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Sampling Cotton Bolls to Estimate Feeding Damage Caused by Stink Bugs

Mark A. Muegge, Charles Payne, Warren Multer, and Russell Baker


A study was conducted during the growing season of 2000 in an effort to develop a sample plan for estimating cotton boll damage caused by stink bug feeding activity. Quarter sized bolls were collected from several commercial cotton fields across far west Texas. Fixed precision sequential and fixed sample size binomial sample plans for estimating the proportion of bolls damaged by stinkbug feeding were developed. Results from this study indicate that at an action threshold of 20% damaged bolls, the sequential sampling plans require 44 and 100 samples at precision levels of 0.3 and 0.2 respectively and require from 22 to 51 minutes sampling time. Fixed sample plans requiring 60 and 120 quarter sized bolls were developed. Estimated operating characteristics of the two sampling plans show that only the 120 boll sample plan maintained the Type II error rate below 0.1, but would require a sample time of 61minutes compared to only 30minutes for the 60 sample plan.

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Document last modified 04/27/04