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57th Annual Conference Report on Cotton Insect Research and Control

J.J. Adamczyk, Jr. and E. Burris


There were 12,058,000 acres of U.S. Cotton (Upland and Pima) harvested with an average of 725 lb lint/acre (USDA – January 2004 report) in 2003.

Arthropod pests of cotton reduced yield by 4.16% in 2003. The bollworm/budworm complex reduced yields by 1.39%. The bollworm was the predominant species to attack cotton in 2003. Bollworms were estimated to make up 86% of the population. No other pest exceeded 1% in reducing yields. Lygus (0.90%) were 2nd in losses. Stink bugs (0.735%) were 3rd and cotton fleahoppers (0.322%) were 4th respectively. Thrips (0.261%) rounded out the top five cotton insect pests for the year. Beltwide, direct insect management costs amounted to $58.88/acre. Cost plus loss is estimated at $1.076 billion. (see M.R. Williams, this proceedings).

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