2002 Beltwide Cotton Conferences

News and reports from the 2002 Beltwide Cotton Conferences in Atlanta, Georgia.

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January 11, 2002
Cotton's Interest in the 2002 Farm Bill
NCC Washington Operations Vice President John Maguire reviews cotton's priorities in new farm law and the status of the legislation's development.
January 10, 2002
Marketplace Insights
Memphis cotton merchant William B. Dunavant, Jr., said U.S. cotton producers and their best customer, the U. S. textile industry, have reached a crossroads in the past few years.
Free Trade . . . What Kind of Yarn Are We Spinning?
Parkdale Mills CEO Andy Warlick delves into free trade/protectionism as it relates to the U.S. textile industry.
January 9, 2002
Report of NCC Chairman
NCC Chairman James Echols opened the 2002 Beltwide Cotton Conferences, saying the forum is like none other, especially when you consider the diverse groups they bring together.
NCWC Launches 'Cotton Counts' Program
The National Cotton Council is launching Cotton Counts, a consumer awareness campaign aimed at improving the understanding of and the attitudes toward U.S. cotton.
Arkansas Research Geneticist Receives Cotton Genetics Research Award
Dr. Freddie M. Bourland, a cotton research geneticist and public cotton breeding program leader, is the recipient of the Cotton Genetics Research Award.
Environmental Stewardship a High Priority
Six farmers who make stewardship of the land an integral part of their farming operations have been named recipients of The Cotton Foundation/Farm Press High Cotton awards for 2002.
Bailey Boys Is U.S. Cotton Champion Award Recipient for 2002
The Bailey Boys, Inc., a nationally-known manufacturer of upscale children’s clothing, is the recipient of the U.S. Cotton Champion Award for 2002.