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Field Performance of Prolex™ (Gamma Cyhalothrin) in Cotton Trials, 2000-2003

Jesse M. Richardson, Randy M. Huckaba, Vernon B. Langston, Bo Braxton, Ralph B. Lassiter, Xinpei Huang, Eric A. Flora, John S. Richburg, Mark B. Hertlein, and Rod A. Dorich


Gamma-cyhalothrin is a latest-generation pyrethroid insecticide--a technologically advanced “pure” (totally resolved) isomer. It will provide efficacy and crop safety equal to or better than the leading pyrethroid products at a lower use rate. It will be attractive to growers who currently use resolved isomer pyrethroid products like lambda-cyhalothrin, beta-cyfluthrin, alpha-cypermethrin, and deltamethrin. Overall pest spectrum, knockdown, and residual efficacy are equivalent to the best of the resolved pyrethroids. The capsule suspension formulation results in greater mammalian safety, reduced potential for skin sensitization and better rainfastness. Prolex will have the lowest overall rate range of any current US pyrethroid product in cotton. Final EPA approval and launch is expected in early 2004. Global testing (>1000 studies) shows gamma cyhalothrin will be a superior and reliable pyrethroid product.

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