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Reinforcement of Cotton 3-D Nonwovens by Quasi-Yarns

Jaroslav Hanus and Jiri Militky


A method of mechanical fixation of 3-D fiber fleece fabrics is described. Rotating elements twist the fiber ends on one surface or on both surfaces of the fleece and hereby create linear formations that were called “quasi-yarns.” These are used to fasten suitable reinforcement networks to the fleece surfaces that give the products necessary properties such as tenacity, stiffness, or toughness. The principle of mechanical fixation and conditions for quasi-yarns formation are explained. Examples of developed products are presented. Application possibilities in cotton nonwovens production are mentioned. Results of measurement of noise insulation parameters of 3-D nonwoven samples made of cotton noils and fixed by quasi-yarns are presented.

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Document last modified 04/27/04