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Global Spinners See US Cotton Operations 09/25/2015
Six members of the International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF) Spinners Committee visited various US cotton operations and research facilities, on Sept. 13-18, immediately following the ITMF’s Annual Conference in San Francisco.
NCC: Report on U.S. Cotton Policies Very Misleading 09/18/2015
NCC: Report on U.S. Cotton Policies Very Misleading
“Beltwide” Aims to Enhance Decision-Making 09/15/2015
“Beltwide” Aims to Enhance Decision-Making
Southwest Cotton Producers to See Mid-South Cotton Operations 08/10/2015
Twelve cotton producers from Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas will see cotton operations in Arkansas, Missouri and Tennessee on Aug. 17-20 on the last of four tours of NCC's '15 Producer Information Exchange (P.I.E.) program.
Far West Cotton Producers to See Georgia Operations 07/31/2015
Ten Far West cotton producers will see cotton operations in Georgia on August 3-6 as part of the 2015 National Cotton Council’s Producer Information Exchange program (P.I.E.).
Mid-South Cotton Producers to See Texas Operations 07/31/2015
Ten cotton producers from the Mid-South will see cotton and other agriculture-related operations in Texas on July 26-30 as part of the 2015 National Cotton Council’s Producer Information Exchange (P.I.E.).
Cotton Newsline: October 2, 2015 10/02/15
This week the EPA issued an updated and revised set of worker protection standards that apply to farm workers who handle pesticides.
Cotton Newsline: September 30, 2015 09/30/15
This week both the House and Senate are working to pass a short term continuing resolution to avoid a possible government shutdown.
Cotton Newsline: September 23, 2015 09/23/15
At a recent conference that was held in Geneva, Switzerland, by a group known as the International Center for Trade Sustainable Development, there was a paper presented that attempted to model the impacts of the cotton provisions of the 2014 Farm Bill and what the authors perceived to be the effects on production and world market prices.
Cotton Newsline: September 18, 2015 09/18/15
Last week the House Agriculture Committee had a closed session with U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman.
Cotton Newsline: September 16, 2015 09/16/15
Congress returned last week following its five week Congressional recess during August, and the main order of business for the month of September is to try to get in place a funding bill for the start of the new fiscal year which is October 1st.
Cotton Newsline: August 28, 2015 08/28/15
Chinese and U.S. stock markets have taken a hit this week.
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