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LOGO: Journal of Cotton Science


Volume 10 / 2006

Issue 1 Table of Contents
pp. 01-08 Development and Yields of Cotton under Two Tillage Systems and Nitrogen Application Following White Lupin Grain Crop
Pawel J. Wiatrak, David L. Wright, and Jim J. Marois
pp. 09-16 Cotton (<em>Gossypium hirsutum</em> L.) Yield and Fiber Quality to Insect-simulated and Harvest-aid Premature Defoliation
Jonathan D. Siebert, B. Rogers Leonard, and Alexander M. Stewart
pp. 17-28 Stability Comparisons Between Conventional And Near-Isogenic Transgenic Cotton Cultivars
Sterling B. Blanche, Gerald O. Myers, Jimmy Z. Zumba, David Caldwell, and James Hayes
pp. 29-38 Predicting Intron Sites by Aligning Cotton ESTs with <em>Arabidopsis</em> Genomic DNA
Pawan Kumar; Andrew H. Paterson; and Peng W. Chee
pp. 39-45 Effect of Thermal Defoliation on Cotton Leaf Desiccation, Senescence, Post-harvest Regrowth, and Lint Quality
Allan Showler, Paul Funk, and Carlos Armijo
pp. 46-52 Ginning a Cotton with a Fragile Seed Coat
Carlos B. Armijo, Sidney E. Hughs, Marvis N. Gillum, and Edward M. Barnes
pp. 53-60 Molecular Analysis of Class III Peroxidases from Cotton
E. Delannoy, P. Marmey, A. Jalloul, H. Etienne, and M. Nicole
pp. 61-67 The Influence of Surface Electrolyte and Moisture Content on the Frictional Behavior of Cotton Fiber
Gary R. Gamble
pp. 68-75 Tropical Spiderwort (<em>Commelina benghalensis</em> L.) Control and Emergence Patterns in Preemergence Herbicide Systems
Theodore M. Webster, Michael G. Burton, A. Stanley Culpepper, J. Timothy Flanders, Timothy L. Grey, and Alan C. York
Issue Editors
Issue 2 Table of Contents
pp. 76-88 Management of Cotton Grown Under Overhead Sprinkle and Sub-surface Drip Irrigation
Russell C. Nuti, Shaun N. Casteel, Ryan P. Viator, James E. Lanier, Keith L. Edmisten, David L. Jordan, Garry L. Grabow, Steve Barnes, Jimmy Mathews, Randy Wells
pp. 89-96 Effect of Carrier Volume and Nozzle Type on Cotton Harvest-aid Efficacy
Jonathan D. Siebert, Alexander M. Stewart, Donnie K. Miller, and C. Chism Craig
pp. 97-104 Comparison of Sticky Cotton Indices and Sugar Composition
Jay S. Bancroft, Robert Hutmacher, Larry Godfrey, Peter B. Goodell, Michael McGuire, Paul Funk, and Steve Wright
pp. 105-113 Mating Incidence of Feral <em>Heliothis virescens</em> (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) Males Confined with Laboratory-Reared Females
Carlos A. Blanco, Douglas Sumerford, Juan D. López Jr., and Gerardo Hernández
pp. 114-127 Breeding for Fusarium Wilt Race 4 Resistance in Cotton under Field and Greenhouse Conditions
Mauricio Ulloa, Robert B. Hutmacher, R. Michael Davis, Steven D. Wright, Richard Percy, and B. Marsh
pp. 128-135 Effects of Mepiquat Pentaborate on Cotton Cultivars with Different Maturities
Joseph T. Johnson, and William T. Pettigrew
pp. 136-145 Assessing Cotton Stalk Destruction with Herbicides Using Remote Sensing Technology
Chenghai Yang; Shoil M. Greenberg; James H. Everitt; John W. Norman Jr.
Issue Editors
Issue 3 Table of Contents
pp. 146-154 Correlation of Defoliation Timing Methods to Optimize Cotton Yield, Quality, and Revenue
Jonathan D. Siebert and Alexander M. Stewart
pp. 155-160 Changes in Populations of <em>Heliothis virescens</em> (F.) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) and <em>Helicoverpa zea</em> (Boddie) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in the Mississippi Delta from 1986 to 2005 as Indicated by Adult Male Pheromone Traps
John J. Adamczyk Jr. and Don Hubbard
pp. 161-167 Evidence That Light Stink Bug Damage Does Not Influence Open End Yarn Processing Performance
Philip J. Bauer, David D. McAlister III, and Mitchell E. Roof
pp. 168-174 A Comparison of Bollgard/Glyphosate Tolerant Cotton Cultivars to Their Conventional Parents for Open End Yarn Processing Performance
Philip J. Bauer, David D. McAlister III, James R. Frederick
pp. 175-179 [[font color="ff0000"]]RESEARCH NOTE[[/font]][[BR]]Development of Random-mated Populations Using Bulked Pollen Methodology: Cotton as a Model
Osman A. Gutiérrez, Daryl T. Bowman, Clay B. Cole, Johnie N. Jenkins, Jack C. McCarty Jr., Jixiang Wu, and Clarence E. Watson Jr.
pp. 180-192 The Impacts of U.S. Cotton Programs on the World Market: An Analysis of Brazilian WTO Petition
Suwen Pan, Samarendu Mohanty, Don Ethridge, and Mohamadou Fadiga
pp. 193-200 Economic Evaluation of Soil and Foliar Applied Nitrogen Fertilization Programs for Cotton Production
Roland K. Roberts, Michael M. Kenty, James M. Thomas, and Donald D. Howard
pp. 201-209 Microbial Census and Evidence for a Direct Temporal Effect of Bale Moisture with Color Grade during Six Months of Storage
David T.W. Chun, David D. McAlister III, Sidney E. Hughs, and Dean R. Cobb
pp. 210-223 Calibration and Use of the UGA EASY Evaporation Pan for Low Frequency Sprinkler Irrigation of Cotton in a Clay Soil
Steven J. Thomson, and Daniel K. Fisher
Issue Editors
Issue 4 Table of Contents
pp. 224-234 Response of Yield, Yield Components, and Fiber Properties of Egyptian Cotton (<em>Gossypium barbadense</em> L.) to Nitrogen Fertilization and Foliar-applied Potassium and Mepiquat Chloride
Zakaria M. Sawan, Mahmoud H. Mahmoud, and Amal H. El-Guibali
pp. 235-243 Comparison of Growth and Yield Components of Conventional and Ultra-narrow Row Cotton
Earl D. Vories, and Robert E. Glover
pp. 244-251 Effects of a Short-term Corn Rotation on Cotton Dry Matter Partitioning, Lint Yield, and Fiber Quality Production
W.T. Pettigrew, W.R. Meredith Jr., H.A. Bruns, and S. R. Stetina
pp. 252-262 Effect of Genotype, Edaphic, Environmental Conditions, and Agronomic Practices on Cry1Ac Protein Expression in Transgenic Cotton
Ian J. Rochester
pp. 263-272 Upland Cotton (<em>Gossypium hirsutum</em> L.) x Hawaiian Cotton (<em>G. tomentosum</em> Nutt. Ex. Seem.) F<sub>1</sub> Hybrid Hypoaneuploid Chromosome Substitution Series
Sukumar Saha, Dwaine A. Raska, and David M. Stelly
pp. 273-283 Cleaning Performance of Modified Cylinder Cleaners
Sanh Le
pp. 284-299 Gross Monetary Returns for Conventionally Processed Cotton
J. Clif Boykin
pp. 300-310 Historical Review on the Effect of Moisture Content and the Addition of Moisture Addition to Seed Cotton before Ginning on Fiber Length
Richard K. Byler
pp. 311-318 Harvesting and Ginning a Cotton with a Fragile Seed Coat
Carlos B. Armijo, Greg A. Holt, Kevin D. Baker, Sidney E. Hughs, Edward M. Barnes, and Marvis N. Gillum
pp. 319-327 Glufosinate Antagonizes Postemergence Graminicides Applied to Annual Grasses and Johnsongrass
Andrew P. Gardner, Alan C. York, David L. Jordan, and David W. Monks
pp. 328-338 Management of Annual Grasses and <em>Amaranthus</em> spp. in Glufosinate-resistant Cotton
Andrew P. Gardner, Alan C. York, David L. Jordan, and David W. Monks
pp. 339-340 Annual Report of the <em>Journal of Cotton Science</em>
Patrick D. Colyer
Issue Editors