Summary of cotton seedling disease in Georgia .

Dr. Robert Kemerait, Plant Pathologist, Cooperative Extension Service, University of Georgia, P.O. Box 1209, Tifton, GA 31793
Phone (229) 386-7495, FAX (229) 386-7415

Predominant Seedling Disease Complex of Soil Fungi: Rhizoctonia solani, Pythium spp., and Fusarium spp.

1998 Yield Loss Estimate valued at $390/Bale: 3.0% of the cotton crop was lost to cotton seedling dieases damage ... 51,5341 bales ... valued at $20,098,260.

Seven-Year Average Yield Loss Estimate from 1992 through 1998: Annual average of 1.9% of the crop was lost to damage from cotton seedling diseases ... 35,232 bales ... valued at $13,740,480.

1997 Research Activity: Five tests were conducted in Georgia in 1997, to evaluate soil fungicides for seedling diseases control. The tests were done by Dr. Richard Baird, who worked with the following researchers, Plant Pathology Dept., University of Georgia: Richard McDaniel, Stefan Price, Gary Herzog, Danny Bennett, and Phillip Roberts. Test sites were: McGruder Farm (2), Waynesboro, GA; Lang Farm, Tifton, GA; Lynn Hardy Farm, Cochran, GA; and Rural Development Center Pivot Plots, Tifton GA.

For details of test results, contact Jennifer Gimpert.