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February 2015
Letter to EC Commissioner Touts Biotech Ag Products, Crops (49k pdf) 02/27/2015
The NCC, along with other members of the Agriculture Biotech Alliance (ABA), signed onto a letter to Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis of the European Commission calling on the European Union to act without delay on drafting decisions authorizing importation for food and feed processing of 13 new biotechnology products.
Letter to National Academy of Sciences Regarding Biotech Crops 02/27/2015
The NCC, along with other members of the Agriculture Biotech Alliance (ABA), signed onto a letter regarding biotech crops and products to Dr. Fred Gould and the National Academies of Sciences in response to their most recent biotech study: A Science-Based Look at Genetically Engineered Crops.
NCC Urges No Budget Reductions For Farm Law (125k pdf) 02/27/2015
The NCC joined with a wide-ranging group of organizations representing production agriculture, conservation, credit, rural development, nutrition, and energy on a Feb. 23 letter to the leadership of the House and Senate budget committees urging no reductions to the Agricultural Act of 2014.
NCC: No Adverse Farm Law Changes or Budget Reductions 02/24/2015
NCC Director Ronnie Lee testified at a Senate agriculture committee hearing that with producers now making critical decisions on the new farm law’s various program options and with program election and sign-up deadlines still ahead, it would be highly disruptive and punitive to make adverse policy changes or budget reductions while the new farm law is being implemented.
PEP Bolstering US Cotton’s Advocacy 02/06/2015
Thirteen US cotton producers have been selected to participate in the '15 NCC Policy Education Program (PEP).
January 2015
NCC Files Statement on Trade Priorities 01/30/2015
The NCC outlined US cotton's key trade concerns in a statement of record it filed as part of the Senate Finance Committee's Jan. 27 hearing on the US trade policy agenda.
Comments Filed On CFTC Proposal (67k pdf) 01/23/2015
The NCC, along with AMCOT and the American Cotton Shippers Assoc., filed comments with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in response to a proposal to impose position limits on market participants in commodities markets.
Commodity Groups Respond to Negative Editorial 01/16/2015
The NCC recently led a group of commodity organizations in responding to a misleading Wall Street Journal op-ed entitled, “Harvesting Crop Insurance Profits.”
Cotton Belt Senators -- 114th Congress (pdf) 01/15/2015
A list of Cotton Belt Senators and their key staff members for the 114th Congress.
Key Trade Issues Affecting U.S. Cotton (2 mb pdf) 01/15/2015
The National Cotton Council prepared a presentation on key trade issues that are currently affecting the U.S. cotton industry.