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January 2015
NCC Files Statement on Trade Priorities 01/30/2015
The NCC outlined US cotton's key trade concerns in a statement of record it filed as part of the Senate Finance Committee's Jan. 27 hearing on the US trade policy agenda.
Comments Filed On CFTC Proposal (67k pdf) 01/23/2015
The NCC, along with AMCOT and the American Cotton Shippers Assoc., filed comments with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in response to a proposal to impose position limits on market participants in commodities markets.
Commodity Groups Respond to Negative Editorial 01/16/2015
The NCC recently led a group of commodity organizations in responding to a misleading Wall Street Journal op-ed entitled, “Harvesting Crop Insurance Profits.”
Cotton Belt Senators -- 114th Congress (pdf) 01/15/2015
A list of Cotton Belt Senators and their key staff members for the 114th Congress.
Key Trade Issues Affecting U.S. Cotton (2 mb pdf) 01/15/2015
The National Cotton Council prepared a presentation on key trade issues that are currently affecting the U.S. cotton industry.
Trade Issues Affecting the U.S. Cotton Industry 01/15/2015
The NCC prepared a powerpoint presentation on current trade issues affecting U.S. cotton
December 2014
Letter Urges West Coast Port Negotiations Conclusion (30k pdf) 12/31/2014
The NCC joined onto a letter to President Obama with associations representing US manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, importers, exporters, and transportation and logistics providers to express the coalitions continued concerns with the status of the West Coast port labor negotiations and the impact the ongoing congestion and slowdowns are having on all segments of the economy.
FSA Announces New Yield Data for Safety Net Calculations 12/22/2014
USDA's Farm Service Agency is offering farmers new information to update program payment yields that will help them better select protections offered by the Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC) and Price Loss Coverage (PLC) programs.
Senators' Letters Convey Concerns On Turkish Anti-Dumping Case (149k pdf) 12/22/2014
Eight Senators, including incoming Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Corker (R-TN), signed onto letters sent on Dec. 19 to US Trade Representative Froman, Secretary of Commerce Pritzker, and Turkish Ambassador Kılıç, noting, among other points, their concerns that the Turkish government's anti-dumping investigation is being driven by factors unrelated to the import of US cotton and there is no clear evidence of US cotton exports dumping.
Letters Convey Concerns on Turkish Anti-Dumping Issue (1.1mb pdf) 12/19/2014
Congressional letters have been sent to US Trade Representative Froman, Secretary of Commerce Pritzker, and Turkish Ambassador Kılıç, noting the apparent political nature of the anti-dumping case, the lack of transparency in the basis used to initiate the case, and the potential WTO violations that may occur if Turkey proceeds to assess duties on US cotton imports.