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Thrips Abundance and Effects of Insecticidal Control on Cotton Growth and Yield in South Georgia

Russell J. Ottens, John R. Ruberson, Phillip M. Roberts, and J. David Griffin


Thrips populations (Frankliniella spp.) in Tift County, GA, cotton fields were monitored with traps from 2001-2003. F. tritici was the most abundant species, followed by F. occidentalis; F. fusca was the least common. Insecticidal in-furrow, foliar, and seed treatments were evaluated for their effect on thrips abundance and cotton yield. In most instances, greater numbers of thrips were found in untreated cotton plots. In-furrow Temik® treatments and Orthene® foliar sprays generally provided good control of adult and nymphal thrips. Cruiser® seed treatment provided good control of nymphs, but was less effective against adults. None of the insecticidal treatments resulted in significant yield improvement. Given the long growing season in south Georgia, yield compensation may occur over the course of the season.

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Document last modified 04/27/04