Jan. 5-9, San Antonio, TX
Deborah A. Richter


Production Conference

U.S. Cotton Industry Issues and Agenda

John Maguire

How Do We Produce and How Do We Sell It?

David Stanford

Understanding the Chinese Textile Market: Opportunities for U.S. Cotton

Robert P. Antoshak and Hunter Colby

“Today's Challenges, Tomorrow's Solutions” Report from NCC's Chairman

Robert W. Greene

Leadership Tour of Brazil, A Report

Woody Anderson

Trade Issues Facing the U.S. Cotton Industry

Mark Lange

Farm Program Support Mechanisms

Gary Adams

Marketplace Insights

William B. Dunavant, Jr.

Lint Contamination: A Serious Threat to U.S. Cotton

Andrew G. Jordan

Potential for Profitable Cotton Rotations

Robert L. Nichols, William D. Shurley, Robert P. Flynn, and Craig S. Rothrock

Opportunities for Crop Rotations when Water is Limiting

D. Krieg, R. Lascano, T. Baughman, B. Warrick, and J. Smith

Effects of Cotton and Rotation Crops on Nematodes and Plant Diseases

R.F. Davis, R.C. Kemerait, T.B. Brenneman, D. Wright, and W. Gazaway

Economic Consideration of Crop Rotations with Cotton

Gary Bullen, Bob Goodman, Tim Hewitt, and Don Shurley

The Role of Rotations in Cotton Production: Comparisons of Continuous Cotton with Two-Year Rotations and Three Crops in Two Years

Donald J. Boquet, Kenneth Paxton, Ernest Clawson, and Wayne Ebelhar

Cotton Variety and Biotech Update

Alexander M. Stewart

What We Know about the Weather: Short- and Long-Term Weather Trends

Brad Rippey

Varabile Rate Pivot Irrigation

Stuart Pocknee, Calvin Perry, Vickie Garrick, Gene Hart, Jim Hook, Craig Kvien Erin Macheski-Preston, Glen Rains, Mike Tucker, George Vellidis, Jennifer Wells, and Tasha Wells

Update on Drip Irrigation

James P. Bordovsky

Innovative Production Practices in the Southeast, A Cotton Grower's Perspective

Neal Isbell

Farming with Veris Data

Roger Carter

New Developments from Industry

PC Mapping Performs Multi Picker, Multi Field Yield Map Processing, Calibration

Mike Gvili

Cotton M.A.P. Module Averaging and Pooling: A Concept to Lead the Cotton Industry into a New Millennium

Gayle Craft and Raymond South

Oberon: A New Compound for Whitefly and Mite Control

Lamar Buckelew

Zeal Miticide for Cotton

Michael J. Ansolabehere

Efficacy of Mustang Max (F0570) for Insect Pest Control in Cotton

W. Davis Martin, H. Gary Hancock, Tom I. Crumby, and Joe Reed

Diamond™: A New Broad Spectrum Insecticide for Cotton

R. Tim Weiland

Valor Herbicide: A New, Unique Tool for Weed Control in Cotton

Frank Carey

A New Herbicide from Bayer CropScience for use in LibertyLink® Cotton

Russ Perkins

Mid-Grade Ammonium Sulfate – Agronomic Benefits and Profit Opportunities on Cotton

Dean J. Collamer and M. Mercedes Gearhart

HA195: A New Hybrid Cotton for the San Joaquin Valley, CA

Meir Gadisman

ST 5242BR: A New Mid-Full Season Bollgard® + Roundup Ready® Variety from Stoneville

Mark Barfield

ST 3990BR: A New Early-Mid Season Variety from Stoneville

Mike Robinson

ST 4646B2R: A New Early-Mid Season BG2 ™ + RR™ Variety from Stoneville

Mike Robinson

FM 5035 LL: A New Stripper Variety with New Herbicide Technology

David Becker, Delbert Hess, and Margaret Hamill

Bayer CropScience's FiberMax® Product Line Introduces New High Quality Bollgard/Roundup Ready and Roundup Ready Varieties

Jane K. Dever

Field Performance of VipCot™ in Elite Germplasm

Victor J. Mascarenhas

DP 424 BGII/RR: A New Bollgard II Variety Stacked with Roundup Ready

David W. Albers and Doug Shoemaker

DP 444 BG/RR, A New Early-Maturing Transgenic Variety with High Yield Potential and Fiber Quality Potential

Ken E. Lege' and Curtis Williams

DP 494 RR: A New Roundup Ready Cotton Variety with Outstanding Fiber Quality

David W. Albers, Don L. Keim, and Doug Shoemaker

DP 493, A New Mid-Full Season Delta and Pine Land Variety with Excellent Yield Potential

Richard Leske, Ken Lege', and Dave Albers

Intruder Performance – 2003

Robert E. Etheridge

International Cotton Genome Initiative

The International Cotton Genome Initiative (ICGI) – Past, Present and Future

Roy G. Cantrell

Cotton Fiber Bioscience and Genomics: What and Why?

Barbara A. Triplett, Hee Jin Kim, Duane M. Smith, and William R. Meredith, Jr.

Cotton Research Programs of Uzbekistan and its Contribution for World Cotton Research Community

Ibrokhim Y. Abdurakhmonov and Abdusattor A. Abdukarimov

Cotton Genomics at CSIRO Plant Industry

Yingru Wu, Danny Llewellyn, Liz Dennis, Helen McFadden, Caitriona Dowd, Iain Wilson, Jeff Ellis, Augusto Becerra, Bo Wang, Curt Brubaker, Tony Brown, Jeremy Burdon, and Dean Beasley

Towards the International Collaboration on Cotton Structural Genomics

John Z. Yu

Organizing Cotton Genomics through Physical Mapping

David Stelly and Sukumar Saha

International Cotton Genome Initiative

ICGI Steering Committee

Decision Aids: Tomorrow's Solutions Today

Application of COTMAN to Productivity Zones within a Center Pivot Irrigation System

Robert Flynn

COTMAN as a Site-Specific Management Tool

Steve Searcy, David Geiger, and Dan D. Fromme

Relationships among Full Season Crop Inputs and Productivity Zones for Total Variable Rate Cotton Systems Management Determined by Aircraft and Ground based Imaging Combined with the COTMAN System

Tim C. Sharp

Application of Site-Specific Data in Cotton Production Practices

B.R. Leonard, R. Bagwell, J. Temple, R. Price, R. Downer, K. Paxton, D. Magoun, and H. Anderson

California Ag 20/20 Project – Developing Remote Sensing Aids for Cotton

J.C. Ojala and B.A. Roberts

Remote Sensing for Precision Agriculture in the Texas High Plains

Stephan Maas, Jerry Brighbill, and Jon Hooton

Remote-Sensing Measures of Cotton Maturity – Cutout and Boll Opening

F. Aubrey Harris, Patrick J. English, Donald L. Sudbrink, Steve P. Nichols, Charles E. Snipes, Gene Wills, and James Hanks

Using Photography for making Replant Decisions

Bobby J. Phipps, Andrea S. Phillips, and Bobby J. Tanner

CYMIDA – A Cotton Yield Monitor Investment Decision Aid

J.A. Larson, B.C. English, R.K. Roberts, and R.L. Cochran

The Economics of Adoption of Precision Farming

David Zilberman, Teresa Serra, Jeanne M. Reeves, and Edward M. Barnes

Overview and Update of the COTMAN™ Crop Monitoring System

Diana M. Danforth, Mark J. Cochran, and Patricia O'Leary

Field Guide to COTMAN Data Collection

Diana M. Danforth, Tina Gray Teague, Ray Benson, and William Robertson

Growth and Fruiting of Cotton Relative to COTMAN

Derrick Oosterhuis, Fred Bourland, Diana M. Danforth, and Tina Gray Teague

Further Examination of COTMAN and Grower Production Records as a Basis for Farm-Wide Management of Cotton Insects

R.G. Luttrell, Diana Danforth, Bryce Blackman, Tina Gray Teague, Mandy McFall, Dale Wells, David Wildy, Steven Wall, Thad Freeland, and Patricia O'Leary

Adaptation of COTMAN for use in UNR Cotton

C. Owen Gwathmey, Josh B. Bynum, J. Tom Cothren, Keith L. Edmisten, Jack T. Reed, Ryan P. Viator, and Earl D. Vories

Evaluation of Skip-Row Cotton on the Texas Upper Coast

Dan D. Fromme, Roy D. Parker, and Lawrence L. Falconer

Are COTMAN's Compensation Capacity Values Set Too Low?

James F. Leser, Brant Baugh, Randy Boman, and Tommy Doederlein

Consequences of Square Shed following Pre-Flower Infestations of Tarnished Plant Bug (Lygus Linneolaris Palisot de Beauvois) in Arkansas Cotton

Tina Gray Teague, S. Coy, Diana M. Danforth, N.P. Tugwell, and E.J. Villavaso

Spatial Yield Distribution in Cotton following Early-Season Square Loss

Phillip Roberts and Craig Bednarz

Boll Removal Studies and Field Surveys to Improve Management of Bug Species in Virginia Cotton

D. Ames Herbert, Jr. and Sean Malone

Use of COTMAN in Insect Management Research

Andy M. Cranmer, Megha N. Parajulee, James F. Leser, Padma L. Bommireddy, and Ram B. Shrestha

Cotton Growth and Development after Application of Trifloxysulfuron (Envoke) in Cotton

Jim L. Barrentine, Oscar C. Sparks, and Marilyn R. McClelland

Determining the Optimum Timing for the Final Drip Irrigation on Cotton based on Crop Monitoring: West Texas

Warren Multer, Jeremy Gully, C.G. Sansone, and Stephen Biles

Timing the Last Irrigation using COTMAN in a Lepa Irrigation System

Tommy Doederlein, Brant Baugh, Randy Boman, and Dana Porter

Economic Effect of Late Irrigation on Mid-South Cotton

Robert Hogan, Jr., Earl Vories, Jason Stewart, Jeremy Greene, William Robertson, Phil Tacker, Bobby Phipps, Lyle Pringle, Ernie Clawson, Joel Faircloth, and Steve Hague

Furrow Irrigation Initiation in Arkansas Cotton: A Five-Year Evaluation using COTMAN

Tina Gray Teague, Earl J. Vories, Diana M. Danforth, and N.P. Tugwell

Defining Boll and Yield Tolerance to Late-Season Cotton Insect Pests in Louisiana

K.D. Emfinger, B.R. Leonard, M.M. Willrich, J.D. Siebert, J.H. Fife, J.S. Russell, J. Gore, and J.J. Adamczyk

Economics of COTMAN Insecticide Termination in Bt and Boll Weevil Eradication Systems

Diana M. Danforth, Mark J. Cochran, Ray Benson, Greg Smith, Tina Gray Teague, and Jeremy Greene

Structural and Biochemical Changes in the Boll Wall in Support of the NAWF5+350 Heat Units Rule

Derrick Oosterhuis and Michelle Kim

Defoliation based on Heat Units Beyond Cut-Out on Late Maturing Cotton

Bill Roberson, Chris Grimes, and Ray Benson

The Effect of an Upper Limit Temperature Threshold on Heat Unit Calculation, Defoliation Timing, Yield and Fiber Quality

D.D. Fromme, J.T. Cothren, and J.B. Bynum

Determining Optimal Timing of Site-Specific Applications of Cotton Harvest Aid Materials using Remotely Sensed Imagery and the COTMAN Plant Monitoring System

A. McFall, T.G. Teague, S. Coy, David Wildy, D.M. Danforth, Bill Robertson, F. Bourland, and Dale Wells

Irrigation Scheduling Approaches in the Far West

Daniel Munk, Bob Hutmacher, and Jonathan Wroble

Arkansas Irrigation Scheduling Computer Program – A Decision Aid

Phil Tacker, Earl Vories, Wayne Smith, and Andy Vangilder

Scheduling Irrigation on Cotton using Internet-Based Woodruff Irrigation Charts

J.C. Henggeler

Cotton Crop Water use and Irrigation Scheduling in Georgia

Craig W. Bednarz and Marshall C. Lamb

Optimizing Irrigation Water Applications

Calvin Perry, Stuart Pocknee, Craig Kvien, and George Vellidis

The Web-Based Crop-Weather Program for South Texas: Access to Weather Data and Crop Management Tools

C.J. Fernandez and T.N. Trolinger

The Web-Based Crop-Weather Program for South Texas: Monitoring Crop Water use and Growth in Cotton

C.J. Fernandez and T.N. Trolinger

The Web-Based Crop-Weather Program for South Texas: Monitoring Cotton Development

C.J. Fernandez and T.N. Trolinger

The Web-Based Crop-Weather Program for South Texas: Monitoring DD60 Accumulation after 5NAWF and Predicting Defoliation Date

C.J. Fernandez and T.N. Trolinger

Irrigation Investment Decision Aid

Kenneth Paxton, Deepti R. Chikkam, and Haritha Talluri

Evaluating Subsurface Drip Irrigation Applicability and Drip Line Spacing for Cotton in North Carolina

Garry L. Grabow, Rodney L. Huffman, Robert O. Evans, and Keith Edmisten

Weed Management with Cotton-HADSS, A New Computer-Based Decision Aid

Andrew J. Price, Gail G. Wilkerson, and John W. Wilcut

Utilizing Natural Biological Control by the Cotton Aphid Fungus

Don Steinkraus, Jon Zawislak, Gabriele Boys, Gus Lorenz, and Patricia O'Leary

Feeding Disruption Bioassay for Field Monitoring of Insect Susceptibility to Bt-Transgenic Crops and Traditional Pesticides

R. Michael Roe, Deborah M. Thompson, Jennifer L. Rhein, Kevin V. Donohue, Shengyou Long, Jack S. Bacheler, Clyde E. Sorenson, and Chester L. Sutula

Developing a Decision-Aid for the use of In-Furrow Fungicides

C.S. Rothrock, M.L. Schulz, E.E. Gbur, T.L. Kirkpatrick, and P.D. Colyer

Cotton Disease Council

History and Overview of the Hardlock Problem in Humid areas of the Deep South

David L. Wright, James J. Marois, Pawel J. Wiatrak, and Tawainga Katsvairo

Etiology, Epidemiology, and Control of Fusarium Hardlock of Cotton in the Southeast: The Possibilities

J.J. Marois and D.L. Wright

Results from the 2003 Regional Hardlock Project

Kenneth W. Seebold, Jr., Robert C. Kemerait, Jr., Jim Marois, David Wright, Boyd Padgett, John Mueller, Kathy McLean, and Tony Estes

Projected Recommendations for use of Topsin-M for Hardlock Control

R. Kemerait, K. Seebold, J. Marois, D. Wright, B. Padgett, J. Mueller, K. McLean, and T. Estes

The Future of Topsin® M on Cotton

Beth E. Sears, Tony Estes, and Phil Robinson

Efficacy of a Novel Seed Treatment for Root-Knot Nematode Control in Greenhouse and Small-Plot Field Tests

T.L. Kirkpatrick and W.S. Monfort

Effect of a Novel Seed Treatment on Infection of Cotton Seedlings by Meloidogyne incognita

Scott Monfort, Craig Rothrock, and Terry Kirkpatrick

Seed Treatments: A New Option for Managing Nematodes?

G.B. Padgett, B.W. Garber, and C. Overstreet

Nematode Sampling Procedures for a Non-Traditional Nematicide

Steve L. Rideout and David H. Long

Using Soil Electrical Conductivity to Denote Potential Nematode Management Zones

Maurice C. Wolcott, Charles Overstreet, Boyd Padgett, and Eugene Burris

Potential usefulness of Newly Available Statistical Methods for Modeling Meloidogyne incognita, Thielaviopsis basicola and Influential Soil Factors on Yield

Scott Monfort, Craig Rothrock, Andronikos Mauromoustakos, and Terry Kirkpatrick

Improvement of Cotton Seed Quality by Brotomax

Ana Aguado Puig, Victor Frías Luna, Gregorio García Visglerio, Pedro Gómez, Ana G. Baidez, María D. Fuster, Ana Ortuño, and José A. del Río

DYNASTY™ CST – Innovative and Broad Spectrum Control of Cotton Seedling Diseases

David Long and Franz Brandl

Seed Treatments to Induce Resistance to Fusarium Wilt and Black Root Rot in Cotton

S.J. Allen, D.B. Nehl, A.H. Mondal, and O. Jhorar

Cotton Seedling Disease Control with In-Furrow Fungicides and Seed Treatments

Melvin A. Newman, Wyveta Percell, Wesley Crowder, and Chris Street

Influence of Different Environmental Conditions on the Epidemiology of the Cotton Seedling Disease Complex

N.M. Gomaa, C.S. Rothrock, and Samy Moustafa-mahmoud

Screening Upland Cotton for Resistance to Rhizoctonia solani: Methodology and Results

Justin West, C. Wayne Smith, and Peggy Thaxton

Agrobacterium Concentrations and Severity of Bronze Wilt Symptoms in Cotton Cultivars Treated with Fungal Biocontrol Agents at Planting

Alois A. Bell

Fusarium in the San Joaquin Valley of California: Impact of Cotton Type and Variety

R.B. Hutmacher, M.P. Keeley, R. Delgado, M.R. Davis, Y. Kim, D.S. Munk, S.D. Wright, B.A. Roberts, M. Ulloa, and R. Percy

Efficiency of Binucleate Rhizoctonia for Controlling Damping-Off of Cotton caused by Rhizoctonia solani in the Greenhouse and Field

N.M. Gomaa and C.S. Rothrock

Frequency and Pathogenicity of Microorganisms Associated with Cotton Seed Rot in South Carolina

Alois A. Bell, Enrique Gino Medrano, and Michael A. Jones

Minutes of the 2004 Cotton Disease Council Business Meeting: January 8, 2004 San Antonio, TX

Chip Graham

Telone against Root-Knot Nematode in Louisiana during 2003

Charles Overstreet, Maurice Wolcott, Boyd Padgett, Gene Burris, and Terry Erwin

Vapam (Sodium Methyldithiocarbamate) and Telone II (1,3-dichloropropene) for Control of Root Knot Nematode (Meloidogyne incognita) in Cotton in Ashley County, Arkansas

Kenneth R. Williams, Terry Kirkpatrick, Craig Rothrock, and Jim Johnson

Efficacy of Nematicides with Thrips-Management Considerations on Southern Root-Knot and Columbia Lance Nematodes in Georgia

Robert C. Kemerait, Jr., Phillip Roberts, Clifford L. Brewer, Scott N. Brown, William E. Harrison, Brad R. Mitchell, Richard G. McDaniel, and Robert D. McNeill, IV

Microbial Degradation of Aldicarb in Reniform Nematode Infested Cotton Field Soils

Kathy S. Lawrence, William S. Gazaway, Gary W. Lawrence, Charlie H. Burmester, Yucheng Feng, and Shannon H. Norwood

Greenhouse and Field Evaluations of Selected Winter Cover Crops for Reniform Nematode Suppression in Cotton

J.R. Jones and K.S. McLean

Performance of Stoneville 5599BR Cotton Variety in the Presence of Root Knot Nematodes (Meloidogyne incognita)

Kenneth R. Williams, T. Kirkpatrick, and B. Bond

Response of Selected Cotton Varieties to the Reniform Nematode in Alabama

Stan Usery, Jr., K.S. Lawrence, Charles Burmester, K. Glass, G.W. Lawrence, R. Akridge, and Brad Meyer

Genetic Diversity of Reniform Nematode Geographic Populations

Paula Agudelo, Robert T. Robbins, Allen Szalanski, and James Stewart

Losses Associated with the Reniform Nematode and Black Root Rot in Producers' Fields in 2003

C.S. Rothrock, W.S. Monfort, T.L. Kirkpatrick, and K.R. Williams

Aflatoxin in South Texas Cottonseed: Geographic Distribution and Influencing Factors

R. Jaime-Garcia and P.J. Cotty

Aspergillus flavus Communities Associated with Commercial Cottonseed in South Texas

R. Jaime-Garcia and P.J. Cotty

Cotton Seedling Disease Control with Biological/Chemical Seed Treatments

Charles R. Howell

Development and Characteristics of Triple Species Hybrids used to Transfer Reniform Nematode Resistance from Gossypium longicalyx to Gossypium hirsutum

Alois Bell and A. Forest Robinson

Development of Cotton Germplasm with Resistance to Reniform Nematode

Lawrence D. Young, Salliana R. Stetina, and William R. Meredith, Jr.

Effect of Selected Fungicides and Other Treatments on Cotton Root Rot Suppression

John E. Matocha, Michael P. Richardson, and Stan G. Vacek

Effects of Plant Population and Fungicide Treatment on Seedling Diseases of Cotton

Kenneth W. Seebold, Jr. and Robert C. Kemerait, Jr.

Effects of Rhizoctonia and Pythium spp. on Cotton Stand Establishment in Mississippi

Gabriel L. Sciumbato, Bonnie B. Cook, and J. Anna Blessitt

Epidemiology of Bronze Wilt in Northeast Louisiana

Boyd Padgett, Brandi Woolam Garber, Wes Rea, and Jason Price

Evaluation of a Transgenic Chitosanase as an Anti-Fungal Agent

Bill L. Hendrix and James McD. Stewart

Extracting Viable Reniform Nematodes: An Improved Method

Dewang Deng, A. Zipf, Y. Tilahun, G.C. Sharma, J. Jenkins, and K. Lawrence

Glycoproteins in the Gelatinous Matrix of Rotylenchulus reniformis

Paula Agudelo, Robert T. Robbins, James Stewart, and Brad Murphy

Reniform Nematode Reproduction on Soybean in Tests Conducted in 2003

R.T. Robbins, L. Rakes, L.E. Jackson, E.E. Gbur, and D.G. Dombek

Mississippi Cotton Nematode Survey: Results of an Eight County Survey

Gabriel L. Sciumbato Julie A. Blessitt, and Don Blasingame

Report of the Cottonseed Treatment Committee for 2003

C.S. Rothrock and S.A. Winters

Cotton Disease Loss Estimate Committee Report

Don Blasingame and Mukund V. Patel

Shoot to Kill

T.L. Kirkpatrick

Cotton Economics and Marketing Conference

Cotton Market Outlook under Export-Driven Conditions

Carl G. Anderson

Exports and the Future of the U.S. Cotton Industry: Influence of Selected Trade Policy Issues

Mechel S. Paggi

2002 Farm Bill base and Yield Options Decisions made by Cotton Producers

Steven A. Neff

The Latest Trends in Marketing U.S. Pima and Global ELS Cottons

Matthew S. Laughlin

Estimation of U.S. Consumer Purchase Decision and Demand for Apparel: Implications for the Apparel Industry

Mohamadou L. Fadiga, Sukant K. Misra, and Octavio A. Ramirez

Cost Competition for U.S. Textiles: Will Yarn follow the Needle?

Conrad P. Lyford and J. Mark Welch

The Mill-Level Price of Quality Cotton in the U.S.

Conrad P. Lyford, Sangnyeol Jung, and Don E. Ethridge

One or Many European Union Cotton Demands?

Jose A. Lopez and Jaime Malaga

Factors Affecting Adoption of Cotton Precision Farming Technologies in the Southeast

R.K. Roberts, B.C. English, J.A. Larson, R.L. Cochran, W.R. Goodman, S.L. Larkin, M.C. Marra, S.W. Martin, W.D. Shurley, and J.M. Reeves

Estimating Demand for Precision Technology in an Emerging Market: Cotton Yield Monitors in the Southeastern United States

Michele C. Marra, Ellen Wu, Roland K. Roberts, Burton C. English, James A. Larson, Rebecca L. Cochran, W. Robert Goodman, Sherry L. Larkin, Steven W. Martin, and W. Donald Shurley

A Case Study Analysis of a Precision Farming System for Cotton

J.A. Larson, R.K. Roberts, B.C. English, R.L. Cochran, and T. Sharp

An Economic Comparison of Transgenic and Non-Transgenic Cotton Production Systems in Arkansas

Kelly Bryant, Jeremy Greene, Chuck Capps, Frank Groves, Chris Tingle, Glenn Studebaker, Fred Bourland, Bob Nichols, and Jeanne Reeves

Economic vs. Biological Goals in Technology Adoption

Susan Watson, Darren Hudson, and Eduardo Segarra

Impacts of Bt Cotton Adoption: What State-Level Data Can and Can't Tell Us

George Frisvold and Ricardo Pochat

Producer Adjustments to increasing Production Costs and New Production Technology

Dave Parvin

Acreage Allocation of Cotton and Rotation Crops in Georgia

Archie Flanders, W. Don Shurley, and Nathan B. Smith

A Comparison of Production Costs for Alternative Cotton Tillage Systems in the Rolling Plains of Texas

Jason Johnson and Wade Polk

Measuring Lower Tractor Costs from Reduced Tillage in Cotton: Preliminary Results

John R.C. Robinson, Shelley U. Underbrink, Lawrence L. Falconer, Jason L. Johnson, and Bill J. Thompson

The Dollars and Cents of Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI) for Cotton in the Southern High Plains of Texas

Vernon D. Lansford, Eduardo Segarra, and James P. Bordovsky

Water Conservation Policy Alternatives for the Texas Southern High Plains

Jeff Johnson, Phillip Johnson, Eduardo Segarra, and David Willis

Potential Economic Benefits of Adjusting Cotton Dryland Practices based on Seasonal Rainfall Expectations

Naveen Musunuru, Eduardo Segarra, S.J. Mass, R.E. McDonald, and W.L. Harman

Yield, Quality, and Economic Impacts of 2002 Harvest Season Rainfall in the Mississippi Delta

Thomas B. Freeland, Jr., Steven W. Martin, M. Wayne Ebelhar, and William R. Meredith, Jr.

An Economic Analysis of Climate Change on Cotton Production across the U.S. Cotton Belt: Preliminary Results

Beth Lemberg Hima, Yao-chi Lu, Alec Richardson, and K. Raja Reddy

Structural Time Series Analysis of U.S. Cotton Exports

Mohamadou Fadiga

The Future of U.S. Cotton Exports: Prospects and Uncertainties

Phil Peabody, Samerendu Mohanty, David Willis, and Jaime Malaga

U.S. Cotton Subsidies under Fire: Would Subsidy Elimination really Help Farmers Worldwide?

Kelly J. Tiller and Harwood D. Schaffer

Effects of MFA Quota Elimination: Declining U.S. Cotton Exports to Mexico?

Jose E. Lopez and Jaime E. Malaga

Impacts of Bt Cotton Adoption in the United States and China

George Frisvold, Russell Tronstad, and Jeanne M. Reeves

Future Potential of Brazilian Cotton Exports

L. Vado, D. Willis, and S. Mohanty

Business and Financial Risk of Cotton Producers in the Texas High Plains

Ginger Sides and Phillip Johnson

Will providing Custom Variable Rate Application Services be Profitable for your Agribusiness?

Rebecca L. Cochran, James A. Larson, Roland K. Roberts, and Burton C. English

An Estimated 2003 Texas-Oklahoma Pre-Season Price Schedule based on Market History

Dane Sanders, Sukant Misra, and Don Ethridge

Cotton Reduced Tillage Systems ND Effect on Cost and Return

Robert Dobbs, Normie Buehring, Mark Harrison, Stan Spurlock, and John Black

Cotton Reduced Tillage and Rotation Effect on Whole Farm Profitability

Normie Buehring, Robert Dobbs, Mark Harrison, Stan Spurlock, and John Black

Cotton Tillage Characteristics in the Mississippi Delta

Steven W. Martin and Fred Cooke

Cotton Yield Response to Reduced Tillage Systems and Rotation

Mark Harrison, Normie Buehring, and Roberts Dobbs

Economic Effect of Late Irrigation on Mid-South Cotton

Robert Hogan, Jr., Earl Vories, Jason Stewart, Jeremy Greene, William Robertson, Phil Tacker, Bobby Phipps, Lyle Pringle, Ernie Clawson, Joel Faircloth, and Steve Hague

Profitability of Cotton Production in the Texas High Plains 1996-2002

Ginger Sides and Phillip Johnson

Texas-Oklahoma Producer Cotton Market Summary: 2002/2003

Dane Sanders, Sukant Misra, and Don Ethridge

Transgenic Cotton in Mexico: A Case Study of the Comarca Lagunera

G. Traxler, A.S. Godoy, and Z.J. Falck

Whole Farm Economic Analysis of Precision Farming Practices

Steven W. Martin and James Hanks

Cotton Engineering-Systems Conference

Spindle Picker 15-Inch Row Pattern Influence on Lint Yield and Plant Characteristics: One Year's Progress

N.W. Buehring, M.P. Harrison, R.R. Dobbs, M.H. Willcutt, E.P. Columbus, T.C. Needham, and J.B. Phelps

Evaluation of a 15-Inch Spindle Harvester in Various Row Patterns: One Year's Progress

M.H. Willcutt, E.P. Columbus, N.W. Buehring, M.P. Harrison, and R.R. Dobbs

Quality of Spindle-Picked Cotton

Kevin D. Baker, S. Ed Hughs, and James Mackey

Instantaneous Accuracy of Cotton Yield Monitors

Calvin Perry, George Vellidis, Natasha Wells, Rodney Hill, Andrew Knowlton, Eugene Hart, and Dewayne Dales

The Economic Impact of a Cotton Picker with an Onboard Module Builder

D.W. Parvin

Viscoelastic Properties of Seed Cotton and their Effect on Module Shape and Density

Robert G. Hardin, IV, Stephen W. Searcy, and Shay L. Simpson

2003 Thermal Defoliation Trials

Paul A. Funk, Carlos B. Armijo, David D. McAlister, III, Alan D. Brashears, Michael R. McGuire, Brad E. Lewis, Robert B. Hutmacher, and Bruce A. Roberts

Precision Agriculture: A Tool for COTMAN

David W. Geiger, Stephen W. Searcy, and Dan D. Fromme

Seed-Specific Chemical Application System: Field Testing and Improvements

John Wilkerson, John Hancock, Henry Moody, and Melvin Newman

Uncertainty Associated with Particulate Matter Concentration Measurements from Agricultural Operations

Jacqueline E. Price, Ron E. Lacey, Bryan W. Shaw, and Calvin B. Parnell, Jr.

A Theoretical Approach to Correcting PM10 Oversampling Problem for Agricultural Dust

Lingjuan Wang, Calvin B. Parnell, Jr., Bryan W. Shaw, Ronald E. Lacey, Barry L. Goodrich, Sergio C. Capareda, and Michael D. Buser

Comparison of Strip Tillage Systems in Coastal Plain Soils for Cotton Production

Ahmad Khalilian, Michael Jones, Mike Sullivan, James Frederick, Phil Bauer, and Warren Busscher

Modeling Soil Compaction with Soil Electrical Conductivity and Yield for Cotton

Subodh Kulkarni, Sreekala Bajwa, Gary Huitink, Bill Baker, and Mitch Crow

Site-Specific Application of Cotton Harvest Aids using Remotely Sensed Imagery

Jon J. Fridgen, Susan White, Bruce Roberts, and Ted Sheely

Spectral Reflectance Estimates of Cotton Biomass and Yield

Donald F. Wanjura, Dan R. Upchurch, and Steve Maas

Remotely Sensed versus Ground-Based Weed Mapping in Cotton

Ruixiu Sui, J. Alex Thomasson, Shea Fox, James Hanks, and James Wooten

Remotely Sensed Plant Height Input to Cotton Growth Model in GIS Framework

J. Alex Thomasson, Swapna Gogineni, Bulli M. Kolla, James M. McKinion, Javed Iqbal, and Ruixiu Sui

Whatever Happened to GOSSYM?

Mariquita Y.L. Boone, Raja K. Reddy, David W. Brand, and Vangimalla R. Reddy

Sensitivity of GOSSYM Cotton Growth Model to Soil Variability and Site-Specific Management

R.W. Clouse and S.W. Searcy

Determining the Optimum Timing for the Final Drip Irrigation on Cotton based on Crop Monitoring: West Texas

Warren Multer, Jeremy Gully, C.G. Sansone, and Stephen Biles

Determining the Optimum Timing for the Final Irrigation on Mid-South Cotton

Earl Vories, Tina Teague, Jeremy Greene, William Robertson, Phil Tacker, Jason Stewart, Bobby Phipps, Joel Faircloth, and Ernie Clawson

Water use Comparison of Long and Medium Maturity Cotton in the San Joaquin Valley

Daniel S. Munk, Jon Wroble, Richard L. Snyder, Robert Hutmacher, and Jerry Robb

Economics of Subsurface Drip-Line Spacing for Cotton

J. Enciso-Medina, B. Thompson, J. Robinson, and W.L. Multer

Minimum Subsoiling Frequency for Conservation Systems in the Tennessee Valley

R.L. Raper, E.B. Schwab, K.S. Balkcom, C.H. Burmester, and D. Wayne Reeves

Arkansas Irrigation Scheduling Computer Program – A Decision Aid

Phil Tacker, Earl Vories, Wayne Smith, and Andy Vangilder

California Ag 20/20 Project – Developing Remote Sensing Aids for Cotton

J.C. Ojala and B.A. Roberts

Leaf Indices to Quantify Nitrogen in Cotton

J. Ojala, W. DeTar, J. Chesson, V. Penner, and H. Funk

Cotton Ginning Conference

Cotton Ginning Trends

Thomas D. Valco and Bill M. Norman

Quality of the 2003 Crop

Robbie L. Seals

Ensuring Quality and Efficiency in the USDA Cotton Program

Angela R. Hooper-Sanders

Leaf Grade and Extraneous Matter Classification

Norma R. McDill

Module Averaging Statistics from the 2003 Crop

Darryl W. Earnest

Fiber Length Study

Martin Schreiner

Fiber Quality of Roller Ginned Upland Cotton

C.B. Armijo and M.N. Gillum

Fiber Quality Characteristics of Conventional Controlled-Batt versus Non-Conventional Flow-Through Saw-Type Lint Cleaners

Ross D. Rutherford, Donald W. Van Doorn, and Joe W. Thomas

Investigation of Experimental Lint Cleaner

W. Stanley Anthony

Estimating the Impact of Computerized Gin Process Control Technology

Kenneth W. Paxton

Evaluation of Selected Gin Saw Tooth Designs

Ed Hughs and David McAlister

The Powered Roll Gin Stand a Gin's Perspective

James W. Askew, Greg A. Holt, and J. Weldon Laird

Multi Scenario Case Study of a Fuel Pellet Manufacturing Operation utilizing Cotton Waste

Ana Maria Canto, Angela Sandoval, David Chiu, Mario Beruvides, Pelin Altintas, Greg Holt, Steve Shields, and James Simonton

The Coby Process: Bedding Mulch Study Results

Greg Holt, Mike Buser, Mathew Pelletier, Daren Harmel, Ken Potter, and Ed Lee

The Coby Process: Erosion Control Study Results

Greg Holt, Mike Buser, Mathew Pelletier, Daren Harmel, Ken Potter, and Ed Lee

EPA Oil Spill Prevention Regulations affecting Cotton Production and Ginning

P.J. Wakelyn, D.W. Thompson, B.M. Norman, C.B. Nevius, and R.A. Isom

Particle Size Distribution of Particulate Matter Emitted by Agricultural Operations: Impacts on FRM PM10 and PM2.5 Concentration Measurements

Sergio C. Capareda, Lingjuan Wang, Calvin B. Parnell, Jr., and Bryan W. Shaw

U.S. Codes Applicable to Baled Cotton Storage – Revision of Codes and Standards: International Code Council and National Fire Protection Association

P.J. Wakelyn, D. Thompson, and C.B. Nevius

Systems Analysis of Ginning Seasons and Seed Cotton Transport

Shay L. Simpson, Calvin B. Parnell, Jr., and Stephen W. Searcy

Changes in Gin Stand Power Consumption for Different Cotton Varieties

J. Clif Boykin

Application of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) in Urban versus Rural Environments

Bryan W. Shaw, Ron E. Lacey, Sergio Capareda, Calvin B. Parnell, Jr., John Wanjura, and Lingjuan Wang

A Simulated Approach to Estimating PM10 and PM2.5 Concentrations Downwind from Cotton Gins

John D. Wanjura, Calvin B. Parnell, Jr., Bryan W. Shaw, Ronald E. Lacey, and Michael D. Buser

Motorized Grid Bars allows Variable Lint Cleaning

Mike Gvili

Cotton Improvement Conference

The Gossypium of Mexico: Observations from Recent Collections Expeditions

J. McD. Stewart, M. Ulloa, A.E. Garcia-C.S. Godoy-A., and J.C. Soto

Evaluation of Uzbekistan and California Accessions: Characterization for Grin

Ted P. Wallace, Brenda F. Owens, and Gerald O. Myers

Genetic Relationships among U.S. Upland Cotton

Edward Lubbers, Peng Chee, Lloyd May, John Gannaway, and Andrew Paterson

Testing High Yield/Quality Interspecific Hybrid Cotton Varieties in the San Joaquin Valley

Dan Munk, Jon Wroble, Shane Ball, and Meir Gadisman

QTL Analysis of the Expression of the Low-Gossypol Seed and High Gossypol Plant Trait in the Progeny of the Gossypium hirsutum x G. raimondii x G. sturtianum Trispecific Hybrid

H. Ben Bouza, B. Mbaikar, J.P. Baudoin, G. Mergeai, M. Lacape, and B. Courtois

Genetic Amelioration of Gossypium arboreum through Introgression of Genes from G. hirsutum

V.N. Kulkarni and B.M. Khadi

Recombination and Somatic Elimination of a Gossypium australe Chromosome in G. Hirsutum

D. Sarr, J.P. Baudoin, and G. Mergeai

Changes in Genetic Diversity of U.S. Upland Cotton

Peng Chee, Edward Lubbers, Lloyd May, John Gannaway, and Andrew Paterson

Characterization of a Population of Introgressed Recombinant Inbred Lines for Agronomic and Fiber Quality Traits

Richard G. Percy, Jinfa Zhang, and Roy Cantrell

QTL Mapping of Agronomic and Fiber Quality Traits in Cotton using AFLPs

M.W. Akash and G.O. Myers

High Resolution Mapping of Fertility Restorer Genes for Cytoplasmic Male Sterility in Cotton

Jit B. Baral, Yingzhi Lu, Jinfa Zhang, Chunda Feng, and J. McD. Stewart

Genetic Distance among Cotton Cultivars used in the Development of Random Mating Populations based on SSR Markers and Coefficient of Parentage

Osman A. Gutiérrez, Johnie N. Jenkins, Jack C. McCarty, Jr., Daryl T. Bowman, and Clarence E. Watson, Jr.

Molecular Characterisation and Assessment of the Resistance to the Renifom Nematode of an Interspecific Hybrid Involving Gossypium hirsutum and G. longicalyx

N.O. Konan, J-P Baudoin, and G. Mergeai

Stability Analysis: Pros and Cons

Daryl T. Bowman

Stability Measures in Cotton: Where Do We Stand?

Sterling B. Blanche, Gerald Myers, and David Caldwell

An Evaluation of Beltwide Cotton Genetics Cotton Varieties Grown in West Texas 2003

Terry Campbell

Loss of Apical Dominance in DP 444 BG/RR: Effect on Yield, Fiber Quality, and Maturity

Ken E. Lege', Tom A. Kerby, David W. Albers, Tom R. Speed, and Kevin D. Howard

Response of DP 555 BG/RR to Mepiquat Chloride (MC) under Varying Growth Conditions

Tom Kerby, Kevin Howard, Ken Lege, Dave Albers, and Tom Speed

DP 555 BG/RR Growth and Yield as Related to Seed Size

Kevin D. Howard, Thomas A. Kerby, Janet Burgess, Michael Casavechia, and William Smith

Yield and Fiber Characteristics of LibertyLink® Lines for FiberMax® Varietal Development

Michael Swindle

Overview of the University of Arkansas Cotton Breeding Program

F.M. Bourland

Grab Samples versus Commercially Ginned Bales: A Texas High Plains Comparison

John Gannaway, Eric Hequet, Randy Boman, Mark Kelley, and Robert Nichols

Early Generation Testing in Upland Cotton

D.G. Jones and C.W. Smith

Genetic Gain of Cotton Yield in Mato Grosso State, Brazil

Edina Moresco, Natal A. Vello, Nelson da S. Fonseca, Jr., and Elêuio C. Freire

A New Method for Measuring Relative Maturity Differences

Tom Speed, David W. Albers, Ken E. Lege, Kevin Howard, and Tom A. Kerby

Selection Response of FiberMax® Lines Derived from the Integration of Australian and US Germplasm

Jeff Klingenberg

Combining ability Studies for Fibre Traits in Upland Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) under Drought Stress Condition

M.A.A. El-Dahan, M. López, J.C. Gutiérrez, and E.O. Leidi

Gene Expression Studies on Fiberless Mutants in Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Jinsuk J. Lee, Osama S.S. Hassan, Wenxiang Gao, David M. Stelly, Z. Jeffrey Chen, Russell J. Kohel, and Xiao-Ya Chen

Nuclear DNA Content of Gossypium Species

Bill L. Hendrix and James McD. Stewart

Segregation for Root Knot Nematode Resistance Gene(s) in F2 Populations from Resistant x Susceptible Crosses

Parvati Ynturi, Johnie N. Jenkins, Jack C. McCarty, Jr., and Sukumar Saha

Determining Gin Variability for HVI and AFIS Data

Chris Braden, C.W. Smith, Peggy Thaxton, and Eric Hequet

Comparison of Methods for Estimating Fibers per Seed

B. Owens and T. Wallace

Stacking Pima S-6 Fiber Length Alleles in a Tamcot 2111 Background

Christopher L. Souder, C. Wayne Smith, Peggy Thaxton, and Andrew H. Paterson

A Century of Cotton Breeding

Brian Schwartz, C. Wayne Smith, and Peggy S. Thaxton

Growth and Fruiting Habits of DP 555 BG/RR in Various Row Patterns and Plant Spacings

H.T. Miller, J.N. Jenkins, and J.C. McCarty

Comparing Two Methods in Evaluation of Boll Retention

Jixiang Wu, Johnie N. Jenkins, and Jack C. McCarty, Jr.

Status Report on Introgression of Reniform Nematode Resistance from Gossypium longicalyx

A. Forest Robinson, Alois A. Bell, Nilesh Dighe, and David Stelly

2003 Evaluation of Regional Cotton Breeders Strains Grown in Root-Knot Infested Soils

W.D. Caldwell, J.A. Hayes, P.D. Colyer, and J.E. Jones

Root-Knot Nematode Resistance in Auburn 634RNR: Segregation and Molecular Mapping

Jinfa Zhang, Doug Hinchliffe, Yingzhi Lu, Carol Potenza, Gopalan Champa-Sengupta, R.G. Cantrell, and J.N. Jenkins

Imperial Valley Cotton Trial

Herman Meister

Screening Upland Cotton for Resistance to Cotton Fleahopper

Karthik D. Mekala, C. Wayne Smith, and Allen E. Knutson

Anatomical Basis of Host Plant Resistance to Jassids in Gossypium Sp.

V.N. Kulkarni and B.M. Khadi

Establishment of the Standardized Cotton Microsatellite Database (CMD) Panel

John Yu, Russell Kohel, Roy Cantrell, Don Jones, Sukumar Saha, Jeff Tomkins, Dorrie Main, Michael Palmer, Alan Pepper, David Stelly, Mauricio Ulloa, and Jodi Scheffler

Molecular Marker Possibilities – Going Beyond Gossypium

Jodi Scheffler, Jeffery Ray, Brian Scheffler, and Natasha Techan

High-Throughput Development of New Molecular Markers for Cotton

Michael B. Palmer, Dorrie Main, James Frelichowski, Jeffrey P. Tomkins, and Mauricio Ulloa

Characterization of Resistance Gene Analogues (RGAs) Isolated from Upland Cotton: Origin, Function, and Evolutionary Relationships

Doug Hinchliffe, Carol Potenza, Champa Sengupta-Gopalan, Jinfa Zhang, and R.G. Cantrell

Evaluation of G. hirsutum Exotic Accessions from Uzbek Cotton Germplasm Collection for Further Molecular Mapping Purposes

Ibrokhim Y. Abdurakhmonov, Abdumalyan A. Abdullaev, Sofiya M. Rizaeva, Zabardast T. Buriev, Azoda T. Adylova, Abdusattor A. Abdukarimov, Sukumar Saha, Russell Kohel, and Alan E. Pepper

Differentiation of Cotton Cultivars by Optimized Extraction and Chromatographic Analysis of Glycan Oligomers

Allen K. Murray, Robert L. Nichols, and Roy G. Cantrell

Description of a Mutant with Low Gossypol; Potential for use in Commercializing Cotton Seed for Human Consumption

C.R. Benedict and Clint Magill

A Project to Develop Broadly Adapted, Heat Tolerant, High Fiber Quality Germplasm

Richard G. Percy, Lloyd May, Mauricio Ulloa, and Roy Cantrell

Genetic Engineering Cotton for Higher Drought- and Salt-Tolerance

Hong Zhang, Cixin He, Guoxin Shen, Juqiang Yan, Eduardo Blumwald, and Roberto Gaxiola

Cotton Variety Test Results for Louisiana, 2003

W.D. Caldwell, J.A. Hayes, E.P. Millhollon, A.M. Stewart, D.J. Boquet, E. Clawson, and J.I. Dickson

An Integrated SSR-STS-SRAP-RAPD Genetic Map using Recombinant Inbred Line Population in Tetraploid Cotton

Yingzhi Lu, Jinfa Zhang, R.G. Percy, and R.G. Cantrell

Genetic Analysis of Biochemical Traits in Short Season Upland Cotton of China

Shuxun Yu, Meizhen Song, Wankui Gong, Wu Wang, Shuli Fan, and Jiwen Yu

Cellulose Synthase Gene Family in Tetraploid Cottons: Further Studies

Olga Yurchenko, Allan Zipf, Khairy Soliman, Aaron Jeffries, Pat Hogan, and Debby Delmer

Comparative Molecular Analysis of Mitochondrial Genome in Two Cytoplasmic Male Sterile Systems of Cotton

Jinfa Zhang, G. Mara-Koosham, Yingzhi Lu, and J. McD. Stewart

Comparison of Fiber Properties of Current and Obsolete Cotton Varieties

J.A. Hayes, W.D. Caldwell, G.O. Myers, J.I. Dickson, and E.A. Percival

Development and Characterization of Fiber EST-Derived Microsatellites in Cotton (Gossypium spp.)

Young-Hoon Park, Mauricio Ulloa, Brad A. Sicker, and Thea Wilkins

Directional Selection for Average Weight of Fibers per Seed

O. Lloyd May

Flower Habits of Selected Stripper and Picker Cotton Varieties at Lubbock, Texas in 2003

E. Margaret Hamill, Delbert Hess, and David Becker

Genetic Contributions to Upland Cotton in China since 1950

Shuxun Yu, Wu Wang, Fuxin Yang, and Fanling Kong

Towards Improved Cell Cycle Manipulation and Chromosome Doubling Methods in Gossypium

Randal A. Halfmann, David M. Stelly, and David H. Young

Molecular Mapping of Natural Leaf Defoliation Loci of Cotton using SSR Markers

Ibrokhim Y. Abdurakhmonov, Alisher A. Abdullaev, Zabardast T. Buriev, Sofiya M. Rizaeva, Abdumavlyan A. Abdullaev, Abdusattor A. Abdukarimov, Sukumar Saha, and Umesh K. Reddy

Multiple Imputation for Missing Data in Molecular Genetic Studies

Muhanad Akash, Gerald O. Myers, Baogong Jiang, and Barry E. Moser

Regeneration and Transformation of Local Cotton Cultivars of Uzbekistan

S.A. Djataev, Abdusattor Abdukarimov, M. Yakubov, A. Pilipenko, S. Kim, Z. Buriev, and I. Abdurakhmonov

Notice of Release of 17 Germplasm Lines of Upland (Gossypium hirsutum) Cotton, Each with a Different Pair of G. barbadense Chromosomes or Arms Substituted for the Respective G. hirsutum Chromosomes or Arms

D.M. Stelly, D. Raskam, S. Saha, J.N. Jenkins, J.C. McCarty, and O.A. Gutierrez

Cotton Insect Research and Control Conference

57th Annual Conference Report on Cotton Insect Research and Control

J.J. Adamczyk, Jr. and E. Burris

Cotton Insect Losses – 2003

Michael R. Williams

Cotton Insect Loss Estimates – 2003

Michael R. Williams

Benefits of Temik in Cotton: A Historical Review

William P. Scott

EPA IRM Update for Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) Cotton Plant-Incorporated Protectants

Sharlene R. Matten

Bacillus thuringiensis Resistance Monitoring Program for Tobacco Budworm and Bollworm in 2003

Carlos A. Blanco, Larry C. Adams, Jeff Gore, Dick Hardee, Michelle Mullen, Julius R. Bradley, John Van Duyn, Peter Ellsworth, Jeremy K. Greene, Don Johnson, Randall Luttrell, Glenn Studebaker, Ames Herbert, Miles Karner, Roger Leonard, Brad Lewis, Juan D. Lopez, Jr., Don Parker, Michael Williams, Roy D. Parker, Mitch Roof, Richard Sprenkel, Scott Stewart, James R. Weeks, Stanley Carroll, Megha Parajulee, Phillip Roberts, and John Ruberson

Tracer (Spinosad) Performance and Resistance Management Update

Gary Thompson, Larry Walton, Vernon Langston, Ralph Lassiter, Bo Braxton, Jesse Richardson, and Randy Huckaba

Impact of the Boll Weevil Eradication Program on Beneficial Insects in Cotton: Is there a Canary in the Coal Mine

Allen Knutson, James Butler, and Julio Bernal

Syngenta Germplasm and Vip3A Introgression

C.G. Cook and W.B. Prince

Efficacy of Widestrike Cotton against Non-Heliothine Lepidopteran Insects

Fikru J. Haile, L. Bo Braxton, Eric A. Flora, Bobby Haygood, Randy M. Huckaba, John W. Pellow, Vernon B. Langston, Ralph B. Lassiter, Jesse M. Richardson, and John S. Richburg

Efficacy of Widestrike Cotton against Heliothine Insects

Vernon B. Langston, Ralph B. Lassiter, L. Bo Braxton, Eric A. Flora, Fikru J. Haile, Bobby Haygood, Randy M. Huckaba, John W. Pellow, Jesse M. Richardson, and John S. Richburg

Field Evaluations of VipCot™ for Armyworm and Looper Control

Gary L. Cloud, Brad Minton, and Charles Grymes

An Economic Evaluation of Bollgard® II Cotton in West Tennessee

Chad Tritt and Tim Burcham

Evaluating VipCot™ against Lepidopteran Pests in Louisiana

D.R. Cook, M.M. Willrich, B.R. Leonard, K.D. Emfinger, M. Purvis, and S.H. Martin

VipCot™: Field Performance in North Carolina under Conditions of High Bollworm Populations

J.R. Bradley, J.W. Van Duyn, and Ryan Jackson

Efficacy of Widestrike, VIP, and Bollgard II Transgenic Cotton under High Bollworm Pressure in North Carolina

Jack S. Bacheler and Dan W. Mott

Testing the Susceptibility of Field-Collected Bollworm and Tobacco Budworm Populations to a Homogeneous CryIAc-Incorporated Diet

Greg Payne, John Adamczyk, and Carlos Blanco

Resistance to Bt in Arkansas Populations of Cotton Bollworm

R.G. Luttrell, Ibrahim Ali, K.C. Allen, S.Y. Young, III, Allen Szalanski, Kenneth Williams, Gus Lorenz, C.D. Parker, Jr., and Carlos Blanco

Screening for Resistance to Whiteflies in Cotton Race Stocks

Brandon Ripple, M. Harris, and C.W. Smith

Describing the Micro- and Macroscale Movement of Heliothines in Bollgard Cotton Systems

R.H. Gable, B.R. Leonard, D.R. Cook, and M.M. Willrich

Fitness Evaluations of Helicoverpa zea (Boddie) from Bollgard™ Cotton in Subsequent Generations

Maria A. Marcus, J.R. Bradley, Jr., Fred L. Gould, and John W. Van Duyn

Further Examination of COTMAN and Grower Production Records as a Basis for Farm-Wide Management of Cotton Insects

R.G. Luttrell, Tina Gray Teague, Diana Danforth, Bryce Blackman, Dale Wells, David Wildy, Steven Wall, Thad Freeland, and Patricia O'Leary

Relating the Occurrence of Bollworm, Helicoverpa zea (Boddie), Larvae to Louisiana Crop Phenology

E.A. Peters, D.R. Cook, and B.R. Leonard

Activity of Neonicotinoids against Aphids, Predaceous Arthropods and Other Pests

A.L. Kilpatrick, S.G. Turnipseed, and M.J. Sullivan

Alternate Crop Hosts as Resistance Management Refuges for Tobacco Budworm in NC

Mark R. Abney, Clyde E. Sorenson, and J.R. Bradley, Jr.

Influence of Surrounding Crop Structure on Heliothine Trap Captures in Arkansas

K.C. Allen, R.G. Luttrell, Marvin Wall, John Smith, Dick Hardee, and Richard Voth

Temporal Expression Profiles and Bioactivity of Single (Bollgard®) and Dual-Toxin (Bollgard II®) Bt Cotton

D.S. Akin, M.B. Layton, S.D. Stewart, and John J. Adamczyk, Jr.

Helicoverpa zea Fitness on Bt Corn and Cotton in Eastern North Carolina: Potential Effects of Alternate Host Crops and Pyramided Bt Plants

Ryan W. Kurtz, Fred Gould, J.R. Bradley, Jr., and John W. Van Duyn

Soil Saving Practice Reduces Disruptive Insecticides

Amanda J. Cleary, David A.H. Murray, and Bronwen Cribb

Simultaneous Effect of Certain Botanicals Activity on the Relative Pathogencity of (AgseGV) on Agrotis ipsilon

S. Elnagar, M.A.K. El-Shikh, S. El-Salamouny, A.A. Amin, and M. Khattab

Studies on Fungal Pathogens for Controlling the Two-Spotted Spider Mite, Tetranychus urticae Koch

Mahmoud E. El-Naggar, Rania H.M. Hassan, M.A. Zaher, and M.F. Hassan

Evaluation of Four Trichogrammatids as Biological Control Agents for Pectinophora gossypiella (Saund.) in Egypt

Alia Abd El-Hafez

Effectiveness of Trichogramma evanescens Westwood on Controlling Pink Bollworm, Pectinophora gossypiella (Saund.) in Cotton

Alia Abd El-Hafez, Mortada A. Eissa, Mohamed A. Nada, and Malak F. Girgis

Update on Boll Weevil Eradication in Texas

C.T. Allen, L.E. Smith, L.W. Patton, and R.O. Newman

Evaluation of Chemical Application Techniques and Timing to Terminate Cotton Stalks in South Texas

Stephen D. Livingston, Roy D. Parker, Jeffrey R. Stapper, Rogelio Mercado, and Allen Z. Matthies, Jr.

Strain Selection of a Fungal Entomopathogen, Beauveria bassiana, for Control of Plant Bugs (Lygus spp.)

Jarrod E. Leland, and Michael R. Mcguire

Oberon a Novel Compound for Management of Mites in Cotton

Manuel R. Jimenez, Curt Engle, Carl Joplin, Mac Learned, Lamar Buckelew, and Robert Steffens

Boll Weevil Eradication Update – Arkansas, 2003

Danny Kiser and Michael Catanach

Correlation between Field Efficacy Tests and Laboratory Diagnostic Dosages, on Boll Weevil Populations from the Yaqui Valley, Sonora. México

Juan José Pacheco-Covarrubias and José L. Martínez-Carrillo

Square Abscission in California Cotton and the Stage Structure of Western Tarnished Plant Bug Populations

Andrew G. Zink and Jay A. Rosenheim

Mortality of Insects on the Surface of Plants using an Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Discharge

Brian L. Bures, Mohamed A. Bourham, Kevin V. Donohue, Shengyou Long, and R. Michael Roe

Ground Truthing of Remote Sensing for Cotton Aphid (Aphis gossypii) and Spider Mites (Tetranychus sp.) in San Joaquin Valley Cotton

Dominic Reisig, Larry Godfrey, Kevin Keillor, and John Ojala

Defining a Preferred Boll Cohort for Brown Stink Bug, Euschistus servus (Say)

M.M. Willrich, R.H. Gable, J.H. Temple, and B.R. Leonard

Threshold Development for the Sucking Bug Complex in Bollgard II Cotton in South Carolina

Mike Sullivan, Sam Turnipseed, Amy Kilpatrick, and Dan Robinson

Optional Management Tactics for the Sucking Bug Complex in Advanced Bt Cotton

Sam Turnipseed, Mike Sullivan, Ahmad Khalilian, Phil Roberts, and Glen Rains

The use of Pollen to Determine Stink Bug Dispersal

G.D. Jones

Boll Removal Studies and Field Surveys to Improve Management of Bug Species in Virginia Cotton

D. Ames Herbert, Jr. and Sean Malone

Importance of Dicrotophos (BIDRIN®) in Evolving Cotton Insect Management Programs

Paul D. Vaculin

Preliminary Report on Sweetpotato Whitefly Crawler Movement on Cottons

C.C. Chu, T.Y. Chen, P.J. Alexander, and T.J. Henneberry

Influence of Cotton Leaf Sugars on Cotton Aphid, Aphis gossypii Glover, Populations

J.E. Slosser, M.N. Parajulee, W.E. Pinchak, D.L. Hendrix, and T.J. Henneberry

New Insecticides for Silverleaf Whitefly, Bemisia argentifolii (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) Control

Eric T. Natwick and M. Lopez

Observations about Some Unusual Cotton Pests in Tennessee during 2003

Scott D. Stewart

Flonicamid: A Novel, Highly Selective Aphicide for use on Cotton

D.W. Long, C.A. Staetz, and J.T. Bahr

Update on Pink Bollworm Resistance to Bt Cotton in the Southwest

Timothy J. Dennehy, Gopalan C. Unnithan, Sarah A. Brink, Brook D. Wood, Yves Carrière, Bruce E. Tabashnik, Larry Antilla, and Mike Whitlow

Improvement in Sampling and Management of Late-Season Insect Pests in San Joaquin Valley Cotton

L.D. Godfrey, K.E. Keillor, P.B. Goodell, S.D. Wright, M.R. McGuire, J. Bancroft, and R.B. Hutmacher

Cotton Aphid Population Dynamics Modeling

M.N. Parajulee, J.E. Slosser, and L.T. Wilson

Carbohydrate Composition of Cotton Aphid Honeydew

Allen K. Murray and David A. Grantz

Field Performance of Prolex™ (Gamma Cyhalothrin) in Cotton Trials, 2000-2003

Jesse M. Richardson, Randy M. Huckaba, Vernon B. Langston, Bo Braxton, Ralph B. Lassiter, Xinpei Huang, Eric A. Flora, John S. Richburg, Mark B. Hertlein, and Rod A. Dorich

Nocturnal Predation of Lepidopteran Eggs in South Texas Cotton – 2002

R.S. Pfannenstiel

Texas Pink Bollworm Eradication Program Report

L.E. Smith, C.T. Allen, S.E. Herrera, L.W. Patton, and O. El-Lissy

Population Dynamics of Overwintering Boll Weevils, Anthonomus grandis grandis (Boheman) in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

S.M. Greenberg, T.W. Sappington, and R.J. Coleman

Bollgard® II Performance in the Southeast – 2003

Mike Baker, Mark Braxton, Dan Pitts, and Stew Sherrick

Analysis of Fruit Retention Patterns for Bollgard II™, Bollgard® and Non-Bollgard Cotton Insect Control Systems

R.F. Montgomery, R.M. Brown, and J.W. Mullins

Performance Review of Bollgard II® in the Midsouth

J. Anthony Mills, Zach Shappley, and Greg Ferguson

Tobacco Budworm Response to CryIAc and Cry2Ab Toxins of Bacillus thuringiensis

José L. Martínez-Carrillo, Dinora Guadalupe Romero, and Juan Jose Pacheco-Covarrubias

Impact of Bollworms on Maturity and Yield Bollgard® and Bollgard II® Cottons

Jeff Gore and J.J. Adamczyk, Jr.

Impact of Insecticidal Overspray of Bollgard, Bollgard II, and Non-Bt Cotton

Craig B. Massey and Scott Stewart

Field Performance of Flonicamid (F1785) in Cotton

H. Gary Hancock

Temporal and Spatial Production of Bollworm from Various Host Crops in North Carolina: Implications for Bt Resistance Management

R.E. Jackson, J.R. Bradley, Jr., and J.W. Van Duyn

Monitoring for Pyrethroid Resistance in Bollworm (Helicoverpa zea) in Texas – 2003

Patricia Pietrantonio, Terry Junek, R. Baker, G. Cronholm, D. Fromme, G. Moore, D. Mott, R.R. Minzenmayer, E. Nino, J. Norman, Jr., R. Parker, R.P. Porter, K. Siders, N. Troxclair, and C.G. Sansone

Determining the Value of Transgenic (Bt) Cotton Varieties in the Southern Rolling Plains of Texas

C.G. Sansone, R.R. Minzenmayer, and Billy Warrick

Functional Response of Selected Cotton Arthropod Predators to Bollworm Eggs in the Laboratory

Ram B. Shrestha, Megha N. Parajulee, and Carlos Blanco

Bollgard II® versus Bollgard® Sister-Line Economic Comparisons – 2003

Walt Mullins and Jim Hudson

A Survey of the Spiders of Cotton in New Mexico

C. Scott Bundy, David Richman, and Paul Smith

Abundance of Heliothine Moths in Traps at the Interface of Bt Cotton with Various Crops: 2003

Stan K. Diffie, John R. Ruberson, Dick D. Hardee, Richard D. Voth, Scott Brown, Forrest Connelly, Scott Utley, and Gibbs Wilson

Adult Vial Technique for Evaluating Insecticidal Toxicity to Cotton Fleahopper

Juan D. López, Jr. and M.A. Latheef

Application of Site-Specific Data in Cotton Production Practices

B.R. Leonard, R. Bagwell, J. Temple, R. Price, R. Downer, K. Paxton, D. Magoun, and H. Anderson

Assessing Cotton Regrowth after Herbicide Treatments using Remote Sensing

Chenghai Yang, Shoil M. Greenberg, James H. Everitt, and John W. Norman, Jr.

Assessment of Pre-Emptive Insecticide Applications at Pinhead Square Size for Boll Weevil Control

A.T. Showler

Baseline Susceptibilities of Cotton Insects to Transgenic Insecticidal Proteins and Chemical Insecticides in Arkansas

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Control Options for Thrips in Southeast Arkansas – 2003

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Cotton Lint Contamination with Sweetpotato Whitefly, Bemlsia tabaci (Gennadius) Honeydew

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Cotton Planting Date and Epizootiology of the Cotton Aphid Fungus, Neozygites fresenii

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Cultural Practices Affecting Seasonal Abundance of Selected Cotton Arthropod Predators

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Development and Reproduction of Cotton Aphids in the Field

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Economic Evaluation of Early Season Insect Control in Cotton

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Economics of COTMAN Insecticide Termination in Bt and Boll Weevil Eradication Systems

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Effect of Host Plant Species on Diapause in the Tarnished Plant Bug

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Effect of Pigweed on Beet Armyworm Activity in Cotton

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Effects of Okra-Leaf Cotton on Beneficial Arthropod Populations in New Mexico

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Evaluating Site-Specific Aerial Insecticide Applications based on Historical Yield Data

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Feeding Disruption Bioassay for Field Monitoring of Insect Susceptibility to Bt-Transgenic Crops and Traditional Pesticides

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Formulation of the Entomopathogenic Fungus, Beauveria bassiana, with Resistance to UV Degradation for Control of Tarnished Plant Bug, Lygus lineolaris

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Improved Pheromone and Insecticide Delivery Systems for use in Active and Post Eradication Programs

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Improvements in the Plato Boll Weevil Trap for use in Active and Post Eradication Programs

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Influence of Varying Levels of Cover Crop Residues on Thrips Infestations in Cotton and Peanut

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Insecticide Performance Evaluations for Control of Tarnished Plant Bug, Lygus lineolaris – 2003

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Introduction of Exotic Biocontrols into California Cotton Aphid Populations

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Life History Characterstics of Lygus elisus in the Laboratory

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Management Considerations for Stink Bugs – 2003

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PCR Confirmation of the cry1Ac Gene in Transgenic Bt (Bollgard®) Cotton

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Performance of Bollgard II Arkansas, 2003

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Performance of Diamond (Novaluron) for Control of Heliothines and Plant Bugs, 2003

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Potential for New Pheromone Mating-Disruption Formulations for Pink Bollworm

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Preliminary Observations on the Daily Pattern of Pheromone Production by Individual Boll Weevils

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Remote-Sensing Measures of Cotton Maturity – Cutout and Boll Opening

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Sampling Cotton Bolls to Estimate Feeding Damage Caused by Stink Bugs

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Screening for Host Plant Resistance to Cotton Fleahopper

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Status of the “Attract and Control” Technology in Boll Weevil Prevention, Suppression and Eradication Programs in Latin America during Crop Cycles 2002/2003 and 2003/2004

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Stink Bug Populations in an Active Boll Weevil Eradication Zone in Central Texas

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Stink Bugs in Midsouth Cotton: Identification, Life Cycles, and Natural Enemies

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Susceptibility of Bollworm (Helicoverpa zea) Adults from across the Mid-Atlantic States to Pyrethroid Insecticides

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Tarnished Plant Bug Control in Northeast Arkansas

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Temporal Occurrence of Stink Bug spp. (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) in Louisiana Soybean, Grain Sorghum, and Cotton Fields

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The Survival and Development of the Beet Armyworm, Spodoptera exigua (Hubner) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), on Roundup-Ready, Bollgard, and Bollgard II Cottons

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Thrips Abundance and Effects of Insecticidal Control on Cotton Growth and Yield in South Georgia

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Thrips Management in Northeast Arkansas

Glenn E. Studebaker, Jeremy Greene, Donald Johnson, and Gus Lorenz

Use of COTMAN in Insect Management Research

Andy M. Cranmer, Megha N. Parajulee, James F. Leser, Padma L. Bommireddy, and Ram B. Shrestha

Using GPS/GIS to Identify and Manage Insects/Nematodes in Soil EC Zones and at Field Margins

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Utilizing Natural Biological Control by the Cotton Aphid Fungus

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Whitefly Resistance to Insecticides in Arizona: 2002 and 2003 Results

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Response of Single Pairs of PY-R Strain of Tobacco Budworm to Cypermethrin and Profenofos

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Resistance and Selection for Response to Insecticides by Beet Armyworm from Lower Rio Grande Valley

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History and Definition of Resistance of Cypermethrin and Other Pyrethroids against the Tobacco Budworm from Field Experiments in Texas

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Precision Agriculture: Current State of the Art Insect Pest Management

F. Aubrey Harris

Introduction and Overview for Session on Precision Agriculture

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Precision Agriculture: Current State of the Art Plant Pathology/Nematology

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Spatially Variable Application of Plant Growth Regulators and Defoliants based on Remote Sensing

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Cotton Pesticide use Data based on Arizona's ADA 1080 Forms for 2002

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Cotton Physiology Conference

Onset and Progression of the “Hollow Seed” (Seed Rot) Malady of South Carolina

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Physiological Consequences of Drought Stress in Cotton

Bill Pettigrew

Yield Consequences of the Last Effective Boll Designation

C. Owen Gwathmey

Effect of Night Temperatures on Plant Growth, Boll Development and Yield

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Remote Sensing for Site Specific Management of Biotic and Abiotic Stress in Cotton

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Desiccation and Regrowth Effects on Final Lint Quality of Commercially Harvested, Moduled, and Ginned Cotton

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Effects of Polymer Coatings and Density Separations on Cottonseed Viability and Vigor

Daniel B. Olivier, Norman Hopper, and Tom Wedegaertner

Soil, Leaf, and Spectral Indicators of Impending Water Stress

Glen L. Ritchie and Craig W. Bednarz

Uptake Dynamics of Foliar-Applied Potassium and Physiological Response of Cotton Grown under Water- and Potassium-Deficient Conditions

Dennis L. Coker, Derrick M. Oosterhuis, and Robert S. Brown

Cotton Response to Trimax™ Insecticide

Leah Hundley and J.T. Cothren

Evaluation of Cotton Germplasm Developed in the Past Century

S.N. Casteel, R.C. Nuti, R.P. Viator, R. Wells, and K.L. Edmisten

The Effect of an Upper Limit Temperature Threshold on Heat Unit Calculations, Defoliation Timing, Yield and Fiber Quality

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Influence of Cultural Practices on Roundup Ready® Cotton in North Carolina

Russell Nuti, Shaun Casteel, Ryan Viator, and Keith Edmisten

Nodes above White Flower and Heat Units as Indicators of Harvest Aid Timing

Josh B. Bynum, J. Tom Cothren, Robert G. Lemon, and James R. Mahan

Evaluation of Physiological Responses of Modern versus Obsolete Cotton Cultivars under Water-Deficit Stress for Explaining Yield Variability

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Evaluation of Organophosphate Insecticides on Performance of Transgenic and Conventional Cotton

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Evaluation of Shafter Collection Cotton (Gossypium spp.) for Agronomic and Fiber Traits

Jimmy X. Zumba and Gerald O. Myers

Does a Different Plant Type Enhance Performance of UNR Cotton Production Systems?

Rose Roche, Michael P. Bange, Stephen P. Milroy, and Graeme L. Hammer

Performance of Texas Originating Germplasm in 2003 Midsouth Performance Evaluations

T.J. Lawhon

Fiber Quality Evaluation of Beltwide Cotton Genetics Cotton Varieties Grown in West Texas 2003

Jay Garretson

FiberMax LibertyLink® Varieties: Crop Tolerance to Glufosinate-Ammonium

Steve Hague

Cotton Lint Yield and Fiber Quality Response to Reduced Seeding Rates

Steve P. Nichols, Charles E. Snipes, and Normie Buehring

Comparison of Twin and Single Line Cotton Production Systems

Stephen H. Husman, William B. McCloskey, Kyrene White, Jeffrey Hamilton, Patrick Clay, Randy Norton, Eric Norton, and Mohammed Zerkoune

Plant Population Effects on Twin Line Cotton Production

Stephen H. Husman, William B. McCloskey, and Kyrene White

Plant Population Study on Double Row and Conventional 30" Cotton in Tulare County, California

Steve Wright, Gerardo Banuelos, Shelly Elam, Bob Hutmacher, Mark Keeley, Raul Delgado, and Anil Shrestha

Planting Date Effect on Variety Performance in the Coastal Plains in South Carolina

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Weekly NDVI Relationships to Height, Nodes and Productivity Index for Low, Medium, and High Cotton Productivity Zones

T.C. Sharp, G. Evans, and A. Salvador

Image-Based, Variable Rate Plant Growth Regulator applied by Air to California Cotton

Matthew Bethel, David Lewis, Susan White, Ted Sheely, Bruce Roberts, Roger Hewitt, Mechel Paggi, and Nick Groenenberg

Variations in the need for Plant Growth Regulators in Louisiana Cotton

Joel Faircloth

Delta and Hill Test Results with Pentia Plant Growth Regulator, Mississippi, 2003

Dave Parvin and Joe Johnson

Mepiquat Formulation Evaluation in Southeastern Arizona

E.R. Norton and L.J. Clark

Timing of Pix Applications for Growth Suppression on Cotton in the Imperial Valley

Herman Meister

Response of PGR's on DP 555 BG/RR by Soil Type

John C. Coccaro, H. William McCarty, Alvin Rhodes, and H.R. Smith

Pentia™ Plant Regulator Results of the 2003 on Farm Studies Virginia and the Carolinas

Tom McKemie and Chandler Mazour

Pentia™ Plant Growth Regulator – A Texas Perspective

Scott Asher and Chandler Mazour

Pentia™ Plant Growth Regulator: Research to Demonstration to Farm

G.S. Stapleton

Chaperone on Cotton, A Three Year Study

Joe Townsend

ET™: Finding a Place at Home in West Central Texas Cotton

Billy E. Warrick

Effect of Lintplus Applied at 30% Open Bolls on Harvest Timing, Yield, and Lint Quality

Arturo Redes, Alan Dalrymple, Keith Griffith, Robert Hinkle, and Roy Parker

Aim EC Harvest Aid Results in Spindle Picker Cotton

T.I. Crumby, H.R. Mitchell, J.P. Reed, and J.C. Braun

Variability in Cotton Yield Components as Related to Seed Size

Craig W. Bednarz and Glen L. Ritchie

Metabolic and Reproductive Fitness of Heat-Stressed Cotton

John J. Burke

Do Modern Cultivars Require Higher Levels of Potassium Fertilization?

Michael A. Jones and James C. Camberato

The Influence of various Delinting and Priming Treatments on Cotton Seedling Emergence, Development and Yield

Bobbie McMichael, John Burke, Norman Hopper, and Tom Wedegaertner

Canopy Architecture Model for Cotton

Stephan J. Maas and Jonghan Ko

Genotype-Related Changes in Fiber Property Uniformity across Boll Locations

Gayle Davidonis, Kathryn Pusateri, Ann Johnson, W. David Caldwell, J. Ivan Dickson, and Donald Boquet

Effect of Ozone on Phloem Transport in Cotton

David A. Grantz and Allen K. Murray

Expression of Two Isoforms of the Antifungal Protein Osmotin from a Cotton Gene Cluster

Jeffery R. Wilkinson, Kimberly D. Spradling, David W. Yoder, Irma L. Pirtle, and Robert M. Pirtle

Analysis and Functional Expression of a Gene for a Cotton Fatty Acid Desaturase (FAD2-4)

Irma L. Pirtle, Stacy Park, Daiyuan Zhang, Mongkol Nampaisansuk, Svlvia Wanjie, Kent D. Chapman, and Robert M. Pirtle

Nitric Oxide Production in Cotton Callus

Stephen W. Banks, Dalton R. Gossett, Shantel A. Vital, Alvarro M. Virgen, and Juan Rodriguez

Salt Tolerance in Cotton Callus Tissue Transformed with Ascorbate Peroxidase, Glutathione Reductase, and Superoxide Dismutase

Dalton R. Gossett, Stephen W. Banks, Lisa Jones, Randy Allen, and Paxton Payton

Identification of (+)- 3-Hydroxy-α-Calacorene in Cotton and Kenaf

R.D. Stipanovic and L.S. Puckhaber

Adaptation of COTMAN for use in UNR Cotton

C. Owen Gwathmey, Josh B. Bynum, J. Tom Cothren, Keith L. Edmisten, Jack T. Reed, Ryan P. Viator, and Earl D. Vories

Are COTMAN's Compensation Capacity Values Set Too Low?

James F. Leser, Brant Baugh, Randy Boman, and Tommy Doederlein

Chaperone® Effects on Cotton Fruiting and Yield

Josh B. Bynum, J. Tom Cothren, and Robert G. Lemon

Chaperone™ Results from the Tri-State Delta

J.H. Lackey, D.M. Oosterhuis, and R.S. Brown

Comparison of Conventional and Twin-Row Production Systems on Cotton Growth and Development

W. James Grichar, Brent A. Besler, Robert G. Lemon, and D. Joel Pigg

Comparison of Mepiquat Penataborate and Mepiquat Chloride Effects on DP555BR

Philip Jost and Mike Dollar

Cotton Stalk Destruction with 2,4-D Herbicide

Robert Lemon, Danny Fromme, Rick Jahn, and D. Joel Pigg

Cotton Stalk Termination to Prevent Regrowth

Robert G. Lemon, D. Joel Pigg, Archie Abrameit, W.C. Robertson, J. Tom Cothren, and Ty Witten

Do Broadcast Applications of Glyphosate during Late Bloom Period Affect Roundup Ready Cotton?

Gary Hamm, Shaun Casteel, Russell Nuti, Ryan Viator, and Keith Edmisten

Double Row and Single Row Planting Pattern Comparisons in Acala Cotton in the San Joaquin Valley

R.B. Hutmacher, M.P. Keeley, R. Delgado, S.D. Wright, G. Banuelos, R.N. Vargas, T. Martin-Duvall, B.L. Weir, A. Shrestha, D.S. Munk, J. Wroble, B.H. Marsh, D. Burns, C. Michael, H. Wu, and G. Replogle

Effect of Adjuvants on KIH-9201 Defoliant

G.D. Wills, E.J. Jones, J.E. Hanks, and R.E. Mack

Effect of Irrigation and Herbicide Program on DP 444 BGRR® and SG 215 BR® Yield and Quality

C. Dale Monks, Charles H. Burmester, Dennis P. Delaney, and Michael G. Patterson

Effect of Spray Nozzle Type on Cotton Harvest Aid Performance

Mark Kelley, Randy Boman, Todd Baughman, Robert Lemon, and Joel Pigg

Effect of Trimax™ Insecticide on the Physiology, Growth and Yield of Cotton

Evangelos D. Gonias, Derrick M. Oosterhuis, and Robert S. Brown

Effects of Chaperone® on Cotton Yield in the Coastal Bend of Texas

C.J. Fernandez and C. Correa

Efficacy of Foliar Applications of Trimax™ Insecticide during Water-Deficit Stress on the Physiology and Yield of Cotton

R.S. Brown, D.M. Oosterhuis, and E. Gonias

Fiber Quality Assessment by Node Location in Texas Coastal Bend Narrow Row Cotton

Gayle Davidonis, Olga Richard, Ann Johnson, W. Bon Prince, Clinton Livingston, and Carlos Fernandez

Gene Expression in Developing Fibers as a Model for Water-Deficit Stress

Bill L. Hendrix, James McD. Stewart, and Thea A. Wilkins

Growth and Yield Responses to Mepiquat-Type PGRs in Tennessee

C. Owen Gwathmey and C. Chism Craig, Jr.

Increased Protein, Insect Mortality and Yield with Chaperone™

D.M. Oosterhuis and R.S. Brown

Insecticidal Effects on Fruiting and Yield Enhancement in Cotton

Brett M. Niccum, J.T. Cothren, Josh Bynum, and Tony Provin

Using a Digital Camera to Photography for making Replant Decisions Determine Survival of Cotton Seedlings and Early Expression of Bronze Wilt

Bobby J. Phipps, Andrea S. Phillips, and Bobby J. Tanner

The Physiological Response of Cotton to High Temperature for Germplasm Screening

Androniki C. Bibi , Derrick M. Oosterhuis, Robert S. Brown, and Fred M. Bourland

Physiological Responses of Insecticidal use on Cotton

Cy C. McGuire, J. Tom Cothren, and Josh B. Bynum

Planting Date and Variety Effects on Cotton Stand Establishment and Lint Yield

E. Clawson, D. Boquet, J. Caylor, and C. Shivers

Remote Sensing for Precision Agriculture in the Texas High Plains

Stephan Maas, Jerry Brighbill, and Jon Hooton

Seeding Rate Effects on Yield Response and Last Effective Boll Populations in Cotton

S.W. Halfmann, J.T. Cothren, and J.B. Bynum

Skip-Row Cotton Performance across Multiple Yield Environments

Philip Jost, Don Shurley, Steve Brown, Richard McDaniel, Bob McNeill, James Clark, and Ronnie Blackley

Timing the Last Irrigation using COTMAN in a LEPA Irrigation System

Tommy Doederlein, Brant Baugh, Randy Boman, and Dana Porter

The Crop Weather Analyzer: A Program to Evaluate Real-Time and Historical Implications of Temperature and Rainfall on Crop Development

T.J. Gerik, E.M. Steglich, L.L. Francis, J.H. Greiner, R. Srinivasan, W.L. Harman, and J.W. Stuth

The Web-Based Crop-Weather Program for South Texas: Access to Weather Data and Crop Management Tools

C.J. Fernandez and T.N. Trolinger

The Web-Based Crop-Weather Program for South Texas: Monitoring Cotton Development

C.J. Fernandez and T.N. Trolinger

The Web-Based Crop-Weather Program for South Texas: Monitoring Crop Water use and Growth in Cotton

C.J. Fernandez and T.N. Trolinger

The Web-Based Crop-Weather Program for South Texas: Monitoring DD60 Accumulation after 5NAWF and Predicting Defoliation Date

C.J. Fernandez and T.N. Trolinger

Using Interseed Rye to Enhance Rainfall Capture in Dryland Cotton Production

John Sij, Jason Ott, David Bordovsky, Brian Olson, and Todd Baughman

Lint Yield and Fiber Quality as Influenced by Endothall in Combination with Low Rate Defoliants

E.W. Rounds, J.T. Cothren, J.B. Bynum, and H.R. Smith

Solid, Skip, and Wide Row Configurations in MS Cotton

S.P. Nichols, C.E. Snipes, B.A. Burgess, T.P. Wallace, and W.H. McCarty

Cotton Quality Measurements Conference

Quality Requirements on Export Markets for U.S. Cotton

Gérald Estur

Measuring the Spatial Variability of Cotton Fiber Properties

Gretchen F. Sassenrath, J. Ray Williford, and H.C. Lyle Pringle, III

Variability of Cotton Fiber Quality in West Texas

Wenxuan Guo, Stephan Maas, Eric Hequet, Robert Lascano, and Jerry Brightbill

AFIS: A Lab and Mill Comparison

Kathleen Van Winkle and Norma Keyes

The Relationship between Fiber Maturity and Moisture Content

Gary R. Gamble

Evaluation of HVI Moisture Measurements

Steve L. Grantham

Design and Implementation of an Upgraded FMT Incorporating a 10 Gram Sample

Andrew M. Abbott, Stuart R. Lucas, Geoffrey R.S. Naylor, and Craig R. Tischler

Update on Micronaire, Maturity and Fineness Research

J.G. Montalvo and T.M. Von Hoven

Instrumentation for Rapid Direct Measurement of Cotton Fibre Fineness and Maturity

Stuart Gordon and Geoff Naylor

Update on the Image Analysis of Cotton Fibers Cross-Sections

Eric F. Hequet and Bobby Wyatt

Measurement of Fiber Maturity using Image Analysis of Cross-Sections: The Australian Experience

Graham J. Higgerson, Geoffrey R.S. Naylor, and Margaret Pate

Evaluation of Short Fiber Measurement Methods

James L. Knowlton

Repeatability of AFIS Distributions

Eric F. Hequet

Statistical Parameters of Cotton Short Fibers

Xiaoliang “Leon” Cui, Devron Thibodeaux, Kearny Robert, Timothy Calamari, David McAlister, and Michael D. Watson

Effect of Fiber Entanglements on AFIS Readings

Eric F. Hequet

Further Experience with Image-Based Length Measurements, Li

Frederick M. Shofner, Yupeng Zhang, C. Kyle Shofner, J.P. Caux, and Kipp W. Julius

Preliminary Evaluation of an Image based Length Measurement

Eric F. Hequet

Small Trash Identification in Cotton using Imaging Techniques

M. Siddaiah, M.A. Lieberman, S.E. Hughs, and J. Foulk

Trash Identification in Mill Laydown

Jonn Foulk, David McAlister, and K.B. Kulasekera

Assessment of Trash Content of Cotton using 2D X-Ray Imagery

Mehmet S. Dogan, Sri Kaushik Pavani, Hamed Sari-Sarraf, and Eric F. Hequet

Sampling Issues for Stickiness Measurements

Richard Frydrych, Jean-Paul Gourlot, Eric Gozé, Bernard Lebrun, Serge Lassus, Jean-Charles Nieweadomski, Jean-Yves Drean, and Mohamed Lekcir

Influence of Moisture Content on Adhesion Force of Some Physiological Sugars

Asma Amara, J.Y. Drean, M. Nardin, A. Defoin, and R. Frydrych

Microbial Census and Cotton Bale Moisture during a 6-Month Storage

David T.W. Chun, David D. McAlister, Sidney E. Hughs, and Dean R. Cobb

Effects of Ginning and Carding Rates on Mantis® Single Fiber Properties of Cotton – From Raw Stock to Washed Garments

Moon W. Suh, Song J. Doh, and Michael D. Watson

Effects of Ginning and Carding Rates on Yarn and HVI Bundle Tensile Properties of Cotton

Moon W. Suh, Song J. Doh, and Michael D. Watson

Predicting the Nep Number in Cotton Ring – Spun Yarn Using the Coefficient of Nep and Trash Visibility

Iwona Frydrych and Malgorzata Matusiak

Application of MDTA-3 Device for Optimization of Fiber Blends for Cotton Yarn Production

Malgorzata Matusiak and Iwona Frydrych

Objective Evaluation of Fabric Smoothness

E.F. Hequet, N. Abidi, C. Turner, and H. Sari-Sarraf

Surface Changes of Cotton Fabrics Measured by Allasso Industries' Surface Analyzers

Judy B. Holden, Norma M. Keyes, Kathleen B. Van Winkle, and Olin Stewart

The Tactile Behavior of Textile Materials: New Perspectives – Part I: Fabric Handle Behavior

Fatma Kilinc, Yehia El Mogahzy, Mounir Hassan, Ramsis Farag, and Ahmed S. El-Deeb

The Tactile Behavior of Textile Materials: New Perspectives – Part II: Fabric Surface Characteristics

Mounir Hassan, Yehia El Mogahzy, Fatma Kilinc, Ramsis Farag, Rezk A. El-Bialy, Ahmed S. El-DEeb, and Ahmed Tolba

Effects of Ginning and Carding on Tensile and Morphological Properties of Cotton after Repeated Washing and Drying

Moon W. Suh, Song Jun Doh, and Michael D. Watson

Cotton Soil Management and Plant Nutrition Conference

Crop Yields and Profitability of Rotations with Cotton

Donald J. Boquet, Kenneth Paxton, Ernest Clawson, and Wayne Ebelhar

Impact of Winter Annual Grazing and Conservation Tillage on Soil Properties and Crop Productivity in a Cotton-Peanut Rotation in the Coastal Plain

G. Siri-Prieto, D.W. Reeves, R.L. Raper, and B.E. Gamble

Cullars Rotation (C. 1911): America's Oldest Continuous Cotton Fertility Experiment

Charles C. Mitchell and Dennis Delaney

Tillage and Rotation Effects on Labile Organic Carbon and Aggregation in a Cotton Cropping System

Scott M. Kolodziej, Frank M. Hons, Alan L. Wright, and David A. Zuberer

Nutrient Management in Cotton-Sorghum Rotation vs. Cotton – Cotton Monoculture

J.D. Booker, K.F. Bronson, J.W. Keeling, and C.L. Trostle

Demonstrating the Benefits of Variable Rate Nitrogen Applications for California Cotton Production

Brock Taylor, Richard E. Plant, Bruce A. Roberts, and Dan Munk

Spatial Analysis of Precision Agriculture Data: An Approach to Improve Management Zone Delineation Procedures for Texas Cotton

Margarita Velandia, Roderick M. Rejesus, Eduardo Segarra, and Kevin Bronson

Variable-Rate Nitrogen and Water for Irrigated Cotton in the Southern High Plains

K.F. Bronson, J.W. Keeling, J.D. Booker, J.P. Bordovsky, M.N. Parajulee, T.A. Wheeler, and R.K. Boman

Fertilization of Cotton on Black Belt Prairie Soils in Alabama

C.C. Mitchell, D.P. Delaney, R.P.Yates, and G. Huluka

Broiler Litter as a Complete Nutrient Source for Cotton

H. Tewolde, D.E. Rowe, and K.R. Sistani

Impact of Crop Management and Weather on Soil Nitrogen Accumulation

T.J. Gerik, E.M. Steglich, J.R. Williams, W.L. Harman, M.L. McFarland, F.M. Hons, J. Stapper, E. Perez, D.D. Fromme, and R. Jahn

Selected Foliar CoRoN® Applications as an Aid in Cotton Fertility Management

Michael P. Richardson, John E. Matocha, Michael M. Kenty, and Jim Thomas

Foliar Potassium, Lint Yields, and Fiber Quality

Bobby Phipps, Gene Stevens, and David Dunn

Can we Predict K Fixation in the San Joaquin Valley from Soil Texture and Mineralogy?

M. Murashkina, R.J. Southard, G.S. Pettygrove, A.T. O'Geen, B.A. Roberts, D.S. Munk, B.H. Marsh, and S.D. Wright

Reduced Tillage Cotton and Tomato Production System Evaluations in California

Dan Munk, Jon Wroble, Jeff Mitchell, Karen Klonsky, Rich DeMoura, William Horwath, and Randy Southard

Conservation System Impacts on Cotton Water Relationships and Productivity at the Landscape Level

J.A. Terra, D.W. Reeves, J.N. Shaw, E. van Santen, P.L. Mask, and R.L. Raper

Conservation Tillage Effects on Infiltration and Irrigation Advance Times in Arizona Cotton

E.C. Martin, K.O. Adu-Tutu, and W.B. McCloskey

Ideal Irrigation Deficit for Mid-South Cotton based on Soil Type

Joe Henggeler

Cullars Rotation (C. 1911): America's Oldest Continuous Cotton Fertility Experiment

Charles C. Mitchell and Dennis Delaney

Changes in Soil Properties from Dairy Manure Amendments used for Cotton

Robert Flynn

Cotton Rotations in New Mexico

Robert Flynn

Cotton Yields in Conventional and Conservation Tillage Systems under Different Irrigation Levels

K.S. Balkcom, D.L. Rowland, and M.C. Lamb

Determining the Correct Nitrogen Rate or Cotton in a Cotton/Soybean Rotation

Bobby Phipps, Gene Stevens, and David Dunn

Effect of Fertigation Regimes and Lateral Spacing on Nutrient Movement and Uptake in Cotton

Selvaraj Somasundaram, V. Veerabadran, T. Ragavan, and N. Natarajan

Effect of Mid-Season Foliar Nutrients upon Cotton Yield and Lint Quality in Western Kansas

Gary Shafer

Effect of Soil-Applied Potassium and Micronutrients on Cotton Yield, Fiber Quality, Petiole Nutrients, and Soil Properties

M. Mozaffari, W.N. Miley, S.J. McConnell, N.A. Slaton, and E. Evans

Evaluating CoRoN™ based Nutritional Systems for Cotton Production

Michael M. Kenty, James M. Thomas, Donald D. Howard, J.C. Banks, Shane Osborne, Charlie Burmester, Normie Buehring, Robert R. Dobbs, Mark P. Harrison, Jim Camberato, Chism Craig, David Dunn, William E. Stevens, Keith Edminsten, Glen Harris, Merrit Holman, John Matocha, J. Scott McConnell, A.M. Stewart, and Bill Weir

Foliar Nutrition for Texas Dryland Cotton

Robert C. Wilbur

Modeling Soil Erosion in Conservation Tillage Cotton Production Systems using the RUSLE Model

V. Jakkula, E.Z. Nyakatawa, and K.C. Reddy

Nitrogen Fertilization of Ultra Narrow Row Cotton

J.S. McConnell, M. Mozaffari, B.A. Myers, and R.E. Glover

Residue Management and Tillage Effects on Cotton Establishment, Growth, and Yield

R. Scott Van Pelt and Calvin L. Trostle

Rotation, Tillage, and Nitrogen Rate Effects on Cotton Growth and Yield

F.M. Hons, A.L. Wright, S.M. Kolodziej, V.A. Saladino, R.L. Lemon, M.L. McFarland, and D.A. Zuberer

Soil CO2 Effluxes in Conventional and Conservation Tillage Systems with Poultry Litter Application

T. Roberson, E.Z. Nyakatawa, C.K. Reddy, and R.L. Raper

Soil Influences on Water Uptake Patterns in Cotton

Daniel Munk

Spatial Variability of Enzyme Activities, Chemical Properties, and Plant Characteristics in a Semiarid Soil

R.J. Lascano, J. Booker, D.R. Upchurch, V. Acosta-Martínez, B.M. McMichael, and S. Maas

Using a Handheld Digital Camera to Monitor Bt and Non-Bt Cotton Varieties with Different Levels of Nitrogen and Potassium

M.A. Delaney, D.P. Delaney, C.D. Monks, C. Mitchell, R. Goodman, and D. Moore

Cotton Utilization Conference

Organization of the Beltwide Cotton Utilization Conference

Kearny Q. Robert and D.V. Parikh

SRRC Cotton Research: Changing with the Public's Need

J.P. Jordan, A.D. French, T.A. Calamari, Jr., and D.P. Thibodeaux

Current Research Activities at the International Textile Center

M. Dean Ethridge

Developments in Textile Technology: ITMA 2003 Review – Part I: Short Staple Fiber Processing

Yehia El Mogahzy

Developments in Textile Technology: ITMA 2003 Review – Part II: Spinning Machinery

Yehia El Mogahzy

Cotton/Silk Blends on Cotton Spinning Process

J-Y. Drean, A. Sinoimeri, R. Chollakup, and R. Frydrych

Roadmap to Evaluation of Cotton's Processing Quality

Kearny Q. Robert

Effect of Cotton Fiber Quality on the Strength Properties of a Military Uniform Fabric

G.F. Ruppenicker, A.P. Sawhney, L.B. Kimmel, J.B. Price, and T.A. Calamari, Jr.

An Update of Size-Free Weaving Research at SRRC

Paul S. Sawhney, John B. Price, Timothy A. Calamari, and Navzer D. Sachinvala

Influence of Production Technology on the Cotton Yarn Properties

Dana Kremenakova and Jiri Militky

Southern Regional Research Center Reveals Colorful New Methods

Linda Kimmel, Chris Delhom, and Craig Folk

Comparison of Yarn Strength Predictions with Uster Statistics

Jirí Militký, Dana Kremenáková, and Pavla Vozková

Cotton Utilization Conference – Nonwovens

Naturally Colored Cotton for Geocomposites

Y. Chen, L. Sun, X. Cui, T.A. Calamari, L. Kimmel, and D.V. Parikh

Keynote Address: Spunlace 101, the Components of Establishing a Productive and Versatile Spunlace Plant

Dan Feroe

Development of Value-Added Thermalbonded-Needlepunched Cotton Composites: New Approach and Applications

Lohit Shastri, Senthil Chinnasami, S.S. Ramkumar, and Mac McLean

Preparation and Properties of Silver Antimicrobial Nonwovens

D.V. Parikh

Creating Surface Effects on Cotton Webs by Calendering

D. Steve Gunter

Reinforcement of Cotton 3-D Nonwovens by Quasi-Yarns

Jaroslav Hanus and Jiri Militky

Determining Fiber Orientation in Nonwovens by Digital Quantification of Microscopic Images

Wilton R. Goynes and Kathryn H. Pusateri

Development of Lightweight Value-Added Cotton Nonwovens: H1 Technology

Senthil Chinnasami, Lohit Shastri, S.S. Ramkumar, and Mac McLean

Differentially Absorbent Cotton-Surfaced Spunbond Copolyester and Spunbond PP with Wetting Agent

Bhupender S. Gupta and Larry C. Wadsworth

Review of Nonwovens and Other Interesting Technologies from ITMA 2003

Roy M. Broughton, Jr.

Thermal Insulation Properties of Kenaf and Cotton Nonwoven Composites for Automotive Application

Val G. Yachmenev, T.A. Calamari, Jr., D.V. Parikh, Chen Yan, and Ioan I. Negulescu

Status of the California Technical Bulletin on Flammability of Upholstery, Mattresses and Bedding

Cos Camelio

Cotton and Cotton Modacrylic Blended Batting Fire Blocking Barriers for Soft Furnishings to Meet Federal and State Flammability Standards

P.J. Wakelyn, P.K. Adair, and S. Wolf

Cotton Utilization Conference – Other

Siloxane-Phosphonate Finishes on Cellulose: Thermal Characterization and Flammability Data

Skip Gallagher and Jacqueline Campbell

The Ultraviolet Transmission Properties of Naturally Colored Cotton

Gwendolyn Hustvedt and Patricia Cox Crews

Development of Coatings for Nonwoven Garments to Provide Both Reasonable Comfort and Protection against Bloodborne Pathogens

Gemma T. Kennedy, Bakul M. Bhatt, Charles J. Gauntt, H. Ralph Rawls, and Tyrone L. Vigo

Research and Development of Active Cotton Wound Dressings for Chronic Wound Healing

J. Vincent Edwards, Alvin Bopp Dorne, Valeriy Yachmenev, R. Yager, I. Kelman Cohen, and Robert F. Diegelmann

Cotton-Based Nanocomposite Fibers: Characterization and Processing

C.D. Delhom and L.A. White

An Ultraviolet Grafting Technique for Cotton Fabric Finishes

Leslie A. White

Cotton Weed Science Research Conference

Controlling Primrose with Low Rates of 2,4-D Alone and in Tank Mixtures

A. Stanley Culpepper and Alan C. York

Cotton Growth and Yield as Influenced by Clarity, Distinct, or 2,4-D

John D. Everitt, J. Wayne Keeling, and LeAnna L. Lyon

Cotton Response to Trifloxysulfuron in Arkansas.

M.B. Kelley, K.L. Smith, J.W. Branson, M.R. McClelland, J.L. Barrentine, and O.C. Sparks

Environmental Factors Influencing the Response of Cotton to Envoke

Stott Howard, Danny North, and Chuck Foresman

Roundup Ready Cotton Response to Staple and Envoke

Timothy L. Grey, A. Stanley Culpepper, Alan York, and A.M. Stewart

Weed Control and Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) Response to Combinations of Glyphosate an Trifloxysulfuron

Andrew J. Price, Clifford H. Koger, and Krishna N. Reddy

Envoke™, Weed Control for the Future

J.C. Holloway, S.M. Schraer, C.A.S. Pearson, C. Foresman, and H.S. McLean

Envoke Efficacy in Arizona Cotton

William B. McCloskey and Kwame O. Adu-Tutu

Weed Management in Cotton with Touchdown, Envoke and Suprend

P.A. Baumann, J.M. Chandler, F.T. Moore, G.L. Steele, and M.E. Matocha

Weed Management with Envoke and Suprend

Barry J. Brecke

Cotton Weed Control Programs with Suprend (Prometryn + Trifloxysulfuron)

Andy Kendig, Robert Cobill, Britton Hinklin, and Paula Ezell

Suprend™ Cotton Herbicide

S.M. Schraer, J.C. Holloway, Jr., H.S. McLean, C.A.S. Pearson, and C. Foresman

Postemergence Weed Control in Cotton with Sequence

D. Porterfield, H. McLean, and C. Foresman

Evaluation of Cinch® in Cotton Weed Control Programs

M.T. Kirkpatrick, D.B. Reynolds, J.C. Sanders, and J.J. Walton

Cotton Response to Postemergence Pendimethalin, Metolachlor, Dimethenamid, and Trifloxysulfuron-Sodium

Robert M. Hayes, C. Chism Craig, Larry S. Steckel, and Patricia A. Brawley

Comparison of Prowl Formulations for use in Cotton

Thomas Barber, Daniel B. Reynolds, Nathan W. Buehring, Jason J. Walton, and Matthew T. Kirkpatrick

Ozone Affects Competition between Cotton and Nutsedge

D.A. Grantz and Anil Shrestha

Evaluation of Weed Control and Cotton Growth and Yield in Conventional and Reduced Tillage Cotton Production

Kwame O. Adu-Tutu, William B. McCloskey, Stephen H. Husman, Michael J. Ottman, Patrick A. Clay, Edward C. Martin, and Trent Teegerstrom

Comparison of Glyphosate-Tolerant and Non-Glyphosate-Tolerant Varieties in Full and Reduced Tillage Cotton Production Systems

Wilson H. Faircloth, Michael G. Patterson, and Robert W. Goodman

Agronomic and Economic Evaluation of Roundup-Ready, BXN, and Conventional Weed Control Systems in Arkansas

K.E. Savage and D.P. Harlan

Light Activated Sprayer: Is it Worth the Cost?

D. Alan Peters, Peter A. Dotray, and J. Wayne Keeling

Weed Control in LibertyLink Cotton in Louisiana

S.T. Kelly, D.K. Miller, and M.S. Matthews

The Effects of Application Timing and Spray Additives on Glufosinate Performance

T.A. Baughman, P.A. Dotray, K.M. McCormick, J.C. Reed, and J.W. Keeling

Glufonsinate Herbicide: Efficacy against the Most Troublesome Weeds in U.S. Cotton-Growing Regions

Alan Hopkins, Keith Vodrazka, Russ Perkins, and Jim Collins

Economic Comparison of LibertyLink Cotton

K.M. McCormick, P.A. Dotray, J.W. Keeling, E. Segarra, T.A. Baughman, and W.R. Perkins

Simulated Glufosinate Drift on Three Glyphosate Resistant Cotton Varieties

Lawrence Steckel, Robert M. Hayes, C. Chism Craig, and Patricia A. Brawley

Evaluation of Aim and ET as Harvest-Aids in Cotton

Jason C. Sanders, Daniel B. Reynolds, L. Thomas Barber, and Nathan W. Buehring

Aim™ (Carfentrazone-Ethyl) Herbicide, A Multiple use Broadleaf Herbicide for Cotton and Other Crops

Joseph Reed, Rusty Mitchell, and Tom Crumby

Effects of Roundup Drift on Non-Roundup Ready Cotton

L.L. Lyon, J.W. Keeling, J.D. Everitt, and P.A. Dotray

Identification of Vegetative Indices and Best Spectral Bands for Differentiating Weed and Crop Species.

Thomas Barber, Daniel B. Reynolds, Jason C. Sanders, Nathan W. Buehring, Lori M. Bruce, and Matthew T. Kirkpatrick

Remote Sensing as a Possible Tool for Herbicide Drift Detection

Nathan W. Buehring, Daniel B. Reynolds, L. Thomas Barber, and Jason C. Sanders

Evaluation of Envoke, Staple and Cotoran Weed Management Systems

I.C. Burke, S.B. Clewis, J.W. Wilcut, C.T. Koger, D.K. Miller, D. Porterfield, and A.J. Price

Weed Control and Yield with Various LibertyLink Cotton Weed Management Systems

Wesley J. Everman, Ian C. Burke, John W. Wilcut, and Jim Collins

Comparisons of LibertyLink, Roundup-Ready, and Non-Transgenic Cotton Weed Management Systems

Walter E. Thomas, Wesley J. Everman, John W. Wilcut, and J. Collins

Weed Control, Crop Tolerance, and Cotton Yield with Touchdown, Dual Magnum, Caparol, and Envoke Weed Management Systems

S.B. Clewis, W. Everman, I.C. Burke, J.W. Wilcut, D. Miller, C. Koger, T. Baughman, A. Price, and D. Porterfield

Annual Grass Control with Glyphosate Tank-Mix Combinations

R.G. Parker, A.C. York, and A.S. Culpepper

Early Season Weed Competition in Roundup Flex Cotton

Blaine R. Walden, William K. Vencill, A. Stanley Culpepper, and W. Mark Braxton

Cotton Tolerance and Variety Sensitivity to Different Formulations of Glyphosate

Nathan W. Buehring, Daniel B. Reynolds, Normie W. Buehring, L. Thomas Barber, Jason W. Walton, and Matthew T. Kirkpatrick

Comparison of Glyphosate Products in Roundup Ready Cotton

R.G. Parker, A.C. York, A.S. Culpepper, and T. Grey

Staple use in Liberty- and Roundup-Tolerant Cotton

P.A. Dotray, T.A. Baughman, J.C. Reed, J.W. Keeling, and K.M. McCormick

The Impact of BTRR Cotton Varieties on Labor, Equipment and Environmental Quality

Dave Parvin

The Challenges of Managing Tropical Spiderwort (Commelina benghalensis) in Roundup Ready Cotton

J.T. Flanders, A.S. Culpepper, A.C. York, and B.J. Brecke

Managing Large Pitted Morningglory (Ipomoea lacunosa) in Roundup-Ready Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) with Layby Herbicides.

S.G. Wilson, A.S. Culpepper, and A.C. York

West Texas No-Till Systems utilizing Bollgard® with Roundup Ready® Varieties

Doug Fairbanks and Shea Murdock

Managing the Tough to Control Weeds in West Texas Roundup Ready® Cotton Systems

S.W. Murdock and D.E. Fairbanks

Annual and Perennial Weed Management in Roundup Ready Flex Cotton

J.W. Keeling, B.L. Joy, J.D. Everitt, L.L. Lyon, and P.A. Dotray

Weed Management in Roundup Ready Flex Cotton in Arizona

William B. McCloskey, Kwame O. Adu-Tutu, and T. Vint Hicks

Characterization of the Lead Roundup Ready® Flex Cotton Candidate

R. Eric Cerny, Scott Huber, Jeanna Groat, Amy Martens, Jesse Hart, Bernie Sammons, and Mark Oppenhuizen

An Update on Roundup Ready® Flex Cotton

J.A. Burns, R.E. Cerny, K.A. Croon, R.A. Ihrig, M.E. Oppenhuizen, B. Sammons, and R.D. Voth

Weed Control Programs in Roundup Ready Flex and LibertyLink Cotton

Jason J. Walton, Daniel B. Reynolds, and Jason C. Sanders

Weed Management in LibertyLink and Roundup Ready Flex Cotton

Alan C. York and A. Stanley Culpepper

Beltwide Review of Valor SX Weed Control in Roundup Ready Cotton

Todd Mayhew, John Altom, Frank Carey, John Cranmer, and William Odle

Broadleaf Weed and Early Season Insect Control with Envoke and Insecticide Co-Applications

M.S. Mathews, D.K. Miller, D.R. Lee, E. Burris, J.W. Wilcut, and R.G. Downer

Broadleaf Weed Control with Glufosinate as Influenced by Insecticide Co-Application

M.S. Mathews, D.K. Miller, E. Burris, B.R. Leonard, and R.G. Downer

Glufosinate-Resistant Cotton Response to Reduced Rates of Glyphosate

D.R. Lee, D.K. Miller, M.S. Mathews, A.M. Stewart, and B.R. Leonard

Glyphosate-Resistant Cotton Response to Reduced Rates of Glufosinate

D.R. Lee, D.K. Miller, M.S. Mathews, A.M. Stewart, and B.R. Leonard

Reduced Input Weed Control in Roundup Ready Cotton

D.K. Miller, M.S. Mathews, D.R. Lee, J.W. Wilcut, P.R. Vidrine, and S.T. Kelly

Utility of Envoke in Cotton Weed Control Programs

P. Roy Vidrine, A.M. Stewart, D.K. Miller, S.T. Kelly, J.D. Siebert, and D.M. Scroggs

Weed Control Programs in Roundup Ready Flex Cotton

D.K. Miller, M.S. Mathews, and D.R. Lee

Joint: Cotton Improvement/Utilization Conferences

Effect of Cultivar and Area of Growth on Moisture Properties of Cotton Fiber

Marie-Alice Rousselle, Alfred D. French, and Devron P. Thibodeaux

A Comparison of Transgenic and Conventional Cultivars: (Part I) Yield, HVI, and AFIS

Philip J. Bauer and David D. McAlister, III

Incorporation of Acala and Pima Quality into Cotton Varieties Adapted to the Texas South Plains

Dick L. Auld, Efrem Bechere, Eric F. Hequet, and Roy G. Cantrell

The Effect of Sampling Method on Fiber Quality Measurements

Albert G. Santos and Don L. Keim

Comparison of Conventional and Breeder Sample Methods for Fiber Quality Parameters

J. Clif Boykin and John B. Creech

Micro-Spinning and Small-Scale Spinning: A Preliminary Assessment and Comparison

John B. Price and William D. Meredith, Jr.

Variety Blending in Tennessee – Year Two

Chism Craig and C.O. Gwathmey

Micronaire Performance Comparison

Martin Schreiner

Stepwise Improvement for Fiber Quality and Yield in Cultivar Development

Dawn Fraser and Cindy Green

What Breeders Can Learn from NCVT Spinning Tests – A New Data Mining Approach

C.D. Delhom, J.H. Campbell, and D.P. Thibodeaux

Genotype-Related Differences in Length Uniformity, Maturity Uniformity and Perimeter

Gayle Davidonis, W. David Caldwell, and Donald Boquet

Joint: Cotton Engineering-Systems/Ginning/Utilization Conferences

Cotton Fiber and Moisture – Some of the Basics

Alfred D. French, Wilton R. Goynes, Marie-Alice Rousselle, and Devron P. Thibodeaux

Bale Moisture Addition – A Case Study

Ed Hughs, Carlos Armijo, Kevin Baker, and David McAlister

Bale Moisture Addition – A Case Study, Part II

Everett Backe, David McAlister, and Ed Hughs

Study of Moisture Restoration at Midsouth Gins in 2003

W. Stanley Anthony

Microwave Bale Moisture Sensing: Field Trial

M.G. Pelletier

Moisture Change in Cotton Bales Stored in Different Bagging

W. Stanley Anthony

Moisture Monitoring and Control Options: Finding the Right System for Your Gin

Mark Gentry

Performance of Module Covers in Resisting Moisture Penetration

Shay L. Simpson and Stephen W. Searcy

Module Bottom Moisture Content Indicating Sensor – Progress Report

Richard K. Byler and W. Stanley Anthony

Bale Moisture Addition with a Rotor Spray System

Kevin D. Baker, S. Ed Hughs, and David D. McAlister

Multi Sensors Control Moisture for Best Value and Lower Operating Costs

Mike Gvili

Joint: Cotton Quality Measurements/Utilization Conferences

Development of Fiber Assembly Property Database

A. Arunachalam and S.S. Ramkumar

Changes in Cotton Noncellulosic Content during the Yarn Production Process

Donald E. Brushwood

Development of Cotton Fabric Friction Calculator: New Developments

A. Arunachalam, S.K. Chinnasami, and S.S. Ramkumar

AFIS Length Distribution in Cotton Spinning Preparation

Mourad Krifa

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