2004 Annual Meeting

News and reports from the NCC's 2004 annual meeting in New Orleans, LA.

February 2, 2004
Keeping Farm Law Intact, Influencing Trade Negotiations Continue as National Cotton Council Priorities in 2004
NCC Chairman Bobby Greene said defense of the U.S. farm program and influencing trade negotiations will continue as NCC priorities in 2004.
Texas Producer to Serve as NCC Chairman For 2004
Texas producer Woody Anderson was elected NCC chairman - the organization’s top position - at the NCC’s Annual Meeting.
Cotton Service Award Honors Veteran NCC Staffer Gaylon Booker
Gaylon Booker, who has played a pivotal role at the NCC during his 40-plus years of service, was honored as the recipient of the 2004 Harry S. Baker Distinguished Service Award for Cotton.
National Cotton Council Names 2004 Directors
NCC directors for 2004 were announced here at the industrywide organization’s annual meeting.
John E. Pucheu, Jr., Elected Chairman of American Cotton Producers
John E. Pucheu, Jr., a producer from Tranquillity, CA, was elected chairman of the American Cotton Producers of the NCC for 2004 during the NCC’s annual meeting.
NCC Chairman's Report
2003 NCC Chairman Bobby Greene told delegates at the NCC's 2004 Annual Meeting that NCC leaders put defense of the U.S. cotton program and attaining sound trade policy at the very top of the NCC’s action agenda in 2003.
January 31, 2004
Sid Brough to Lead National Cotton Ginners Association in 2004
Sid Brough, general manager of EdCot Coop Gin in Edroy, TX, is the 2004-05 president of the National Cotton Ginners Association. He was elected at the NCGA’s Board of Directors meeting and announced at the association’s annual meeting in New Orleans.
Shifting Demand Continues for U.S. Cotton Industry
U.S. cotton will continue to see shifting demand as exports increase while the domestic textile industry experiences further contraction, according to the NCC's 2004 Economic Outlook given at the NCC's annual meeting in New Orleans.
January 30, 2004
Who is Your Competitor in 2010?
Outgoing CCI Chairman Bill Dunavant, III, addressed the American Cotton Producers meeting with a report about who U.S. cotton producers' competitors are in the world marketplace.
NCC Survey Suggests U.S. Producers to Plant 14.76 Million Acres of Upland and ELS Cotton in 2004
NCC's annual planting intentions survey suggests U.S. producers will plant 14.76 million acres of upland and extra long staple cotton in 2004.
Texas Cooperative Official Named CCI President For 2004
David Stanford, a cooperative official from Lubbock, TX, was elected president of Cotton Council International for 2004.