Summary of cotton seedling disease in Tennessee.

Dr. Melvin Newman, Entomology and Plant Pathology Department, University of Tennessee, 605 Airways Boulevard, Jackson, TN 38301, Phone (901) 425-4718, FAX (901) 425-4720.

Predominant Seedling Disease Complex of Soil Fungi: Rhizoctonia solani., Pythium spp., and Fusarium spp..

1998 Yield Loss Estimate valued at $390/Bale: 7.0% of the cotton crop was lost to cotton seedling dieases damage ... 43,965 bales ... valued at $17,146,350.

Seven-Year Average Yield Loss Estimate from 1992 through 1998: Annual average of 7.5% of the crop was lost to damage from cotton seedling diseases ... 59,533 bales ... valued at $22,482,991.

1998 Research Activity: Two trials using various chemicals and fungicide treatments for the control of cotton seedling diseases were conducted in 1998, at the University of Tennessee -- Madison County.

For details of test results, contact Jennifer Gimpert.