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Latest News
March 2015
Ag Committee Leaders Input On Biotech Labeling Debate Appreciated (12k pdf) 03/27/2015
The NCC joined onto a letter to House Agriculture Committee Chairman Conaway and Ranking Member Peterson thanking them for engaging and being helpful on the biotech labeling debate.
Letter Conveys NCC's Support of Death Tax Repeal Bill (65k pdf) 03/27/2015
The NCC joined other agriculture organizations on a March 24 letter to Reps. Brady (R-TX) and Bishop (D-GA) in support of the Death Tax Repeal Act of 2015 (H.R. 1105).
NCC Letter Shows Support For Ag Innovation, Biotechnology (160k pdf) 03/27/2015
the NCC showed their support for agriculture innovation and biotechnology by signing on to a letter to all Senators that explained the importance of technology to the agriculture industry and urged them to oppose any budget or appropriations amendments that would deny agriculture producers access to modern technology.
Letter Conveys E-Verify Concerns (38k pdf) 03/20/2015
The NCC joined a broad cross section of agriculture on a letter to the House  leadership to express and explain the coalition’s strong opposition to the Legal Workforce Act.
NCC Joins On Letter Supporting HR 897 (195k pdf) 03/20/2015
The NCC joined with nearly 100 organizations on a letter to the House Agriculture Committee urging support for the Reducing Regulatory Burdens Act of 2015 (HR 897).
NCC: “Waters of the U.S.” Proposed Rule Overly Burdensome 03/17/2015
NCC Chairman Sledge Taylor, in March 17 testimony before a House panel, said that a rule proposed by the EPA and Corps of Engineers to define “waters of the United States” under the Clean Water Act would require costly federal permits for many commonplace and essential farming practices.
February 2015
Letter to EC Commissioner Touts Biotech Ag Products, Crops (49k pdf) 02/27/2015
The NCC, along with other members of the Agriculture Biotech Alliance (ABA), signed onto a letter to Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis of the European Commission calling on the European Union to act without delay on drafting decisions authorizing importation for food and feed processing of 13 new biotechnology products.
Letter to National Academy of Sciences Regarding Biotech Crops 02/27/2015
The NCC, along with other members of the Agriculture Biotech Alliance (ABA), signed onto a letter regarding biotech crops and products to Dr. Fred Gould and the National Academies of Sciences in response to their most recent biotech study: A Science-Based Look at Genetically Engineered Crops.
NCC Urges No Budget Reductions For Farm Law (125k pdf) 02/27/2015
The NCC joined with a wide-ranging group of organizations representing production agriculture, conservation, credit, rural development, nutrition, and energy on a Feb. 23 letter to the leadership of the House and Senate budget committees urging no reductions to the Agricultural Act of 2014.
NCC: No Adverse Farm Law Changes or Budget Reductions 02/24/2015
NCC Director Ronnie Lee testified at a Senate agriculture committee hearing that with producers now making critical decisions on the new farm law’s various program options and with program election and sign-up deadlines still ahead, it would be highly disruptive and punitive to make adverse policy changes or budget reductions while the new farm law is being implemented.