2003 Beltwide Cotton Conferences

News and reports from the 2003 Beltwide Cotton Conferences in Nashville, TN.

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January 9, 2003
University of Arkansas Scientist Receives 2002 Cotton Physiology Award
Dr. James Stewart, University of Arkansas researcher and professor, received the 2002 Cotton Physiology Award at the 2003 Beltwide Cotton Conferences.
Dr. Roy Cantrell is 2002 Cotton Genetics Research Award Recipient
Dr. Roy Cantrell of Cotton Incorporated is the 2002 Cotton Genetics Research Award recipient.
2003 High Cotton Winners Staying the Course on Conservation
Four farmers who have not let economic adversity stand in the way of their love and concern for the land have been named recipients of the 2003 High Cotton awards. They are: L.C. Conway, Cove City, NC, Southeast Region; Marty White, Jonesboro, AR, Delta Region; Dale Swinburn, Tulia, TX, Southwest Region; and Paul “Paco” Ollerton, Coolidge, AZ, Western Region.
January 8, 2003
Marketplace Insights
Memphis cotton merchant William B. Dunavant, Jr., shared his insights on the domestic and world cotton marketplace at the 2003 Beltwide Cotton Production Conference.
Fresh Produce Sportswear is 2003 U.S. Cotton Champion Award Recipient
Fresh Produce Sportswear, a Boulder, CO, Boulder, CO-based clothing designer, manufacturer and retailer, is the recipient of the U.S. Cotton Champion Award for 2003.
Study Shows Biotech is Key Factor in Move to Conservation Tillage in Cotton
The availability of herbicide-tolerant cotton has allowed and encouraged cotton growers to adopt conservation tillage practices, according to a study conducted for the NCC.
January 7, 2003
Conservation Title: What's In It For You
USDA's NRCS Chief Bruce Knight provides an overview of the new farm bill and discusses what USDA and the agriculture community need to do to successfully implement the bill's conservation's provisions.
International Trade Policy: A Major Influence On The Economic Viability Of The U.S. Cotton Industry
NCC President/CEO Gaylon Booker reported on the importance and implications of international trade policy to the U.S. cotton industry.
Report of NCC Chairman
NCC Chairman Kenneth Hood told attendees at the 2003 Beltwide Cotton Production Conference in Nashville that the NCC will continue its longstanding commitment of its resources for technology development and transfer and bringing resolution to the technology-based priorities.
Key Issues Facing Agriculture
USDA Deputy Secretary James Moseley discussed key issues USDA is dealing with, from the threat to U.S. textiles to biotechnology acceptance and farm program signup.
U.S. Cotton Faces Challenges – From Farm Policy Preservation to EffectiveTrade Agreement Negotiations
NCC Chairman Kenneth Hood told those attending the 2003 Beltwide Cotton Conferences that the NCC’s primary challenge since passage of the new farm bill and one that persists -- has been maintaining that policy in the face of a constant flow of misinformation and negative publicity. NCC President and Chief Executive Officer Gaylon Booker said with trade liberalization inevitable, the U.S. cotton industry can no longer afford to allow U.S. trade negotiators to be generous with U.S. market access without getting something meaningful in return.