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Improved Pheromone and Insecticide Delivery Systems for use in Active and Post Eradication Programs

T.B. Johnson, J. Gonzales, J.C. Plato, J.S. Plato, S.E. Plato, and T.A. Plato


In five separate, replicated field trials, slow-release pheromone dispensers containing various combinations of Grandlure, eugenol, and DDVP (dichlorvos) were compared to separate Grandlure and DDVP dispensers for efficacy to attract boll weevil (Anthonomus grandis Boh.) adults to the Plato Boll Weevil Trap®. Release studies with GC analyses for Grandlure content were conducted with various dispensers to aid in understanding field trial results. Dispensers containing Grandlure and eugenol did not perform significantly or consistently better in attracting boll weevils than Grandlure dispensers without eugenol. Dispensers combining Grandlure and DDVP or Grandlure, DDVP and eugenol into a single dispenser demonstrated performance equivalent to separate Grandlure and DDVP dispensers. The inclusion of eugenol did not appear to alter the release rate of Grandlure in the Plato Industries polyvinyl-chloride dispenser system but the inclusion of DDVP tended to accelerate the release of Grandlure. The use of “Combo” dispensers combining Grandlure and DDVP or Grandlure, eugenol, and DDVP are a viable approach to reducing costs associated with boll weevil eradication programs in “active or post-eradication” stages.

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Document last modified 04/27/04