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LOGO: Journal of Cotton Science


Volume 9 / 2005

Issue 1 Table of Contents
pp. 01-09 Evaluation of a Production System in China that Uses Reduced Plant Densities and Retention of Vegetation Branches
Hezhong Dong, Zhenhuai Li, Wei Tang, and Dongmei Zhang
pp. 10-14 Evaluation of Strip Tillage on Weed Control, Plant Morphology, and Yield of Glyphosate-Resistant Cotton
Pawel J. Wiatrak, David L. Wright, and Jim J. Marois
pp. 15-23 The Effect of Harvesting Procedures on Fiber and Yarn Quality of Ultra-Narrow-Row Cotton
David D. McAlister III and Clarence D. Rogers
pp. 24-29 Microbial Activity of Stored Cotton Bales with Ambient and Moderate Moisture Levels
David T.W. Chun, David D. McAlister, and Dean R. Cobb
pp. 30-40 New Lint Cleaner to Reduce Fiber Waste
W. Stanley Anthony
pp. 41-46 Relative Host Status of Selected Weeds and Crops for <em>Meloidogyne incognita</em> and <em>Rotylenchulus reniformis</em>
Richard F. Davis and Theodore M. Webster
pp. 47-55 The Ultraviolet Protection Factor of Naturally-pigmented Cotton
Gwendolyn Hustvedt and Patricia Cox Crews
pp. 56-64 Cotton Fiber Chemical Differences and Their Effect on Friction Behavior: A Comparison of Two Crop Years in the ATMI/ARS Leading Cultivars Study
Gary R. Gamble
Issue Editors
Issue 2 Table of Contents
pp. 65-71 Soil Calcium: Magnesium Ratios and Lime Recommendations for Cotton
Gene Stevens, Tina Gladbach, Peter Motavalli, David Dunn
pp. 72-80 Changes in Bale Moisture, Thickness, and Force Due to Changing Environments and Bagging
W. Stanley Anthony
pp. 81-88 Relationships Between Micronaire, Fineness, and Maturity. Part I. Fundamentals
Joseph G. Montalvo Jr.
pp. 89-96 Relationships Between Micronaire, Fineness, and Maturity. Part II. Experimental
Joseph G. Montalvo Jr., Terri M. Von Hoven
pp. 97-101 The Impact of Carding Micro-climate on Cotton Moisture Content and Fiber and Yarn Quality
David D. McAlister III, David T.W. Chun, Gary R. Gamble, Luther C. Godbey, Dean R. Cobb, Everett E. Backe
pp. 102-109 Control of Volunteer Glyphosate-resistant Soybean in Cotton
Alan C. York, Josh B. Beam, A. Stanley Culpepper
pp. 110-114 Response of Glyphosate-resistant Cotton to Pre-harvest Glyphosate Application
Alexander M. Stewart, Alan C. York, A. Stanley Culpepper, P. Roy Vidrine
Issue Editors
Issue 3 Table of Contents
pp. 115-120 Effect of Harvest Season Rainfall on Cotton Yield
D. W. Parvin, S. W. Martin, F. Cooke Jr., and B.B. Freeland Jr.
pp. 121-127 Comparison of Cotton-based Hydro-mulches and Conventional Wood and Paper Hydro-mulches – Study 1
Greg Holt, Mike Buser, Daren Harmel, Ken Potter, and Mathew Pelletier
pp. 128-134 Comparison of Cotton-based Hydro-mulches and Conventional Wood and Paper Hydro-mulches – Study 2
Greg Holt, Mike Buser, Daren Harmel, and Ken Potter
pp. 135-144 Multipath Interference Mitigation for Cotton Bale Microwave Moisture Sensing
Matthew G. Pelletier
pp. 145-154 The Effect of Modest Moisture Addition to Seed Cotton before the Gin Stand on Fiber Length
Richard K. Byler
pp. 155-165 The Effects of Dryer Temperature and Moisture Addition on Ginning Energy and Cotton Properties
J. Clif Boykin
pp. 166-174 Isolation and Characterization of Genes Differentially Expressed in Fiber of <em>Gossypium barbadense</em> L.
Zhengdao Wu, Khairy M. Soliman, Allan Zipf, Sukumar Saha, Govind C. Sharma, and Johnie N. Jenkins
pp. 175-181 Resistance to Cotton Leaf Curl Virus (CLCuV) in a Mutant Cotton Line
Khalid Pervaiz Akhtar, M. Aslam, M. Ahsanul Haq, Farhat Fatima Jamil, Azeem Iqbal Khan, and M. Tanvir Elahi
Issue Editors
Issue 4 Table of Contents
pp. 182-188 Estimating Defoliation of Two Distinct Cotton Types Using Reflectance Data
Glen L. Ritchie and Craig W. Bednarz
pp. 189-198 Effects of Different Seeding Rates and Plant Growth Regulators on Early-planted Cotton
W.T. Pettigrew and J.T. Johnson
pp. 199-203 The Impact of Transgenic Cottons Expressing One or Two Proteins from <em> Bacillus thuringiensis </em> on Survival and Damage Potential of First and Second Instars of <em> Ostrinia nubilalis </em> (Lepidoptera: Crambidae)
R. E. Jackson, J. S. Mahaffey, J. R. Bradley Jr., J. W. Van Duyn, and C. E. Sorenson
pp. 204-214 Effects of Defoliation Timing and Desiccation on Net Revenues from Ultra-Narrow-Row Cotton
James A. Larson, C. Owen Gwathmey, and Robert M. Hayes
pp. 215-222 Expert and Novice Operator Comparison with Scanner-based Image Analysis for White Speck Detection on Dyed Yarn
James L. Simonton, Mario G. Beruvides, Pelin Z. Altintas, and Kootak Kang
pp. 223-228 Pre-plant Control of Cutleaf Eveningprimrose (<em>Oenothera laciniata</em>) and Wild Radish (<em>Raphanus raphanistrum</em>) in Conservation Tillage Cotton (<em>Gossypium hirsutum</em>)
A. Stanley Culpepper, D. Scott Carlson, and Alan C. York
pp. 229-237 Vegetative Growth and Competitiveness of Common Cocklebur Resistant and Susceptible to Acetolactate synthase-inhibiting Herbicides
H. Lane Crooks, Michael G. Burton, Alan C. York, and C. Brownie
pp. 238 Annual Report of the <em>Journal of Cotton Science</em>
Patrick D. Colyer
Issue Editors