2004 Beltwide Cotton Conferences

News and reports from the 2004 Beltwide Cotton Conferences in San Antonio, TX.

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January 13, 2004
USDA-ARS Scientist Receives 2003 Cotton Physiology Award
Dr. Bobbie L. McMichael, a plant physiologist at the USDA Agricultural Research Service’s Plant Stress and Water Conservation Laboratory in Lubbock, TX, is the recipient of the 2003 Outstanding Research Award in Cotton Physiology.
January 9, 2004
Dr. Peggy Thaxton is 2003 Cotton Genetics Research Award Recipient
Dr. Peggy Thaxton received the 2003 Cotton Genetics Research Award at the 2004 Beltwide Cotton Improvement Conference
January 7, 2004
J. Jill Group is 2004 U.S. Cotton Champion Award Recipient
The J. Jill Group, a Quincy, MA,-based specialty retailer of high-quality women’s apparel, accessories and footwear is the recipient of the U.S. Cotton Champion Award for 2004.
2004 High Cotton Winners Share a Common Passion
2004 High Cotton Winners recognized at the Beltwide Cotton Conferences
January 6, 2004
Marketplace Insights
Memphis merchant Williams B. Dunavant, Jr., provided marketplace insights to close today's 2004 Beltwide Cotton Production Conference general session.
Washington Update
In an update of Washington, DC, activity, NCC Vice President John Maguire said that redistricting and retirements will generate changes in the House for the next Congress, and the NCC needs members' support to make sure the newly elected members are familiar with the cotton industry and its issues.
Trade Issues Facing the U.S. Cotton Industry
Trade issues framed a major part of the NCC’s activities in 2003 and will continue as a focal point in the foreseeable future for the NCC which will evaluate trade agreements as to their capacity to serve the interests of the entire U.S. cotton industry.
How Do We Produce and How Do We Sell It?
Cooperative executive David Stanford talked about changes taking place in the U.S. cotton industry and about positioning for the future.
Farm Program Support Mechanisms
The Farm Security and Rural Investment Act began with the 2002 crop and extends through the 2007 crop. For the program to be effective, it is necessary that producers understand how changing market conditions impact the support mechanisms that we have in place.
Leadership Tour of Brazil, A Report
A U.S. cotton industry delegation to Brazil found the country has the potential to establish itself as a major exporter in the world cotton market. Brazil is also working to carve out a larger role in ongoing trade negotiations.
Report of NCC Chairman
The NCC continues to devote significant resources to technology development and transfer as evidenced by the Beltwide Cotton Conferences. Bringing resolution to technology-based priorities has in many cases been facilitated by this forum.