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LOGO: Journal of Cotton Science


Volume 16 / 2012

Issue 1 Table of Contents
pp. 1-16 Interpretation of AFIS and HVI Fiber Property Measurements in Breeding for Cotton Fiber Quality Improvement
Carol M. Kelly, Eric F. Hequet, and Jane K. Dever
pp. 17-26 Combining Ability for Neps, Seed Coat Fragments, and Motes in Upland Cotton
Linghe Zeng, and Efrem Bechere
pp. 27-33 Evaluation of a Mass Flow Sensor at a Gin
Ruixiu Sui, and Richard K. Byler
pp. 34-41 Differential Genotypic Response to Exogenous IAA in Field-Grown Upland Cotton
Jenny D. Clement, Steve S. Hague, and Jean H. Gould
pp. 42-52 Interactions Between Irrigation Regimes and Varieties Result in Altered Cottonseed Composition
William T. Pettigrew, and Michael K. Dowd
pp. 53-71 Differential Expression of Trichomes on the Leaves of Upland Cotton ([[em]]Gossypium hirsutum[[/em]] L.)
Rickie B. Turley, and Kevin C. Vaughn
pp. 72-79 Near-Infrared Classification of Cotton Lint, Botanical and Field Trash
Chanel Fortier, James Rodgers, Jonn Foulk, and Derek Whitelock
pp. 80-87 Cotton Tolerance to Fomesafen Applied Preemergence
Christopher L. Main, Joel C. Faircloth, Lawrence E. Steckel, A. Stanley Culpepper, and Alan C. York
pp. 88-95 Evaluation of WideStrike® Flex Cotton Response to Over-the-Top Glufosinate Tank Mixtures
Lawrence E. Steckel, Daniel Stephenson, Jason Bond, Scott D. Stewart, and Kelly A. Barnett
Gerald O. Myers
Issue Editors
Issue 2 Table of Contents
pp. 97-104 Phosphorus Recovered From Swine Wastewater as a Fertilizer for Cotton Grown With Conservation Tillage
Philip J. Bauer, Ariel A. Szogi, Jeff M. Novak, and Matias B. Vanotti
pp. 105-116 Characterization of Cotton Gin Particulate Matter Emissions—Project Plan
Michael D. Buser, Derek P. Whitelock, J. Clif Boykin, and Gregory A. Holt
pp. 117-124 Fiber Sample Presentation System for Spectrophotometer Cotton Fiber Color Measurements
James Rodgers, Karim Elkholy, Xiaoliang Cui, Christopher Delhom, and Chanel Fortier
pp. 125-128 Glufosinate-Resistant Cotton Tolerance to Combinations of Glufosinate with Insecticides and Mepiquat Chloride
Donnie K. Miller, Daniel O. Stephenson IV, and David C. Blouin
pp. 129-143 Field Evaluations of Sulfoxaflor, a Novel Insecticide, Against Tarnished Plant Bug (Hemiptera: Miridae) in Cotton
Melissa Willrich Siebert, James D. Thomas, Steve P. Nolting, B. Rogers Leonard, Jeff Gore, Angus Catchot, Gus M. Lorenz, Scott D. Stewart, Don R. Cook, Larry C. Walton, Ralph B. Lassiter, Robert A. Haygood, and Jonathan D. Siebert
Issue Editors
Issue 3 Table of Contents
pp. 144-151 Association of Verde Plant Bug, [[em]]Creontiades signatus[[/em]] (Hemiptera: Miridae), with Cotton Boll Rot
Michael J. Brewer, J. Scott Armstrong, E. Gino Medrano, and Jesus F. Esquivel
pp. 152-159 Effect of Spinosad Mixed with Sucrose on Gustatory Response and Mortality of Adult Boll Weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) by Feeding and Field Assessment
J. D. López, Jr., M. A. Latheef, B. K. Fritz
pp. 160-169 Genotype X Environment Interactions Over Seven Years for Yield, Yield Components, Fiber Quality, and Gossypol Traits in the Regional High Quality Tests
W. R. Meredith Jr., Deborah L. Boykin, Fred M. Bourland, W. David Caldwell, B. Todd Campbell, J. R. Gannaway, Kathy Glass, Andrea Phillips Jones, Lloyd M. May, C. W. Smith, and Jinfa Zhang
pp. 170-178 Cotton Genotype Differences in Fiber-Seed Attachment Force
J. Clif Boykin, Efrem Bechere, and William R. Meredith Jr.
pp. 179-189 Genotypic Variation in Physiological Strategies For Attaining Cotton Lint Yield Production
William T. Pettigrew, and William R. Meredith Jr.
pp. 190-199 Temperature Induction Response as a Screening Technique for Selecting High Temperature-Tolerant Cotton Lines
Ehab Abou Kheir, M.S. Sheshshayee, T. G. Prasad, and M. Udayakumar
pp. 200-209 Modeling of Water Content in Cotton Before and After Cleaning With the Shirley Analyzer
Joseph G. Montalvo Jr., and Terri M. Von Hoven
Issue Editors
Issue 4 Table of Contents
pp. 210-219 Effect of Intercropping Corn on Egyptian Cotton Characters
Abd El-Alim A. Metwally, Magdy M. Shafik, Mohamed N. Sherief, and Tamer I. Abdel-Wahab
pp. 220-228 Occurrence, Impact, and Management of [[em]]Kurtomathrips morrilli[[/em]]: A New Pest of Cotton on the Texas High Plains
David L. Kerns, and Manda G. Anderson
pp. 229-248 Addition of 455 Microsatellite Marker Loci to the High-Density [[em]]Gossypium hirsutum[[/em]] TM-1 x [[em]]G. barbadense[[/em]] 3-79 Genetic Map
David D. Fang, and John Z. Yu
pp. 249-254 Screening Study of Select Cotton-based Hydromulch Blends Produced using the Cross-Linked Biofiber Process
Bryan N. Scholl, Greg Holt, and Chris Thornton
pp. 255-267 Influence of Grid Bar Shape on Field Cleaner Performance – Field Testing
John D. Wanjura, Gary R. Gamble, Gregory A. Holt, and Mathew G. Pelletier
pp. 268-271 Pathogenicity of [[em]]Pratylenchus brachyurus[[/em]] on Cotton Plants
Andressa C. Z. Machado, Luiz Carlos C. B. Ferraz, and Mário M. Inomoto
pp. 272-281 Relationship Between Three Cotton Trash Measurements and Near Infrared Spectral Response
Yongliang Liu, Devron Thibodeaux, and Gary R. Gamble
pp. 282-292 Preliminary Assessment of Lint Cotton Water Content in Gin-Drying Temperature Studies
Terri M. Von Hoven, Joseph G. Montalvo Jr., and Richard K. Byler
Issue Editors