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SRES is the only research planter manufacturer that concentrates totally on research plot planting! When you focus all of your energies and attention to doing one thing, then you know you do it very well indeed. SRES does ONE THING and we do it RIGHT!

The Cotton Foundation

Open Cotton Sunrise 
U.S. cotton is benefiting from Foundation-support in 2014-15 of 20 general research projects, among them studies related to pest management, sustainability, pollinator protection, fiber quality, agronomic practices and education.

The Cotton Foundation was created in 1955 as a 501(c)3 organization to give U.S. cotton’s agribusiness allies opportunities to support the U.S. cotton industry over and above the products and services these firms provide. Membership includes banks, seed companies, chemical and equipment manufacturers, publishers and others whose success depends at least in part on U.S. cotton and who share a common concern for a healthy U.S. cotton industry.

Agribusiness members’ dues support general research and education projects while some members’ grants over and above their dues fund special projects. The combination of these general and special projects enables the Foundation to more effectively carry out its overall mission of strengthening U.S. cotton’s position in the highly competitive fiber market. In fact, these general and special projects are chosen specifically to help the Foundation achieve its mission through the following major goals:

  • support present Foundation leadership and member education programs;
  • provide educational programs that improve safety, productivity and environmental stewardship of the industry work force;
  • identify short and longer term issues facing the cotton industry and then develop and implement projects to address issues or needs;
  • develop and provide funding for programs to help influence industry and government research;
  • identify long-term, industrywide strategic issues that will affect the cotton industry; and
  • identify and assess in a timely manner the impact of proposed regulations.
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