2004 News Releases

2004 News Releases from the National Cotton Council

NCC: Senator Chambliss Extraordinary Choice for Agriculture Panel 12/21/2004
The NCC expressed its congratulations to Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) on being named to chair the Agriculture Committee in the 109th Congress.
Former NCC Economist McDonald “Mac” Horne Dies 12/16/2004
MEMPHIS – Economist Dr. McDonald K. “Mac” Horne, Jr., of Memphis, whose studies led the U.S. cotton industry to work for both competitive cotton prices and stepped-up, grower-financed cotton research and promotion, died Tuesday.
USDA, NCC Re-Schedule West African Meeting 12/13/2004
ADecember meeting aimed at furthering cooperative ties between the U.S. and the West African countries of Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad and Mali, has been postponed.
NCC: Nominee Johanns Should Prove Positive for Production Agriculture 12/02/2004
NCC Chairman Woody Anderson said the U.S. cotton industry is pleased that President Bush nominated Mike Johanns as the new U.S. Secretary of Agriculture – a move that should prove positive for U.S. production agriculture.
Cotton Subcommittee Must Enhance Goal of Comprehensive Agreement 11/19/2004
NCC Chairman Woody Anderson said he hoped the creation of a subcommittee to monitor trade policy and trade developments in cotton would not be turned into a sideshow that will take away from the overall goal of comprehensive agricultural trade reform.
Veneman Gave U.S. Agriculture Resolute Service, Leadership 11/17/2004
NCC Chairman Woody Anderson said U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Ann Veneman provided dedicated leadership for U.S. agriculture and served with distinction.
CITA Announces Acceptance of Safeguard Petitions 11/01/2004
The Committee for Implementation of Textile Agreements (CITA) announced late Friday, October 29, its acceptance of the first of the seven threat-based China textile safeguard petitions that have been formally filed to date.
NCC Firmly Behind USTR Appeal in Brazil/U.S. Dispute 10/18/2004
The National Cotton Council agrees with today’s filing by the U.S. Trade Representative’s office of an appeal in the Brazil/U.S. World Trade Organization (WTO) case.
Market Disruption Relief Sought Through Safeguard Petitions 10/12/2004
U.S. textile and apparel manufacturers, with the support of the labor unions and U.S. cotton and man-made fiber industries, are seeking protection from the clear threat of market disruption as set out in the Chinese WTO accession agreement.
Hurricanes Rendering Severe Economic Losses to Cotton Farms 09/30/2004
Cotton farmers in Georgia, Florida and Alabama are facing multi-million dollar losses after the southeastern crop was battered by four hurricanes over a six-week period.
Innovation and Application – the Competitive Edge Theme of 2005 Beltwide Cotton Conferences 09/14/2004
“Innovation and Application – the Competitive Edge” is the theme of the 2005 Beltwide Cotton Conferences to be held at the New Orleans Marriott and Sheraton New Orleans hotels January 4-7.
2004-05 Cotton Leadership Class Chosen 09/14/2004
The 2004-05 cotton leadership class spent its first training session in the Mid-South
NCC Disagrees With Brazil/U.S. Dispute Panel’s Decision 09/08/2004
NCC Chairman Woody Anderson said the NCC's initial review of the just-released decision in the Brazil/U.S. WTO cotton dispute indicates that the Panel made some surprising assumptions and reached conclusions the NCC believes are not supportable.
Domestic Support Provisions of WTO Framework Agreement Clarified 08/07/2004
Mark Lange, NCC’s President and CEO said the WTO Framework Agreement’s requirement for reducing domestic support by 20% has been widely misunderstood and misreported by the media.
NCC Backs New Endangered Species Rule 08/03/2004
The NCC strongly supported a federal government rule that formalizes a process for the Environmental Protection Agency’s pesticide registration program to be fully compliant with the Endangered Species Act.
NCC Has Concerns with WTO Framework Text 08/02/2004
NCC Chairman Woody Anderson said the U.S. cotton industry is glad to see that cotton will be addressed as part of the overall agricultural negotiations but is concerned about the specific references to cotton in the framework’s text.
Veneman Meets With West African Ministers at Conclusion of U.S. Cotton Tour 07/26/2004
Agriculture Secretary Ann M. Veneman met with agriculture and commerce ministers from Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad and Mali at the conclusion of their week-long tour of U.S. cotton production, processing, marketing and research facilities.
NCC: Draft WTO Framework Unacceptable 07/20/2004
NCC Chairman Woody Anderson said that, 'the draft WTO framework document released on Friday contains many pitfalls for U.S. agriculture.'
U.S. to File Aggressive Appeal in Brazil WTO Case; NCC Weary of Economic Misinformation 07/19/2004
Continuing to 'set the record straight,' National Cotton Council Chairman Woody Anderson says the United States will file an aggressive appeal in the Brazil WTO case and that he is 'tired of seeing poor economics casting blame on the U.S. cotton program and ignoring reality.'
Charges of U.S. Overproduction of Cotton Misplaced 07/15/2004
NCC Economist Gary Adams says an expected global cotton production increase - outside of the U.S. - has pushed down world prices and will exacerbate the economic stress being felt by cotton producers.
NCC Challenges Brazil Economic Information 07/07/2004
In an address to the Plains Cotton Growers Association, NCC Chairman Anderson directly challenged the economic information widely distributed by Brazil in their World Trade Organization (WTO) dispute with the U.S. cotton program.
U.S./Brazil Dispute Final Report Expected 06/18/2004
The WTO Panel hearing the U.S./Brazil cotton dispute was expected to issue its Final Report June 18 to the parties in the dispute.
NCC Calls For Preservation of Successful Farm Law 05/21/2004
NCC is urging Congress to keep the 2002 farm law intact for the remainder of its term.
NCC Committed to WTO-Compliant Federal Cotton Program 05/20/2004
The NCC pledged to do its part at maintaining an effective U.S. cotton program that complies with WTO obligations.
2004 P.I.E. Program Tours Set 05/17/2004
2004 P.I.E. Program Tours Set
USDA Approves 2004 Bale Packaging Materials Specifications 05/11/2004
MEMPHIS – USDA notified the National Cotton Council today that the Specifications for Cotton Bale Packaging Materials for the 2004 crop have been reviewed and approved.
NCC Concerned with Reports of Panel Decision 04/27/2004
The National Cotton Council says that it is concerned about the Interim Report released by a panel hearing the U.S./Brazil cotton dispute decision.
California Cooperative Official to Lead Cotton Council International 03/23/2004
Robert W. Norris, a California cooperative official, recently was named president of Cotton Council International, succeeding David Stanford.
U.S. Cotton Industry Looking For Leaders 03/11/2004
The application period for the 2004-05 Cotton Leadership Class is open until July and NCC will accept applications from qualified U.S. industry members until that date.
AgWeb Expands Cotton Coverage 03/11/2004
agweb.com, in cooperations with the NCC, is now providing U.S. cotton farmers a new and in-depth source of news and marketing information in cooperation.
Dates Set for Popular Ginners School 02/18/2004
Registration is now open for the popular ginners school, which will be offered at three locations in 2004 - Lubbock, TX, Las Cruces, NM, and Stoneville, MS.
Keeping Farm Law Intact, Influencing Trade Negotiations Continue as National Cotton Council Priorities in 2004 02/02/2004
NCC Chairman Bobby Greene said defense of the U.S. farm program and influencing trade negotiations will continue as NCC priorities in 2004.
Texas Producer to Serve as NCC Chairman For 2004 02/02/2004
Texas producer Woody Anderson was elected NCC chairman - the organization’s top position - at the NCC’s Annual Meeting.
Cotton Service Award Honors Veteran NCC Staffer Gaylon Booker 02/02/2004
Gaylon Booker, who has played a pivotal role at the NCC during his 40-plus years of service, was honored as the recipient of the 2004 Harry S. Baker Distinguished Service Award for Cotton.
National Cotton Council Names 2004 Directors 02/02/2004
NCC directors for 2004 were announced here at the industrywide organization’s annual meeting.
John E. Pucheu, Jr., Elected Chairman of American Cotton Producers 02/02/2004
John E. Pucheu, Jr., a producer from Tranquillity, CA, was elected chairman of the American Cotton Producers of the NCC for 2004 during the NCC’s annual meeting.
Sid Brough to Lead National Cotton Ginners Association in 2004 01/31/2004
Sid Brough, general manager of EdCot Coop Gin in Edroy, TX, is the 2004-05 president of the National Cotton Ginners Association. He was elected at the NCGA’s Board of Directors meeting and announced at the association’s annual meeting in New Orleans.
Shifting Demand Continues for U.S. Cotton Industry 01/31/2004
U.S. cotton will continue to see shifting demand as exports increase while the domestic textile industry experiences further contraction, according to the NCC's 2004 Economic Outlook given at the NCC's annual meeting in New Orleans.
NCC Survey Suggests U.S. Producers to Plant 14.76 Million Acres of Upland and ELS Cotton in 2004 01/30/2004
NCC's annual planting intentions survey suggests U.S. producers will plant 14.76 million acres of upland and extra long staple cotton in 2004.
Texas Cooperative Official Named CCI President For 2004 01/30/2004
David Stanford, a cooperative official from Lubbock, TX, was elected president of Cotton Council International for 2004.
NCC Joins in Trade Priorities Reaffirmation and Push 01/30/2004
The NCC joined a number of textile and fiber organizations in the adoption of several trade priorities that will be communicated to the Administration, Congress and all candidates for public office during 2004.
Slinsky Joins NCC Economic Services 01/22/2004
Dr. Stephen Slinsky has joined the NCC as senior economist in Economic Services.
NCC Policy, Programs to Provide Solutions to Industry Concerns 01/22/2004
NCC delegates will develop policies and programs that can provide solutions to concerns facing the U.S. cotton industry at the organization’s 2004 Annual Meeting, Jan. 29-Feb. 2 in New Orleans, LA.
Marek Joins NCC Communication Services 01/21/2004
Melissa Marek has joined the NCC’s Communication Services department as manager, Broadcast Services.
USDA-ARS Scientist Receives 2003 Cotton Physiology Award 01/13/2004
Dr. Bobbie L. McMichael, a plant physiologist at the USDA Agricultural Research Service’s Plant Stress and Water Conservation Laboratory in Lubbock, TX, is the recipient of the 2003 Outstanding Research Award in Cotton Physiology.
Dr. Peggy Thaxton is 2003 Cotton Genetics Research Award Recipient 01/09/2004
Dr. Peggy Thaxton received the 2003 Cotton Genetics Research Award at the 2004 Beltwide Cotton Improvement Conference
J. Jill Group is 2004 U.S. Cotton Champion Award Recipient 01/07/2004
The J. Jill Group, a Quincy, MA,-based specialty retailer of high-quality women’s apparel, accessories and footwear is the recipient of the U.S. Cotton Champion Award for 2004.
2004 High Cotton Winners Share a Common Passion 01/07/2004
2004 High Cotton Winners recognized at the Beltwide Cotton Conferences