Special Edition Broadcast Newsline: July 20, 2004 (Part 1)

Ambassador Allen Johnson, the U.S. chief ag negotiator, shares his thoughts on cotton and the WTO.

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Ambassador Allen Johnson, the United States chief agricultural negotiator, believes as the WTO works to develop a framework agreement on agriculture, similarities in several areas between less developed and developed countries will reinforce a successful Doha Round. 

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The United States will not succumb to demands for elimination of the U.S. cotton program and compensation from the WTO for many reasons. 

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Johnson is confident cotton trade issues will remain a part of the overall agricultural negotiation.

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Recent claims by Brazil and others that the U.S. cotton program is significantly suppressing the world price of cotton and hurting Brazilian and African cotton producers are unwarranted, says Johnson.

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Although the recent WTO dispute case ruling between Brazil and the United States has not been officially released, leaks have contributed to speculation on how it could impact the U.S. cotton industry.

Click here for comments from National Cotton Council chairman Woody Anderson.

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