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Field Performance of Flonicamid (F1785) in Cotton

H. Gary Hancock


Flonicamid (F1785), a new pyridinecarboxamide insecticide, is under evaluation for control of sucking pests in a diverse array of crops. It is novel chemistry with a mode of action unlike that for any currently known insecticide; therefore, cross-resistance is unlikely to occur. In 2003, the third year of North American field development efficacy trials, the results continued to indicate excellent aphid control in virtually all crops tested. In cotton, flonicamid exhibits excellent initial and extended residual activity on cotton aphid (Aphis gossypii Glover). This activity is generally superior to the older aphicides and equivalent to or better than the neonicotinoids. Against plant bugs (Lygus lineolaris Palisot de Beavois and L. hesperus Knight), flonicamid appears to exhibit greater activity on nymphs as compared to adults. The observed level of activity, against both nymphs and adults, is comparable to existing and newer plant bug insecticides. Safety to beneficial insects has been demonstrated for a large number of species found in cotton. Flonicamid is an excellent candidate for use in integrated pest management strategies in cotton.

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Document last modified 04/27/04