Jan. 6-10, Nashville, TN
Debbie A. Richter


Production Conference

U.S. Cotton Industry Issues and Agenda

Kenneth Hood

International Trade Policy Report

Gaylon B. Booker

Key Issues Facing Agriculture

Jim Moseley

Conservation Title: What's in it for You

Bruce Knight

Insect Control Product Update — Older OP's and New Products

Frank L. Carter

Challenges in Weed Management

Robert M. Hayes

Cooperative Action to Preserve California's Reputation for Quality Cotton

Earl P. Williams

Marketing Cotton when it Does Not Meet Your Customer's Profile

J. Michael Quinn

Marketplace Insights

William B. Dunavant, Jr.

New Developments from Industry

Acala Sierra RR: Combining High Yield, High Quality, and Herbicide Tolerance

John C. Palmer and Stephen R. Oakley

PHY 78 Acala: A New Acala Variety for the San Joaquin Valley, CA

Joel F. Mahill, David M. Anderson, John W. Pellow, and Scott E. Bordelon

ST 5599BR and ST 5303R: Two New Transgenic Varieties from Stoneville Pedigreed Seed Company

Mark Barfield

All-Tex Atlas RR, Xpress RR, Excess RR: Now You Have a Choice in Roundup Ready Varieties

Scott Brown

DP 449 BG/RR, A New Mid-Season Cotton Variety

David Albers and Larry Burdett

DP 555 BG/RR, A New Mid-Full Season Picker Variety with High Yield Potential

Ken E. Lege' and Richard Leske

Bollgard II®: A Step Change for Insect Control in Cotton

Daniel L. Pitts, Walt Mullins, Graham P. Head, and H. Keith Reding

Barrage® HF, A Novel 2,4-D Formulation Technology for Pre-Plant Burndown

Michael M. Kenty, James M. Thomas, and Scott Pace

TRIMAX (Imidacloprid): A New Foliar Insecticide for Cotton Pest Management, Plant Health Improvement and Yield Protection

Alan Hopkins, Richard Rudolph, Amy Wyman, Robert Steffens, David Rogers, Herb Young, and Keith Vodrazka

Novaluron — A Registration and Performance Update

R. Tim Weiland and James Whitehead

Flonicamid (F1785, IKI220): Novel Insecticide Chemistry for Cotton and Other Crops

H. Gary Hancock, Maria de Lourdes Fustaino, and Masayuki Morita

Vip: A Novel Insecticidal Protein with Broad Spectrum Lepidopteran Activity

Frank Shotkoski, Eric Chen, Victor J. Mascarenhas, and Roy Boykin

Using a Digital Camera to Determine Survival of Cotton Seedlings and Early Expression of Bronze Wilt

Bobby J. Phipps and Andrea S. Phillips

New Sensors, Controls and GPS Technology Offer New Products to Enhance Performance and Productivity for Cotton Growers and Ginners

Mike Gvili

Cotton Pest Management Update

Cotton Insect Losses — 2002

Michael R. Williams

Insect Management in Reduced Tillage Systems

Scott D. Stewart

Management Considerations for Stink Bugs

Jeremy K. Greene and Chuck D. Capps

Prospects of Insect Management Using Remote Sensing and Variable Rate Technology

B.R. Leonard, R. Bagwell, R. Price, R. Downer, D. Magoun, E. Barham, J. Hardwick, and D. Lewis

Pink Bollworm Eradication Progress Report

Osama El-Lissy, R.T. Staten, and Bill Grefenstette

Boll Weevil Eradication Update

Bill Grefenstette and Osama El-Lissy

Cotton Seedling Disease

Economics of Cotton Seedling Disease

K.S. McLean, J. Palmateer, and G.W. Lawrence

Thielaviopsis basicola and Rotylenchulus reniformis as Independent or Interactive Pathogens on Cotton in Different Soil Types

M.D. Tagert, G.W. Lawrence, W.E. Batson, H.K. Lee, A.T. Kelley, and K.S. McLean

Severity of Disease Caused by Thielaviopsis basicola and Rotylenchulus reniformis in Concomitant or Sequential Interactions

M.D. Tagert, G.W. Lawrence, W.E. Batson, A.T. Kelley, H.K. Lee, and K.S. McLean

CDC Seedling Disease Workshop 2003: Pre-Emergence Damping-Off of Cotton Seedlings by Pythium spp. and Rhizopus oryzae

C.R. Howell

Seedling Disease — Root-Knot Nematode Disease Interactions

T.L. Kirkpatrick and W. Scott Monfort

Efficient Management of Nitrogen

Cotton Nitrogen Needs and Use Trends

R.L. Nichols

Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Cotton: Requirements and Diagnostics

K.F. Bronson and C.J. Green

Nitrogen Management for Cotton in the Southeast

Glen Harris and Charles Mitchell

Nitrogen Management for Mid-South Cotton Production — Overview

M. Wayne Ebelhar and Joseph O. Ware

Cotton Nitrogen Management in the Southwest Region

Frank M. Hons, Robert G. Lemon, and Mark L. McFarland

Considerations for More Efficient Nitrogen Management: San Joaquin Valley of California

R.B. Hutmacher, R.L. Travis, D.E. Rains, R.L. Nichols, B.A. Roberts, S.D. Wright, R.N. Vargas, B.H. Marsh, D.S. Munk, B.L. Weir, D.J. Munier, F. Fritschi, M.P. Keeley, and R.L. Delgado

Estimating Cotton's Nitrogen Needs

R.L. Nichols and C.J. Green

Cotton Disease Council

A Comparison of Fusarium Wilt in Australia and the United States

P.D. Colyer

Fusarium Resistance Ranking Protocol for Cotton Cultivars in Australia

Stephen Allen

Producing Fusarium-Free Cotton Seed for Planting

Adam Kay

Detection, Persistence and Control of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. vasinfectum in Cotton Seed in Australia

Joe Kochman, Linda J. Swan, Wayne O'Neill, and Suzy Bentley

Characterization of California Isolates of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. vasinfectum

R.M. Davis, Y. Kim, J.E. DeVay, S.N. Smith, and R.B. Hutmacher

Frequency and Characteristics of Fusarium oxysporum Isolates in Australian Cottonseed Imported for Cattle Feed

Alois A. Bell, Michael H. Wheeler, and Lorraine S. Puckhaber

Increase of the Tolerance Against Verticillium Wilt in Cotton with Brotomax

José A. del Rio, Pedro Gomez, Ana G. Baidez, Maria D. Fuster, Ana Ortuño, Ana Aguado, and Víctor Frias

Morphological, Cultural, Molecular, and Pathological Characterization of Phomopsis Species Occurring on Cotton and Soybean

A.J. Palmateer, K.S. McLean, G. Morgan-Jones, and E. Van Santen

Boll Rot Epidemics in Louisiana Cotton

G.B. Padgett, D.J. Boquet, W. Rea, J.P. Caylor, and C. Shivers

Effects of Bacterial Blight Resistance Genes and Agrobacterium tumefaciens Virulence on Development of Bronze Wilt Symptoms and Cotton Yield Losses

Alois A. Bell

The Effect of Chitinase and 1,3-β-Glucanase Genes in Transformed Cotton on Diseases

T.A. Wheeler, Zhixin Xiang, E.B. Peffley, and J.R. Gannaway

Interaction of Rotylenchulus reniformis with Seedling Disease Pathogens of Cotton

A.J. Palmateer, K.S. McLean, and E. Van Santen

Cotton Seedling Disease Survey for the Texas High Plains

J.B. Bynum, G.L. Schuster, and T.A. Wheeler

Management of Rhizoctonia Seedling Blight in Georgia with Fungicides and Variable Plant Populations

Robert C. Kemerait, Jr., Kenneth W. Seebold, Jr., Richard G. McDaniel, and David G. Spaid

Can Higher Rates of Seed Treatments Replace In-Furrow Applied Fungicides?

G.L. Sciumbato and G.B. Padgett

Evaluation of Seed Treatment, Over-Treatment and In-Furrow Fungicides for Cotton Seedling Disease Control

W.E. Batson, Jr. and J. Caceres

Changes in Colonization of Cotton by the Cotton Seedling Disease Complex Pathogens Rhizoctonia solani, Pythium spp., and Thielaviopsis basicola Over Time and Soil Environmental Conditions

Nafisa M. Gomaa, Craig S. Rothrock, and Samy M. Mustafa-Mahmoud

Root-Zone Microbial Populations of Cotton Plants Treated with Helena System3 Seed Treatment

David L. Bush, Bradley J. Bush, and Timothy A. Dlabaj

Detection and Population Estimation of the Reniform Nematode on Cotton Using Hyperspectral Remotely Sensed Data

Amber T. Kelley, Gary W. Lawrence, John Vickery, Roger King, and Hee-kyung Lee

Seasonal Variation in the Spatial Distribution of the Reniform Nematode in Mississippi Cotton

H.K. Lee, G.W. Lawrence, A.T. Kelley, and J.L. DuBien

Reproduction Tests of Geographic Populations of Reniform Nematode from the U.S.

Paula Agudelo, Robert T. Robbins, and James McD. Stewart

Evaluation of Selected Cover Crops to Determine Host Suitability for Rotylenchulus reniformis

J.L. Hutchinson, J.R. Jones, K.S. McLean, and J. Williams

Minutes of the 2002 Cotton Disease Council Business Meeting, January 9, 2003, Nashville, TN

Craig S. Rothrock

Cotton Disease Loss Estimate Committee Report

Don Blasingame and Mukund V. Patel

Biographical Narrative of Mr. Albert Chambers

Retirement of Dr. Kamal M. El-Zik

Performance of Commercial Cotton Cultivars Against Bacterial Blight Pathogen in the Texas High Plains

Uma S. Sagaram, Greta L. Schuster, Ron A. Thomason, Terry A. Wheeler, and John L. Gannaway

Response of Selected Cotton Varieties to the Reniform Nematode in Alabama

Stan Usery, Jr., Kathy Mclean, Charles Burmester, Edzard van Santen, and Brad Meyer

Performance of Phytogen 3196, A Root Knot Resistant Cotton Variety

Kenneth R. Williams, T. Kirkpatrick, B. Bond, and Paul Cochran

Cotton Breeding Lines from Georgia with Moderate Resistance to the Southern Root-Knot Nematode

Richard F. Davis, O. Lloyd May, and Shelby Baker

Indexing Modern Cotton Cultivars for Resistance to Fusarium Wilt

Kenneth W. Seebold, Jr., Robert C. Kemerait, Jr., and O. Lloyd May

Identification of RFLP Loci Linked to Resistance to Meloidogyne incognita and Rotylenchulus reniformis

D.T. Silvey, K. Ripple, C.W. Smith, and J.L. Starr

Histological and Ultrastructural Observations of a Resistant Reaction of Upland Cotton to Reniform Nematode

Paula Agudelo, Robert T. Robbins, Kyung S. Kim, and James McD. Stewart

Nematicide Treatment Effects on Reniform Nematodes in Cotton

Stephen J. Komar, Paul D. Wigley, Robert C. Kemerait, and William D. Shurley

Reniform Nematode Management with Variable Rate Nematicide Applications

G.W. Lawrence, H.K. Lee, A.T. Kelley, S. Samson, and W. Givens

Fall vs. Spring Application of Telone II (1,3-dichloropropene) for Root Knot Nematode (Meloidogyne incognita) Control in Cotton in Ashley County, Arkansas

Kenneth R. Williams, Terry Kirkpatrick, and Bruce Bond

The Use of Telone in Cotton Production in Louisiana

Charles Overstreet and Terry L. Erwin

Telone II (1,3-dichloropropene) vs. Vapam (Sodium Methyldithiocarbamate) for Control of Root Knot Nematode (Meloidogyne incognita) in Cotton in Ashley County, Arkansas

Kenneth R. Williams, Terry Kirkpatrick, Craig Rothrock, Steve Clement, and Jim Johnson

Efficacy of Anhydrous Ammonia on Reniform Nematode in Cotton

Kathy S. McLean, Gary W. Lawrence, Charlie Overstreet, and Lawrence D. Young

Managing Seedling Disease In Hill-Drop Cotton: Improved Stands may not Improve Yield

David G. Spaid and Robert C. Kemerait, Jr.

Site-Specific Detection and Management of Meloidogyne incognita in an Upper Mississippi Delta Cotton Field

J.A. Wrather, G. Stevens, B. Kellams, T. Kirkpatrick, A. Mauromoustakos, J. Mueller and A. Khalilian

Reniform Nematode Reproduction on Soybean in Tests Conducted in 2002

R.T. Robbins, L. Rakes, L.E. Jackson, E.R. Shipe, E.E. Gbur, and D.G. Dombek

Severity of Leaf Diseases on Deltapine ITA-90 and Deltaopal Cotton Cultivars and Chemical Control of Ramularia Leaf Spot in Brazil

Marli F.S. Papa, Mercia I.B. Celoto, and Andréia C.P. Rodrigues

Variation at the Molecular Level of Reniform Nematode Populations in Alabama

Yonathan Tilahun, A. Zipf, D. Deng, G. Sharma, K. Soliman, K. McLean, and J. Jenkins

Report of the Cottonseed Treatment Committee for 2002

C.S. Rothrock and S.A. Winters

Using an Integrated Pest Management Rotational Crop Program to Suppress Reniform Nematode

Donald E. Plunkett, Terence L. Kirkpatrick, Brady Harmon, Ron Matlock, William C. Robertson, and Jeremy Ross

Effects of Optically Active Gossypol on Conidia Germination and Growth of Aspergillus flavus

Jay E. Mellon, Peter J. Cotty, and Michael K. Dowd

Cotton Economics and Marketing Conference

Trends in Non-U.S. Production and Consumption: Increasing Globalization

Terry P. Townsend

Prospects for U.S. Production, Offtake and Prices

Woods Eastland

The Washington Update

Wayne Bjorlie

Maximizing Returns under the New Farm Program

Carl G. Anderson

Impacts of the 2002 Farm Bill on Southeastern Representative Cotton Farms

Kelly J. Tiller, Jennifer G. Brown, James D. Sartwelle, III, and James W. Richardson

Are Added Land and New Producer Provisions in Crop Insurance Vulnerable to Abuse? Implications for Insured Texas Cotton Producers

Roderick M. Rejesus, Ashley C. Lovell, Stacey A. Olson, and Jill A. Halfmann

Global Impacts of BT Cotton

George B. Frisvold and Russell Tronstad

Unsettled Institutional Frameworks: A Threat for the Future of Francophone African Cotton

Michel A.C. Fok and Sophia Tazi

Agreement on Textiles and Clothing: Another WTO Failure?

Jaime Malaga and Samarendu Mohanty

Organic Cotton: Production and Market Trends in the United States and Canada — 2001 and 2002

Sandra Marquardt

The Dynamics of Cotton in the U.S. Retail Market

Melissa R. Bastos, Kimberley S. Kitchings, and Mark A. Messura

Cotton Price Variation and Downstream Price Response

G.A. Raines, III and M.A. Messura

Price-Quality Relationships in U.S. Cotton at the Mill Level

Conrad P. Lyford, Sangyneol Jung, and Don E. Ethridge

Characteristics of Early Cotton Yield Monitor Adopters

B.C. English, J.A. Larson, R.K. Roberts, and A. Fitchpatrick

Breakeven Analysis for a Cotton Yield Monitor Information System

J.A. Larson, R.K. Roberts, B.C. English, and R.L. Cochran

Factors Affecting Use of Precision Soil Sampling and Variable Rate Lime Application

R.K. Roberts, B.C. English, J.A. Larson, R.L. Cochran, R. Goodman, S. Larkin, M. Marra, S. Martin, J. Reeves, and D. Shurley

An Economic Analysis of Whole-Field Farming Versus Precision Farming: The Case of Cotton

Susan E. Watson, Eduardo Segarra, Robert Lascano, Hong Li, Kevin Bronson, and Jill Booker

Evaluating the Productivity of U.S. Cotton Production

Archie Flanders and Fred C. White

Economic Feasibility of Limiting Irrigation on Cotton in Southwest Georgia

Mark H. Masters and Marshall C. Lamb

Impact Assessment of an IPM Research and Extension Program in Cotton

M.J. Robertson, M.D. Hammig, and G.M. Zehnder

Yield and Net Revenue Response to Plant Population for UNR Cotton

J.A. Larson, R.K. Roberts, M.B. Cooney, and C.O. Gwathmey

Optimal Land, Equipment and Labor Allocation under Alternative Tillage Systems in South Texas

John R.C. Robinson and Lawrence L. Falconer

First Year No-Till "Three Regimes"

Fred T. Cooke, Jr., Gordon L. Andrews, Steven W. Martin, Charles E. Snipes, and David W. Parvin, Jr.

The Effect of Tillage System, Row Spacing, Equipment Size, Soil Group, and Variety Type on Yields, Costs and Returns, Mississippi Delta, 2003

D.W. Parvin, S.W. Martin, and F.T. Cooke

Yield, Cost and LCA of Different Growing Systems in the Texas High Plains

Marion I. Tobler and Simone Schaerer

Assessing the Profit Potential of Alternative Crop Rotations in Northeast Louisiana

Kenneth W. Paxton, Kurt M. Guidry, and Steve Hague

Wheat as a Cover Crop in a No-Till Cotton Production System: The Yalobusha County Experience, 1999-2001

Steve Cummings and Dave Parvin

Profitability of Irrigated Cotton-Grain Sorghum Rotations in the Southern High Plains of Texas

Jason Blackshear and Phillip Johnson

Economic Comparison of Corn-Cotton and Soybean-Cotton Rotations to Continuous Cotton for Control of Reniform Nematode

W. Don Shurley, Richard F. Davis, Robert C. Kemerait, and Tommy D. Cummings

Whole Farm Analysis of Cotton Crop Rotations

S.G. Bullen

Technology Contributions to the Competitive Situation of the Mexican Agriculture: The Cotton Case in the State of Chihuahua, Mexico

José de Jesús Espinoza-Arellano, Salvador Godoy-Ávila, and Enrique García-Castañeda

The Organization and Structure of Cotton Farms in Yalobusha County, Mississippi

Steve Cummings, David W. Parvin, Steven W. Martin, and Fred T. Cooke, Jr.

Organization and Structure of Mississippi Delta Cotton Farms in 2002

Steven W. Martin, Fred Cooke, Jr., and David Parvin

Fixed Cost Comparison of Cotton Tillage Systems in the Mississippi Delta

Steven W. Martin, Fred Cooke, Jr., Gordon Andrews, and David Parvin

An Estimated 2002 Texas-Oklahoma Pre-Season Price Schedule Based on Market History

Dane Sanders, Sukant Misra, and Don Ethridge

Texas-Oklahoma Producer Cotton Market Summary: 2001/2002

Dane Sanders, Sukant Misra, and Don Ethridge

Development of a Web-Based Commodity Options Evaluator and Teaching Tool

Blake K. Bennett, Ken Stokes, Mark Waller, Jeanne Reeves, and Sukant K. Misra

A Cotton Yield Monitor Investment Decision Aid

J.A. Larson, B.C. English, R.K. Roberts, and R.L. Cochran

Multi-Year Evaluation of No-Till, Low-Till and Conventional Till Cotton in Louisiana and Mississippi

Greg Ferguson and John Bradley

Representative Farm Adoption of Ultra Narrow Row Cotton under Alternative Crop and Farm Legislation Conditions

W. Robert Goodman, C. Dale Monks, and Shannon E. Pickering

Cotton Engineering-Systems Conference

Can Seasonal Rainfall Forecasts be Used to Guide Dryland Cotton Management?

Stephan J. Maas, Eduardo Segarra, Steven A. Mauget, and Robert J. Lascano

Determining the Optimum Timing for the Final Irrigation on Mid-South Cotton

Earl Vories, Jeremy Greene, William Robertson, Phil Tacker, Tina Teague, Bobby Phipps, Lyle Pringle, Steve Hague

Subsurface Drip Irrigation of Cotton Using Time Thresholds

Donald F. Wanjura, Dan R. Upchurch, and Robert J. Lascano

Variable-Rate Irrigation Using Low Energy Precision Application (LEPA)

James P. Bordovsky and Robert J. Lascano

Seed-Specific Placement of In-Furrow Crop Protectants

John H. Hancock, John B. Wilkerson, F. Henry Moody, and Melvin A. Newman

Performance of Variable Rate Nematicide Application Systems

A. Khalilian, J.D. Mueller, Y.J. Han, T.L. Kirkpatrick, and J.A. Wrather

Mississippi Cotton Yield Monitor: Beta Test for Commercialization

Ruixiu Sui, J. Alex Thomasson, Robert Mehrle, Matt Dale, Calvin Perry, and Glen Rains

Evaluating a Mobile Continuous-Weighing Flow Rate Measurement System

F.H. Moody, J.B. Wilkerson, W.E. Hart, and M.S. Palmer

Multitemporal Remote Sensing for Predicting Cotton Yield

J. Alex Thomasson, James R. Wooten, Swapna Gogineni, and Ruixiu Sui

Analysis of Site-Specific Irrigation with Gossym Simulation Model

R.W. Clouse and S.W. Searcy

Optimum Design Capacities for Subsurface Drip Irrigated Cotton

J. Enciso-Medina, Bill Thompson, W.L. Multer, C. Henggeler, and B.L. Unruh

Spatial Validation of Cotton Simulation Model in Relation to Soils and Multispectral Imagery

Javed Iqbal, J. Alex Thomasson, Frank D. Whisler, John J. Read, James M. McKinion, Jeffrey L. Willers, and Johnie N. Jenkins

Electrostatic Coalescence for Aerial Spray Drift Mitigation

Ivan W. Kirk

Ag 20/20 Project in California: Adapting Remote Sensing Technology to Cotton Production

J. Ojala, S. Ustin, N. Gat, B. Roberts, B. Taylor, W. DeTar, J.V. Penner, R. Plant, M. Bethel, L. Godfrey, and T. Sheely

Estimating the Cost of Delaying Irrigation for Mid-South Cotton on Clay Soil

Earl D. Vories, Robert E. Glover, Kelly J. Bryant, and Phil L. Tacker

Cotton Ginning Conference

The Cost of Ginning Cotton — 2001 Survey Results

Thomas D. Valco, Bob Collins, Dennis S. Findley, Jr., Kelley Green, Lee Todd, Roger A. Isom, and Michael H. Willcutt

Quality of the 2002 Crop

Robbie L. Seals

Futures Classification and Quality Assurance in USDA, AMS, Cotton Program

Lee Gibson

Module Averaging — A New Perspective

Darryl W. Earnest

Reduction of Lint Cleaner Noise

Charles Glover and W. Stanley Anthony

Evaluation of Lint Cleaner Louvers at a Commercial Gin

W. Stanley Anthony, Frank Clark, Dennis Steele, Earnest Edwards, Greg Pate, and David McAlister

Report on New Lint Cleaning Technology

Greg Pate, Jack Mace, and Dennis Steele

A Determination of Cotton Market Price Premiums Required to Justify More Lint Cleaning in the Gin Plant

Blake K. Bennett, Sukant K. Misra, and Gary Barker

Application of Powered Paddle Roll Technology in a 16-Inch Saw Gin Stand

Weldon Laird and Greg Holt

Risk Assessment of Contamination Potential of Polyolefin Bale Bagging

Andrew G. Jordan

The Effects of Pepper Trash on Fiber Quality and Spinning Performance

S.E. Hughs and D. McAlister

Roller Ginning Upland Cotton at High Capacities

C.B. Armijo and M.N. Gillum

Ginning and Spinning Small Seeded Upland Cotton

S.E. Hughs, D. McAlister, K. Howard, and W.D. Mayfield

The Effect of Moisture Restoration at Ginning on HVI and AFIS Fiber Properties

Everett E. Backe

Cotton Moisture Control in West Texas

Larry Nelson and Neil Turner

The Impact of Excess Moisture in the Bale on Fiber Quality

W. Stanley Anthony

Microwave Measurement of Cotton Lint Moisture

M.G. Pelletier and Mike Gvili

Measurement of Bale Moisture Content Based on Bale Compression Pressure

R.K. Byler and W.S. Anthony

Moisture Restoration for Seed Cotton, Two Approaches

R.K. Byler

Survey of Module Cover Materials and Module Building Practices

Dale W. Thompson

The Effect of Outside Ambient Air Conditions on the Interstitial Relative Humidity of Linear Low Density Polyethylene Film Wrapped Cotton Bales

D.C. Tristao, P. Denton, H. Bello, P.J. Wakelyn, S.E. Hughs, and R. Isom

Cotton Improvement Conference

Lack of Correspondence Between Early Generation F2 Testing and Pedigree Selection Records in Thirty Pima Cotton Populations

Richard G. Percy

Potential Use of Bulked-Pollen Methodology in Cotton

Osman A. Gutiérrez, Johnie N. Jenkins, Jack C. McCarty, Jr., Daryl T. Bowman, and Clarence E. Watson, Jr.

Variety Performance Comparison Between Company and University Trials

Tom Kerby, Janet Burgess, Constance Garcia, Kevin Howard, Ken Lege, Dave Albers, and Tom Speed

Evaluation of Cotton Breeding Test Environments in the Southeast United States

Edward L. Lubbers

Field Evaluation of Reniform Nematode Resistance in Primitive Cotton Accessions in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas

A.F. Robinson, A.C. Bridges, A.E. Percival, R. Akridge, W.S. Gazaway, J.M. Bradford, J.A. Bautista, C.G. Cook, E.C. McGawley, J.L. Starr, and L.D. Young

Stability of Basic Yield Components of Cotton Over Years and Locations

J.T. Johnson and F.M. Bourland

Associations of Various Varietal Characteristics with Yield in Stripper Cottons

E. Margaret Hamill, Delbert Hess, and David Becker

PH98M-3196: The Performance of a New High Yielding, Early Maturity, Root-Knot Nematode Resistant Cotton Line under Differing Nematicide Treatments

Frank Bordelon and G. Randall McPherson

Diallel Analysis of Seed-Set Efficiency in Upland Cotton

Paul Irwin Ragsdale and C. Wayne Smith

Stability of Yield and Fiber in the Texas Germplasm

Darren G. Jones, Peggy S. Thaxton, and C. Wayne Smith

Screening for Resistance to Cotton Fleahopper

Karthik D. Mekala, Allen E. Knutson, and C. Wayne Smith

Combining Ability for Near Extra Long Fibers in Upland Cotton, 2001-2002

Chris Braden, C.W. Smith, Peggy Thaxton, and Eric Hequet

Within Boll Yield Components of Six Cultivars of Cotton and Their F1 and F2 Progeny

Clay B. Cole, Johnie N. Jenkins, and Jack C. McCarty

Applications of Mixed Linear Model Approaches on Cotton Quatitative Genetics

Jixiang Wu, Johnie N. Jenkins, Jack C. McCarty, Jr., and Jun Zhu

Drought Resistance Screening of Two BC1F1 Populations

Brian W. Gardunia, Kelly D. Biddle, C. Wayne Smith, and David M. Stelly

Performance of Converted Race Stocks in a BC2F2 Generation

Christopher Souder, C.W. Smith, P.M. Thaxton, and O.L. May

CaMV 35S Promoter-Regulated Expression of Green Fluorescent Protein in Cotton: From Transient Activity to Transgenic Plants

Keerti S. Rathore, G. Sunilkumar, and LeAnne Mohr

Status of the In Situ Cotton Germplasm in Four Southern States of Mexico

Mauricio Ulloa, James McD Stewart, Arturo Gaytán-Mascorro, Enrique A. Garcia-Casteñada, and Salvador Godoy-Avila

Genetic Diversity among Arborescent Gossypium Species Revealed by RAPD and AFLP

Chunda Feng, J. McD. Stewart, Mauricio Ulloa, E.A. Garcia, and S. Godoy

The Cotton Cytogenetics Collection

David Stelly and Wayne Raska

Conventional Cotton Breeding in a Transgenic World

Ted P. Wallace, Brad A. Burgess, and Nancy A. Reichert

Genetic Background Shows Variability in Expression of Transgenic Bt Cotton

John J. Adamczyk, Jr. and William R. Meredith

Pollen Dispersal from Transgenic Cotton Fields

Dennis A. Berkey, Bryan R. Savoy, Virginia R. Jeanes, Jon D. Lehman, Steven R. Miller, Paul G. Johnson, Ben Duesterhaus, and Adele Ellsworth

Transgenic vs. Conventional Varieties in Arkansas Cotton Variety Tests, 1996-2002

F.M. Bourland and J.T. Johnson

Comparative Analysis Between Transgenic Cotton Varieties and Their Recurrent Parents

J. González-García, A.J. Obando-Rodríguez, S. Delgado-García, and S. Guerrero-Morales

Evaluation of Transgenic Versus Conventional Cotton Varieties (1998-2002)

Eddie McGriff, Joel Hudgins, Mitchell May, Steve M. Brown, and Lloyd May

Establishment and Maintenance of a Mexican National Cotton Germplasm Resource Nursery

A.S. Godoy, C.E.A. Garcia, M. Ulloa, and J. McD. Stewart

2002 Field Evaluation of Cotton Cultivar Response to Reniform Nematodes

C.G. Cook, A.F. Robinson, A.C. Bridges, A.E. Percival, W.B. Prince, J.M. Bradford, and J.A. Bautista

Cotton Variety Test Results for Louisiana, 2002

W.D. Caldwell, J.A. Hayes, E.P. Millhollon, M. Stewart, D.J. Boquet, S.S. Hague, and J.I. Dickson

2002 Evaluation of Regional Cotton Breeders Strains Grown in Root-Knot Infested Soils

W.D. Caldwell, J.A. Hayes, P.D. Colyer, P.R. Vernon, and J.E. Jones

Improvement of 'DES 56' Through Backcross Introgression from a Wild Day-Neutral Flowering Converted Accession

P.S. Leonhard, O.L. May, P.W. Chee, and A.H. Paterson

Inheritance Model for Fiberless Upland Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) Line SL 1-7-1: Variation on a Theme

Rickie B. Turley and Reiner H. Kloth

Somatic Embryogenesis Ability in Select Georgia and Pee Dee Cotton Lines

Hamidou F. Sakhanokho, Peggy Ozias-Akins, O. Lloyd May, and Peng W. Chee

Integrated Genome Mapping for Cotton Improvement

Russell J. Kohel, John Z. Yu, Jianmin Dong, Nicole L. Steele, Hongbin Zhang, and Zhanyou Xu

A Rapid Assay for Gene Expression in Cotton Cells Transformed with Oncogenic Binary Agrobacterium Strains

Kanniah Rajasekaran

To Spray or Not to Spray Roundup Ready Cotton Cultivars in Small-Plot Performance Trials?

Randy Boman, Mark Kelley, John Gannaway, and Wayne Keeling

Measurement and Relationships of Leaf, Stem and Bract Trichomes on Cotton

S.B. Jackson, J.M. Hornbeck, and F.M. Bourland

Variation in Marginal Bract Trichomes among Contrasting Cotton Cultivars

J.M. Hornbeck, S.B. Jackson, J.T. Johnson, and F.M. Bourland

Terpenoid Aldehyde Analysis of a Gossypium tomentosum BC1F1 Introgression Population

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Wide-Cross Radiation Hybrids (WRH): A Tool for Physical Mapping of Plant Genomes?

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Inheritance and Phenotype of a Chlorotic Mutant from G. hirsutum X G. mustelinum

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EST-SSR: Useful Markers for Molecular Mapping in Cotton

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Cotton Insect Research and Control Conference

56th Annual Conference Report on Cotton Insect Research and Control

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Control of Tarnished Plant Bugs in Mississippi Delta Cotton

M.B. Layton, J.L. Long, S.G. Flint, and L.M. Green

Suppression of Tarnished Plant Bugs in Cotton by Treatment of Early Season Wild Host Plants with Herbicides in Nine-Square-Mile Areas of the Mississippi Delta

Gordon L. Snodgrass, W.P. Scott, D.D. Hardee, and J.T. Robbins

Early Season Herbicide Treatment of Wild Host Plants in Marginal Areas Near Fields, Roads, and Ditches and Resulting Numbers of Tarnished Plant Bugs in Treated and Untreated Areas

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Tarnished Plant Bug Suppression and Water Quality Impact from Herbicide Applications in Field

R.W. Costello, E. Burris, B.R. Leonard, G.L. Snodgrass, W.P. Scott, and D.D. Hardee

Field Plot Studies of Tarnished Plant Bugs on Selected Wild Host Plants With and Without Burndown Herbicide Application and Remote Sensing for Host Detection

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The Development of Tarnished Plant Bug on Various Corn Tissue

C.A. Abel and G.L. Snodgrass

Development of Mycoinsecticides for Controlling Tarnished Plant Bugs on Wild Host Plants

Jarrod E. Leland and Robert W. Behle

Reproductive Diapause in Tarnished Plant Bugs and its Effect on Non-Insecticidal Control Measures

Gordon L. Snodgrass

Lygus Abundance on Wild Hosts: A Survey Across the Texas High Plains

M.N. Parajulee, M.D. Arnold, S.C. Carroll, A.M. Cranmer, R.B. Shrestha, and P.L. Bommireddy

Comparison of Lygus elisus and Lygus hesperus Damage to One-Third Grown Squares of Texas High Plains Cotton

J.S. Armstrong and L. Camelo

Development of a Reliable and Efficient Sampling Plan for Cotton Fleahopper and Western Tarnished Plant Bug Using the Beat Bucket Sampling Method

Mark A. Muegge, Allen Knutson, Brent Baugh, Warren Multer, Russell Baker, and Sarah Downing

Impact of Naturally Occurring Beauveria bassiana on Lygus hesperus Populations

Michael R. McGuire

Assessing Injury by Stink Bugs to Stoneville 474 and its Transgenic Sibs

M. Roof, P. Bauer, and D. McAlister

Seasonal Occurrence of Stink Bugs and Tarnished Plant Bugs in Mississippi Cotton Fields

Heath G. Steede, M.B. Layton, and J.L. Long

Current Research with Lepidopteran Pests of Bollgard Cotton

Jeff Gore, John Adamczyk, Dick Hardee, and Roger Leonard

Survey of Insect Boll Damage and Insecticide Use in Georgia 2002

P. Roberts, S. Brown, J. Clark, W. Duffie, W. Harris, R. McDaniel, E. McGriff, C. Ward, and J. Whiddon

Consulting from 12,000 Feet: The Use of Multi Spectral Imagery in Consulting for Insects, Diseases, Plant Growth Regulators and Defoliation

Joe Townsend, Tripp Hayes, and John McKee

Nocturnal Migrations of Cotton Insect Pests Indicated by Doppler Radar Observations

J.K. Westbrook and R.S. Eyster

Opportunities for Prescription Insecticide Applications in Louisiana: Development and Evaluation of Aerial SVI

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Efficacy of Bollgard II Cotton under Non-Enhanced Agronomic Conditions in North Carolina, 1996-2002

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Boll Damage by the Stink Bug/Plant Bug Complex in South Carolina

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Contributions of Non-Cotton Hosts to Bollgard® Refuge

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Quantification of Helicoverpa zea Populations in Eastern North Carolina Crop Environments: Implications for B. t. Resistance Management

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Bollworm Population Production and Associated Damage in Bollgard® and Bollgard II® Cottons under Insecticide-Treated and Non-Treated Conditions

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Bollgard II: Improvements in Efficacy and Spectrum Against Lepidopteran Pests of Cotton

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Bollgard II® Efficacy on Fall Armyworm in a Screened Enclosure Bioassay

Brian Coots and Dan Pitts

2002 Bollgard II® Performance in the Mid-South

A.L. Catchot and Walt Mullins

2002 Bollgard II® Performance in the Southeast

Stew Sherrick, Dan Pitts, Rich Voth, and Walt Mullins

Adapting Refuge Strategies for Bt Cotton to the Needs of Different Countries

Graham Head, K.S. Mohan, K.C. Ravi, and Wally Green

Eight Years of Economic Comparisons of Bollgard® Cotton

Jim Hudson, Walt Mullins, and Jane M. Mills

Performance of Early-Season Insecticides under Adverse Conditions in West Tennessee

Gary L. Lentz, Nancy Van Tol, and Dana Pekarchick

Thrips Control on BollGard and Non-BT Cotton Varieties

James R. Weeks and William Birdsong

Rate of Consumption of Cotton Aphids by Convergent Lady Beetles in the Laboratory

M.N. Parajulee and R.B. Shrestha

Ten Years of the Cotton Aphid Fungus Sampling Service

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Status of the Pink Bollworm Suppression/Eradication Program in Texas

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Pink Bollworm Eradication in the U.S. and Mexico, 2002

Osama El-Lissy, R.T. Staten, and Bill Grefenstette

Age Structure and Sex Ratio of Lygus hesperus Populations in California Cotton

Andrew G. Zink and Jay A. Rosenheim

Management of Late-Season Insect Pests for Protection of Cotton Quality in the San Joaquin Valley

L.D. Godfrey, K.E. Keillor, P.B. Goodell, M.R. McGuire, J. Bancroft, and R.B. Hutmacher

Silverleaf Whitefly and Okra-Leaf Cotton — The Leaf Area Factor

C.C. Chu, T.Y. Chen, T.J. Henneberry, and E.T. Natwick

Leaf Shape Relationship to Whitefly Colonization in Cotton

E.T. Natwick, C.C. Chu, and M. Lopez

Pesticide Update in Arizona Cotton for 2002

Elizabeth H. Shanley and Paul B. Baker

EPA IRM Requirements for Bollgard® II Cotton

S.R. Matten and A.H. Reynolds

In-Season Monitoring of Resistance and Species Composition to Aid in Management of Heliothines in Virginia Cotton

D. Ames Herbert, Jr. and Sean Malone

Effect of Planting Date on the Economics of Early Season Square Protection as Monitored by COTMAN

Tommy Doederlein, Brant Baugh, James F. Leser, and Randy Boman

Plant Response to Different Levels of Pre-Bloom Square Removal and its Relevance to Plant Bug Management

Brant Baugh, James F. Leser, Randy Boman, and Tommy Doederlein

Monitoring Insect Resistance in Arkansas to Chemical Insecticides and Bt-Endotoxins

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Use of Atmospheric Plasma for Insect Control

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Profiling Seasonal Expression of Cry2Ab in Bolls of Dual-Toxin Bt Cotton

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BollgardII®: Influence on Predaceous Arthropods and Activity Against Pests under Different Management Scenarios

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Population Dynamics of Heliothis virescens in a Multiple Crop System

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B.t. Resistance Evolution in the H. zea Population in Eastern North Carolina

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Cotton Aphid (Homoptera:Aphididae) Treatment Threshold Incorporating Natural Enemies in Arkansas Cotton

Hugh E. Conway, Donald C. Steinkraus, and Timothy J. Kring

Utilizing End of the Season Box Mapping to Assess Within the Season Insect Problems

K.C. Allen, R.G. Luttrell, and C.D. Parker, Jr.

When Does Brown Stink Bug, Euschistus servus (Say), Begin to Injure Cotton?

M.M. Willrich, D.R. Cook, J.H. Temple, B.R. Leonard, and J. Gore

Relative Effects of the Insecticide Thiamethoxam (Actara®) on the Predator Podisus nigrispinus and the Tobacco Whitefly in Nectaried and Nectariless Cotton

Jorge B. Torres, Christian S.A. Silva-Torres, and John R. Ruberson

Cotton Insect Losses — 2002

Michael R. Williams

Cotton Insect Loss Estimates — 2002

Michael R. Williams

Efficacy of Mustang Max (F0570) for Insect Pest Control in Cotton

W. Davis Martin, H. Gary Hancock, Tom I. Crumby, and Joe Reed

DOUBLETHREAT®: A New Insecticide Pre-Mix for Broadspectrum Cotton Insect Pest Control

J.P. Reed and H.R. Mitchell

Adjuvant and Nozzle Effects on Insecticide Efficacy in Cotton

Patrick M. McMullan and James M. Thomas, III

Insecticide Susceptibility of Louisiana Bollworm and Tobacco Budworm Populations

D.R. Cook, J. Temple, R.H. Gable, S. Micinski, W.F. Waltman, A.M. Stewart, B.R. Leonard, and R.D. Bagwell

COTONSIMBAD System: Modeling Feeding Behavior of Cotton Bollworms for Evaluation of Crop Pest Interactions

S. Nibouche, P. Martin, M. Cretenet, E. Jallas, and S. Turner

Field Efficacy of Dow Agrosciences MXB-13 Transgenic Cotton for Control of Cotton Bollworm and Tobacco Budworm

Randy M. Huckaba, Ralph B. Lassiter, Xinpei Huang, Carlos A. Blanco, Vernon B. Langston, L.B. Braxton, Fikru J. Haile, Jesse M. Richardson, and John Pellow

Field Efficacy of Dow Agrosciences MXB-13 Trangsgenic Cotton for Control of Foliar Feeding Lepidopterous Insects

Vernon B. Langston, Xinpei Huang, Carlos A. Blanco, Ralph B. Lassiter, Randy M. Huckaba, L.B. Braxton, Fikru Haile, Jesse M. Richardson, and John Pellow

Field Studies to Support Insect Resistance Management (IRM) Plan for the Dow Agrosciences' B. t. Cotton

Carlos A. Blanco, Eric Flora, Vernon Langston, Ralph Lassiter, Joel Mahill, Jesse Richardson, Nicholas Storer, Terry Wright, and Roger Leonard

Acute Toxicity of Novel Insecticides to Orius insidiosus and Cotesia marginiventris

John R. Ruberson and Michael W. Fairbanks

Field Performance of Vip Cotton Against Various Lepidopteran Cotton Pests in the U. S.

Victor J. Mascarenhas, Frank Shotkoski, and Roy Boykin

Postharvest Mortality of Boll Weevils Relative to Tillage in Fallen Cotton Squares and Bolls

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Modules, Gins, and the Threat of Boll Weevil Introductions: What We Know So Far

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Status of Boll Weevil Eradication in Texas

C.T. Allen, L.E. Smith, L.W. Patton, and R.O. Newman

Boll Weevil Eradication Update — Arkansas, 2002

Danny Kiser, Michael Catanach, and Douglas Ladner

Boll Weevil Eradication in the U.S., 2002

Osama El-Lissy and Bill Grefenstette

Influence of Cotton Cultivar and Planting Date on Fleahopper and Lygus Populations in the Texas High Plains

Andy M. Cranmer, Megha N. Parajulee, James F. Leser, Padma L. Bommireddy, Ram B. Shrestha, Stanley C. Carroll, and Mark D. Arnold

Effect of Irrigation Regimes on Insect Populations in Texas High Plains Cotton

P. Latha Bommireddy, Megha N. Parajulee, Dana O. Porter, Ram B. Shrestha, Andy M. Cranmer, Mark D. Arnold, and Stanley C. Carroll

Seasonal Abundance Patterns of Thrips and Fleahoppers in Texas High Plains Cotton

Ram B. Shrestha, Megha N. Parajulee, Andy M. Cranmer, Padma L. Bommireddy, Stanley C. Carroll, and Mark D. Arnold

Activity of Neonicotinoids Against Pests and Predaceous Arthropods in Cotton in South Carolina

Amy L. Gibson, Sam G. Turnipseed, Michael J. Sullivan, and Aaron M. Hagerty

Comparative Ovicidal Activity of Various Neonicotinoids Against Current Standards in Cotton

Margery L. Ambrose, J.R. Bradley, Jr., and John W. Van Duyn

Examination of Production and COTMAN Records on a Large Arkansas Farm: A Foundation for Area-Wide Insect Management

Mandy McFall, R.G. Luttrell, Tina Gray Teague, William Baker, Diana Danforth, David Wildy, Dale Wells, and Patricia O'Leary

Response to Mechanical and Tarnished Plant Bug (Lygus lineolaris) Injury of Seedling Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum)

S. Coy, T.G. Teague, N.P. Tugwell, E.J. Villavaso, and L. Hilburn

Evaluating Cotton Race Stocks for Resistance to Whiteflies

Brandon Ripple, M. Harris, and C.W. Smith

Aphids as Beneficial Insects? Effects of a Cotton Aphid-Fire Ant Mutualism on Biological Control

Ian Kaplan and Micky D. Eubanks

Plant Growth and Yield Response to Trimax Insecticide in Georgia

H.S. Young and J. Holder

Plant Growth and Yield Response to TRIMAX® Insecticide in the East Mississippi Delta

Keith Vodrazka, Ben Meriweather, and Brian Sweeden

Plant Growth and Yield Response to TRIMAX® (Imidacloprid) Insecticide in the West Mississippi Delta

Alan Hopkins, Ross Bell, and Roger Bowman

Plant Growth and Yield Response to Trimax Insecticide in Texas and Oklahoma

Drew Palrang and John Cagle

Bioactivity of Bacillus thuringiensis and Bacillus polymyxa on the American Bollworm Heliothis armigera

Abdelrahman M. Younis and Omar A.O. Saad

Factors Stimulating the Outbreaks of the Cotton Leafworm in Assuit Governorate

Ahmed Amin and Idris Salam

Compatible IPM Program of "Agreen" and "Trichoderma" in Cotton

Malak F. Gergis, Magda K. Megali, and Mortada A. Ali

Studies on the Effect of Some Safe Materials in the Changes of the Population Density of Sap Sacking Pests and Beneficial Insects

Marguerite A. Rizk

Distribution of Lygus spp. in the Northern Texas Rolling Plains

J.E. Slosser, E.P. Boring, III, and M.N. Parajulee

Evaluation of Sticky Traps for Monitoring Cotton Fleahopper Movement into Cotton

Charles P.-C. Suh, Dale W. Spurgeon, and Allen E. Knutson

Evaluation of New Insecticides for Control of Cotton Aphid in the Coastal Bend and the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas

Roy D. Parker and John W. Norman

Impact of the Red Imported Fire Ant on Predators, Aphids and Eggs of Bollworm and Beet Armyworm in Cotton in Texas

Rodrigo Diaz, Allen Knutson, and Julio Bernal

Grain Sorghum as a Trap Crop for Southern Green Stink Bug in Cotton

Glynn Tillman and Ben Mullinix

Thips Injury and Early-Season Cotton Growth: Potential Interaction of Pendimethalin Injury and Systemic Insecticides

G. David Buntin, Timothy L. Grey, Phillip M. Roberts, and David C. Bridges

Effect of a New Neonicotinoid Insecticide on the Population of Beneficial Arthropods in Cotton in Brazil

Geraldo Papa, Fernando Juari Celoto, Maurício Rotundo, and Germison Vital Tomquelsk

Influence of Temik Rates on Thrips Control in UNR Cotton

R.R. Dobbs, N.W. Buehring, M.P. Harrison, J.T. Reed, and M.H. Willcutt

Management Considerations for Stink Bugs

Jeremy K. Greene and Chuck D. Capps

Heliothine Boll Damage Survey in Arkansas, 2002

Gus Lorenz, Don Johnson, Randall Luttrell, Glenn Studebaker, and Jeremy Greene

Control Options for Tarnished Plant Bug, Lygus lineolaris

Jeremy K. Greene and Chuck Capps

Evaluation of New and Existing Heliothine Insecticides in Southeast Arkansas

Jeremy K. Greene, Chuck Capps, and Gus M. Lorenz

Bollgard II Evaluations in Arkansas

Donald R. Johnson, Gus Lorenz, Doug Walsh, Jeremy Greene, and Chuck Capps

Control Options for Thrips in Southeast Arkansas

Jeremy K. Greene, Chuck Capps, and Jack Reed

Thrips Management in Arkansas Cotton

Donald R. Johnson, Gus Lorenz, Glenn Studebaker, and Doug Walsh

Management of Plant Bugs in Arkansas

Doug Walsh, Gus Lorenz, Donald R. Johnson, Randy Luttrell, and Glenn Studebaker

Effect of Aerial Application Parameters Simulated on a Spray Table on Insecticidal Mortality of Cotton Aphids and Stink Bugs

Juan D. López, Jr., M.A. Latheef, W.C. Hoffmann, and I.W. Kirk

Toxicity of Selected Insecticides to Southern Green Stink Bugs Determined by Adult Vial Test: A Preliminary Report

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Survey of Worm Damaged Cotton Bolls in Northeast Louisiana

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Influence of Management on Crop Microclimate and Control of Cotton Bollworm and Boll Weevil

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Temporal Occurrence of Bollworm Adults in Pheromone Baited Traps Across Louisiana

E.A. Peters, D.R. Cook, B.R. Leonard, and J.H. Temple

Diet-Mediated Termination of Boll Weevil Dormancy

Dale W. Spurgeon and Charles P.-C. Suh

The "Halo" Effect Associated with Bollgard® Cotton Refuges

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Effects of Drought Stressed Cotton on Beet Armyworm Oviposition Preference and Larval Growth

A.T. Showler

Performance of Bt Cotton in Mississippi: A 7-Year Summary

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Survival of Boll Weevils Trapped under Cotton Module Tarps

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Beet Armyworm Population Abundance in Cotton as Affected by Pigweed

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Termination of Cotton Stalks with Herbicides in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas — 2002

John W. Norman, Jr., Sasha Greenberg, Alton N. Sparks, Jr., and Charles Stichler

Evaluation of Remote Sensing Capabilities in Weed Detection and Mapping in Cotton

Dorgelis Villarroel, Javed Iqbal, Alex Thomasson, and Scott D. Stewart

Control of Cotton Aphids in Mississippi Cotton

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Boll Weevil Eradication in the Northern Rolling Plains and Southwestern Oklahoma

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Control of Bollworm/Tobacco Budworm Complex in Arkansas Cotton in 2002

Glenn E. Studebaker, Donald R. Johnson, and Doug Walsh

Relative Status of Boll-Damaging Insects in Bollgard vs. Conventional Cotton in North Carolina, 1996 to 2002

Jack S. Bacheler and Daniel W. Mott

Evaluation of Dow Agrosciences' Cry1Ac/Cry1F Trait for Improved Lepidopteran Control

John J. Adamczyk, Jr., Jeff Gore, and John Pellow

Sampling Efficiency of the Keep-it-Simple-Sampler for Adult Boll Weevils

J.F. Esquivel, D.W. Spurgeon, and C. Suh

DNA Fingerprinting Boll Weevil Populations from Non-Eradicated States and Northeast Mexico

Kyung Seok Kim and Thomas W. Sappington

Evaluation of Cotton Regrowth Control Using Remote Sensing

C. Yang, S.M. Greenberg, J.H. Everitt, M.R. Davis, and J.W. Norman, Jr.

Status of the "Attract and Control" Technology in Boll Weevil Prevention, Suppression and Eradication Programs in Latin America During Crop Cycles 2001/2002 and 2002/2003

T.A. Plato, J.E. Gonzalez, A. Ingolotti, O.G. Manessi, M. Margulis, S.E. Plato, and R. Sanz

Evaluation of Several Early Season Thrips Management Approaches for Texas High Plains Cotton

James F. Leser and Monti R. Vandiver

Development of Antibodies for Detection of the Cotton Aphid Fungus, Neozygites fresenii

Walter Bliss, Barbara Schoedel, Murali Bandla, Willye Bryan, and Don Steinkraus

Stink Bug Management

Jeremy K. Greene

A Review of the Inheritance of Insecticide Resistance by the Tobacco Budworm (Noctuidae: Lepidoptera)

Dan A. Wolfenbarger and A.C. Bartlett

Efficacy of an Insect Growth Regulator and an Insecticide Against the Silverleaf Whitefly on Cotton

Dan A. Wolfenbarger

Factors Affecting Economic Benefit Derived from Using Insecticides to Control Bollworm, Helicoverpa zea (Boddie)/Tobacco Budworm, Heliothis virescens (F.), in Oklahoma 1976-1990

Miles A. Karner, Richard Price, and D.A. Wolfenbarger

Response to Insecticides by Four Crosses of Beet Armyworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) Strains from North America

D.A. Wolfenbarger and D.J. Wolfenbarger

Cross and Multiple Resistance and Selection for Response to Insecticides by Beet Armyworm Strains from Mexico and Guatemala

D.A. Wolfenbarger and D.J. Wolfenbarger

Genomics of Digestion of the Cabbage Looper, Trichoplusia ni

Deborah M. Thompson, Joanna R. Carlson, Sayed M. Khalil, Matthew B. Vanderherchen, Douglas D. Anspaugh, and R. Michael Roe

Cotton Physiology Conference

Physiological Limitations to Cotton Production on the High Plains of Texas

J.J. Burke

Embryo Development in Bolls Exhibiting the "Hollow Seed" Syndrome in South Carolina

J.R. Mauney and J. McD. Stewart

Variability in Cotton Yield Components as Related to Cultivar and Population Density

Craig W. Bednarz, O. Lloyd May, and Robert L. Nichols

Impact of K Fertilization on Reniform Nematode Populations in Cotton

William T. Pettigrew, William R. Meredith, Jr., and Lawrence D. Young

CGA-362622 Reduces Growth and Photosynthesis of Goosegrass

I.C. Burke and J.W. Wilcut

Influence of Pyrithiobac, CGA 362622, and Mepiquat Chloride Combinations on NC Cotton Growth and Development

Shaun N. Casteel, Russell Nuti, Ryan Viator, Keith Edmisten, Randy Wells, and John Wilcut

Cotton Response to Over-the-Top Envoke® Application

S.M. Hoffman and J.T. Cothren

Evaluation of Different Rates and Timing of Glyphosate Over-the-Top Application on Roundup Ready® Cotton

Ramon F. Mery, J. Tom Cothren, Ty K. Witten, and Byron L. Burson

The Effects of Off-Label Glyphosate Applications on Square and Boll Retention in Roundup Ready Cotton

Jason C. Sanders, Daniel B. Reynolds, Nathan W. Buehring, and David G. Wilson

Do Phosphate-Based Insecticides Influence Cotton Growth and Yield?

Chris A. Hundley, J.T. Cothren, and H.R. Smith

Analysis of UNR and Conventionally Spaced Cotton Yield at Varying Nitrogen Fertilizer Rates

E.L. Clawson, J.T. Cothren, and J.L. Satterwhite

Comparative Growth of Obsolete and Modern Cotton Cultivars: Yield, Fiber Quality and Carbohydrate Dynamics

R.P. Viator, R.C. Nuti, S. Casteel, R. Wells, and K. Edmisten

Pre-Conditioning Effects on Boll Opening, Defoliation, Fiber Quality, and Yield

D.D. Fromme, J.T. Cothren, R.G. Lemon, T.K. Witten, and D.J. Pigg

COTMAN Evaluation of New Cotton Cultivars in the Texas High Plains

Jason Jarrell, Greta Schuster, Randy Boman, and Mark Kelley

Characterization of Harvest by Heat Unit Accumulation

T.K. Witten and J.T. Cothren

Modification of a Bacterial Chitosanase Gene for Plant Expression and Enhancement of Antifungal Defense Responses

Bill Hendrix and J.McD. Stewart

Duration of Bacterial Survival on Cotton Leaf Surfaces

Russell Nuti, Ryan Viator, Shaun Casteel, Keith Edmisten, Randy Wells, and Art Wollum

Management Strategies for Dryland Cotton Production in West Texas

Wes Ralston, Dan Krieg, and Thomas Gerik

Physiological Assessment of Foliar Trimax® Treatments on Cotton

Leah Wall, J.T. Cothren, and T.K. Witten

Developmental Responses of Cotton Genotypes as Affected by Water Application Regimes

C.L. West-Emerson, D.R. Krieg, B.L. McMichael, and G. Jividen

Genetic Variability for Water Use Efficiency

Randy Cook, Dan Krieg, and Wes Ralston

Remote Sensing for Site-Specific Management of Biotic and Abiotic Stress in Cotton

Nyland Falkenberg, Giovanni Piccinni, M.K. Owens, and Tom Cothren

Use of Multispectral Imagery for Variable Rate "Application Zone" Identification in Cotton Production

Tim Sharp, Andre Salvador, and Fabio H.R. Baio

Relationships Between NDVI and Plant Physical Measurements

Tim Sharp, Fabio H.R. Baio, and Andre Salvador

Effect of Planting Date and Cultivar on Yield and Fiber Properties of Irrigated Cotton

Philip J. Bauer, James R. Frederick, David D. McAlister, III, and Mitchell E. Roof

Evaluations of Skip-Cotton in Georgia

Philip Jost, Steve M. Brown, Don Shurley, Richard McDaniel, and Bob McNeill

Skip-Row Cotton Response to Mepiquat Chloride with Bacillus cereus

C.O. Gwathmey, C.C. Craig, Jr., and W.W. Harris

Evaluation of Twin-Line Cotton Production in Arizona — 2002

Stephen H. Husman, William B. McCloskey, Patrick Clay, Randy Norton, Eric Norton, Mike Rethwisch, and Kyrene White

Twin-Line per Bed Plant Population and Variety Evaluation

Stephen H. Husman, William B. McCloskey, and Kyrene White

Return on Investment of Cotton Varieties in the South Delta of Mississippi During the 2002 Growing Season

John C. Coccaro and H. Randall Smith

Response to Temperature of In-Vitro Pollen Germination and Pollen Tube Growth of Cotton Genotypes

V.G. Kakani, K. Raja Reddy, Ted Wallace, Duli Zhao, Sailaja Koti, and P.V. Vara Prasad

Cotton Fiber Maturity Variations Associated with Boll Location

Gayle Davidonis, Ann Johnson, Richard Johnson, and Travis Walker

Genotype-Related Fiber Quality Variability

Gayle Davidonis, Donald Boquet, and W. David Caldwell

Relation Between Yield Maps and Mid-Season Remote Sensing Imagery

Stephan J. Maas and Jerry Brightbill

Determining the Optimum Timing for the Final Drip Irrigation on Cotton Based on Crop Monitoring: West Texas

Stephen Biles, Chris Sansone, and Billy Warrick

Water Use Efficiency Improvement Program in Queensland's Cotton Industry

P.J. Goyne and G.T. McIntyre

Effects of Timing of Application of the Plant Growth Regulator ARYSTA-Exp-NP321 on Petiole Nitrate-Nitrogen in Cotton

C.J. Fernandez, A. Diaz-Delgado, and W.A. Harper

Genetic Variability for Early Season Root System Development

B.L. McMichael and John Burke

Germin-Like Proteins: What is Their Role in Fiber Development?

Hee Jin Kim, Barbara A. Triplett, and Tom C. Pesacreta

Cotton Growth, Yield, and Canopy Hyperspectral Reflectance as Affected by Nitrogen Application

Duli Zhao, K.R. Reddy, V.G. Kakani, S. Koti, and J.J. Read

Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide Interaction on Cotton Growth and Development

Koti Sailaja, K. Raja Reddy, and V.R. Reddy

Absorption, Translocation and Metabolism of Orthene® in Cotton

Gregory E. MacDonald, Robert Querns, and John V. Altom

Examination of Glyphosate as a Novel Marker for Photoassimilate Distribution in Mature Glyphosate-Resistant Cotton

Paul C.C. Feng, Minhtien Tran, R. Douglas Sammons, and Tommy Chiu

Last Effective Boll Population Studies

C. Owen Gwathmey, Keith L. Edmisten, and Ryan P. Viator

Image-Based, Variable Rate Plant Growth Regulator Application in Cotton at Sheely Farms in California

Matthew Bethel, Tim Gress, Susan White, Jim Johnson, Ted Sheely, Bruce Roberts, Nahum Gat, Gordon Scriven, Gina Hagglund, Mechel Paggi, and Nick Groenenberg

Image-Based Site-Specific Plant Growth Regulator (SSPGR) Applications at Perthshire Farms

David Lewis, Jon Fridgen, Jim Johnson, and Ken Hood

Pix Effects on the Growth and Development of DP 555 BG/RR in Central Texas

Doug Pustejovsky and Dave Albers

Evaluation of Pentia® as a Cotton Plant Growth Regulator on DP 555 BG/RR

John C. Coccaro, H. William McCarty, Alvin Rhodes, and H.R. Smith

Pentia® (BAS 130): Next Generation Plant Growth Regulator for Enhanced Growth Control, Boll Retention and Cotton Lint Yield

G.S. Stapleton and J.D. Via

Photosynthetic Carbon Metabolism in Cotton Plants

A. Abdullaev, Z.N. Abdurakhmanova, and B.B. Djumaev

Development of Common Language to Allow Technical Exchange among Crop Models Users

Pascal Clouvel, Pierre Martin, Jérémie Lecoeur, and Rabi H. Mohtar

Temperature Response of Upland Cotton

John M. Green and F. Linwood Roberts

Efficacy of Glufosinate-Ammonium: A Beltwide Summary

J.M. Rosemond, J.W. Sanderson, L.S. Hall, S.S. Hand, S.B. Garris, G.L. Schwarzlose, W.R. Perkins, and M.H. Ehlhardt

Use of Individual Internode Distance as a Measure of Seasonal Growth

Tom Kerby, Kevin Howard, Ken Lege, Dave Albers and Tom Speed

Use of Remotely Sensed Imagery for Variable Rate Application of Cotton Defoliants

J.J. Fridgen, M.D. Lewis, D.B. Reynolds, and K.B. Hood

Phospholipid Involvement in the NaCl-Induced Up-Regulation of Antioxidant Enzyme Activity

Dalton R. Gossett, Phillip Cole, Stephen W. Banks, and M. Cran Lucas

A Role for Superoxide in the NaCl-Induced Up-Regulation of Antioxidant Enzyme Activity

Stephen W. Banks, Rocky W. Fowler, Dalton R. Gossett, and M. Cran Lucas

The Effect of Polymer Seed Coatings on Seed Quality Ratings

Daniel B. Olivier, David Becker, Norman Hopper, and Tom Wedegaertner

Laboratory Spray Method for Detecting the BXN® Trait in Cotton Seedlings

Virginia R. Jeanes, Jon D. Lehman, Anthony G. Brown, Dennis A. Berkey, Bryan R. Savoy, Paul G. Johnson

Dryland Cropping Systems to Enhance Soil Moisture Capture and Water-Use Efficiency in Cotton

John W. Sij, Jason P. Ott, Todd A. Baughman, David Bordovsky, and Brian L.S. Olson

Effects of Interseeded Small Grains on Dryland Cotton Performance

T.A. Baughman, J.W. Keeling, J.C. Reed, J.D. Everitt, and J.W. Sij

The Dynamics of Dry Matter Partitioning in the Cotton Boll of Modern and Obsolete Cultivars

R.S. Brown, D.M. Oosterhuis, D.L. Coker, and M. Arevalo

Yield Response of Irrigated Cotton to Rate of Application of the Plant Growth Regulator ARYSTA EXP-NP321

C.J. Fernandez, W.A. Harper, and A. Diaz-Delgado

Yield Response of Dryland Cotton to Rate and Timing of Application of the Plant Growth Regulator Promote 125

C.J. Fernandez, W.A. Harper, and A. Diaz-Delgado

Increased Efficacy of Bt Cotton with ARYSTA EXP-NP321

Derrick Oosterhuis, Scott Brown, James Lackey, and Terry Littlefield

Effects of TRIMAX® on the Physiology, Growth and Yield of Cotton

D.M. Oosterhuis and R.S. Brown

The Cotton Leaf Cuticle and Absorption of Foliar-Applied Chemicals

Derrick Oosterhuis and Dennis Coker

Effect of Soil and Foliar-Applied Boron on the Physiology and Yield of Cotton under Two Nitrogen Regimes

R.S. Brown, D.M. Oosterhuis, D. Zhao, and D.L. Coker

Effect of Night Temperatures on Boll Growth and Yield

Milenka Arevalo, Derrick Oosterhuis, Dennis Coker, and Scott Brown

Defining the Potassium Requirements of Cotton Varieties

Michael A. Jones and James C. Camberato

Evaluating the Need for Foliar N Based on Field Testing, Soil N Rates, and Foliar N Sources

Michael Kenty, Jim Thomas, J.C. Banks, Shane Osborne, Tom Blythe, Normie Buehring, M.P. Harrison, Charlie Burmester, Jim Camberato, David Dunn, William Stevens, Keith Edminsten, Cary Green, Steve Hague, A.M. Stewart, Glen Harris, Merrit Holman, D.D. Howard, Brad Lewis, John Matocha, James McConnell, and Mohammed Zerkoune

Cardy Meter, an Effective Tool for Quick Assessment of Cotton N and K Levels

Michael M. Kenty, James M. Thomas, J.C. Banks, Normie Buehring, Robert R. Dobbs, Mark P. Harrison, David Dunn, William E. Stevens, Cary J. Green, Brad Lewis, James McConnell, and Donald D. Howard

Comparison of SPAD-502 Chlorophyll Meter and Cardy NO3 Meter with Traditional Methods of Determining Plant Nitrogen Status

David J. Dunn, William E. Stevens, D.D. Howard, Tom Blythe, and Michael M. Kenty

County Based Early Warning Program for Micronaire Estimation Utilizing the Hal Lewis Procedure for Predicting Field Micronaire

Brian Weatherford and W.C. Robertson

Effects of Bacillus cereus on Cotton Growth and Yield

Derrick Oosterhuis and Joe Hickey

Evaluation of PGRs Using COTMAN

W.C. Robertson and Brian Weatherford

Evaluation of Messenger in Cotton

W.C. Robertson and Brian Weatherford

Defoliation Timing Based on Heat Units Beyond Cutout

W.C. Robertson, Brian Weatherford, and Ray Benson

Post Cutout Applications of Glyphosate Reduces Reproductive Growth and Yield

R.P. Viator, W.E. Thomas, J.W. Wilcut, K.L. Edmisten, and R. Wells

Harvest Delay Effects on Machine Stripped Cotton Yield and Quality

Stewart R. Duncan, Scott A. Staggenborg, and William F. Heer

Efficacy of Aim 2EC (Carfentrazone) as a Cotton Harvest Aid in Texas

Mark Kelley, Randy Boman, Todd Baughman, and Robert Lemon

Evaluation of Remote Sensing for Plant Growth Regulator and Defoliant Applications

J.E. Hanks, G.D. Wills, and E.J. Jones

Adjuvant and Nozzle Effects on Cotton Defoliants

Patrick M. McMullan and James M. Thomas, III

Effect of Selected Drift Control Agents on the Efficacy of Def®-6 plus Prep® Defoliant Mixtures

E.J. Jones, G.D. Wills, J.E. Hanks, and R.E. Mack

Effect of Selected Adjuvants on the Efficacy of Def®-6 plus Prep® Defoliant Mixtures

G.D. Wills, E.J. Jones, J.E. Hanks, and R. E. Mack

Comparative Expression among Cotton Cultivars of Selected Genes Associated with Water-Stress Deficit

Cassandra Meek, J. McD. Stewart, D.M. Oosterhuis, and B. de los Reyes

Physiological Responses of Cotton to Water Deficit Stress and Potassium Nutrition

D.L. Coker, D.M. Oosterhuis, and R.S. Brown

Microclimate of Dry Cotton Production Systems

J.L. Duesterhaus and S.J. Maas

Screening Cotton Germplasm for Variation in Water Use Efficiency and Epidermal Conductance

David A. Fish and Hugh J. Earl

An Antisense-Derived Culitivar has Smaller Glands and Low Gossypol but Lacks the Expected T-DNA

C. Magill, C.R. Benedict, G.S. Martin, J. Liu, and L. Puckhaber

The Influence of Light on In Vitro Cotton Fiber Development

Barbara A. Triplett, Jheri Dupart, Damicca S. Johnson, and Michael Kasperbauer

Evaluation of Pentia® as a Cotton Plant Growth Regulator on DP 555 BG/RR

John C. Coccaro, H. William McCarty, Alvin Rhodes, H.R. Smith

Early Leaf Loss, Leaf Removal Impacts on Upland Cotton Growth and Yield

Robert B. Hutmacher, Mark P. Keeley, Raul L. Delgado, and Susan S. Vail

Physiological Strategy in Cotton Breeding

Kh.A. Abdullaev, Kh.Kh. Karimov, and A. Abdullaev

Cotton Quality Measurements Conference

Detection of Sticky Cotton via Release of Volatile Compounds

Gary R. Gamble

Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) Micro-Spectroscopy Analysis of Sticky Cotton Yarns

N. Abidi and E.F. Hequet

High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) Analysis of High Speed Stickiness Detector (H2SD) Sticky Deposits

E.F. Hequet and N. Abidi

Confirmation of Length Effect on HVI Cotton Fiber Strength Measurement

Jean-Paul Gourlot, Marc Renner, Gérard Gawrysiak, Serge Lassus, and Jean-Charles Nieweadomski

Image Analysis of the Cross-Sections of Cotton Fibers on a Reference Set of Cottons

E.F. Hequet and B. Wyatt

Improved FMT Precision with New Sample Insertion Technique

Joseph Montalvo and Terri Von Hoven

True Short Fiber Content: Complete Fiber Length Distributions from Tapered Beards

Yupeng Zhang, C. Kyle Shofner, and Frederick M. Shofner

Interaction Between Cotton Fiber Characteristics and Spinning Process: Conventional vs. Compact Ring Spinning

Mourad Krifa and Eric Hequet

Preparation and Handling of Cotton Samples for Color Measurement

Helen H. Epps

Mantis, HVI and Spinning: Some Preliminary Results

Jean-Paul Gourlot, Richard Frydrych, Marc Renner, Michel Giner, Sébastien Guérinot, Jean-Charles Nieweadomski, Chantal Brunissen, Michèle Vialle, Philippe Francalanci, and Serge Lassus

Microbial Activity of Stored Cotton Bales that had been Baled at Different Moisture Levels

David T.W. Chun, David D. McAlister, and Dean Cobb

Small Trash Identification in Cotton

Jonn Foulk, David McAlister, David Himmelsbach, and Ed Hughs

Effect of Textile Treatments on White Speck Counts in Dyed Yarn

J.L. Simonton, M.G. Beruvides, P. Z. Altintas, and K. Kang

The Impact of Cotton Fiber Wax, Metals and Other Naturally Occuring Noncellulosic Materials on Yarn Processing Properties

Donald E. Brushwood

Harvest Timing, Bur Extracting and Weathering Effects on Cotton Fiber and Yarn Quality

E.F. Hequet, R. Boman, M. Kelley, and A. Brashears

Fabric Comfort: New Measurement Techniques

Yehia Mogahzy, Fatma Selcen Kilinc, Mounir Hassan, and Assad Mohamed

Cotton Soil Management and Plant Nutrition Conference

Effect of Site-Specific Tillage on Draft Requirements and Cotton Yield

Randy L. Raper, D. Wayne Reeves, J. Shaw, E. van Santen, P. Mask, and Tony E. Grift

Spatial Variation of Cotton Yield: Influence of Soil Management and Terrain Attributes

J.A. Terra, D.W. Reeves, J.N. Shaw, E. van Santen, P.L. Mask, and R.L. Raper

Cover Crop Effects on Limited-Irrigation Cotton Grown on a Coastal Plain Soil

Harry Schomberg, Richard McDaniel, and Miguel Cabrera

Effect of Temperature and Water Quality on Nitrogen Loss from Arizona Irrigation Waters

E. Randall Norton and Jeffrey C. Silvertooth

No-Till Cotton Response to Planting Date

D.J. Boquet, J. Caylor, and C. Shivers

Managing Nitrogen for Cotton in a High-Residue Conservation Tillage System

M.S. Reiter, C.H. Burmester, and D.W. Reeves

Cotton Response to Tillage when Grown on a Compacted Soil with Subsurface Drip Irrigation

Philip J. Bauer, Warren J. Busscher, and Carl R. Camp

Integrating Livestock in Cotton Production in the Coastal Plain: Influence of Winter Pasture and Tillage

G. Siri-Prieto, D. Bransby, D.W. Reeves, R.L. Raper, and B.E. Gamble

Cotton Wilt Syndrome Hits California Cotton Industry?

Robert B. Hutmacher, Herman Meister, Michael Rethwisch, Steve Wright, Ron Vargas, Bruce Roberts, R. Michael Davis, Mark Keeley, and Raul Delgado

Fertilizing and Liming Conservation Tillage Cotton in Georgia

Glen Harris

Liming Materials on a Low pH Cotton Field

Gene Stevens, David Dunn, and Tina Gladbach

Cotton/Corn Rotations in the Mid-South — Historical Review

M. Wayne Ebelhar and Joseph O. Ware

Interaction of N and K Fertilization in Cotton/Corn Rotations

M. Wayne Ebelhar, Joseph O. Ware, and H.C. Pringle, III

New Changes Produce Record Yields on "Old Rotation"

C.C. Mitchell, D. Delaney, and D.W. Reeves

Management of Hardlock in Cotton in the Southeast

David L. Wright, James J. Marois, Matthew A. Vargas, and Pawel J. Wiatrak

Foliar Fertilizers in Cotton Production

Daniel F. Fowler, K.L. Edmisten, and R. Wells

Location of Potassium-Fixing Soils in the San Joaquin Valley and a Practical Soil K Test Procedure

Brian Marsh, Stuart Pettygrove, Randall Southard, Mariya Meese, Craig Rasmussen, Donald McGahan, Jiayou Deng, Bruce Roberts, Dan Munk, and Steve Wright

Broiler Litter Use with Conservation Tillage on Dothan Sandy Loam Soils

William Birdsong and Charles Mitchell

Nutrient Movement under Long-Term Broiler Litter Fertilization

C.C. Mitchell and W.C. Birdsong

Effects of Broiler Litter and Gin Trash on Black Root of Cotton

Gary J. Gascho and Glendon H. Harris

Effects of Nitrogen and Potassium Stress on Yield and Fiber Quality in Potted Plants

John J. Read, James M. McKinion, K. Raja Reddy, and Lee Tarpley

Response of Modern Cotton Varieties to Mid-Season Potassium Fertilization

Bobby Phipps, Gene Stevens, David Dunn, and Andrea Phillips

Soil Carbon and Nitrogen in Cotton Plots under Conservation Tillage and Poultry Litter

Macandol A. Parker, Ermson Z. Nyakatawa, Chandra K. Reddy, and Donald W. Reeves

Broiler Litter as a Substitute N Source for Cotton in Mississippi Uplands

J.R. Johnson, J.R. Saunders, and R.F. Cullum

Supplementing Poultry Litter with Inorganic Nitrogen for Cotton

H. Tewolde, D.E. Rowe, A. Adeli, K.R. Sistani, and J.R. Johnson

Conservation Tillage and Poultry Litter Management for Sustainable Cotton Production

Ermson Z. Nyakatawa, Chandra K. Reddy, and David A. Mays

Cotton Fiber Quality and Gross Returns for Selected Foliar CoRoN Applications

N.W. Buehring, R.R. Dobbs, M.P. Harrison, J.D. Roberts, and M.M. Kenty

Cotton Response to Selected Foliar CoRoN Applications

M.P. Harrison, N.W. Buehring, R.R. Dobbs, M.M. Kenty, and J.D. Roberts

Variety Response to Foliar Applications of Nitrogen

T.S. Osborne, J.C. Banks, L.D. Bull, C.D. Jack, and J.T. Wallace

Hydra-Hume® Products: Effects on Cotton Fertility Management

Cary J. Green, Michael M. Kenty, Jim Thomas, Tom Blythe, Normie Buehring, Mark Hararison, Charlie Burmester, Jim Camberato, David Dunn, Gene Stevens, Donald D. Howard, and A.M. Stewart

Cropping Systems, Tillage and Soil Fertility Effects on Cotton Yields

J.E. Matocha, S.G. Vacek, and M.P. Richardson

Irrigation Schedules with Saline Water Supplies — A Review

Robert P. Flynn

Foliar Fertilization of Cotton

W.C. Robertson, Leo Espinoza, and Brian Weatherford

Cotton Yield Response to Sources, Rates and Placement of P Fertilizers in Tropical Australia

Brian Duggan, Nerylie Gaff, Dhananjay Singh, Stephen Yeates, and Greg Constable

Cotton Textile Processing Conference

Study of HVI Measurements by Gin that Influence Textile Manufacturing

Clarence D. Rogers and David McAlister, III

Bale Moisture Content's Influence on Fiber Properties

Everett E. Backe

Evaluation of the Lewis Cotton Moisture Restoration System

Everett E. Backe and Dean R. Cobb

Developing Ways to Determine the Blending Performance of Multi-Component Fiber Mixtures Part I: The Analytical Approach

Yehia El Mogahzy

Effect of Washing and Drying of a Cotton Warp on its Characteristics and Weavability

A.P.S. Sawhney

Data Mining Approaches in Optimization of Combed Yarn Processing

Antonio Alberto Cabeço Silva and Maria Elisabete Cabeço Silva

A Comparison of the Tactile Properties and Thermal Comfort Characteristics of Enzyme Scoured and Caustic Scoured Fabrics

Huang Hua, P. Radhakrishnaiah, Anand Kanchagar, Nolan Etters, and A.P.S. Sawhney

Colorfastness to Crocking and Laundering of Digitally Printed Cotton Fabric

Grace N. Namwamba and Devona L. Dixon

Thermal Insulation Properties of Nonwoven Semi-Disposable Blankets from Recycled Polyester/Cotton Fibers

Val G. Yachmenev

Flame-Retardant Cotton Fabrics for the Military

G.F. Ruppenicker, A.P.S. Sawhney, L.B. Kimmel, and T.A. Calamari

Computational Exploratory Data Analysis in Cotton Spinning

Maria Elisabete Cabeço Silva and Antonio Alberto Cabeço Silva

Improved Availability and Reliability in Textile Processing

Christopher D. Delhom, Jacqueline H. Campbell, Devron P. Thibodeaux, and Timothy A. Calamari, Jr.

Reinforcement of Cotton Yarns with the Nominal Addition of High Performance Fiber

A.P.S. Sawhney, L.B. Kimmel, J.B. Price, and C. Delhom

Utilization of Brown Cottons for Enhanced Flame Retardance

Linda Kimmel, Jacqueline Campbell, Chris Delhom, Leslie White, Valeriy Yachmenev, and Ioan Negulescu

Cotton Weed Science Research Conference

Report of the 2002 Cotton Weed Loss Committee

J.D. Byrd, Jr.

Evaluating Cotton Plantback Restrictions when Applying 2,4-D, Harmony Extra, or Valor at Burndown

A. Stanley Culpepper and Alan C. York

Effectiveness of Valor Burndown Programs in Louisiana

S.T. Kelly, T.B. McKnight, D.K. Miller, and P.R. Vidrine

Glyphosate-Resistant Horseweed Story: A Real Nightmare

Robert M. Hayes, Thomas C. Mueller, and C. Chism Craig

ENVOKE®: Cotton Tolerance and Yield

S.M. Schraer, H.S. McLean, J.C. Holloway, C.A.S. Pearson, and C. Foresman

Suprend®, A Post Directed Herbicide for Cotton

J.C. Holloway, Jr., M. Schraer, C.A.S. Pearson, C. Foresman, and H.S. McLean

Efficacy of Glufosinate-Ammonium: A Beltwide Summary

J.M. Rosemond, J.W. Sanderson, L.S. Hall, S.S. Hand, S.B. Garris, G.L. Schwarzlose, W.R. Perkins, and M.H. Ehlhardt

Palmer Amaranth Control Programs

Andy Kendig, Robert Cobill, Britton Hinklin, and Paula Ezell

Two Pass Weed Control in Missouri Cotton Production

R.M. Cobill, J.A. Kendig, B.A. Hinklin, and P.M. Ezell

Response of Non-Roundup Ready Cotton to Simulated Drift Rates of Roundup Ultramax

L.L. Lyon, J.W. Keeling, T.A. Baughman, T.S. Osborne, and P.A. Dotray

Influence of Late Glyphosate Applications in Narrow Row Cotton

Steve P. Nichols and Charles E. Snipes

Physiological and Morphological Response of Glyphosate-Resistant and Non-Glyphosate-Resistant Cotton Seedlings to Root-Absorbed Glyphosate

John W. Wilcut, Keith L. Edmisten, Randy Wells, and Wendy A. Pline

The Influence of Over-the-Top and Post-Directed Applications of Roundup® Agricultural Herbicide on Yield and Fruit Retention in Roundup Ready® Cotton

Robert A. Ihrig, Robert F. Montgomery, and Robert M. Hayes

Glyphosate-Resistant EPSPS Expression in Microspores and Tapetum Cells Provides Reproductive Tolerance in Roundup Ready® Flex Cotton

Yun-Chia Sophia Chen, Christopher Hubmeier, Minhtien Tran, Amy Martens, and R. Eric Cerny

Tolerance and Weed Management in Roundup Ready Flex Cotton

J.W. Keeling, T.A. Baughman, J.D. Everitt, L.L. Lyon, and P.A. Dotray

2002 Results of Roundup Ready® Flex Cotton Trials

Amy Martens, Jesse Hart, Bernard Sammons, Eric Cerny, Scott Huber, and Mark Oppenhuizen

Weed Management in Roundup Ready® Flex Cotton

Kent A. Croon, R. Ihrig, C.B. Coots, D. Pitts, D. Haines, L. Hawf, C. Corkern, A. Mills, R. Montgomery, L. Ganann, D. Jost, and S. Murdock

Site-Specific Herbicide (SSH) for Redvine Control in Cotton

Kevin DiCrispino and Ken Hood

Weed Control in Glufosinate-Tolerant Cotton

Edward C. Murdock, Michael A. Jones, and Ryan F. Graham

Weed Management in Central and South Texas Liberty Link® Cotton Systems

P.A. Baumann, R.G. Lemon, F.T. Moore, D.J. Pigg, M.E. Matocha, and L.M. Etheredge

A Beltwide Regional Economic Assessment of Weed Management Systems in Non-Transgenic and Transgenic Cotton

J.W. Wilcut, R.M. Hayes, R.L. Nichols, S.B. Clewis, J. Summerlin, D.K. Miller, A. Kendig, J.M. Chandler, D.C. Bridges, B. Brecke, C.E. Snipes, and S.M. Brown

Glyphosate Combinations for Layby Weed Control in Cotton

William K. Vencill

Palmer Amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) and Devil's-Claw (Proboscidea louisianica) Control with Staple/Glyphosate Combinations in Roundup Ready® Cotton

J.D. Everitt, J.W. Keeling, L.L. Lyon, and P.A. Dotray

Utilizing Aim Herbicide in Cotton Production Systems

T.I. Crumby, H.R. Mitchell, and J.P. Reed

Using Post-Directed Herbicides, Aim, Envoke and Valor, Alone and in Tank Mixtures with Glyphosate for Broadleaf Weed Control in Arizona Cotton

William B. McCloskey

Tolerance of Cotton to Flumioxazin (Valor)

William K. Vencill and Jason A. Ferrell

Roundup Ready Cotton Tolerance to Various Glyphosate Formulations

Nathan W. Buehring, Daniel B. Reynolds, David G. Wilson, Normie W. Buehring, Jason C. Sanders, and L. Thomas Barber

CGA 362622, Cotoran and Staple Systems for Weed Control in Cotton

Bridget L. Robinson, Ian C. Burke, Walter E. Thomas, Scott B. Clewis, and John W. Wilcut

Real-Time Site-Specific Weed Management in Cotton: Ecomonic Evaluation and Weed Spatial Distribution

I.C. Burke, W.E. Thomas, S.B. Clewis, J.W. Wilcut, F.H. Moody, and J.B. Wilkerson

Pest Control Costs and Returns in Conventional and Transgenic Cotton Management Systems

Russell Nuti, Alan York, Jack Bacheler, and Keith Edmisten

Trifloxysulfuron and Prometryn Tankmix Combinations in Post-Directed Weed Control Programs

Matthew T. Kirkpatrick, L. Thomas Barber, Nathan W. Buehring, and Daniel B. Reynolds

Yield and Physiological Response of Non-Transgenic Cotton to Roundup Ultramax Drift

Walter E. Thomas, Ian C. Burke, Bridget L. Robinson, Wendy A. Pline, John W. Wilcut, and Keith L. Edmisten

Yield and Fruiting Behavior of Roundup Ready® Flex Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) in Ten Environments in 2001

O.L. May, A.S. Culpepper, B.G. Mullinix, Jr., R.E. Cerny, K.A. Croon, K.L. Ferreira, J.L. Hart, S.A. Huber, A.B. Martens, M.E. Oppenhuizen, C.B. Coots, C.B. Corkern, J.T. Cothren, T.K. Witten, R.M. Hayes, W.B. McCloskey, M.G. Patterson, D.B. Reynolds, Z.W. Shappley, J. Subramani, and A.C. York

Weed Management with Dual Magnum and Glyphosate Combinations in Cotton

Scott B. Clewis and John W. Wilcut

Weed Population Dynamics under Glyphosate-Resistant Cotton Cropping Systems

Wilson H. Faircloth and Michael G. Patterson

Evaluation of Post-Directed Alternatives in Roundup Ready Cotton

Lon T. Barber, Daniel B. Reynolds, Jason C. Sanders, and Nathan W. Buehring

Crop Safety and Weed Control as Influenced by Glyphosate Formulations

Frank E. Groves and Kenneth L. Smith

Weed Control with a Light Activated Sprayer on the Texas High Plains

D. Alan Peters, Peter A. Dotray, and J. Wayne Keeling

Annual and Perennial Weed Control in Liberty Link Cotton

Brent Burns, Peter Dotray, Wayne Keeling, and Russ Perkins

Cotton Tolerance to Tank-Mixture Combinations of Envoke and Foliar Insecticides

David G. Wilson, Daniel B. Reynolds, L. Thomas Barber, and Jason C. Sanders

Site-Specific Herbicide, Growth Regulator, and Defoliant Applications in Cotton

Jason C. Sanders, Daniel B. Reynolds, Charles G. O'Hara, and L. Thomas Barber

Efficacy of Trifloxysulfuron-Sodium (Envoke®) in BXN® and Roundup Ready® Cotton Systems

J.L. Alford and R.M. Hayes

Postemergence Morningglory Control Programs in Oklahoma Cotton Utilizing Aim

T.S. Osborne and J.C. Banks

Managing Large Pitted Morningglory (Ipomoea lacunosa) in Roundup-Ready® Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) with Lay-By Herbicides

S. Gibbs Wilson, Jr. and A. Stanley Culpepper

Low Rates of Roundup® for Weed Control in Roundup Ready® Cotton

Harold R. Hurst and James T. Robbins

Assessment of Cadre® Carryover to Cotton in South Georgia

Will Duffie and Eric Prostko

Effects of Simulated Drift of Glyphosate, Propanil, and 2,4-D on Cotton

W.C. Robertson and Brian Weatherford

Two-Year Assessment of 2,4-D Preplant Intervals in Cotton

P. Roy Vidrine, S.T. Kelly, D.K. Miller, E.P. Millhollon, A.M. Stewart, P.A. Dotray, J.W. Keeling, W.J. Grichar, C.B. Guy, R.M. Hayes, J.A. Kendig, C.E. Snipes, D.B Reynolds, C.H. Tingle, A.C. York, J.W. Wilcut, Barry Brecke, D.S. Murray, J.C. Banks, E.C. Murdock, J.M. Chandler, K.L. Smith, M.G. Patterson, A.S. Culpepper, M.M. Kenty, and J. Thomas

Weathermax® (MON78270) Tank-Mix Partners in Roundup Ready® Cotton

Oscar C. Sparks, Jim L. Barrentine, and Marilyn R. McClelland

Evaluation of Envoke/Insecticide Combinations for Broadleaf Weed and Thrips Control

D.K. Miller, R.G. Downer, E. Burris, R.W. Costello, D.R. Lee, K. Sanders, and J.W. Wilcut

Effect of Over-the-Top and Postemergence Directed Applications of Envoke on Cotton Growth and Yield

D.K. Miller, P.R. Vidrine, S.T. Kelly, and D.R. Lee

Evaluation of Suprend for Weed Control in Cotton

D.R. Lee, D.K. Miller, P.R. Vidrine, and S.T. Kelly

Marestail Control in Northeast Louisiana with Gramoxone Max Tankmix Combinations

D.R. Lee, D.K. Miller, and S.T. Kelly

Cotton Nonwovens Conference

Carboxymethylated Cotton Dressings

D.V. Parikh, T.A. Calamari, J.D. Berndsen, and Ioan Negulescu

Thermal Insulation Properties of Nonwoven Semi-Disposable Blankets from Recycled Polyester/Cotton Fibers

Val G. Yachmenev

FR Cotton Nonwovens as Flame Barrier for Mattresses

D.V. Parikh and T.A. Calamari

Thermal Conductivity of Nonwovens made of Natural Fibers

Oldrich Jirsak and Klara Kalinova

Investigation of Possibility of Fiber Splitting of Bicomponent Meltblown Fibers by Hydroentanglement

Christine (Qin) Sun, Dong Zhang, and Yanbo Liu

Instrumental Method of Grading Cosmetic Nonwoven Softness

Y. Chen, I. Negulescu, D.V. Parikh, and T.A. Calamari

Evaluation of the Surface Mechanical Properties of Cotton Based Thermal Bonded Nonwovens Using a New Methodology

S.S. Ramkumar, R. Mahmud, A.S. Umrani, L. Shastri, R.W. Tock, and G. Bhat

Influence of Nonwoven Lining Materials on the Performance Properties of Assembled Apparel Fabrics

P. Radhakrishnaiah

Acoustical Properties of Nonwoven Fabrics

E.A. Vaughn, R.J. Boston, and M. Tascan

Comparison of Different Air Gap/Setback of Dietip on Reifenhäuser Bicomponent Meltblown Line

Dong Zhang, Christine (Qin) Sun, and Yanbo Liu

Preparation and Properties of Cotton-Eastar Biodegradable/Compostable Nonwovens

Haoming Rong and Gajanan S. Bhat

Microscopic Methods Adapted for Studies of Nonwoven Products

W.R. Goynes and D.V. Parikh

Porosity and its Characterization in Nonwovens

B.S. Gupta

Design, Preparation, and Activity of Cotton-Based Wound Dressings for Chronic Wounds

J. Vincent Edwards, Alvin Bopp, Dorne R. Yager, I. Kelman Cohen, and Robert F. Diegelmann

Processing, Applications and New Developments of Natural Fiber

Dieter H. Mueller and Andreas Krobjilowski

Fundamental Studies on the Performance of H1 Needlepunching Technology and Properties of Nonwoven Substrates

S.S. Ramkumar, C. Roedel, S. Chinnasami, A. Umrani, and L. Shastri

Lyocell Stabilized Cotton Nonwoven Composites

Ioan I. Negulescu, Jonathan Chen, Ovidiu I. Chiparus, Xiaoqun Zhang, Mihaela Cucu, Jacquelene Robeck, Dharnidhar V. Parikh, and Valeriy G. Yachmenev

Joint: Cotton Ginning/Cotton Engineering Conferences

Revised Design of the Total Suspended Particulate (TSP) Sampler

Cale Boriack, L. Barry Goodrich, Calvin B. Parnell, Jr., Saqib Mukhtar, Bryan Shaw, and Ron Lacey

PM2.5 Sampler Errors Due to the Interaction of Particle Size and Sampler Performance Characteristics

Michael D. Buser, Calvin B. Parnell, Jr., Ronald E. Lacey, and Bryan W. Shaw

The Fritz-Texas A&M Dispersion Model Development and Comparative Modeling with ISC3 and AERMOD

Bradley K. Fritz, Bryan W. Shaw, and Calvin B. Parnell, Jr.

Evaluation of the Use of the Box Model to Determine Emission Fluxes from Area Sources and the Corresponding Modeled Concentrations Using the Industrial Source Complex

L. Barry Goodrich, Calvin B. Parnell, Jr., Ronald E. Lacey, Saqib Mukhtar, and Bryan W. Shaw

Evaluation of PM10 Pre-Separator for Low-Volume Sampling

Lingjuan Wang, John D. Wanjura, Todd E. Stiggins, Calvin B. Parnell, Jr., Ronald E. Lacy, and Bryan W. Shaw

Comparison of Particle Sizing Methods for Measurement of Air Emissions from Agricultural Operations

Shay L. Simpson, Calvin B. Parnell, Jr., and Bryan W. Shaw

Errors Associated with Time Average Concentrations in Gaussian Modeling

Todd E. Stiggins, Calvin B Parnell, Jr., Ronald E. Lacy, and Bryan W. Shaw

The Design and Evaluation of a Low-Volume Total Suspended Particulate Sampler

John D. Wanjura, Calvin B. Parnell, Jr., Bryan W. Shaw, and Ronald E. Lacey

Automated Classing System: Status of First Year of Production

Steve Grantham and Morgan Jones

Classing Data on the Internet

Ronald F. Robbins

Changes in Cotton Standardization

James L. Knowlton

Evaluation of HVI Measurements by Gin Points

Clarence D. Rogers and David McAlister, III

Fiber Property Measurements as Affected by Sample Conditioning Systems

Andrew G. Jordan, Harrison Ashley, and Dale Thompson

Pink Bollworm Pheromone Dispenser Harvest Losses

Paul A. Funk, Carlos B. Armijo, and Brad E. Lewis

Gin-Based Classing: First Steps

Kipp W. Julius, C. Kyle Shofner, and Frederick M. Shofner

Quality of Spindle-Picked Cotton

Kevin D. Baker, S. Ed Hughs, and James Mackey

Methane from Gin and Dairy Wastes

Paul A. Funk, Carlos B. Armijo, Adrian T. Hanson, Zohrab A. Samani, Geoffrey B. Smith, and Skye J.T. Riordan

Composting of Cotton Gin Waste for a Wholesale Nursery

John S. Cundiff

Economic Feasibility of Manufacturing Fuel Pellets from Cotton Byproducts

Greg Holt, James Simonton, Ana Maria Canto, and Mario Beruvides

The COBY Process: New Value-Added Uses of Cotton Byproducts for the Green Industry

Greg Holt, Hank Wilkinson, and Ed Lee

Thermal Defoliation

Paul A. Funk, Carlos B. Armijo, David D. McAlister, III, Alan D. Brashears, Jay S. Bancroft, Bruce A. Roberts, and Brad E. Lewis

Joint: Cotton Quality Measurements/Cotton Improvement Conferences

Genetic Sources of Fiber Strength from 1980-2000

Daryl T. Bowman and Osman A. Gutierrez

Heritability of Single Instrument and AFIS Fiber Traits in a Gossypium barbadense Cross

Richard Percy and Mauricio Ulloa

Variety Blends for Improved Fiber Quality in Tennessee

Chism Craig and Owen Gwathmey

Simultaneous Improvement of Yield and Fiber Quality

Ken E. Lege', Kevin D. Howard, Thomas A. Kerby, Don L. Keim, David W. Albers, and Tom R. Speed

Thirty-Six Years of Regional High Quality Variety Tests

William R. Meredith, Jr.

Genetic Characteristics of Cotton Varieties in Textile Variety Tests

William R. Meredith, Jr.

Implications of Pectin on Cotton Fiber Processing

Gary R. Gamble

Using AFIS to Assess Quality of Individual vs. Blended Bales

Gayle Davidonis

Effects of Location on Distributions of Fiber Quality

Devron Thibodeaux, Joseph Montalvo, Jr., Gayle Davidonis, and David McAlister

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