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Status of the "Attract and Control" Technology in Boll Weevil Prevention, Suppression and Eradication Programs in Latin America during Crop Cycles 2002/2003 and 2003/2004

T.A. Plato, J.E. Gonzalez, A. Ingolotti, O.G. Manessi, M. Margulis, S.E. Plato, and R. Sanz S.


The use of the “Attract & Control” technology (based on the Bait Stick) in boll weevil control, prevention, suppression and eradication programs continues to play an important role in Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia and Paraguay.

The “Bait Stick” (known as the BWACT® in the USA, the Tubo Mata Bicudo or TMB® in Brazil and the Tubo Mata Picudo or TMP® in Spanish speaking Latin America) has been successfully used by Paraguay (annually in about 500,000 program acres) for 8 years and by Colombia (annually in about 100,000 program acres) for 4 years in their National Cotton Programs. For 9 years, the country of Argentina has successfully used pheromone traps and TMPs as part of their National Program to detect, eradicate and prevent the establishment of boll weevils in their major cotton zones (currently in about 600,000 program acres). The Argentines (SENASA) have a strong desire to collaborate in a Multi-National Boll Weevil Program with Brazil in the states of Parana and Sao Paulo (about 250,000 planted acres) and with Paraguay (about 500,000 planted acres) and Bolivia (about 30,000 planted acres); planning for the Multi-National Program is in the early stages and meaningful progress is anticipated in 2004.

The “Bait Stick” or TMB/TMP results from the national and state area-wide programs in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Paraguay have been outstanding. Where used correctly, boll weevil populations have been reduced by 95+%, seed cotton yields have been increased an average of 350 lbs. per acre and the requirements for massive insecticide usage for boll weevil control has been substantially reduced. When used according to recommendations, the TMB/TMP, as an additive to programs, has greatly contributed to the elimination of economic damage from boll weevils at an approximate per acre cost of $8.80 per crop cycle and resulted in an average “cost to benefit” ratio of “$1 to $12”.

TMB/TMP Product improvements and results from the aforementioned programs are presented herein.

Index terms: Anthonomus grandis, boll weevil eradication, BWACT, Grandlure.

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