Special Edition Broadcast Newsline: July 20, 2004 (Part 2)

NCC chairman Woody Anderson says U.S. cotton should not be singled out for depressing world cotton prices.

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As the G-90 group of less developed countries calls on the United States to eliminate its cotton program, National Cotton Council chairman Woody Anderson says U.S. cotton should not be singled out.

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Anderson says the U.S. cotton industry has a strong ally with U.S. Trade Representative Zoellick and his staff.

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Having recently returned from Burkina Faso, Anderson thinks the U.S. can help African countries in their search of stabilized cotton production.

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However, Anderson is concerned that other countries and organizations are using the African countries to push their own agenda.

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Anderson, a Texas cotton producer, stresses the need for the U.S. to continue working with the WTO for several reasons.

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The interests that are trying to use the WTO for very specific, targeted policy objectives threaten the entire institution, says Anderson.

Click here for comments from U.S. chief agricultural negotiator, Ambassador Allen Johnson.

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