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Cotton Aphid Population Dynamics Modeling

M.N. Parajulee, J.E. Slosser, and L.T. Wilson


During the past three years, significant progress has been made toward developing a cotton aphid, Aphis gossypii Glover population dynamics model. Two life history parameters, including fecundity and mortality, have been identified as the most influential determinants in cotton aphid population dynamics in the Texas High Plains and Rolling Plains regions. Factors affecting fecundity and mortality parameters have been identified. Fecundity and mortality schedules have been described as functions of temperature and aphid age. The density-dependent effect on fecundity has also been described and incorporated into the fecundity function. The effect of natural enemy inflicted mortality and plant quality parameters on cotton aphid dynamics is being described. A time-varying distributed-delay protocol was used to simulate variation in development times, with the time-step of 26 DD (>7.4 ÂșC). Then, the fecundity and survivorship schedules were applied as insects moved through stages. The model structure has been completed and a web-based delivery approach of the model is under construction.

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Document last modified 04/27/04