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Improvements in the Plato Boll Weevil Trap for use in Active and Post Eradication Programs

T.B. Johnson, J.C. Plato, J.S. Plato, S.E. Plato, and T.A. Plato


The Plato Boll Weevil Trap (Plato Trap), previously known as the S & S Boll Weevil Trap, has been in operational use in U.S. Boll Weevil Eradication Programs for three years. The Plato Trap offered 26 design modifications that were key improvements compared to the USDA model as manufactured by Precision Plastics. During 2003, several additional design changes have been integrated into the design of the Plato Trap. These changes improve the strength of the capture cylinder, improve the locking feet of the trap cylinder, and improve the method whereby the trap base is attached to either a bamboo stake or wooden stake. All of the changes and improvements result in time and cost efficiency improvements of the trap when in operational use. In addition, field tests were conducted in 2003 in Northeast Texas, the Texas Rio Grande Valley and Arkansas to ascertain if an alternative base color would improve weevil captures. The capture results with an experimental yellow base cup were equal to the commercial green (yellow-green) base cup of the Plato Trap; however, trappers reported that the alternate color was more easily seen at distances than the commercial trap.

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Document last modified 04/27/04