken Agnew and Paul Baker

The Economics of Full Season Banded Insecticide Applications in Cotton

Fred T. Cooke, Jr., William P. Scott and David W. Parvin

Diffusion of BT Cotton and Insecticide Use

George B. Frisvold and Kristina S. Pounds

Producing Biodiesel and Alternative Fuels at the Local Level

Jeff Hooker

Cost of Extrusion Processing of Cotton Gin By-Product as Livestock Feed

Marty Middleton, Emmett Elam, Greg Holt and Weldon Laird

Cotton Policy Performance in Egypt

Mohamed Omran, Ibrahim Badr and Nabawia Mousa

Regional Shifts in China's Cotton Production and Use

Hsin-Hui Hsu and Fred Gale

An Analysis of the Chihuahua, Mexico Cotton Industry

Jose Eduardo Magaña Magaña, Juvencio Gonzalez García, Armando Segovia Lerma and Arturo J. Obando Rodríguez

Bollgard Gene Cotton as an Alternative for Cotton Growers in Chihuahua, Mexico

Arturo Javier Obando-Rodriguez, Armando Segovia-Lerma, Jose Eduardo Magana-Magana and Juvencio Gonzalez-Garcia

Forecasting Foreign Cotton Production: the Case of India, Pakistan and Australia

Carlos E. Carpio and Octavio A. Ramirez

Assessing Competitiveness of Indian Cotton Production: A Policy Analysis Matrix

Samarendu Mohanty, Cheng Fang and Jagadanand Chaudhary

An Economic Analysis of Poultry Litter Use in Louisiana Cotton Production

Kenneth W. Paxton, Krishna P. Paudel, Eddie P. Millhollon and James L. Rabb

North Carolina Cotton Production Practices

S.G. Bullen, Jonathan Phillips, A.B. Brown and Ada Wossink

Economic Comparison of Cultural Practices in N.C. Cotton

Ada Wossink, Zulal Denaux, Blake Brown and Gary Bullen

Financial Feasibility of on Site Trash Extrusion in Mississippi: A Preliminary Analysis

Myles Ramsey and Darren Hudson

Comparison of Conventional and Transgenic Technologies under Alternative Cultural Practices for Cotton in Georgia

Clayton W. Ward, Fred C. White and Olga Isengildina

Why Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI)? An Economic Analysis

W.J. Thompson, J. Enciso-Medina and W.L. Multer

Comparison of Alternative Irrigated Cotton Management Practices under Higher Electricity Prices

David B. Willis, Megan D. Britt and Octavio A. Ramirez

Cotton Futures Exchanges: Their Past, Their Present and Their Future

John Baffes and Ioannis Kaltsas

Precision Farming by Alabama Cotton Producers: Results from the 2001 Precision Farming Survey

Robert Goodman and C. Dale Monks

Survey of Florida Cotton Producers on Precision Farming Practices and Perceptions

Sherry L. Larkin and Timothy D. Hewitt

Economic Potential of a Cotton-Corn Rotation

Steven W. Martin, Fred Cooke, Jr. and David Parvin

Summary of Precision Farming Practices and Perceptions of Mississippi Cotton Producers: Results from the 2001 Southern Precision Farming Survey

Steven W. Martin and Fred Cooke Jr.

Feasibility of Wheat/Cotton Interseeding in Southwest Georgia

Mark Masters, Robert A. Brooks, E. Harold Wilson, Michael J. Bader, Forrest Connelly and Ken Komar

Cotton Precision Farming in Tennessee

Burton C. English, Roland K. Roberts, James A. Larson and Rebecca L. Cochran

An Estimated 2001 Texas-Oklahoma Pre-Season Price Schedule based on Market History

Jason Ward, Sukant Misra and Don Ethridge

Texas-Oklahoma Producer Cotton Market Summary: 2000/2001

Jason Ward, Jeannie Nelson, Sukant Misra and Don Ethridge

Cotton Engineering-Systems Conference

Technology for Variable Depth Tillage in Coastal Plain Soils

Ahmad Khalilian, Young Han, Roy Dodd, Mike Sullivan and Serap Gorucu

No Till and Tillage Under Subsurface Drip Irrigation

J. Enciso-Medina, W. J. Thompson, W.L. Multer and Charles Stichler

Cotton/Wheat Interseeding in Terrell County, Georgia using Modified On-Farm Equipment

E. Harold Wilson, Ken Komar, Forrest Connelly, Michael J. Bader and Mark Masters

Comparison of Conventional and UNR Cotton Production Systems

Michael J. Bader and Stanley Culpepper

Small Plot Spray System: Software, Variable Pipetter, Sprayer

Jack T. Reed, David B. Smith and S.D. Filip To

Thermal Imaging of Cotton Canopies

Donald F. Wanjura, Dan R. Upchurch and Steve Maas

Site-Specific Temporal Patterns of Multispectral Reflectance, Leaf Area Index, and Plant Development in Dryland Cotton

John J. Read, Johnie N. Jenkins, Javed Iqbal and J. Alex Thomasson

Wireless Local Area Networks and High Speed Internet Access via Satellite for Precision Agriculture

J.M. McKinion, S.B. Turner, J.L. Willers and J.N. Jenkins

Preplant Irrigation Losses with Spray, Lepa, and Subsurface Drip Systems

James P. Bordovsky

Salinity Management with Subsurface Drip Irrigation

J. Enciso-Medina and W.L. Multer

Irrigation Schedules for Alluvial Soils in Louisiana

S.S. Hague, R.L. Hutchinson, A.B. Coco and J.W. Branch, Jr.

Determining the Optimum Timing for the Final Irrigation on Mid-South Cotton

Earl Vories, Jeremy Greene, William Robertson, Tina Teague, Bobby Phipps and Steve Hague

Spatial Yield Analysis in North-East Arkansas Farms

Sreekala G. Bajwa and Earl Vories

Cotton Lint Qualities as affected by Harvester Type in 10 and 30-Inch Production Systems

M. Herbert Willcutt, Eugene Columbus, Thomas D. Valco and Patrick Gerard

Field Cleaner Effects on Efficiency, Seed Cotton Loss and Fiber Quality during Harvest Season

Alan D. Brashears, Randy Boman, Mark Kelley and Eric Hequet

XLCOTSIM A Cotton Harvesting System Simulator

S.D. Filip To and M. Herbert Willcutt

Mississippi Yield Monitor: Performance in On-Farm Testing

J. Alex Thomasson, Ruixiu Sui, Calvin D. Perry, George Vellidis and Glen Rains

The Economic Implications of a Cotton Picker with Onboard Module Building Capabilities

D.W. Parvin

Climate Change and US Cotton Production: Growth and Yield

K.R. Reddy, M.Y.L. Boone, D.W. Brand and L.O. Mearns

The COBY Process: Effects on Digestibility of Cotton Gin Byproducts by Lambs

G.A. Holt, J.W. Laird, M.A. Johnson and C.R. Richardson

Oil Burner Emissions: Cottonseed Oil versus Diesel

G.A. Holt and J.D. Hooker

Producing Biodiesel and Alternative Fuels at the Local Level

Jeff Hooker

Effectiveness of Physical and Chemical Pretreatments in Enhancing Cotton Gin Trash In Vitro Ruminant Digestibility

Samuel J. Ray, Lester O. Pordesimo, Michael J. Buschermohle, John B. Wilkerson and John C. Waller

Biological Degradation of Cotton Bales due to Excess Moisture

David T.W. Chun and W. Stanley Anthony

Use of Granular-Matrix Sensors, Models, and Evaporation Measuring Devices for Monitoring Cotton Water Use and Soil Water Status in The Mississippi Delta

Steven J. Thomson, Daniel K. Fisher, Gretchen F. Sassenrath-Cole, Thomas B. Freeland, Jr. and H.C. (Lyle) Pringle

Effect of Irrigation Application Devices on Boll Set, Cotton Yield and Fiber Quality

Stacey L. Ontai and James P. Bordovsky

Cotton Ginning Conference

Automation in Cotton Ginning

M. Siddaiah, M.A. Lieberman, S.E. Hughs and N.R. Prasad

Cotton Flow Control System for Module Feeder

Mike Gvili

Dielectric Permitivity Measurement of Cotton Lint

Mathew G. Pelletier

Status Report on Gin Wizard

Fred D. Couch, C. Kyle Shofner and Yupeng Zhang

Quality of the 2001 Crop

Robbie L. Seals

Potential for Boll Weevil Transport to Gins on Modules

Thomas W. Sappington, Alan D. Brashears, Roy V. Baker, Stanley C. Carroll, Mark D. Arnold, Megha N. Parajulee, John W. Norman, Jr. and Allen E. Knutson

Boll Weevil Survival in the Ginning System

S.E. Hughs, C.B. Armijo and R.T. Staten

Boll Weevil Survival in Baled Lint

Alan D. Brashears, Roy V. Baker Thomas W. Sappington, Stanley C. Carroll, Mark D. Arnold and Megha N. Parajulee

Dust Collection Efficiency of Over-Sized Cotton Gin Cyclones

Kevin D. Baker, Paul A. Funk and S. Ed Hughs

Theoretical Study of the Particle Collection Mechanism in the Outer Vortex of a Cyclone

Lingjuan Wang, Calvin B. Parnell, Jr. and Bryan W. Shaw

Comparison of the Coulter Counter and Aerodynamic Particle Sizer

Bryan W. Shaw, Josh McClure and Calvin B. Parnell, Jr.

Characterization of Dusts Emitted by Cotton Gins in Terms of True PM10

Michael D. Buser, Calvin B. Parnell, Jr., Bryan W. Shaw and Ronald E. Lacey

PM10 Sampler Errors due to the Interaction of Particle Size and Sampler Performance Characteristics

Michael D. Buser, Calvin B. Parnell, Jr., Ronald E. Lacey and Bryan W. Shaw

Performance Characteristics of PM2.5 Samplers in the Presence of Agricultural Dusts

Amber R. Pargmann, Calvin B. Parnell, Jr. and Bryan W. Shaw

Dispersion Modeling of Particulate Emissions from Low-Level Point Sources

Bradley K. Fritz, Bryan W. Shaw and Calvin B. Parnell

Utilization of Cotton Gin Waste

Gary Huitink

Developments in Cotton Standards

James L. Knowlton

Module Averaging the Short Fiber Measurement

James L. Knowlton

Quality Impact of Louvers on a 24-D Lint Cleaner

David D. McAlister, III, W. Stanley Anthony and Earnest Edwards

Method of Estimating Bale Moisture Content after Moisture Restoration

R.K. Byler, W.S. Anthony and M.E. Galyon

Comparison of Compression Characteristics of Flat and Shaped Platens

W. Stanley Anthony

Field Evaluation of The Sentinel™ Saw-Type Lint Cleaner

Ross D. Rutherford, Donald W. Van Doorn, Joe W. Thomas, Royce H. Gerngross, William D. Beeland and Herman D. Wardlaw, Jr.

Powered Paddle Roll Gin Stand

Weldon Laird, Greg Holt, Tom Wedegaertner and Bill Lalor

Cotton Improvement Conference

Genomics Research in Cotton

H.-B. Zhang, L. He, L. Zhang, M.-K. Lee, D.M. Stelly, L.M. Covaleda, F. Robinson, J. Yu, R. J. Kohel and C.G. Cook

Chromosomal Locations of Known-Function ESTs in Cotton

Peng Chee, Kippy Lewis, Junkang Rong and Andrew Paterson

Molecular Markers associated with Cotton Cytoplasmic Male Sterility Restorer Gene Rf1

Chunda Feng, Jinfa Zhang and James McD. Stewart

Marker Assisted Identification of Gossypium tomentosum Chromosome Substitution Lines of Gossypium hirsutum L.

O.A. Gutiérrez, S. Saha, J.N. Jenkins, J.C. McCarty, Jr., Dwaine A. Raska and D. Stelly

Development of Integrative SSR Markers from the TM-1 BAC

John Yu, Russell J. Kohel and Jianmin Dong

Fiber-Specific Expression of a Protein-Based Polymer Gene Improves Fiber Quality

K. Rajasekaran, D. Thibodeaux, H. Daniell, S-B. Lee and C. Haigler

Assessment of Agronomic and Fiber Traits in an Upland Cotton Population from F2.3 to F2.6 Generations

Mauricio Ulloa and William R. Meredith, Jr.

A Comparison of Early Generation F2 Testing and Pedigree Selection in Pima Cotton

Richard G. Percy and Hal Moser

F1 Combining Ability for Yield in the MS Delta And California

G. Randall McPherson, Joel F. Mahill and David M. Anderson

F1 Combining Ability for Fiber Quality in the MS Delta and California

Joel F. Mahill, Randall McPherson and David M. Anderson

Non-Replicated Testing in the Real World

D. Steven Calhoun and Jerry B. Riney

Use of Regression Analysis in Variety Selection

David W. Albers, Tom Kerby and Constance Garcia

Potential of Cotton Transplants and Rhizobacteria to Shorten the Growing Season

N.W.Greer, K.S. McLean and J.W. Kloepper

Combining Ability for Near Extra Long Fibers in Upland Cotton

Chris Braden and C.W. Smith

Recoverability of Recurrent Parent with One Backcross in Upland Cotton

Ross Rosenbaum and C.W. Smith

Evaluation of Twenty-Three CRS/TAM 94-L25//*3/TAM 94L-25 Populations

D.G. Jones, R. Rosenbaum and C.W. Smith

Variation in Marginal Bract Trichomes among Cotton Cultivars

J.M. Hornbeck, N.R. Benson, A. McFall and F.M. Bourland

Identification of Fiber-Specific Genes in Cotton using AFLP-cDNA Display System

Osama Hassan, David M. Stelly, Peggy M. Thaxton and Jeffrey Chen

Transgene Effect on the Stability of Cotton Cultivars in Louisiana

S.B. Blanche, G.O. Myers, M. Akash and B. Jiang

ESTs Containing SSRs: Useful Markers to Study Genetic Diversity in Cotton

Samina N. Qureshi, S. Saha, J.N. Jenkins, R.V. Kantety and D.M. Stelly

Control of Pathogenic and Mycotoxigenic Fungi by Transgenic Cotton Plants Expressing a Synthetic Peptide

K. Rajasekaran, J.W. Cary and T.E. Cleveland

Two Years of Experience with Monsanto's Enhanced Glyphosate Tolerant Cotton

O. Lloyd May and A. Stanley Culpepper

Ascencion, Chihuahua, Mexico a Potential Region for Bt Cotton Production

J. González-García, J.E. Magaña-Magaña, A.J. Obando-Rodríguez and A. Segovia-Lerma

Ribbon Width, Micronaire Reading, and Fiber Maturity as Measured by the Degree of Thickening Percent, Lord Method and Shirley F/MT Instrument in Egyptian Cotton Cultivars

Mahmoud T. Nawar, A.M. El-Marakby, M.H. El-Agroudy and R.M. Mohamed

Relationship Between Cotton-Seed Site Inside Boll with Seed and Fiber Characters under some Locations of Two Egyptian Cotton Cultivars

Mahmoud T . Nawar, Samy S. Badr and L.M.A. Abdel-Rahman

D&PL Global Advanced Testing Program Genetic Diversity, Efficiency

Cynthia C. Green

Capturing Small-Plot Harvest Weights using 2 and 4 Row Load-Cell Modified Pickers

Scott E. Bordelon and Frank C. Bordelon

Managing Harvest Aid and Application Costs

Carl G. Anderson and James R. Supak

Breaking the Yield-Fiber Quality Barrier

Don L. Keim

Yield Stability of Varieties Grown under Different Cultural Practices

Stacey A. Bruff, David W. Albers, Janet Burgess and Tom Kerby

Changes in Yield and Fiber Quality due to Variety Grown

Tom Kerby, Dave Albers, Ken Lege and Janet Burgess

Notice of Release of Arkot 8606 Germplasm Line of Cotton

F.M. Bourland and N.R. Benson

Pollen Dissemination from Adjacent Fields of Genetically Enhanced Cotton in the Mississippi Delta

Dennis A. Berkey, Bryan R. Savoy, Steven R. Miller and Paul G. Johnson

Are Roundup® Applications Necessary for Evaluation of Roundup Ready® Cultivars

B.J. Phipps, N. Ray Benson, F.M. Bourland and C. Tingle

Enhanced Roundup Ready Tolerance and Agronomic Trials — Maricopa, Arizona

Jay Subramani, William B. McCloskey and Hal Moser

Agronomic Comparisons of Next Generation Roundup Ready® Cotton

Amy Martens, Jesse Hart, Zach Shappley, Eric Cerny, Scott Huber and Mark Oppenhuizen

Performance of BG/RR and RR Varieties in Systems Trials across the Mid-South and Southeast

Ken E. Lege', David W. Albers and Tom A. Kerby

Yield and Economic Comparison of Bollgard Varieties in the Texas Gulf Coast Region

Jim Bosch, Scott Fuchs, Doug Pustejovsky and Dave Albers

International Cotton Genome Initiative

R.J. Kohel, Roy Cantrell and Curt L. Brubaker

2001 Mississippi Cotton Variety Trials Performance

John B. Creech, Ted P. Wallace, J.R. Johnson, N.W. Buehring, Blair Boyd and Dwayne E. Dobbs

2001 Evaluation of Cotton Cultivars Grown in Reniform Nematode Infested Soil

C.G. Cook, A.F. Robinson, A.C. Bridges, W.B. Prince, J.M. Bradford and J.A. Bautista

Cotton Variety Test Results for Louisiana, 2001

W.D. Caldwell, J.A. Hayes, E.P. Millhollon, M. Stewart, D.J. Boquet, S.S. Hague and J.I. Dickson

Variety Tests in Arizona

Garry Hart and Jay Subramani

Biplot Analysis of the National Cotton Variety Test

Gerald O. Myers

Response of Cotton Varieties and Strains to Fusarium Wilt and Root-Knot Nematodes

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Timing of Xcm Broth Inoculum for Field Evaluation

Cynthia A. Waddell, Roy G. Cantrell and Peggy M. Thaxton

An In Vitro Cotton Culture System for the Study of Nematode Infection

Dewang Deng, Jonathan Tilahun, Allan Zipf, Govind Sharma and Sukumar Saha

Dryland Cropping Systems to Enhance Soil Moisture Capture and Water-Use Efficiency in Cotton

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Depth and Texture of Soil Greatly Alter the Expression of Reniform Nematode Resistance in Key Exotic Cottons

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Chemical Mutagenesis as a Tool in Developing a Short Season Cotton Genotype for the Texas Panhandle

Phil Peabody, Efrem Bechere, Dick Auld and Phillip Johnson

Response of Fiber Max 819 Cotton Variety to Ultra Narrow Rows in Mexico

A.S. Godoy, M.E. Castro and C.E.A. Garcia

Oleic Acid Modification in Cottonseed

Jodi Scheffler, Diana Keselman, Amy Rommel, Agnes Stawska and Kent Chapman

Developing a Genotype Selection Model for Lint Yield and Fiber Quality

Joshua Burris, Efrem Bechere and Dick Auld

Interaction of Naked Seed Loci

Rickie B. Turley and Reiner H. Kloth

Unexpected Segregation Involving Roundup Tolerance in Texas Marker Stock

Claude Rhyne and Alicia D. Lesnikowska

Genetic Studies on Drought Tolerance in Upland Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

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Cotton Insect Research & Control Conference

55th Annual Conference Report on Cotton Insect Research and Control

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Seven Years of Economic Comparisons of Bollgard® Cotton

S. Francis Deville, J. Walt Mullins and Jane M. Mills

Bollgard® II Cotton Efficacy Summary - Midsouth

D.S. Brickle and A.L. Catchot

Bollgard® II: Dual Toxin Expression and Interaction

John Greenplate, Stephen Penn, Andrew Dahm, Barbara Reich, Jason Osborn and Walt Mullins

Efficacy of August-Planted Bollgard II vs. Bollgard I and Conventional Cotton in Alabama; The Acid Test?

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Bollgard® II Cotton Efficacy Summary — Southeast

Michael S. Howell and D.L. Pittts

Refuge Compliance by Bollgard Growers In 2001

Jim Hudson, Jane Mills and Walt Mullins

EPA Refuge Requirements for Bollgard™ Cotton and the Role of Modeling and Resistance Monitoring

S.R. Matten

2001 Update on Pesticide Use in Arizona Cotton

Elizabeth H. Shanley and Paul B. Baker

Heliothines in Virginia Cotton: Management and Update

Linda Byrd-Masters and D. Ames Herbert, Jr.

Trypsin Modulating Oostatic Factor (TMOF): An Environmentally Safe Insecticide

Deborah M. Thompson and R. Michael Roe

Intrepid is not just an Armyworm Product

Larry Walton, Gary D. Thompson, Carlos Blanco, Ralph Lassiter and Vernon Langston

Status of the Pink Bollworm Suppression/Eradication Program in Texas

C.T. Allen, S.E. Herrera, L.E. Smith, L.W. Patton and O. El-Lissy

Pink Bollworm Eradication Plan in the U.S.

Osama El-Lissy, R.T. Staten and Bill Grefenstette

Preliminary Examination of the Effects of Lorsban Applications for Pink Bollworm Control on Beneficial and Secondary Pest Populations

C. Scott Bundy and Brad Lewis

Modified AVT: Susceptibility of Stink Bugs to Selected Insecticides

M.M. Willrich, K. Emfinger, B.R. Leonard, D.R. Cook and J. Gore

Genetic Variation for Resistance to Cry1Ac and CRY2Ab in Bollworm, Helicoverpa zea, in North Carolina

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Sampling Predaceous Arthropods and Pests in South Carolina Cotton

A.M. Hagerty, S.G. Turnipseed, M.J. Sullivan, R. Austin Jenkins and Rebecca Ridge

Quantification of Toxin Levels in Cottons Expressing One and Two Insecticidal Proteins of Bacillus thuringiensis

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Bollworm/Bollgard Interactions: Implications for Management

Jeff Gore, D.R. Cook, M.M. Willrich and B.R. Leonard

Sodium Ion Channel Alleles in Wild and Mutant Tobacco Budworm (Heliothis virescens F.)

Sae -Youll Cho, Sujin Park, Patricia Karen Bryson and Thomas M. Brown

Independent Assortment of Yellow Eye (ye) from other Genes in Tobacco Budworm (Heliothis virescens)

Sujin Park, Sae-Youll Cho, Patricia K. Bryson, Thomas M. Brown and Gregory T. Payne

Boll Weevil Eradication in the U.S., 2001

Osama El-Lissy and Bill Grefenstette

Boll Weevil Eradication Update — Arkansas, 2001

Danny Kiser, Michael Catanach, Douglas Ladner, Don Johnson, Gus Lorenz, Keith Martin, Don Plunkett, Bill Roberson, Jerry Williams, Cecil Williams, Tina Teague, Phil Tugwell, Bill Yearian, Charles

Denver, Moris O'Quinn, Osama El-Lissy, Gene Martin and David Wildy

Status of Boll Weevil Eradication in Texas

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Dispersal of Boll Weevils after Exposure to Defoliants and Insecticides

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Effects of Applying Insecticides with Defoliants on Boll Weevil Mortality and Quality of Defoliation

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Aerial Swath Widths for ULV Malathion

I.W. Kirk and W.C. Hoffmann

Optimizing Post-Eradication Monitoring for the Boll Weevil

Gerald H. McKibben and Willard A. Dickerson

Potential Economic Benefits and Costs of the Red Imported Fire Ant in Southeastern Cotton

Micky D. Eubanks and Ian Kaplan

Effects of Novel Pesticides on Trichogramma pretiosum

John R. Ruberson, Phillip M. Roberts and Mark R. Abney

Relationship between Numbers of Cotton Aphids per Leaf and Sticky Lint

J.E. Slosser, M.N. Parajulee, D.L. Hendrix and T.J. Henneberry

Silverleaf Whitefly Resistance in the Cotton Relative, Gossypium thurberi

E.T. Natwick and G.P. Walker

Planting Patterns Affecting the Abundance of Cotton Aphids and Bandedwinged Whiteflies in Dryland Cotton

M.N. Parajulee, J.E. Slosser and D.G. Bordovsky

Cotton Insect Losses - 2001

Michael R. Williams

Cotton Insect Losses 2000

Michael R. Williams

Cotton Insect Losses 2001

Michael R. Williams

Estimated Production of Helicoverpa zea Adults from Bollgard and Bollgard II Cottons and Implications for Resistance Management

R.E. Jackson, J.R. Bradley, Jr. and J.W. Van Duyn

Monitoring Resistance to Pyrethroids and CryIA(c) Toxin in Tobacco Budworm Populations from the Yaqui Valley, Sonora Mexico

José L. Martínez-Carrillo, Dinora Guadalupe Romero and Urbano Nava Camberos

U.S. Cottonbelt Survey: Testing the Susceptibility of the Bollworm, Helicoverpazea (Boddie), to Pyrethroid Insecticides—2001 Update

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Insecticide Susceptibility of Louisiana Bollworm and Tobacco Budworm Populations

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Novel Insect Resistance Traits from Dow AgroSciences

John Pellow, Xinpei Huang, David Anderson and Tom Meade

New Commercial Feeding Disruption Bioassay Kit for Species and Insecticide Resistance Diagnosis in the Tobacco Budworm and Cotton Bollworm in Cotton

R. Michael Roe, Shengyou Long, Sonia Cawsey, Jack S. Bacheler, Clyde E. Sorenson, Norma Hoffman and Chester L. Sutula

Current and Future Insect Solutions from Dow AgroSciences

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Yield Protection Strategies for Thrips in Virginia Cotton

D. Ames Herbert, Jr.

Centric® Control of Cotton Aphid (Aphis Gossypii Glover) in the Mid-South and Southeast

S.H. Martin, W.W. Bachman, B.D. Black, G.L. Cloud, J.E. Driver, C.F. Grymes, J.C. Holloway, Jr., J. Lunsford, B.W. Minton, D. Porterfield and S.M. White

Cruiser® (Thiamethoxam) Seed Treatment for Control of Early Season Insects in Cotton in the Mid-South And Texas

B.W. Minton, B.D. Black, J.E. Driver, C.F. Grymes, J.C. Holloway, Jr., D. Long, S.H. Martin and N.D. Ngo

Observations of the Cotton Fleahopper in Arkansas

R.G. Luttrell, Tina Gray Teague, N.P. Tugwell, Dale Wells, Steven Coy, Stephen Wingard and Chuck Yates

Evaluation of New Insecticides for Control of Cotton Fleahoppers in Two Production Regions of Texas

C.G. Sansone, Dale A. Mott, S.P. Biles and R.R. Minzenmayer

Irrigation Managements Influence on Arthropod Populations

Daniel S. Munk and Peter B. Goodell

Royal Paulownia: A Potential Refuge for Lepidoptera

C.D. Parker, Jr.

Interplanting of Alternative Host Plants for Enhancing Lepidoptera in Cotton

Carlos A. Blanco, Juan D. López, Jr. and Mohamed A. Latheef

Host Plant and Temporal Sequence of Insect Pests in Strip Planted Plots of Corn, Soybean and Cotton

J.T. Robbins, F.A. Harris and R.E. Furr, Jr.

The Effects of N And Irrigation on Termination of Insect Control

G.L. Andrews, M. Silva, S.W. Martin, Fred T. Cooke, Jr., H.C. Pringle III and M.W. Ebelhar

Using GIS Approaches to Study Western Tarnished Plant Bug in the San Joaquin Valley Of CA

P.B. Goodell, K. Lynn and S.K. McFeeters

Using Remote Sensing in Insect Pest Management?

Scott D. Stewart, Dorgelis Villarroel and Alex Thomasson

Spatially Variable Insecticide Research in Cotton Based on Remotely Sensed Imagery

Matthew Bethel, Jim Johnson, Ralph Bagwell, Roger Leonard and Jay Hardwick

Farm Level Spatially-Variable Insecticide Applications Based on Remotely Sensed Imagery

J.J. Fridgen, M.R. Seal, M.D. Lewis, J.L. Willers and K.B. Hood

The Occurrence of a Fungal Entomopathogen in Western Tarnished Plant Bug Populations in the San Joaquin Valley

Michael R. McGuire

Plant Response to Different Levels of Pre-Bloom Square Removal and its Relevance to Plant Bug Management

Tommy Doederlein, Brant Baugh, James F. Leser, Randy Boman and Phillip Tugwell

Impact of Alternate Host Management on Tarnished Plant Bug Populations

R.W. Costello, E. Burris, B.R. Leonard, G.L. Snodgrass, W.P Scott and D.D. Hardee

Controlling Cotton Pests with Insecticides applied on Band versus Broadcast Applications

William Scott, Fred Cooke, Jr. and David Parvin

Interactions of Weeds with Selected Arthropod Groups and Cotton in the lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas

A.T. Showler

Control of Tarnished Plant Bugs and Stink Bugs with Centric®

N.D. Ngo, V.J. Mascarenhas, S.H. Martin, B.W. Minton and S.M. White

Predaceous Arthropods and the Stink Bug/Plant Bug Complex as Factors that may limit the Potential of B.T. Cottons

S.G. Turnipseed, M.J. Sullivan, A.M. Hagerty, R.A. Jenkins and R. Ridge

Effects of Variety, Planting Date and N Levels on Stink-Bug Infestations in Cotton

M.E. Roof and P.J. Bauer

Susceptibility of Arizona Pink Bollworm to Cry1Ac

Maria A. Sims, Timothy J. Dennehy, Laura Shriver, Danny Holley, Yves Carrière, Bruce Tabashnik, Larry Antilla and Mike Whitlow

Cotton Bollworm and other Insect Pests in Bollgard® and Bollgard® II, Mississippi Delta 2001

F.A. Harris, J.B. Creech, J.T. Robbins, D.L. Sudbrink, Jr., R.E. Furr, Jr. and P.J. English

Bollgard Overspray Trials

C.B. Massey

Effects of Insecticides on Insidious Flower Bug as Measured by Different Methods

Glenn E. Studebaker and Timothy J. Kring

Insect Boll Damage Survey: Georgia 2001

P. Roberts, S. Brown, J. Clark, W. Duffie, W. Harris, K. Komar, R. McDaniel, E. McGriff and C. Ward

Site Specific Management in Mississippi Delta Cotton: Experimental Field Studies and On-Farm Application

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Aphicide Application Timing in Louisiana: Efficacy and Cotton Yields

R.H. Jones, B.R. Leonard, E. Burris and R. Costello

Cotton Response to Early Season Terminal Injury from Infestations of Tarnished Plant Bug Nymphs (Lygus lineolaris (Palisot de Beauvois)) of Various Ages

S. Coy, T.G. Teague, S. Wingard, N.P. Tugwell and E.J. Villavaso

Influence of Boll Weevil Eradication on Aphid Populations in Mississippi Cotton: Year 4

J.L. Long, S.G. Flint, M.B. Layton and Don Steinkraus

Evaluation of Treatment Thresholds for Bollgard II Cotton

R. Austin Jenkins, M.J. Sullivan and S.G. Turnipseed

Comparative Ovicidal Activity of Acetamiprid, Thiodicarb, and Lambda-Cyhalothrin against Bollworm on Cotton in a Field Environment

Margery L. Ambrose, J.R. Bradley, Jr. and John W. Van Duyn

Efficacy of Hill-Drop Applied Temik 15 G and Potential Cost Savings when coupled with New Technology Seed

John Van Duyn, J.R. Bradley, Jr., Ryan Jackson, Margery Ambrose and Ryan Kurtz

Thrips on Seedling Cotton in Mississippi with a 15-Year Summary of Pesticide Evaluation

Jack T. Reed, Christopher S. Jackson, Dung Bao and Travis Laver

Thrips and Lygus Control from Seed Applied Insecticides

Brian H. Marsh and Robert B. Hutmacher

Reducing Planting Time Aldicarb Use in Cotton Utilizing Precision Placement and Conservation Tillage

Kimberly H. Lohmeyer, John N. All, J. Kurk Lance, Phillip M. Roberts and Parshall B. Bush

Two-Year Performance Summary of Soil and Seed Applied Systemic Insecticides on Cotton along the Texas Upper Coast

Dan D. Fromme and Roy D. Parker

Varietal Differences in Thrips Damage

John M. Green and F. Linwood Roberts

Control of Thrips in Cotton with Conventional and Electrostatic Aerial Application

W.C. Hoffmann and S.J. Harp

Performance of Bt Cotton in Mississippi, 2001

M.B. Layton, M.R. Williams and J.L. Long

Effects of Leaf Age on Efficacy of Bollgard II against Beet Armyworm, Spodoptera exigua

A.N. Sparks, Jr. and J.W. Norman, Jr.

Cotton Stalk Destruction with Selected Herbicides and effects of Application Methodology

A.N. Sparks, Jr., J.W. Norman, Jr., C. Stichler, J. Bremer and S. Greenberg

Evaluation of Cotton Defoliation Treatments with Airborne Digital Imagery

C. Yang, S.M. Greenberg, J.H. Everitt, T.W. Sappington, M.R. Davis and J.W. Norman, Jr.

Effect of ULV Malathion use in Boll Weevil Eradication on Resistance in the Tarnished Plant Bug

G.L. Snodgrass and W.P. Scott

Effects of Early Season Wild Host Plants and Herbicides on Tarnished Plant Bug Populations

D.L. Sudbrink Jr., F.A. Harris, J.T. Robbins and G.L. Snodgrass

Improving Cotton Yields with Planting Time Insecticide Treatments

Scott Staggenborg and Stewart Duncan

Survey of Bt Cotton Boll Damage by Refuge Option in Northeast Louisiana

T.B. McKnight, R.D. Bagwell and S.T. Kelly

Alternative Infield Refuge Strategies for Controlling Certain Cotton Key Pests in Middle Egypt

Ahmed A. Amin, Malak F. Gergis and M. El-Naggar

Bandedwinged Whitefly Honeydew: Another Possible Source of Cotton Stickiness

D.L. Hendrix, J. Henneberry, J.E. Slosser and M.N. Parajulee

Sweetpotato Whitefly on Cotton in the Southwest U.S.

T.J. Henneberry, D.L. Hendrix and L. Forlow Jech

Bollgard II Performance in Arkansas, 2001

Gus Lorenz, Don Johnson, John Hopkins, Jack Reaper, April Fisher and Chad Norton

Efficacy of New and Standard Chemistry for Heliothine Control in Cotton

Jack Reaper, III, John D. Hopkins, Donald R. Johnson, Gus M. Lorenz, III and April M. Fisher

Efficacy of Asana XL Tank Mixed with New Chemistry for Heliothine Control in Cotton

Jack Reaper, III, John D. Hopkins, Donald R. Johnson and Gus M. Lorenz, III

Heliothine Control in B.t. and Non-B.t. Cotton with the advent of Boll Weevil Eradication

Donald R. Johnson, Jack Reaper, III, John D. Hopkins and Gus M. Lorenz, III

Improvements in the New Boll Weevil Trap

J.C. Plato, J. Scott Plato, Stacy E. Plato and Thomas A. Plato

Status of "Bait Stick" use in Boll Weevil Suppression and Eradication Programs in Latin America

T.A. Plato, J.C. Plato, J.S. Plato and S.E. Plato

Evaluation of Cotton Varieties for Thrips Resistance

Donald R. Johnson, Jack Reaper, III, John D. Hopkins and Gus M. Lorenz, III

Thrips Management in Arkansas Cotton

John D. Hopkins, Jack D. Reaper, III, D.R. Johnson and G.M. Lorenz, III

Efficacy of Heliothine Control Materials in B.t. and Non-B.t. Cotton

John D. Hopkins, D.R. Johnson, G.M. Lorenz, III and J.D. Reaper, III

Effect of 20 Krad of Gamma Irradiation on Reproduction of a Transgenic Strain (EGFP) and a Nontransgenic Strain of Pink Bollworm (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) and their F1 Progeny

E. Miller, J. Claus, R.T. Staten and M. Sledge

Behavior of Bt Resistant and Non-Resistant Pink Bollworm (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae)

R.T. Staten, N. Colletto, M. Sledge, E. Miller, L. Antilla, T.J. Dennehy and M. Simms

Influence of Diet Quality and Physiological Condition on Boll Weevil (Anthonomus grandis) Pheromone Production

H.P. Young and D.W. Spurgeon

Effect of Emamectin Benzoate on Feeding Response, Mortality and Reproduction of Adult Bollworm

Juan D. Lopez, Jr. and M.A. Latheef

Management of "Secondary Pests" in Transgenic Bt Cotton

Jeremy K. Greene and Chuck D. Capps

Insecticide Termination Studies in Southeast Arkansas

Chuck Capps, Jeremy K. Greene, William C. Robertson and Steve Kelly

Heliothine Control with New and Existing Insecticides in Southeast Arkansas

Chuck Capps and Jeremy K. Greene

Efficacy of Insecticides for Control of Stink Bugs

Jeremy K. Greene and Chuck D. Capps

Parasites of the Cotton Fleahopper, Pseudatomocelis seriatus: Searching in Mexico

Allen E. Knutson, Julio S. Bernal and Alejandro Gonzalez-Hernandez

Development of a Reliable and Efficient Sampling Plan for Cotton Fleahopper and Lygus Plant Bugs using the Beat Bucket Sampling Method

Mark A. Muegge, Allen Knutson, Brent Baugh, Warren Multer and Russell Baker

Effect of Insecticides and Methods of Sampling on the Population of Beneficial Arthropods, in Cotton in Brazil

Geraldo Papa, Fernando José de Almeida and Maurício Rotundo

Effectiveness of Insecticides for Control of Caterpillars in Texas Coastal Bend Cotton

Roy D. Parker

Boll Weevil: Post Eradication Outbreaks in Cotton in the Southeastern United States

Robert G. Jones and James A. Wilson

Impact of Natural Enemies on Cotton Aphid Management in Georgia

M.R. Abney, J.R. Ruberson, G.A. Herzog, T.J. Kring and D.C. Steinkraus

Malathion Adherence to Boll Weevils Exposed to BWACT and Subsequent Mortality

Eric J. Villavaso, Joseph E. Mulrooney and William L. Mcgovern

Grain Sorghum as a Trap Crop for the Corn Earworm in Cotton

P.G. Tillman, John R. Ruberson and Ben Mullinix

Seasonal Distribution of Boll Weevils, Anthonomus grandis, Captured in Pheromone Traps Near Cotton and Uncultivated Habitats in Central Texas

John K. Westbrook, Charles Suh, Ritchie S. Eyster and Dale W. Spurgeon

Effects of Selected Defoliants Alone and in Combination with Insecticides on Silverleaf Whitefly and Parasitoids in Cotton

Tong-Xian Liu, Robert R. Saldana and S.M. Greenberg

Cultural Control and Microclimate Effects on Immature Boll Weevil Mortality in Chihuahuan Desert Cotton Fields

J.P. Breen Pierce, P.E. Yates and C.J. Hair

Reproductive Development of Overwintered Female Boll Weevils Fed Vegetative Stage Cotton Plants

Charles P.-C. Suh and Dale W. Spurgeon

Temperature Dependence of Boll Weevil, Anthonomus grandis, Host-Free Survival

Dale W. Spurgeon

Development of a Laboratory Strain of the Tobacco Budworm Resistant to Denim® and a Field Kit for Resistance Monitoring

Sayed Khalil, Shengyou Long, Hugh Young and R. Michael Roe

Evaluation of Boll Material under Partially Detached Blooms in Bt Cotton

John J. Adamczyk, Jr. and Don W. Hubbard

A Sensitive and Specific Polymerase Chain Reaction Technique for Evaluation of Lygus Egg Parasitism by Anaphes Iole Girault (Hymenoptera: Mymaridae)

Y. C. Zhu and L. Williams

Pyrethroid Resistance and P450 Gene Regulation in the Tarnished Plant Bug Lygus lineolaris (heteroptera: miridae)

Y.C. Zhu and G.L. Snodgrass

Stink Bugs — An Emerging Pest in Oklahoma Cotton Fields

Miles Karner and Jerry Goodson

Residues of Malathion and Metabolites in and on the Cotton Leaf vs. Toxicity to the Boll Weevil

D.A. Wolfenbarger, J.E. Mulrooney and R.G. Jones

Longevity of Overwintered Boll Weevils on Pre-Fruiting Cotton

J.F. Esquivel, D.W. Spurgeon and C.P.-C. Suh

How Immature Whiteflies Feed on Cotton Leaves

T.P. Freeman, J.S. Buckner and D.R. Nelson

Improving Cotton IPM with Spatially Variable Insecticide (SVI) Applications

B.R. Leonard, R.D. Bagwell, R. Price, R. Downer, K.W. Paxton, D. Magoun, M. Bethel, M. Seale, J. Hardwick and E. Barham

Evaluation of Selected Doses of Three Formulations of Aerially Applied Malathion for Boll Weevil, Anthonomus grandis Boheman

R. Nelson Foster, K. Chris Reuter, Joshua D. Siepel, Jane B. Pierce, Patricia E. Yates, Rex Kirksey, Leeda A. Wood and Joe Ellington

Comparison of Mississippi and Lower Rio Grande Valley Laboratory Reared Strains of Boll Weevil, Anthonomus grandis Boheman: Cotton Leaf Bioassay of Aerially Applied Malathion

R. Nelson Foster, Chris Reuter, Allan T. Showler, Thomas W. Sappington, Leeda Wood, Timothy J. Roland, Daryl E. Hill, Bruce D. Radsick, Osama A. El-lissy and Robert G. Jones

Field Comparison of Bollgard™ and Bollgard™II Cottons

D.S. Akin, S.D. Stewart, C.D. Parker and K.S. Knighten

Impact of Honey Bees on Bt Cotton Production

Rufina N. Ward and Kenneth E. Ward

Development of Site-Specific Control Tactics for Heliothines in Cotton

J. Willers, J. Freeman, K. Hood, J. Bassie and P. Mckibben

Six Years of Successful Management of Whitefly Resistance in Arizona Cotton

Timothy Dennehy, Marni Zaborac, Ben DeGain, Danny Holley, Robert Nichols, Andrew Y. Li, Peter Ellsworth and John Palumbo

Importation and Establishment of Lygus hesperus Nymphal Parasitoids in Central California

C.H. Pickett, K. Godfrey, D.A. Mayhew, K. Casanave, D. Coutinot, L. Ertle and K.A. Hoelmer

Comparison of Cotton Plant Response to Square Loss Following Manual Removal or Tarnished Plant Bug Feeding — Results from Field Trials in 2001

Tina Gray Teague, S. Coy, N.P. Tugwell and Eric J. Villavaso

Crop Susceptibility to Injury by Late Season Infestations of Tarnished Plant Bug (Lygus lineolaris (Palisot de Beauvois)) — Insect Control Termination Studies in Northeast Arkansas Cotton

Tina Gray Teague, Steven Coy, N.P. Tugwell, Diana M. Danforth and Eric J. Villavaso

Impact of an Internet Information Delivery System for Reporting Heliothine Moth Trap Catches in AR, MS, And LA

R.L. Bridges, D.R. Johnson, G.M. Lorenz III, J.D. Hopkins, J. Reaper III, B.R. Leonard and M. Williams

Centric® Control of Cotton Aphid (Aphis Gossypii Glover) in the Mid-South and Southeast

S.H. Martin, W.W. Bachman, B.D. Black, G.L. Cloud, J.E. Driver, C.F. Grymes, J.C. Holloway, Jr., J. Lunsford, B.W. Minton, D. Porterfield and S.M. White

Cotton Insect Corner ( North Carolina's Cotton Information Headquarters

Jack S. Bacheler and Daniel M. Mott

Development of Frankliniella Occidentalis (Western Flower Thrips) on Susceptible and Resistant Cotton Genotypes

M.W. Fairbanks, D.R. Johnson and T.J. Kring

Okra-Leaf as a Potential Trait for Whitefly Control

C.C. Chu, E.T. Natwick and T.J. Henneberry

Susceptibility Status of Boll Weevil to Malathion in Texas

Patricia V. Pietrantonio and Terry Junek

Managing Insecticide Resistance in Australian Helicoverpa armigera

J.W. Holloway and N.W. Forrester

Evaluation of Novel Nonpeptidic Chemical Analogs of Trypsin Modulating Oostatic Factor (TMOF): A New Biorational Approach for Managing Lepidopteran Pests of Cotton

Matthew B. Vanderherchen, Deborah M. Thompson, R. Michael Roe, Matthew Isherwood and Russell J. Linderman

Inheritance of Resistance by a Strain of Beet Armyworm to Fenvalerate, Methomyl, Methyl Parathion and Permethrin

Dan A. Wolfenbarger

The Use of Single Pairs of Tobacco Budworm (Noctuidae:Lepidoptera) to Evaluate Resistance and Susceptibility of two Pyrethroids

Dan A. Wolfenbarger

Efficacy of Azinphosmethyl and other Insecticides against the Boll Weevil in the Field

Dan A. Wolfenbarger

Impact of Mid-Season Boll Removal on Virginia Cotton and Implications for Improved Management of Insect Pests

Ozzie Abaye and D. Ames Herbert, Jr.

Cotton Physiology Conference

Foliar Fertilization of Cotton

Derrick M. Oosterhuis

A Reference System for Cotton Plant Development

Celso Jamil Marur and Onaur Ruano

Uniformity of Cotton Plant Age and Growth Affected by Planting Seed Size

C.O. Gwathmey, N.R. Benson, W.D. Caldwell, K.D. Howard, T.A. Kerby and B.J. Phipps

Cropman: A Decision Aid to Assess Crop Production Strategies and Manage Risk

Thomas J. Gerik, Wyatte L. Harman and Jimmy R. Williams

Skip-Row Cotton in Georgia

Philip Jost, Steve M. Brown, Don Shurley, John Ed Smith, Richard McDaniel, Bob McNeill, Paul Wigley and Stephen Komar

Evaluation of Alternative Row Patterns in Mississippi Cotton

S.P. Nichols, C.E. Snipes, B.A. Burgess, T.P. Wallace and W.H. McCarty

Evaluation of Varieties and Plant Population in Ultra Narrow Cotton in Mississippi

S.P. Nichols, C.E. Snipes and M.A. Jones

Growth, Yield, and Lint Quality Responses of Dryland Cotton to Single- and Double-Row Planting at Three Planting Densities in the South Coastal Plains of Texas

C.J. Fernandez, W.A. Harper, J.C. Hickey and J. Valadez-Gutierrez

Yield, Quality, and Economic Comparison of Single and Double Seed Line per Bed Cotton Production

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Influence of High Plant Densities on Yiled, Row Quality and Earliness in Ultra-Narrow Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) in the San Joaquin Valley of California

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Influence of Row Spacing and Nitrogen Rate on Earliness Components and Yield of Cotton

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Site-Specific Harvest-Aid Applications with a Point-Injection Spraying System

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Defoliation Timing in North Carolina Cotton Containing a Fruiting Gap

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Reducing At-Planting Costs Through Skip-Row Planting Techniques

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Partitioning at the Whole Plant, Boll and Seed Levels in Relation to Genotype and Environment for Predicting Yield and Stress

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The Relative Contribution of Individual Fruiting Sites to Cotton Yield and Quality

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NaCl-Induced DNA Damage in Salt-Sensitive Callus Versus Salt-Tolerant Callus

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Presence of Nitric Oxide Synthase Activity Under NaCl-Induced Stress in Cotton Callus

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Use of Digital Image Analysis, Viability Stains, and Germination Assays to assess Cotton Pollen Viability

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Glyphosate Effects on Reproductive Development

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Glyphosate Inhibits Pollen and Anther Development in Glyphosate Resistant Cotton

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Developmental Responses of Cotton Genotypes as Affected by Water Application Regimes

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Water and Nitrogen Source Interaction with Cotton Growth and Development

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A Tentative Signal Transduction Pathway for the NaCl-Induced Upregulation of Antioxidant Enzyme Activity in Cotton Callus Tissue

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Transgenic Expression of Yeast Casein Kinase 1 Isoform YCK2 as a means of Conferring Salt Tolerance to Cotton

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Effects of UV-B Radiation and Elevated Co2 on Cotton Plant Growth and Development

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Effects of Sequential Treatment of Cellulases and Proteases on Developing Cotton Fibers

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Losses of Genotypic Differences in Fiber Quality are Related to Growth Environment

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Environment-Genotype Interactions Modulating Cotton Fiber Processing Success

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Evaluation of Four Commonly used Methods of Timing the Applcation of Harvest Aid Products

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Impact of Early Defoliation on Yield and Fiber Quality in Fields Experiencing Various Levels of Boll Rot

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Heat, Maturity, and Defoliation

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Harvest Timing Effects on Yield and Quality of Stripper Cotton in the Texas High Plains

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Aim, A New Cotton Harvest Aid

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Potential for Aim as a Harvest Aid in Cotton

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Thermal Defoliation

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Cotton Response to Planting Date in a Short Season Environment

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Evaluation of Crop Management Factors, Variety, and Environmental Effects on Fiber Micronaire and Yield of Irrigated Cotton

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Pima Growth Management: Responses to Irrigation and Growth Regulator Management

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Spatially Variable Plant Growth Regulator (SVPGR) Applications Based on Remotely Sensed Imagery

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Yield Response of Cotton to a Carboxylic-Acid-Based Plant Growth Regulator in the South Texas Coastal Plains

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Effects of Green-SOL PGRs on the Physiology and Yield of Cotton 2000 -2001

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Variety Influence on Hypocotyl Length

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Effects of Plant Population on Yield of Phytogen PSC 355 and other Conventional Varieties

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Evaluation of Sprinkler-Induced Flower Losses and Yield Reductions

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Seeding Rate for Dryland Cotton in the Texas Rolling Plains

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Systems Agronomic and Economic Evaluation of Transgenic and Conventional Varieties in the Texas High Plains-2001

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Classification of Plant Growth Regulator Treatments using Multispectral and Hyperspectral Reflectance Data

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Effects of Bacillus cereus on Cotton Growth and Yield

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Effects of Foliar Applications of Messenger™ on Cotton

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Yield Response of Irrigated Cotton to Rate of Application of the Plant Growth Regulator Atonik

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The Influence of Boll Opening Materials Applied at 25 and 50% Open Boll on Cotton Boll and Fiber Development

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Losses in Yield, Quality and Profitability of Cotton from Improper Harvest Timing

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Evaluation of Aim (Carfentrazone) in Texas Cotton

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Evaluation of Leafless for Cotton Defoliation

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Effect of CGA 362622 on Cotton Growth and Development

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Effect of Ammonium Sulfate, Potassium Phosphate, and Ethephon on CGA 276854 Cotton Defoliant

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Comparing the Timing of the Last Effective Boll Populations in UNR and Conventional Cotton

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Growth Comparison of Transgenic and Conventional Cotton Cultivars using COTMAN

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Dryland Performance of Eight Cotton Cultivars Grown in Double Rows in the South Texas Coastal Plains in 2001

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Response of Common Cotton Cultivars to Water-Deficit Stress

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Influence of Ultraviolet-B Radiation and Atmospheric Co2 on Leaf Morphology

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Cotton Photosynthestic Responses to Ultraviolet-B Radiation and Elevated Co2

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Utilization Of Coron® to Compensate Nitrate Deficiencies Identified by Petiole Analysis

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Highlights of Research on Foliar Fertilization of Cotton in Arkansas

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Comparison of Two Methods for Determining Petiole N and K Levels

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Effect of Soil and Foliar-Applied Boron on the Physiology and Yield of Cotton

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Implications of Insecticide Termination at NAWF=5 plus 250, 350 or 450 Heat Units on Cotton Yield and Quality

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Seed Developmental Problems and Seed Rot in South Carolina

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Aphids Suck! (Physiological and Biochemical Responses of Cotton Following Aphid Feeding)

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Laboratory and Field Performance of Polymer Coated Fuzzy Cottonseed

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Characterization of the Cotton Fruiting Curve

A.O. Abaye, James Maitland and Derrick Oosterhuis

Impact of Mid-Season Boll Removal on Virginia Cotton and Implications for Improved Management of Insect Pests

Ozzie Abaye and Ames Herbert

Cotton Quality Measurements Conference

Cotton Length Uniformity and Yarn Strength

J.D. Bargeron III

The Variations of Cotton Fiber Properties and Their Influence on Test Results

Xiaoliang Cui, Timothy Calamari, John Price, Kearny Robert and Michael D. Watson

Effects of Ginning Methods on Mechanical Properties of Cotton Fibers

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Effects of Ginning and Carding Rates on the Tensile Properties of Cotton Fibers and Spun Yarns

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Planting Date Affects Motes, Neps and White Specks

Gayle H. Davidonis, Ann Johnson, David McAlister, Juan A. Landivar and Carlos J. Fernandez

Relationship of Plant Sugars and Environment to Stickiness in West Texas Cotton

S.S. Hague, R.L. Nichols, J.R. Gannaway and R.K. Boman

Is Cotton Dust Potential Correlated with Cotton Stickiness??

David T.W. Chun

Impact of Stickiness on Yarn Quality

Eric F. Hequet and Noureddine Abidi

Effect of Instrument Settings on H2sd Readings

N. Abidi and E.F. Hequet

Feasibility of Producing Reference Cottons to Calibrate Stickiness Measuring Instruments

Mourad Krifa, Richard Frydrych, Eric Gozé, Jean-Paul Gourlot and, Jean Massat

Cotton Color and Trash: 1990 HVI, 2001 HVI, and Spectrophotometric Measurements

Helen H. Epps and Jonn A. Foulk

High Speed Trash Measurements

M. Siddaiah, M.A. Lieberman and S.E. Hughs

Cotton Color Classification by Fuzzy Logic

B. Xu, D.S. Dale and Y. Huang and M.D. Watson

Harmonisation of HVI Strength Calibration

Ralf Baeumer and Thomas Schneider

Are Fiber Strength Measurements Affected by Cotton Fiber Length Distribution?

Jean-Paul Gourlot, Serge Lassus, Gérard Gawrysiak, Michèle Vialle, Philippe Francalanci and Chantale Brunissen

Improved Micronaire Calibration

Steve L. Grantham, James L. Knowlton and Lee Gibson

AFIS Measurements Variability

Eric F. Hequet and Pauline Williams and Mike Watson

Effect of Different Cotton Sample Preparation Methods on the Measurement of Fiber Characteristics by Two Generations of HVI

Gérard Gawrysiak, Bruno Bachelier, Jean-Paul Gourlot and Sandrine Duplan and Véronique Orssaud

Color Changes via Treatments

Jonn A. Foulk

Dimensional Stability Measurements of Cotton Fabrics

Norma Keyes, Eric F. Hequet and Hamed Sari-Sarraf

Discolored Cotton: Identification of the Causal Agents and the Factors that Govern its Severity

D. Shtienberg, C. Nave, H2. Vintal, G. Kritzman, E. Gat and A. Dinoor

Lubricants for Improved Ginning and Spinning of Cotton - A Fresh Approach to Fibre Length Preservation in Cotton Processing

Stuart G. Gordon

Image Analysis for Cotton Fibers - Part I: Longitudinal Measurement

Y. Huang and B. Xu

Update on Proposed Reference Method for Cotton Maturity - Part 1: Sample Preparation and Image Analysis

Devron Thibodeaux, Kanniah Rajasekaran, Eric Hequet and Bugao Xu

Update on Proposed Reference Method for Cotton Maturity Part II: Analysis of Results

Eric F. Hequet, Bob G. Wyatt and Devron Thibodeaux

Calibration of Upgraded Fineness and Maturity Testers. Part II. Expansion of Results

T.M. Von Hoven, J. Montalvo, S. Reed, D. Francois and Sherman Faught

A Review of Cotton Quality Fineness and Maturity Measurements by NIR HVI

J.G. Montalvo and T.M. Von Hoven

Tensile Behaviors of Single Cotton Fibers Unraveled from Worn Garments

Moon W. Suh, Song Jun Doh and Michael D. Watson

Cotton Soil Management & Plant Nutrition Conference

Field Validation of Variable Rate Nitrogen Applications in California

Bruce Roberts, Robert Hutmacher, Ted Sheely, Tim Stone and Brock Taylor

Ammonia Flux from a Cotton Canopy during Defoliation

Bruce Roberts, Dave Goorahoo, Charles Krauter and Felix Fritschi

Use of Yield Monitor to Evaluate Site Specific Management in Reclamation of a Salt Affected Cotton Field

Randy D. Horney, Brock Taylor, Daniel S. Munk, Bruce A. Roberts, Scott M. Lesch and Richard E. Plant

Influence of Annual Soil Parameters on Cotton and Corn Yields as Determined by GPS/GIS Technology

M.W. Ebelhar and J.O. Ware

Four-Year Summary of the Spatial Variability of Cotton and Corn Yields in the Mississippi Delta

M.W. Ebelhar and J.O. Ware

Evaluation of Irrigation Termination and Variety Effects on Fiber Micronaire and Yield of Irrigated Cotton

J.C. Silvertooth and A. Galadima

Plant Populations and Planting Dates for UNR Cotton

D.P. Delaney, C.D. Monks, D.W. Reeves and R.M. Durbin

Nitrogen Regquirements in UNR Cotton Systems

Mark L. McFarland, R.G. Lemon, F.J. Mazac, D.J. Pigg, A. Abrameit, T.J. Gerik and F.M. Hons

Potassium Requirement of Ultra Narrow and Conventionally Spaced Cotton as Impacted by Tillage

D. Wayne Reeves and Gregory L. Mullins

Response of Cotton Produced at Several Locations to Soil and Foliar N Fertilization

Jim Thomas, Bob Mack and D.D. Howard

Evaluation of Two Foliar N Sources for Cotton Fertilization

Jim Thomas, Michael Kenty, J.C. Banks, Shane Osborne, Tom Blythe, Normie Buehring, M.P. Harrison, Jim Camberato, David Dunn, William Stevens, Keith Edminsten, Cary Green, Steve Hague, A.M. Stewart, Glen Harris, Merrit Holman, D.D. Howard, Brad Lewis, John Matocha, James McConnell and Mohammed Zerkoune

Conservation Tillage Cotton and Processing Tomato Research in California's San Joaquin Valley

Jeff Mitchell, Randy Southard, Willi Horwath, Julie Baker, Karen Klonsky, Rich DeMoura, Dan Munk and Kurt Hembree

Cotton Management and Yield Monitoring Using Precision Technologies

J.M. Denton, D.D. Tyler, J.B. Wilkerson, H.P. Denton, C.O. Gwathmey and C. B. Massey

Water Versus Ammonium Acetate Extracted Potassium in New Mexico Soils

Robert Flynn

Nitrogen Recovery from Incorporated Cotton Residue

Felix B. Fritschi, Bruce A. Roberts, D. William Rains, Robert L. Travis and Robert B. Hutmacher

Interaction of Nitrogen Rates and Mepiquat Chloride for Cotton Following Corn in Rotation

M.W. Ebelhar and J.O. Ware

Response of Modern Cotton Varieties to Mid-Season Potassium Fertilization

Bobby Phipps, Gene Stevens, David Dunn and Andrea Phillips

Energy Requirements and Soil Disruption of Subsoiling

Randy L. Raper and Ajay K. Sharma

Dynamics of Organic Matter Fractions In Two California Soils Through Three Cotton Cycles

Bruce A. Roberts, Raymond Lee, Felix B. Fritschi, Robert B. Hutmacher, D. William Rains and Robert L. Travis

Cotton Response to Bed Renovations on Two Soils

Normie Buehring, Robert Dobbs and Mark Harrison

Simulating Cotton Growth in Conservation Tillage Systems Using the Gossym Model

Ermson Z. Nyakatawa, Chandra K. Reddy and K. Raja Reddy

Broiler Litter use with Conservation Tillage on Dothan Sandy Loam Soils

William Birdsong and Charles Mitchell

Ten Years Research with Broiler Litter on Cotton

Charles C. Mitchell and William C. Birdsong

Effects of Plant Nutrition on Black Root

Gary Gascho and Benjamin Baldree

Changes in Central Alabama Cotton Soil Management, 1991 and 2001

L. Kuykendall, R.R. Beauchamp and C.C. Mitchell

Research-Based Soil Testing Interpretation and Recommendations for Cotton on Coastal Plain Soils

C.C. Mitchell and G.H. Harris

Nitrogen Requirements for Cotton in the Lower Coastal Plain

D.L. Wright, P.J. Wiatrak, F.M. Rhoads and J.J. Marois

Cotton Response to Potassium Applications

Wayne T. Nixon, F. Robert Walls, Kevin E. Johnson, Roderick H. Morris, J. Kent Messick and Richard C. Reich

Calcium/Magnesium Ratios and Red or White Lime for Cotton Production

David Dunn, Gene Stevens and Tina Gladbach

Effect of Foliar Calcium Applications on Cotton Lint Yields

Glen Harris

Nitrogen-15 Recovery for Surface- and Subsurface-Irrigated Cotton

T.T. Chua, K.F. Bronson, A.R. Mosier, J.D. Booker, J.W. Keeling and C.J. Green

Soil Test Phosphorus Extract Comparisons for Cotton Using Grid Soil Data

K.F. Bronson, J.D. Booker, R.C. Ward, T.T. Chua, J.W. Keeling, R.K. Boman and T.L. Provin

Potassium Requirements for Narrow Row Cotton

John Sloan, Bill Langston and Jim Heitholt

Maximizing Profits with Nitrogen Response Curves: An Internet-Ready Computer Program

Gene Stevens, David Reinbott and David Dunn

Cotton Textile Processing Conference (Non-Wovens)

Spinning Intelligin Processed Cotton

Jack Mace

Attributive Blending: the Ultimate Complexity of Multi-Component Cotton Blend

Yehia El Mogahzy, Asaad Mohamed, Ramsis Farag and Faissal AbdelHady

Quantification of White Specks

J.L. Simonton, M.G. Beruvides and M.D. Ethridge

Textile Specifications, Environmental Impacts and Costs of Textile Processing in Europe

Dr. Marion I. Tobler

Cotton Textile Wastewater Treatment by Ultraviolet-Enhanced Ozonation

S. Edward Law

Weaving Sizeless Cotton Warp Yarns - Progress Report #2

Paul S. Sawhney, John B. Price and Radhakrishniah Parachuru

Measured Softness Characteristics of Spun Yarns Representing Different Spinning Technologies

P. Radhakrishnaiah, Kasi Vijay, A.P.S. Sawhney and Gisela Buschle Diller

Detection of Cotton Short Fibers Resulting from Breakage

Kearny Q. Robert and X. Leon Cui

Cotton Weed Science Research Conference

Report of the 2001 Cotton Weed Loss Committee

J.D. Byrd, Jr.

Cotton HADSS: How We Validated the Georgia Database

Theodore M. Webster, A. Stanley Culpepper, Gregory B. Hardison, and S. Gibbs Wilson Jr.

Weed Management Systems in Liberty-Roundup, and Buctril-Tolerant Cotton

P.A. Dotray, B.C. Burns and J.W. Keeling

Weed Management with Liberty Link Cotton in the Southeastern United States

A. Stanley Culpepper, Ed C. Murdock, Alan C. York, John Wilcut, and John Sanderson

Broadleaf Weed Control with Liberty, Staple, Roundup Ultra, and Buctril

Bridget L. Robinson, Scott B. Clewis, John W. Wilcut, Jerry L. Corbett and Mary Paulsgrove

Liberty Tolerant Cotton: Weed Control and Crop Tolerance

Brent Burns, Peter Dotray, Wayne Keeling and Russ Perkins

Annual Grass Control with Liberty and Liberty Anatagonism of Goosegrass Control with Select

S.B. Clewis, J.L. Corbett, S.D. Askew and J.W. Wilcut

Weed Management Programs with Trifloxysulfuron-Sodium in Cotton

J.C. Holloway, Jr., W.W. Bachman, D.D. Black, G.L. Cloud, J. Driver, J. Lunsford, S. Martin, B. Minton, D. Porterfield, E. Rawls and M. Johnson

Weed Control in Cotton with CGA 362,622

Edward C. Murdock and Joe E. Toler

Evaluation of CGA-362622 in Cotton Weed Control Programs

L. Thomas Barber, Daniel B. Reynolds, Nathan W. Buehring, Jason C. Sanders, David G. Wilson and Kent M. Bloodworth

Physiological Behavior of Postemergence-Applied CGA 362622 in Cotton, Peanut, Sicklepod, and Jimsonweed

John W. Wilcut, Shawn D. Askew and Scott B. Clewis

Weed Control and Cotton Tolerance with CGA 362,622

D.K. Miller, P.R. Vidrine, S.T. Kelly and D.R. Lee

CGA 362622 Plus Staple® for Weed Control in Alabama Cotton

Wilson H. Faircloth, Michael G. Patterson and C. Dale Monks

Cotton Response to CGA 362622: Rates, Timings, and Tank-Mixtures

S.M. Schraer, G.L. Cloud, B.W. Minton, C.D. Porterfield, S.H. Martin, J.E. Driver, J. Lunsford, D.L. Black and M. Johnson

Weed Management in Cotton with CGA 362622 and Staple Systems

I.C. Burke, S.B. Clewis, A.J. Price and J.W. Wilcut

Antagonism with CGA-362622 Plus Graminicide Combinations

H.L. Crooks, A.C. York and A.S. Culpepper

CGA-362622 Interactions with Cotton Pesticides

David G. Wilson, Daniel B. Reynolds, Nathan W. Buehring and L. Tom Barber

Behavior and Control of Purple (Cyperus rotundus) and Yellow Nutsedge (C. esculentus) with CGA-362622

S.C. Troxler, I.C. Burke, W.A. Pline, J.W. Wilcut and W.D. Smith

Agronomic Comparisons of Next Generation Roundup Ready® Cotton

Amy Martens, Jesse Hart, Zach Shappley, Eric Cerny, Scott Huber and Mark Oppenhuizen

Weed Management Systems in Enhanced Roundup® Ready Cotton

A. Stanley Culpepper, Lloyd May and Alan C. York

Inspire EC®, a New Syngenta Cotton Harvest Aid

J.E. Driver, W.W. Bachman, G.L. Cloud, J.C. Holloway, Jr., J. Lunsford, B.W. Minton, S. Martin, S.T. Moore, D. Porterfield, C.A. Pearson and C. Foresman

Aim™ Herbicide/Harvest Aid for Rapid Weed Control in Cotton — Research and Commercial Results

Terry W. Mize, H.R. Mitchell and Tom Crumby

New Layby Herbicides for Georgia Cotton

William K. Vencill

Conventional Cotton Response to Low Rates of Glyphosate

J.W. Keeling, L.L. Lyon, T.A. Baughman, T.S. Osborne and P.A. Dotray

Yield and Physiological Response of Non-Transgenic Cotton to Roundup Ultramax Drift

Walter E. Thomas, Bridget Robinson, Ian C. Burke, Wendy A. Pline, John W. Wilcut, Keith L. Edminsten and Randy Wells

Fruit Retention of Roundup Ready Cotton

Jason C. Sanders, Daniel B. Reynolds, Kent M. Bloodworth and L. Tom Barber

Tolerance of Roundup Ready Cotton to Topical and Post-Directed Glyphosate

William B. McCloskey and Hal S. Moser

The Glyphosate-Resistant Horseweed Story: A Real Mare's Tale

Robert M. Hayes, Robert F. Montgomery and John B. Willis

Dual/Glyphosate Combinations in Roundup Ready Cotton

Alan C. York and A. Stanley Culpepper

Managing Tropical Spiderwort (Commelina Benghalensis) in Roundup Ready Cotton

J.T. Flanders, A.S. Culpepper and A.C. York

Controlling Nutsedge with Glyphosate/MSMA Combinations in Roundup Ready Cotton

R.M. Barentine, A.S. Culpepper, A.C. York and T.M. Webster

Cotton Response to Soil Applied Cadre and Pursuit

J.R. Karnei, P.A. Dotray, J.W. Keeling, W.J. Grichar, T.A. Baughman and R.G. Lemon

Utility of Staple® Herbicide Preemergence and Postemergence in South Georgia "A Consultants Perspective"

Jack Royal and G.G. Hammes

Vegetation Burndown Combinations for Cotton

S.T. Kelly, D.K. Miller and P.R. Vidrine

Valor Preplant Management Systems in Roundup Ready Cotton

Andrew J. Price, John W. Wilcut and J.R. Cranmer

Effectiveness of Residual and Non-Residual Herbicides in Cotton Layby Applications

R.C. Namenek, K.L. Smith and J.W. Branson

Weed Control, Tolerance, and Physiological Behavior of Firstrate Post and Post-Directed in Cotton

John W. Wilcut, Ian C. Burke, Andrew J. Price, Scott B. Clewis, C. York and A. Stanley Culpepper

Flumioxazin (Valor) for Layby Weed Control in Georgia Cotton

William K. Vencill

Directed Applications of Roundup Ultramax Tank Mixes in Roundup Ready Cotton

R.D. Haines, L.R. Hawf, D.L. Pitts and W. M. Braxton

Tank Mixtures of Narrow-Spectrum Herbicides with Roundup

Andy Kendig, Anthony Ohmes, Britton Hinklin and Paula Ezell

Light-Activated Hooded Sprayer: A Two-Year Evaluation in High Plains Cotton

D. Alan Peters, Peter A. Dotray, J. Wayne Keeling, John B. Wilkerson and F. Henry Moody

Reproductive Response of Transgenic Cotton to a Previously Nonselective Herbicide

Walter E. Thomas, Wendy A. Pline, Ryan Viator, John W. Wilcut, Keith L. Edminsten, Randy Wells and Mary D. Paulsgrove

Comparison of Weed Control and Tolerance in Roundup Ready Cotton with Various Formulations of Glyphosate

Kent M. Bloodworth, Daniel B. Reynolds, L. Tom Barber and Nathan W. Buehring

Glyphomax with Various Adjuvants Over-The-Top in Roundup Ready Cotton: Crop Safety and Yield

J. Breen, R.B. Lassiter, V. Langston, B. Braxton, J.L. Barrentine, A.S. Culpepper, C. Guy, R.M. Hayes, W. Keeling, J.A. Kendig, D.K. Miller and D.B. Reynolds

Weed Control in Roundup Ready Cotton with Residual Herbicides

J.D. Everitt, J.W. Keeling, P.A. Dotray and L.L. Lyon

Glyphosate and Waterstress Effects on Fruiting and Carbohydrates in Glyphosate Resistant Cotton

Wendy A. Pline, Randy Wells, Gary Little, Keith L. Edmisten and John W. Wilcut

Weed Control in Roundup Ready Cotton with Residual Herbicides

J.D. Everitt, J.W. Keeling, P.A. Dotray and L.L. Lyon

B/RR-Cotton Performance in Roundup and Conventional Weed Management Systems

M.P. Harrison, N.W. Buehring and R.R Dobbs

Comparison of Management Systems in Coventional and Transgenic Cotton

Russell Nuti, Jack Bacheler, Alan York and Keith Edmisten

Control of Glyphosate Tolerant Soybeans (Glycine max) in No-Till Roundup Ready™ Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

R.F. Montgomery, R.M. Hayes, C.H. Tingle and J.A. Kendig

Control of Volunteer Glyphosate (Roundup) -Tolerant Cotton and Soybean in Roundup Ready Cotton

Edward C. Murdock, Michael A. Jones and Ryan F. Graham

Weed Management in Strip- and Conventional-Tillage Transgenic and Non-Transgenic Cotton

S.B. Clewis, J.L. Corbett, S.D. Askew and J.W. Wilcut

Weed and Heliothine-Complex Management in Transgenic Cotton

Oscar C. Sparks, Jim L. Barrentine and Marilyn R. McClelland

Ivyleaf Morningglory Control with Postemergence Directed and Over-The-Top Roundup Applications

H.R. Hurst

Annual and Perennial Morningglory Control in Herbicide Tolerant Cotton

Ron Vargas, Tomé Martin-Duvall and Steve Wright

Effect of Glyphosate and Sulfosate on Weeds and Roundup Ready Cotton

Tomé Martin-Duvall and Ron Vargas

Touchdown® with IQ Technology™ vs. Roundup™ Ultramax: Tolerance and Yield of Roundup Ready Cotton

S.M. Schraer, G.L. Cloud, B.W. Minton, C.D. Porterfield, S.H. Martin, J.E. Driver, J.Lunsford, D.L. Black and C. Foresman

Glyphosate Impact on Irrigated and Dryland Roundup Ready™ Cotton

Wilson H. Faircloth, C. Dale Monks, Charles H. Burmester, H. David Harkins, Dennis P. Delaney, Larry M. Curtis, Michael G. Patterson, W. Robert Goodman, Glenn R. Wehtje and Marshall R. Woods

Evaluation of Staple Plus and Roundup Ultra Max Weed Control Programs

D.K. Miller, P.R. Vidrine, S.T. Kelly and D.R. Lee

Palmer Amaranth (Amaranthus Palmeri) Control

Andy Kendig, Anthony Ohmes, Britton Hinklin and Paula Ezell

Yield and Weed Control in Conventional and Roundup Ready® Cotton-Corn Rotated under Conservation Tillage in the Mississippi Delta

K.N. Reddy, M.A. Locke and R.M. Zablotowicz

Yellow (Cyperus esculentus) and Purple Nutsedge (C. rotundus) Control in Cotton

S.C. Troxler, W.D. Smith, W.E. Thomas and J.W. Wilcut

Physiological Basis for Antagonism of Select by CGA 362622

I.C. Burke, S.C. Troxler, W.E. Thomas and J.W. Wilcut

Physiological Basis for Cotton Tolerance to Valor Applied Postemergence-Directed

Andrew J. Price, Wendy A. Pline, David A. Danehower, John W. Wilcut and J.R. Cranmer

Herbicide Decision Aids for Cotton in the South

Andrew J. Price, Gail G. Wilkerson and Andrew C. Bennett

Effect of Nozzle Type on Glyphosate Applications

E.J. Jones, G.D. Wills and J.E. Hanks

Evaluation of Valor Combinations in Cotton

J. Tredaway Ducar, C. Shane Bray and J.V. Altom

Nonwovens Conference

Cotton and Nonwovens Summary of Remarks

Mark Messura

Advantages of using Natural Fibers in Nonwoven Composites

T.A. Calamari, Jr.

Highly Absorbent Biodegradable Cotton Composites

Larry C. Wadsworth, Gaddam Shaker, Dong Zhang, Christine (Qin) Sun and Edward C. McLean

Exploratory Study of the Development of Nonwoven Cellulosic Blends using H1 Technology

Seshadri S. Ramkumar

Flame Retardant Cotton Blend Highlofts

D.V. Parikh and T.A. Calamari

The New Fabric Pretreatment & Enhancement Process

Don. B. Gillespie

Traditional and Novel Melt-Blown and Spunbond Technologies

Eckhard C.A. Schwarz

Improved Methods for Nonwoven Fabric Drying

Max Cochran

Prediction of the Stress-Strain Properties of Nonwovens

Bhupender S. Gupta, Cheol-Jae Hong and Amitkumar M. Paradkar

Effect of Binder Fibers on the Processing and Properties of Thermal Bonded Cotton-based Nonwovens

Gajanan S. Bhat, Rong Haoming and Mac Mclean

Acoustically Optimized Structural Parts basing on Hybrid Fleeces

Dieter H. Mueller, Andreas Krobjilowski and Heidrun Schachtschneider

The Kawabata Evaluation System and its Applications to Product/Process Enhancement

Radhakrishnaiah Parachuru

Struto and its Industrial Applications

Ing Iva Mackova, T.F. Saunders and Ing. Vera Soukupova

Cotton/Bagasse/Kenaf Nonwoven for Horticultural End-Use

Y. Chen, O. Chiparus, X. Cui, T.A. Calamari and F. Screen

Inda, Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry, and its Committee Structure

Cos Camelio

Quality of Life Impacts of Incontinence and the Role Played by Absorbent Products

Nancy Muller

Kenaf Retting: Comparative Study of Biological, Enzymatic and Chemical Procedures

Mary M. Warnock and D.V. Parikh

Cotton Fibers and Spunlace Systems

Daniel Feroe

Fiber Recycling Technologies

Youjiang Wang

Biodegradable Nonwovens based on Cotton and Polyesters

Ovidiu Chiparus, Ioan Negulescu, Yan Chen, Mary Warnock and Larry Wadsworth

Processing of Natural Fibers including Kenaf, Flax, and Hemp for Nonwovens

Marc Wolpers and Max Cochran

Interaction with ARS to Facilitate the Development and Transfer of Technology

Donald A. Nordlund

Unique Features of the Tatham High-Performance TMC Crosslapper

Rodney Kershaw

Modeling and Analysis of Polymer and Air Flow Configurations in Nonwovens Industry

A. Mukhopadhyay, J. Sun, A. Troshko and R.O. Prasad

Refining of Kenaf Fibers for Processing into Automotive Nonwovens

D.V. Parikh, T.A. Calamari and A.P.S. Sawhney and Mary Warnock

Thermal Insulation Properties of Moldable Nonwoven, Cellulosic Composites for Automotive Application

Dharnidhhar V. Parikh, Val G. Yachmenev and Timothy A. Calamari, Jr.

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