2005 Mid-Year Board Meeting

News and reports from the NCC's 2005 mid-year board meeting in La Jolla, CA.

August 18, 2005
NCC Chairman's Report
NCC Chairman Woods Eastland told the organization’s directors at their mid-year meeting that the NCC has been very effective in applying its resources to address the industry’s priority issues but the industry still faces some serious challenges.
CCI President's Report
CCI President Gary Taylor updated the NCC's directors on the COTTON USA 2005 activities.
International Trade Policy Report
NCC Counsel Bill Gillon, in an update on key trade issues, demonstrated that the WTO Doha negotiations could force significant changes in U.S. farm policy, including changes in the marketing loan program.
Cotton Economic Report
Gary Adams, NCC’s vice president, Economics and Policy Analysis, updated the directors on the current economic situation.