Summary of cotton seedling disease in Louisiana.

Dr. Patrick Colyer, Red River Research Station, P.O. Box 8550 Highway 71S, Bossier City, LA 71113, phone (318)714-7430, FAX (318)714-7433
email: pcolyer@agctr.lsu.edu

Predominant Seedling Disease Comples of Soil Fungi: Rhizoctonia solani, Pythium spp., and Fusarium spp.

1998 Yield Loss Estimate Valued at $390/Bale: 4.0% of the cotton crop was lost to cotton seedling diseases damage ... 31,325 bales ... valued at $12,216,725.

Seven-year Average Yield Loss Estimate from 1992 through 1998: Annual average of 4.3% of the crop was lost to damage from cotton seedling diseases ... 60,725 bales ... valued at $22,881,850.

1998 Research Activity: Trials were conducted on the effects of in-furrow fungicide treatments on Moreland clay and Norwood sandy loam soils at the Red River Research Station, Bossier City, LA. Data were recorded for: soil temperatures, rainfall, plant populations, skip index, root and hypocotyl indices. 

For details of test results, contact Jennifer Gimpert.