Jan. 5-9, San Diego, CA
C. Paul Dugger & Debbie A. Richter


51st Annual Conference Report on Cotton Insect Research and Control
D. D. Hardee and G. A. Herzog
Highlights of the 51st Annual Cotton Insect Research and Control Conference
G.A. Herzog, D.D. Hardee and M.R. Williams
Cotton Insect Losses - 1997 - Compiled for National Cotton Council
Michael R. Williams
IRAC: A Crop Protection Industry Commitment to Pest Management
Larry Hendrick
Economic Importance of Lygus Spp. in Cotton
Patricia F. O'Leary
Perspectives on Sampling for Lygus in Cotton: Applications of Quadrat-based Sampling Schemes
Jeffrey L. Willers
The Role of Biological Control in Lygus spp. Management
John R. Ruberson
The Status of Lygus Pheromone Research
John R. McLaughlin
The Role of Host Plant Resistance in Lygus Management
William R. Meredith, Jr.
Lygus Bug Management with Insecticides
Larry D. Godfrey, James Brazzle, Peter Goodell, Bruce Roberts, Ron Vargas, Bill Weir and Steve Wright
Insecticide Resistance and Synergism of Pyrethroid Toxicity in the Tarnished Plant Bug, Lygus Lineolaris
Jonathan W. Holloway, B. Rogers Leonard, James A. Ottea, J. H. Pankey, J. B. Graves and G. Snodgrass
Biology, Ecology, and Host Plants of Lygus Lineolaris and Lygus Hesperus
P.B. Goodell
Susceptibility Management of Tarnished Plant Bug in the South
R. G. Luttrell, G. L. Snodgrass and S. D. Stewart
Susceptibility Management of Lygus in the West
Peter C. Ellsworth
Cotton Insect Loss Estimates - 1997
Michael R. Williams
Bt Cotton - the Second Year - a Consultant's Perspective
Roger Carter
Large Scale Evaluation of Bollgard Resistance to Multiple Pests in North Carolina under Grower Conditions
J. S. Bacheler, D. W. Mott and D. E. Morrison
Experiences with Bt Cotton Under Light to Medium Bollworm Infestations in South Carolina
M. E. Roof and J. A. DuRant
Year Two of Bollgard Behind Boll Weevil Eradication - Alabama Observations
Ron H. Smith
Evaluation of Transgenic Bt Cotton Lines Against Heliothines in Northeast Louisiana
B. R. Leonard, J. H. Fife, K. Torrey, E. Burris and J. B. Graves
Performance of Bt Cotton in Mississippi, 1997
Blake Layton, S.D. Stewart, M.R. Williams and J.T. Reed
Yield, Insecticide Use, and Profit Changes from Adoption of Bt Cotton in the Southeast
G.A. Carlson, Michele C. Marra and Bryan J. Hubbell
Synergism and Antagonism of Mixing Some Acaricides with Jojoba Oil for Control of Spider Mite (Acari: Tetranychidae) in Egypt
F. K. El-Duweini and R. A. Sedrak
Evaluation of Predaceous Mite Releases for Spider Mite Management
Ramana G. Colfer, Jay A. Rosenheim, Larry D. Godfrey and Cynthia L. Hsu
Potassium Fertilizer Effect on Twospotted Spider Mite
F. A. Harris, G. R. Tupper, and R. E. Furr, Jr.
A Five Year Review of Lygus Efficacy and Cotton Yield Studies in Central Arizona
J. L. Pacheco
Further Studies on the Susceptibility of Lygus Hesperus Knight to Pyrethroid Insecticides
J.J. Knabke and C. A. Staetz
Control of Silverleaf Whitefly with Applaud (Buprofezin) in California and Arizona
Dale Comer, John Lublinkhof and Fred Strachan
Utility of Fulfill 50 WG for Aphid and Whitefly Management in Cotton
John P. Koenig, D. Scott Lawson, Stephen M. White and Dennis M. Dunbar
Boll Weevil Eradication - a Beltwide Prospectus
Gary Cunningham and Bill Grefenstette
Boll Weevil Eradication Update -Texas, 1997
Osama El-Lissy, Lindy Patton, Ray Frisbie, Tom Fuchs, Don Rummel, Roy Parker, Don Dipple, J.R. Coppedge, Gary Cunningham, Frank Carter, James Boston and Jack Hayes
Movement of Boll Weevils in Three Areas of Texas
J. R. Coppedge and T. M. O'Neil
Early Season Foraging Resources of Mississippi Boll Weevils
G. D. Jones, J.R. Coppedge and D. D. Hardee
Effect of Temperature and Habitat on Survival of Overwintering Boll Weevils (Anthonomus Grandis) in Arkansas
D.R. Johnson, M.P. Maret, D.W. Atwood, T.L. Singer, L.D. Page, H.B. Myers and R.W. McNew
How Do Boll Weevils Locate Overwintering Sites?
G. H. McKibben, P. A. Hedin, E. J. Villavaso, T. L. Wagner and D. A. Dollar
Evaluation of Boll Weevil Overwintering on the Texas High Plains Through Habitat Sampling
Tommy Doederlein, Brant Baugh, Greg Cronholm, Clyde Crumly, Ron Graves, Phillip Kidd, Mark Logan, Greta Schuster and Kerry Siders
Diapause Induction in Subtropical Boll Weevils
D. W. Spurgeon and J. R. Raulston
Evaluation of B.t. Cotton Deployment Strategies and Efficacy Against Pink Bollworm in Arizona
A.L. Simmons, T.J. Dennehy, B.E. Tabashnik, L. Antilla, A. Bartlett, D. Gouge and R. Staten
Factors Potentially Influencing the Survival of Helicoverpa Zea on Bollgard Cotton
J. T. Greenplate, G. P. Head, S. R. Penn and V. T. Kabuye
Bollworm (Helicoverpa Zea): Adaptation to Bt Toxin?
A. L. Lambert, J. R. Bradley, Jr., F. Gould and J. W. Van Duyn
Egg Vs. Escaped Worm Thresholds for Control of Bollworm in B.t. Cotton in South Carolina
M. J. Sullivan, S. G. Turnipseed, D. M. Robinson and J. T. Walker
Effectiveness of Selected Treatment Thresholds Against Lepidopteran Pests in Bt Cotton
John A. DuRant, Mitchell E. Roo and Gloria S. McCutcheon
Bollgard Cotton-Update and Economic Comparisons Including New Varieties
A. T. Wier, J. Walt Mullins and Jane M. Mills
Lepton HTK - a Heliothine Diagnostic Test Kit: an Update
Sen Seong Ng, Robert J. Cibulsky and Stephen C. Trowell
Lepton Kit - a Consultant's Perspective
Roger Carter
Efficacy of Early Insecticides and Their Effect on Yield and Maturity of Bt Cotton
J. T. Ruscoe, G. L. Andrews, J. B. Phelps and B. R. Savoy
Influence of Early-Season Nematicides/Insecticides on B.t. and Conventional Cottons
H. L. Crooks, J. D. Mueller and M. J. Sullivan
Consequences of Early-Season Foliar Insecticides in Cotton in South Carolina
S. G. Turnipseed and M. J. Sullivan
The Potential For Reduced Rates of Insecticides for Bollworm Control in Bt Cotton
D.S. Brickle, S. G. Turnipseed and M. J. Sullivan
Managing Secondary Pests
D. Robinson, M. Sullivan, S. Turnipseed and T. Walker
Influence of Bt Cotton on Beneficial Arthropod Populations
N. B. Van Tol and G. L. Lentz
Bt Resistance Monitoring of Tobacco Budworm and Cotton Bollworm in Alabama Cotton: Let's Get Everyone Involved!
W. J. Moar, R. H. Smith and R. Weeks
Mid-Season Cotton Aphid Infestations in California: Effects on Cotton Yield
Larry D. Godfrey and James P. Wood
Impact of Cotton Aphid on Lint Yield
G. L. Lentz and N. B. Van Tol
Integrating Biological Control with Selective Insecticides for Environmentally Sound Management of Cotton Aphids
Lenny Wells, Robert M. McPherson, John R. Ruberson and Gary A. Herzog
Influence of Timing of Sprays for Cotton Aphid (Homoptera: Aphididae) on Cotton Yield
D. D. Hardee and L. C. Adams
Abiotic and Biotic Regulation of Cotton Aphid Populations in the Texas Rolling Plains
J. E. Slosser, W. E. Pinchak and D. R. Rummel
Sublethal Effects of Insecticides on Cotton Aphid Reproduction
D. L. Kerns, S. D. Stewart and C. L. McKenzie
Control of Silverleaf Whitefly with the Entomopathogenic Fungi, Paecilomyces Fumosoroseus and Beauveria Bassiana in Upland Cotton in Arizona
D. H. Akey and T. J. Henneberry
Effect of High Temperature on Polyol Metabolism in the Silverleaf Whitefly and Cotton Aphid
D. L. Hendrix, M. E. Salvucci and G. R. Wolfe
Improved Areawide Whitefly Management Through Industry and Extension Partnership
L. E. Jech and S. H. Husman
Voluntary Area-Wide Whitefly Monitoring Project Implementation 1995-1997 Gila Bend, Arizona
L. E. Jech and S. H. Husman
Progress in the Development of Sampling Methods to Estimate Cotton Lint Stickiness Due to Sweetpotato Whitefly Infestation
Steven E. Naranjo, Thomas J. Henneberry and Chang-Chi Chu
Impact of Natural Enemies and Insecticides on Whiteflies in Cotton: a Partial Life Table Analysis
Peter C. Ellsworth, Jonathan Diehl and Steve E. Naranjo
Cotton Plant Resistance to Silverleaf Whitefly as a Management Tool
C. C. Chu, E. T. Natwick, T. J. Henneberry, A. C. Cohen and S. J. Castle
Silverleaf Whitefly and Cotton Leaf Crumple Virus Resistance Screening in Upland Cotton
Eric T. Natwick, Charles G. Cook and Robert L. Gilbertson
Toxicity of Applaud And Knack Against Silverleaf Whiteflies From Southern California: Implications for Susceptibility Monitoring
N. C. Toscano, N. Prabhaker, S. Zhou and G. Ballmer
Predators of Budworm/bollworm Eggs in Cotton: an Immunological Study
John R. Ruberson and Matthew H. Greenstone
Reevaluation of Trichogramma Releases for Suppression of Heliothine Pests in Cotton
Charles P.-C. Suh, David B. Orr and John W. Van Duyn
Contributions of Grain Sorghum to Natural Enemy Populations in Cotton
Peter C. Krauter, Kevin M. Heinz, Christopher G. Sansone and Amanda England
Evaluation of Potential Relay Strip Crops for Predator Enhancement in Cotton
M. N. Parajulee and J. E. Slosser
Insect Pest Management as a Component of a Sustainable Cotton Production System
J. Oscar Stapel, W. Joe Lewis, Sharad C. Phatak and John. R. Ruberson
Predator Mortality in Cotton from Different Insecticide Classes
W.D. Duffie, M.J. Sullivan and S.G. Turnipseed
Susceptibility of Selected Beneficial Insects to Dpx-mp062
P. G. Tillman, J. E. Mulrooney and W. Mitchell
Benefits and Risks of Recombinant Baculoviruses for Control of Heliothines
Kevin M. Heinz, Chad Smith, Richard Minzenmayer, and J. Lindsey Flexner
Emamectin Benzoate: Control of the Heliothine Complex and Impact on Beneficial Arthropods
D. M. Dunbar, D. S. Lawson, S. M. White and N. Ngo
BASIC (Biological Agriculture Systems in Cotton): a Cotton Pest Management Innovators Group in the Northern San Joaquin Valley
Sean L. Swezey and Polly Goldman
A Multi-State Evaluation of Cotman Insecticide Termination Rules
Mark J. Cochran, Diana M. Danforth, N. Phillip Tugwell, Aubrey Harris, Jack Reed, John Benedict, Roger Leonard, Ralph Bagwell, Ozzie Abaye and Pat O'Leary
Pesticide Use in Arizona Cotton: 1995 and 1996
Paul Baker, William McCloskey, Timothy Dennehy and Will Sherman
Helicoverpa Armigera Resistance to Insecticides in Pakistan
Mushtaq Ahmad, M. I. Arif, Zahoor Ahmad and M. R. Attique
Status of Insecticide Resistance in Tobacco Budworm and Bollworm in Louisiana During 1997
R. D. Bagwell, J. B. Graves, S. Micinski, B. R. Leonard and V. Mascarenhas
Prospects for Field Management of Pyrethroid-resistant Corn Earworm (Cotton Bollworm) Populations in South Carolina
J. T. Walker, M. J. Sullivan, S. Turnipseed, M. E. Roof and T. M. Brown
Contributions of Monooxygenases and Esterases to Pyrethroid Resistance in the Tobacco Budworm, Heliothis Virescens
Guomin Shan and Jim Ottea
Dosage-Mortality Responses of Beet Armyworm Populations from the Yaqui Valley, Sonora, Mexico to Emamectin Benzoate
Jos‚ L. Martínez-Carrillo and Robert Cartwright
Response of Strains and Crosses of Beet Armyworm (Spodoptera Exigua (Hubner)) to Insecticides
Dan A. Wolfenbarger and Michael J. Brewer
Comparison of FCR 4545, Baythroid 2EC, Karate 1EC and Karate 2.09 SC to Other Commonly Used Insecticees for the Control of Boll Weevil (Anthonomus Grandis)
Harry B. Meyers, Donald R. Johnson and Larry M. Page
Application of ULV Aerial Trials Using Small-Plot Equipment
M.W. Phillips, W.D. Allee, J.B. Whitley and J.M. Jacobs
Competitive Interactions and Relative Attractancy of Boll Weevil Pheromone Traps and Bait Sticks
D. W. Spurgeon, J. R. Raulston, R. V. Cantu and J. R. Coppedge
Use of the Boll Weevil Attract & Control Tube (BWACT) to Prevent Boll Weevil Establishment in Argentina and Bolivia
Thomas A. Plato and J. C. Plato
Field Persistence of Several Insecticides on Cotton Foliage as Determined by Beet Armyworm (Spodoptera Exigua) Bioassay
P.T. McDonald, M.K. Kish, P.A. King, F.J. Dunagan and R.T. Weiland
Results of DPX-MP062 Efficacy Trials on Cotton Bollworm (Helicoverpa Zea) and Tobacco Budworm (Heliothis Virescens) in Texas
Robert H. Bierman
Cotton Boll Susceptibility to Fall Armyworm and Beet Armyworm Injury
J. J. Adamczyk, Jr., V. J. Mascarenhas, G. E. Church, B. R. Leonard and J. B. Graves
Stink Bugs in a Cotton/Soybean Ecosystem: Impact on Quality and Yield
C. S. Bundy, R. M. McPherson and G. A. Herzog
Managing Stink Bugs in Bt Cotton
J. K. Greene, S. G. Turnipseed M. J. Sullivan
Evaluation of Thrips Damage on Maturity and Yield of Virginia Cotton
D. Ames Herbert, Jr.
Residual Efficacy of Selected At-Planting Soil Applied Insecticides on Seedling Thrips Populations in Northeast Louisiana
D. R. Cook, E. Burris, B. R. Leonard and J. B. Graves
Thrips Management with Gaucho Seed Treatment in North Carolina Cotton
John Van Duyn, J. R. Bradley, Jr., Amy L. Lambert, Charles P.-C. Suh and Joel Faircloth
Performance of Gaucho Seed Treatment Across the Mid-South and Southeast
Charles T. Graham
Adage: a New Cotton Insecticide Seed Treatment from Novartis Crop Protection, Inc.
Larry Zang, Vince Morton and Ngoan Ngo
Response of Male Tarnished Plant Bugs to Traps Baited with Different Numbers of Virgin Females
W. P. Scott and G. L. Snodgrass
Using Buffer Crops to Mitiigate Lygus Migration in San Joaquin Valley Cotton
P.B. Goodell and J.W. Eckert
Insecticides for Tarnished Plant Bug Control in Southeast Arkansas
Marwan S. Kharboutli, Charles T. Allen, Chuck Capps and Larry Earnest
Tarnished Plant Bug Control in the Mississippi Delta
J. T. Robbins, F. A. Harris and R. E. Furr
Cotton Insect Control Strategy Project: Comparing Bt and Conventional Cotton Management and Plant Bug Control Strategies at Five Locations in Mississippi, 1995-1997
Scott Stewart, Jack Reed, Randall Luttrell and F. Aubrey Harris
Review of Pesticide Efficacy Trials For Control of Tarnished Plant Bug, 1982 - 1996
Michael S. Howell, Jack T. Reed and Christopher S. Jackson
Critical Considerations for Accurately Determining the Effectiveness of Insecticides Against Lygus Bugs in Cotton
Larry Antilla, Mike Whitlow, T. J. Dennehy and June Russell
The Ovicidal Activity of Tracer* Naturalyte* Insect Control Against Heliothine Species in Conventional Cotton
I. G. Peterson, G. A. Herzog, J. A. Durant, P. F. Pilsner, S. Micinski, L. L. Larson, B. A. Nead-Nylander, R. M. Huckaba and D. J. Porteous
Pesticide Selection for Resistance Management Based on Pest Population and Previous Pesticide Use
D. M. Hunt, J. A. Hopkins, F. S. Donaldson and W. D. Rogers
Selection of Supplemental Insecticides For Pest Control in Bt Cotton and Non-Bt Cotton
J. A. Hopkins, D. M. Hunt, F. S. Donaldson and W. D. Rogers
The Usage of Karate ( -cyhalothrin) Oversprays in Combination with Refugia, as a Viable and Sustainable Resistance Management Strategy for B.t. Cotton
J. G. Harris, C. N. Hershey and M. J. Watkins
Bt Cotton: Impact of Supplemental Sprays
Phillip Roberts
Performance and Benefits of Provado Insecticide on Early Season Plant Bug Populations
Virgil A. King, III
Evaluation of Regent (Fipronil) for the Control of Cotton Fleahoppers
Tommy Doederlein
Risk Assessment Models for Pink Bollworm Establishment in Southeastern US Cotton
R.C. Venette and W.D. Hutchison
IPM Approach in US Cotton with Agrevo Products
John Lublinkhof, Larry Todd, John Sanderson, Kent Taylor and Fred Strachan
Confirm 2F and Tracer as an Useful Alternative For Ipm Against Boll Worm, Tobacco Budworm and Beet Armyworm in Cotton in Northern Mexico
Arturo Obando-Rodr¡guez, Sostenes Delgado-Garc¡a and Juan Solis-Rea
Spatial Distribution Patterns of Two Cotton Bollworms, Pectinophora Gossypiella and Earias Insulana in Qaulubia Governorate, Egypt
Mohamed E. Foda
Evaluation of the Area-wide Budworm/Bollworm Management Program with Virus in the Mississippi Delta
D. A. Streett, M. R. Bell and D. D. Hardee
Laboratory Toxicity of Insecticide Residues to Orius Insidiosus, Geocoris Punctipes, Hippodamia Convergens, and Chrysoperla Carnea
G. W. Elzen, P. J. Elzen and E. G. King
Expansion of Extension-Based Aphid Fungus Sampling Service to Louisiana and Mississippi
D. C. Steinkraus, G. O Boys, R. D. Bagwell, D. R. Johnson, G. M Lorenz, H. Meyers, M. B. Layton and P. F. O'Leary
Agronomic and Environmental Factors Influencing Control of Cotton Aphids with Insecticides
Jorge J. Cisneros and Larry D. Godfrey
Bt in New Mexico: Beet Armyworm Susceptibility and Expression of Resistance in Selected Cultivars
J. P. Breen Pierce, C. D. Ellers-Kirk, R. P. Flynn and W. Houghton
Performance of Selected Bollgard Cotton Varieties in Southeast Arkansas
C.D. Capps, C. Allen, L. Earnest, P. Tugwell and M. Kaharboutli
Can Resistance to Chloronicotinyl Insecticides be Averted in Arizona Field Crops?
Livy Williams, III, Timothy J. Dennehy and John C. Palumbo
New Insights Regarding Estimating Lygus Susceptibility to Insecticides
T. J. Dennehy, J. E. Russell, L. Antilla and M. Whitlow
Monitoring Tarnished Plant Bug Resistance to Three Classes of Insecticides in Northeast Louisiana
J. S. Russell, J. J. Adamczyk, Jr., J. W. Holloway, J. H. Pankey, B. R. Leonard and J. B. Graves
Insecticidal Control of Tarnished Plant Bug in Late Season Cotton
T. G. Teague, N. P. Tugwell and J. M. Hornbeck
Aerial Application of Fipronil (Regent) Vs. Malathion in a Replicated Field Test for Boll Weevil
D.K. Reed, Monty Christian and R.G. Jones
Greasing the Weevil: Oil Diluents for Ultra Low Volume Application in the Eradication Program
Joseph E. Mulrooney
Topical Application of Malathion with Cottonseed Oils and Paraffinic Oil for Toxicity to Boll Weevils
Robert G. Jones, Dan A. Wolfenbarger and Jack W. Haynes
Preliminary Research Results with Alternative Tactics for Boll Weevil Eradication
T. G. Teague and N. P. Tugwell
Precision Placement of In-Furrow Insecticide for Early Season Thrips Control
Phillip Roberts, John N. All, Gary A. Herzog and Paul Guillebeau
Thrips Control in the Mississippi Delta, 1993-97
R. E. Furr, Jr., F. A. Harris and J. T. Robbins
Steward (Dpx MP-062), a Novel New Insecticide for Cotton Insect Control
Glenn G. Hammes, Dan Sherrod and Dave Marsden
Efficacy of Aerially Applied Tracer on Cotton Foliage
J.F. Esquivel and I.W. Kirk
Field Evaluation of Aerially Applied Tracer - Spray Rate and Droplet Size
I. W. Kirk and J. F. Esquivel
Effects of Whitefly Insect Growth Regulators Knack and Applaud on Cotton Aphid Reproduction and Survival
James P. Wood and Larry D. Godfrey
Differential Susceptibility of Cotton Cultivars to Silverleaf Whitefly, in the Yaqui Valley, Sonora, Mexico
Juan Jos‚ Pacheco-Covarrubias and Arturo Hernández-Jasso
Pink Bollworm Integrated Management Technology Under Field Trial Conditions in the Imperial Valley, CA
Michele Walters, Robert T. Staten and Robert C. Roberson
Differences in Biological Parameters of Catolaccus Grandis from Sinaloa, Mexico, Compared to a Crossbred Colony from Tabasco, Chiapas, Oaxaca Mexico and El Salvador
J. A. Morales-Ramos, M. G. Rojas and E. G. King
Host Acceptance Changes of Catolaccus Grandis, an Ectoparasite of the Boll Weevil after Ten Generations Rearing on its Factitious Host Callosobruchus Maculatus
M. G. Rojas, J. A. Morales-Ramos and E. G. King
Outcome of Two-Year Study of Boll Weevil Control with Inundative Releases of Catolaccus Grandis (Hymenoptera-Pteromalidae) in Tamaulipas, Mexico
J. Vargas-Camplis, R.J. Coleman, J. Gonzalez and L. Rodriguez Del B.
Horizontal and Vertical Movement of Steinernema Riobravis and S. Carpocapsae (Rhabditida: Steinernematidae) in Soil in the Laboratory
L. Forlow Jech, T.J. Henneberry, M.J. Panter and S. Faulconer
Molecular Sequence and Cellular Localization of an Antennal-Specific Protein in Adult Lygus Lineolaris (Tarnished Plant Bug)
F. E. Callahan, R. G. Vogt, J. C. Dickens, W. P. Wergin and C. A. Murphy
Efficiency Comparisons of the Kiss, a Tractor-mounted Sampler, and Hand Sampling for Detecting Boll Weevils in Prebloom Cotton
K. R. Beerwinkle, J. R. Coppedge and T. M. O'Neil
Modification of a Leaf Blower/Vac for Sampling of Arthropods
Alton N. Sparks, Jr. and John W. Norman, Jr.
Nexrad Doppler Weather Radar Network: Potential for Areawide Surveillance of Pest Insect Migrations
J. K. Westbrook, W. W. Wolf, S. Allen and J. D. Ward
A Novel Technique for Labeling Parasitoids of Cotton Pests
James Hagler, Glen Jackson and Matt Ciomperlik
The Role of Extrafloral Nectar in the Diet of the Common Green Lacewing Larva, Chrysoperla Carnea
David D. Limburg and Jay A. Rosenheim
Scout Master: New Cotton Insect Data Entry and Analysis Software for Windows 95
R. L. Huffman, T.W. Fuchs, L.T. Wilson, J. Wang, M. Wallace, B.A. Baugh, R.R. Minzenmayer and J.W. Norman
Cotton and Insect Management (CIM) Model: Past, Present and Future
Randall G. Luttrell, Royce O. Bowden, Jack T. Reed, Larry G. Brown, F. Aubrey Harris and Scott D. Stewart
Late Season Insecticide Termination Studies in Northeast Louisiana During 1997
K. Torrey, H. Fife, B. R. Leonard, R. D. Bagwell, E. Burris and D. Cook
Nodes Above White Flower: Indicator to Use to Terminate Cotton Insect Scouting and Insect Control
M. A. Karner and J. R. Goodson
Preliminary Report: Responses of Two Cotton Cultivars to Simulated Bollworm Damage During the Effective Flowering Period
J. Gore, B. R. Leonard, E. Burris and J. B. Graves
Effect of Ovasyn on Feeding Response, Mortality and Reproduction of Adult Bollworm
J. D. López, Jr. and M. A. Latheef
Impacts of Habitat Types on Boll Weevil Pheromone Trap Captures
D. W. Spurgeon, J. R. Raulston and O. Zamora
International IPM Approach in Cotton with Agrevo Products
S. Smolikowski, P. Pastre, J.P Trijau and J. Fabretti
Effects of Host Plants on the Viral Production in Budworm and Bollworm
M. I. Ali, G. W. Felton and S. Y. Young
Effect of Bacillus Thuringiensis on Mortality, Survivorship and Movement of Cotton Bollworm (Helicoverpa Zea) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) on Cotton
Muhammad Ashfaq and S. Y. Young
Beet Armyworm (Spodoptera Exigua) Resistance Mechanisms to Insecticides in Southern Tamaulipas, Mexico
E. Garza-Urbina and A. P. Teran-Vargas
Critique of Need for Automatic Early Spring Insecticide Applications for Suppression Program Against Boll Weevil in Lower Rio Grande Valley
Dan A. Wolfenbarger
A Cost-Effective Area-Wide Suppression Program For Boll Weevil in Lower Rio Grande Valley of Tamaulipas and Texas
Dan A. Wolfenbarger and D. J. Wolfenbarger
Response of the Bollworm (Noctuiidae: Lepidoptera) to Insecticides in Central and North America
D. A. Wolfenbarger, Dora F. Gonzalez-Moncado and I. C. Rivas-Cavarria

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