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Performance of Diamond (Novaluron) for Control of Heliothines and Plant Bugs, 2003

P.R. Smith, G.M. Lorenz, III, W.H. Robertson, D.Plunkett, D.R. Johnson, and Richard Edmund


Pyrethroid resistance in the lepidopteran insects has caused an influx of new non-pyrethroid based compounds. One such compound is Diamond® .83 EC (novaluron), an insect growth regulator. This compound is a newly available compound sold as Diamond. The purpose of this experiment was to test the effectiveness of Diamond with respect to a standard of spinosad (Tracer® 4 L) and cyhalothrin (Karate Z® 2.08 CS) for heliothine control. Significant differences were observed in the performance of Diamond® compared to the standard.

Aside from heliothine activity Diamond also exhibits control of Tarnished Plant Bugs (Lygus lineolaris (Pialisot de Benuvois)). Diamond was tested for efficacy against Tarnished Plant Bugs and was compared to two rates of Steward® 1.25 SC + Crop Oil 99SL, two rates of KN-128 1.25 EC + Crop Oil 99SL, Vydate® C-LV 3.77 SL + Asana® XL 0.66 EC, Bidrin® 8 EC, Curacron® 8EC, Karate® Z 2.08 CS, Intruder® 70WP + Vydate® 3.77SL + Crop Oil 99SL, Vydate® C-LV, two rates of Centric® 40WG + Surfactant 90SL, two rates of Intruder® 70WP + Crop Oil 99SL, and two untreated checks. Significant differences were observed in the performance of Diamond® in relation to the other treatments.

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