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An Economic Evaluation of Bollgard® II Cotton in West Tennessee

Chad Tritt and Tim Burcham


2003 was the first year of commercial release of the Monsanto’s Bollgard® II cotton varieties. Bollgard II cotton hopes to deliver superior lepidopteran insect control over its Bollgard predecessor. The Bollgard II cotton contains the same Bt gene, Cry1Ac, as Bollgard, plus an additional Bt gene, Cry2Ab. These two genes working together should improve control of all caterpillar insect species in the Cotton Belt. This study evaluated the efficacy of Bollgard II when compared to Bollgard and non-Bollgard sister lines. This study also evaluated each plot for lint yield, lint quality and net return on investment. The research conclusions show improved caterpillar insect control as well as comparable lint yield and quality. Although the results of this study show Bollgard II to be a superior product, more testing will be needed across a wide array of study acres in order to completely determine the efficacy and cost effectiveness of Bollgard II.

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Document last modified 04/27/04