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Effect of Harvest Season Rainfall on Cotton Yield

Authors: D. W. Parvin, S. W. Martin, F. Cooke Jr., and B.B. Freeland Jr.
Pages: 115-120
Economics and Marketing

The unusually poor weather that occurred during the harvest season of 2002 in the Midsouth rejuvenated an interest in the relationship between cotton yield and harvest date and rainfall. In 2002, a Mississippi cotton grower experienced a yield reduction of 705 kg of lint per hectare during harvest. To determine the number of hectares per picker, growers need to know how the yield of commercial cotton declines during harvest. To estimate yield losses experienced by a grower, economists need to know the relationship between yield and harvest season rainfall. Regression results based on 3 yr of data from research plots (1991, 1992, and 1993) and data from a commercial cotton operation in 2002 indicated that yield declines 2.35 kg of lint per day and 4.09 kg of lint per centimeter of accumulated rainfall.