Jan. 3-7, Orlando, FL
C. Paul Dugger & Debbie A. Richter


52nd Annual Conference Report on Cotton Insect Research and Control
D. D. Hardee and G. A. Herzog
Highlights of the 52nd Annual Cotton Insect Research and Control Conference
G. A. Herzog, D. D. Hardee and M. R. Williams
Cotton Insect Losses 1998
Michael R. Williams
Cotton Insect Loss Estimates - 1998
Michael R. Williams
Boll Weevil Eradication: Beltwide Status and Future Outlook
Bill Grefenstette
Boll Weevil Eradication Program Update - Southeast and Midsouth Zones
Jim Brumley
Insect Management in Mid-South Eradication Zones: A Progress Report
M.B. Layton, R.D. Bagwell and R.W. Seward
Boll Weevil Eradication Update - Texas, 1998
Osama El-Lissy, Lindy Patton, Danny Kiser, Ray Frisbie, Tom Fuchs, Don Rummel, Roy Parker, Jeff Slosser, Don Dippel, J.R. Coppedge, Gary Cunningham, Frank Carter, James Boston and Jack Hayes
Insect Management in the Texas Eradication Zones: A Progress Report
Thomas W. Fuchs
The Boll Weevil Problem on the High Plains of Texas and Eastern New Mexico
J. F. Leser and R. K. Haldenby
Post Eradication Insect Control: Was it Worth It?
Phillip Roberts
Development of a Computerized Expert System as a Management Tool for Boll Weevil Eradication
Osama El-Lissy and John Moschos
Use of Pheromone Trapping Data to Evaluate Boll Weevil Eradication in the Southern Rolling Plains of Texas
Thomas W. Fuchs, Richard Minzenmayer and Christopher Sansone
Impact of Boll Weevil Eradication in the Southern Rolling Plains of Texas at the Field Level
C.G. Sansone, R.R. Minzenmayer and T.W. Fuchs
Economic Evaluation of Cultivar, Row Spacing, and Insecticides for Boll Weevil Management
J. E. Slosser, D. G. Bordovsky and S. J. Bevers
Influence of Boll Weevil Eradication on Aphid Populations in Mississippi Cotton
M.B. Layton, J.L. Long and Don Steinkraus
Emergence, Movement, and Pollen Feeding of Boll Weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in the Mississippi Delta
D. D. Hardee, G. D. Jones and L. C. Adams
Pesticide Usage in Arizona: 1995-1997
G.K. Agnew, P. B. Baker and W. Sherman
Historical Perspective and Future Costs of Keeping Key Cotton Insecticides in the Market
R. J. Braun
Status of Bollworm, Helicoverpa Zea, Susceptiblilty to Pyrethroids: IRAC-US 1998 Update
S. H. Martin, R. D. Bagwell, M. L. Boyd, B. L. Freeman, G. A. Herzog, D. R. Johnson, M. B. Layton, B. R. Leonard, N. Liu, G. T. Payne, P. V. Pietrantonio, M. E. Roof, M. J. Sullivan, J. W. Van Duyn and J. R. Weeks
Status of Insecticide Resistance in Tobacco Budworm and Bollworm in Louisiana During 1998
R. D. Bagwell, D. C. Cook, J. J. Adamczyk, B. R. Leonard and S. Micinski
Five Years of Vial Testing on a County-Wide Basis for Bollworm and Budworm Resistance to Tracer, Pyrethroids, and Curacron in Ahley County, Arkansas
Kenneth R. Williams
Mechanisms of Resistance to Organophosphate Insecticides in the Tobacco Budworm, Heliothis Virescens
John Harold and Jim Ottea
Studies of Resistance of Beet Armyworm (Spodoptera Exigua) to Spinosad in Field Populations from the Southern USA and Southeast Asia
J. K. Moulton, D. A. Pepper and T. J. Dennehy
Analysis of Organophosphorus and Carbamate Insecticide Resistance in the Beet Armyworm Spodoptera Exigua (Hubner)
Frank J. Byrne, Jianlong Bi and Nick C. Toscano
Potential of Boll Weevil Reproduction on Cienfuegosia Drummondii in South Texas
R. J. Coleman, R. D. Parker, D.L. Drawe and K. Mount
Effect of Boll Weevil on the Yield and Fiber Quality on the South Plains of Texas
J. S. Armstrong, D. L. Auld, E. Bechere, M. D. Ethridge, E. F. Hequet and D. R. Rummel
Identification of Boll Weevil Overwintering Habitat with Remote Sensing
Mary P. Maret and Donald R. Johnson
Effect of Habitat and Temperature on Boll Weevil Overwinter Survival in Arkansas
D. R. Johnson, M.P. Maret and L.M. Page
Seasonal Foraging Resources of Mississippi Boll Weevils
G. D. Jones, J. R. Coppedge, E. F. Wilson and D. D. Hardee
Tarnished Plant Bug and Boll Weevil Control Trials in the Mississippi Delta
J. T. Robbins, F. A. Harris and R. E. Furr
Initial and Residual Toxicity of Boll Weevil Attract and Control Tube in the Lower Rio Grande Valley and Brazos Valley of Texas - Spring and Fall, 1998
D. A. Wolfenbarger, C. L. Cole and J. C. Plato
BWACT Product Improvements and QC/QA Implementation in 1998 For Expanded Utilization in Commercial and US Boll Weevil Eradication Programs
Thomas A. Plato, James C. Plato and J. Scott Plato
Silverleaf Whitefly Colonization and Leaf Shape and Vascular Bundles Relationships in Cotton
C. C. Chu, A. C. Cohen, E. T. Natwick, G. S. Simmons and T. J. Henneberry
Comparative Influence of Cotton on Whitefly Species and Parasitoids
S. M. Greenberg, Walker A. Jones, and W. C. Warfield
Control of Silverleaf Whitefly with the Neem Product Azadirachtin as Bollwhip in Upland Cotton in Arizona
D.H. Akey and T.J Henneberry
New Insecticides for Control of Silverleaf Whitefly: an Efficacy Evaluation
Eric T. Natwick
Effect of Insect Clip Cages on Photosynthesis of Cotton and Cantaloupes
S. J. Crafts-Brandner and C. C. Chu
Field-Based, Degree-Day Model for Spiny Bollworm Earis Insulana Development
A. A. Hamed Amin and M. E. Foda
Bollgard Cotton: Recent Developments from Lab to Marketplace
John Greenplate, Walt Mullins, Joe Huesing, Tom Malvar, Saku Sivasupramaniam, Graham Head, Zach Shappley and John Purcell
Overproduction of the Cry2A Bt Protein in Tobacco Chloroplasts Confers Plant Resistance to Susceptible and Bt-Resistant Tobacco Budworm, Cotton Bollworm and Beet Armyworm
M. Kota, H. Daniell, S. Varma, S. F. Garczynski, W. J. Moar and F. Gould
Assay Kit for Species and Insecticide Resistance Diagnosis for Tobacco Budworm and Bollworm in Cotton
R. M. Roe, W. D. Bailey, G. Zhao, H. P. Young, L. M. Carter, F. Gould, C. E. Sorenson, G. G. Kennedy and J. S. Bacheler
Performance of Selected Bt Cotton Genotypes Against Bollworm in North Carolina
T. Burd, J. R. Bradley, Jr. and J. W. Van Duyn
The Efficacy of Different Insecticides and Rates Against Bollworms (LepidoPtera: Noctuidae) in B.t. and Conventional Cotton
D. S. Brickle, S. G. Turnipseed and M. J. Sullivan
Status of Monitoring for Tolerance to CryIAc in Populations of Helicoverpa Zea and Heliothis Virescens: Three-year Summary
D. V. Sumerford, D. D. Hardee, L. C. Adams and W. L. Solomon
Responses of a Bt Cotton Cultivar (DP NuCOTN 33b) to Selected Levels of Boll Injury
J. Gore, B. R. Leonard, J. S. Russell, J. H. Fife, G. E. Church and J. J. Adamczyk
Performance of Bt Cotton in Mississippi, 1998
M.B. Layton, S.D. Stewart, M.R. Williams and J.L. Long
Distribution of Heliothine Larvae in B.t. and Non-B.t. Cotton in Texas
Patricia V. Pietrantonio and Kevin Heinz
Ecology and Biology of Cotton Bollworm in Reference to Modeling Bt Resistance Development in a Bt Cotton / Bt Corn System
Nicholas P. Storer, Fred Gould, George G. Kennedy and John W. Van Duyn
Evolution of Region-Wide Resistance in Cotton Bollworm to Bt Cotton as Influenced by Bt Corn: Identification of Key Factors Through Computer Simulation
Nicholas P. Storer, Fred Gould, George G. Kennedy, Steven L. Peck and John W. Van Duyn
The Effects of Over Sprays on Bt Cotton
Duren E. Bell, Greg Slaughter, Phillip M. Roberts, Charles E. Ellis, Larry Willingham and Tom Cary
Economics of Bollgard Versus Non-Bollgard Cotton in 1998
J. W. Mullins and J. M. Mills
Insect Management Strategies in Bollgard Cotton in the Southeast
D.L. Pitts, W.M. Braxton and J.W. Mullins
Responses of Tobacco Budworm Populations from Mexico to Bt Cry IA(c) Toxin
José L. Martínez Carrillo and Mariano Berdegue
Bolligard Gen, Cotton as an Alternative for IPM in Delicias, Chihuahua, Mexico
Arturo Javier Obando-Rodriquex, Juvencio Gonzalea Garcia, Jesus Miguel Olivas Garica, Jose Eduardo Magana Magana and Alfredo Martinez Garcia
Compensation from Systematic Square Removal by Virginia Cotton
D. Ames Herbert, Jr. and A. Ozzie Abaye
Potential of Nectariless Cotton in Today's Cotton Production System
W. D. Platt and S. D. Stewart
Influence of Row Spacing and Tillage Upon Western Flower Thrips and Tobacco Thrips in Cotton
Henry M. Harris, W.K. Vencill and J. N. All
The Impact of Thrips on Cotton Productivity: What a Difference a Year Makes
Joel Faircloth, J.R. Bradley, Jr. and John Van Duyn
A Survey of Thrips Populations on Seedling Cotton in Louisiana
D. R. Cook, E. Burris and B. R. Leonard
Thrips Tolerance on Selected Cotton Cultivars
M. W. Fairbanks, D. R. Johnson and T. J. Kring
Early-Season Insect Controls: Herbicide Effects on Efficacy, Plant Development and Yield in Roundup Ready Cotton
Gary L. Lentz and Nancy B. Van Tol
Early Season Pest Management in Cotton with Roundup Ultra-Insecticide Combinations
J. H. Pankey, B. R. Leonard, J. L. Griffin and R. W. Costello
Risk Assessment Models to Predict Dynamics of Pink Bollworm in the Southeastern US
R.C. Venette and W.D. Hutchison
Area-Wide Management/Maximum Suppression of Pink Bollworm in Southern California
R. Staten, M. Walters, R. Roberson and S. Birdsall
Preliminary Analysis of Pink Bollworm Population Distributions in a Large Acreage of Genetically Engineered Cotton with Regard to Resistance Management
M. Walters, R. Staten, R. Sequeira and T. Dennehy
Status of Pink Bollworm Susceptibility to Bt in Arizona
A.L. Patin, T.J. Dennehy, M.A. Sims, B.E. Tabashnik, Yong-Biao Liu, L. Antilla, D. Gouge, T.J. Henneberry and R. Staten
On-Plant Distribution of Diapausing Pink Bollworm Larvae
R. Friesen, W. Multer and M. Muegge
Pink Bollworm Diapause Patterns in West Texas
R. Friesen, W. Multer, C. Payne and M. Muegge
Deltapine Bollgard Variety Response to the Israeli Pest Complex
J. Spenser, G. Forer and A. Niv
Screening for Resistance in Cotton Genotypes to Aphis Gossypii Glover, the Cotton Aphid
B. Reed, J. Gannaway, D. R. Rummel and H. G. Thorvilson
Interaction of Cotton Aphid Population Dynamics and Cotton Fertilization Regime in California Cotton
L. D. Godfrey, K. Keillor, R. B. Hutmacher and J. Cisneros
Biotic Suppression of the Cotton Aphid (Homoptera: Aphididae) in the Georgia Coastal Plain
Lenny Wells, John R. Ruberson, Robert M. McPherson and Gary A. Herzog
Cultural Practices Affecting the Abundance of Cotton Aphids and Beet Armyworms in Dryland Cotton
M. N. Parajulee, J. E. Slosser and D. G. Bordovsky
Evaluation of Fulfill(R) 50wg (Pymetrozine) for Cotton Aphid Control in 1998 Field Trials
J. Scott Ferguson, John P. Koenig, Stephen M. White, Dennis M. Dunbar and D. Scott Lawson
Spider Mites in Arkansas: Wild Host Plants and Chemical Control
Don Steinkraus, Jon Zawislak, Gus Lorenz, III and Jeff Welch
Early Detection of Spider Mites in Cotton Using Multispectral Remote Sensing
G. J. Fitzgerald, S. J. Maas and W. R. DeTar
Male Attraction to a Natural Spider Mite Sex Pheromone (Acari: Tetranychidae)
F.K. El-Duweini, Z.R. Sawires and S.A.A. Amer
Cotton Bollworm Control in Xinjiang in 1997-1998
C.F. Sheng
Lepidopteran Pests in Northeast Louisiana Cotton During 1997-98: A Summary of Selected Tests
B. R. Leonard, K. Torrey, J. H. Fife, J. Gore, S. Russell and S. Hall
Pest Fluctuations and Trends in North Carolina Cotton
J. S. Bacheler
Uncommon Pests of Cotton in Northeast Louisiana
E. Burris, B.R. Leonard and D.R. Cook
Insecticidal Control of Aphids and Boll Weevils in Missouri - 1998
Michael L. Boyd and Jeff House
Observations of Emerging Pests in Low Spray Environments
Phillip Roberts
Insecticidal Efficacy Against a Complex of Fall and Beet Armyworms and Soybean Looper in South Carolina Cotton
M. J. Sullivan, S. G. Turnipseed and D. Robinson
Stink Bugs in Cotton: Feeding and Injury Observations
G. R. Lee, P. Roberts and M. A. Abney
Stink Bugs on Cotton: A Temporal Occurrence
C. S. Bundy, R. M. McPherson and G. A. Herzog
Management of Stink Bugs Using Symptoms of Boll Injury as a Monitoring Tool
J. K. Greene and G. A. Herzog
Influence of Boll Age on Susceptibility to Tarnished Plant Bug Injury
T. O. Horn, F. A. Harris, J. T. Robbins and R. E. Furr, Jr.
Cotton Boll Abscission Influenced by Tarnished Plant Bug Feeding
J. S. Russell, B. R. Leonard, J. Gore and G. E. Church
Reservoir Strip Plantings in Tarnished Plant Bug Research
R.E. Furr, Jr., F.A. Harris and J.T. Robbins
Response of Tarnished Plant Bugs (Heteroptera: Miridae) to Traps Baited with Virgin Males or Females
G.L. Snodgrass and W.P. Scott
Effects of Five Different Adjuvants Added to Five Insecticides for Control of Tarnished Plant Bugs (Lygus lineolaris) in Mississippi Cotton
Michael S. Howell and Jack T. Reed
New Insecticides for Control of Cotton Fleahopper and Impact of Drought on Production
Roy D. Parker
Use of Alternate Hosts as a Trap for Tarnished Plant Bugs and a Refuge for Bt-Susceptible Tobacco Budworms
Chism Craig, Scott Stewart, Randy Luttrell, Jim Robbins and Gordon Snodgrass
Tarnished Plant Bug Control with Regent and Actara During 1997 and 1998 in Small Plot and Large Plot EUP Trials
W. P. Scott, G. L. Snodgrass and D. A. Adams
Plant Bug and Boll Weevil Control with REGENT(R) Under an EUP in Arkansas
J. D. Hopkins and C. B. Guy
Transgenic and Conventional Insect and Weed Control Systems
Charles T. Allen, Marwan S. Kharboutli, Kelly J. Bryant, Fred M. Bourland, Larry D. Earnest, Chuck Capps and George Palmer
Effect of Supplemental Insecticides Against Bollworm and Beet Armyworm on Bollgard: Enhanced Efficacy??
J. E. Mann and J. W. Mullins
Droplet Size and Spray Volume Effects on Cotton Canopy Penetration and Third Instar Heliothis Virescens (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) Mortality
J. T. Reed and D. B. Smith
Earlier Cotton Harvest and Increased Yield with Dimilin(R) (Diflubenzuron)
R.T. Weiland
Differential Insecticidal Properties Exhibited Against Heliothine Species by Two Viral Vectors Encoding a Similar Chimeric Toxin Gene
M. F. Treacy, P. E. Rensner, J. N. All and A. White
Utilization of Recombinant Viral Biopesticides within a Cotton IPM Program
Kevin M. Heinz, Chad Smith, Richard Minzenmayer and J. Lindsey Flexner
New Insecticide Chemistry for Cotton IPM
J.W. Holloway, N.W. Forrester and B.R. Leonard
Ovicidal Research with Emamectin Benzoate Against Tobacco Budworm Eggs
Ngoan Ngo, Steve Moore, Scott Lawson and Stephen White
Mortality and Reproductive Effects of Ingested Tracer(R) on Adult Bollworm
J. D. Lopez, Jr. and M. A. Latheef
Outlook for Steward Insecticide in Southeast Arkansas
Marwan S. Kharboutli, Charles T. Allen, Chuck Capps and Larry Earnest
Capture 2EC: Efficacy on Cotton Arthropod Pests
H.R. Mitchell and L.D. Hatfield
Gaucho(R) Performance Under Extreme Envionmental Conditions and Different Soil Types
Charles Graham
Evaluation of Adage 5FS(TM) for Early-Season Insect Control
Nancy B. Van Tol and Gary L. Lentz
CRUISER(R)/ADAGE(TM) Performance Features of Thiamethoxam as a Seed Treatment in Worldwide Cotton
D. Hofer and F. Brandl
Adage(TM) (Thiamethoxam) Seed Treatment for Cotton
Larry Zang, Nyoan Ngo and Brad Minto
Actara(TM) 25 WG: Control of Cotton Pests with a New Neonicotinoid Insecticde, Thiamethoxam
D. S. Lawson, D. M. Dunbar, S. M. White and N. Ngo
A Beltwide Rating of Beneficial Insects
D. Eddie McGriff and John R. Ruberson
Consequences of Natural Enemy Disruption with Applications of "Hard" Insecticides Prior to the Bollworm Flight in Conventional and B.t. Cotton
S. G. Turnipseed and M. J. Sullivan
Natural Enemy Movement Between Adjacent Sorghum and Cotton Fields
Jarrad R. Prasifka, Kevin M. Heinz, Peter C. Krauter, Christopher G. Sansone and Richard R. Minzenmayer
The Economic Contribution of Beneficial Arthropods in a Cotton IPM Program
L. G. Peterson and R. K. Sprenkel
Effect of Surface Tillage on Population Dynamics of Beneficial Arthropods in Cotton
Gloria S. McCutcheon
The Beat Bucket: a Rapid, Reliable Method for Sampling Predatory Insects and Spiders in Cotton
Allen E. Knutson and W. Ted Wilson
True Spiders as a Biocontrol Agent for Controlling Spider Mites in Egypt
M.E. El-Naggar, M.A. Abd-El-Halim and A.A. Shoeib
Developmental Effects of Feeding Tobacco Budworm Larvae Salt-Tolerant Cotton Callus Tissue
B.J. Burden and K.V. Tindall
Evaluating Insect Management Strategies Using Yield Mapping
C. D. Parker, Jr, R. G. Luttrell and F. A. Harris
Validation of the Insecticide Termination Component of Cotman
N.R. Benson, W.C. Robertson, G.M. Lorenz and K.J. Bryant
Whole Farm Evaluation of the Bollman Component of Cotman
Jerry Sites, Kelly Bryant, Ray Benson, Bill Robertson and Gus Lorenz
Pest and Beneficial Arthropod Abundance in California Organic and Biointensive Cotton Fields: The "Basic" Experience
Sean L. Swezey and Polly Goldman
Droplet Deposition Pattern of Tracer (Spinosad) Applied with and Without Adjuvants
J.L. Murray, W.H. Hendrix, III, M. A. Benson and I.W. Kirk
Economics of a Tracer/Karate Z Conventional Cotton Program vs. Bt Cotton
M. A. Benson and W. H. Hendrix, III
Aerial Spray Deposition Characteristics of Tracer(TM) and Selected Adjuvants
I.W. Kirk, S.J. Harp and W.H. Hendrix
Temporal Degradation of ULV Malathion Under Field Conditions
W. Clint Hoffmann
Optimization of Fipronil Application
Joseph E. Mulrooney
Color the Boll Weevil Red: Penetrating the Body Wall with Spray Diluents
Robert G. Jones
Effect of Lepidopteran Damage and Weather to Cotton in Ten Irrigated Fields Following Malathion ULV Applications: Lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas-1995
Robert G. Jones and Dan A. Wolfenbarger
Respiration Rates of Reproductively Active and Diapausing Boll Weevils
T. L. Wagner and E. J. Villavaso
Evaluations of Factitious Trap Crops for Use in Early and Late Season Boll Weevil Suppression Programs
K. R. Beerwinkle, J. R. Coppedge and T. M. O'Neil
Effect of Planting Date and Different Management Strategieson Boll Weevil Infestations and Lint Production Under Dryland Conditions in Oklahoma 1997 and 1998
Miles Karner, Jerry Goodson and A.L. Hutson
Observations of Boll Weevil Response to the BWACT
D. W. Spurgeon
Summary of Insecticide Performance for Boll Weevil (Anthonomus Grandis) Control in Arkansas Cotton
L. M. Page, D. R. Johnson, M. P. Maret and S. R. Amaden
Mississippi - Boll Weevil Pheromone Traplines - 1995 to 1998
Michael R. Williams
Bollworm and Budworm Moth Activity in the Texas Rolling Plains
E. P. Boring, M. N. Parajulee and J. E. Slosser
Characterization of a ‘Yellow-Eye' Mutant of Tobacco Budworm
Melissa Hasty and Greg Payne
Susceptibility of Field-Collected Populations of Tobacco Budworm and Cotton Bollworm to Various Insecticides; 1995-1998
Greg Payne, Melissa Hasty and Cheryl O'Meara
Impact of Baythroid, Guthion and Legend on Pest and Beneficial Arthropods in Cotton
Alton N. Sparks, Jr. and John W. Norman, Jr.
Toxicity of Thiodicarb and Spinosad to Soybean Looper in Cotton (cvs. NuCOTN 33b, DP 5415) and Soybean (cv. Buckshot 66)
T. S. Hall, D. J. Boethel and B. R. Leonard
Spider Mite Control in Southeast Arkansas
C.T. Allen, M.S. Kharboutli and L.D. Earnest
1998 Bollworm and Tobacco Budworm Control Studies
Marwan S. Kharboutli, Charles T. Allen, Chuck Capps and Larry Earnest
Relationship Between Days of Open Cotton Boll Exposure to Whitefly Populations and Development of Sticky Cotton
T. J. Henneberry, L. Forlow Jech, D. L. Hendrix, T. Steele and D. Brushwood
Thrips Control in Conventional and Ultra Narrow Row Cotton
Larry Earnest, Charles T. Allen, Marwan Kharboutli and Chuck Capps
Influence of Host Plant on Occlusion Body Production and Infectivity of a Baculovirus
M. Ibrahim Ali, S.Y. Young, G.W. Felton, T. Meade, D.A. Streett and R.W. McNew
Persistence of a Nucleopolyhedrovirus on Plant Surfaces
D. A. Streett, G. W. Felton and S. Y. Young
Tobacco as a Trap Crop for the Tobacco Buworm in Cotton
P. G. Tillman
Lethal and Sub-Lethal Effects of Selected Insecticides on Orius Insidiosus
G. E. Studebaker and T. J. Kring
Lethal and Sublethal Effects of Selected Insecticides and an IGR on the Boll Weevil Ectoparasitoid Catolaccus Grandis
G. W. Elzen, S. N. Maldonado and M. G. Rojas
Effects of Managed Feral Vegetation Field Borders on Insects in Cotton and Soybean Fields in North Carolina: an Interim Report
Clyde E. Sorenson and Randy J. Outward
Effect of Selected Insecticides on Natural Enemies in Cotton: Laboratory Studies
John R. Ruberson and P. Glynn Tillman
Comparison Between Drop Cloth and Suction Sampling in Cotton During 1998
J.D. Smith and S.D. Stewart
Effect of Selected Insect Growth Regulators on Feeding Response and Reproduction of Adult Bollworm
J. D. Lopez, Jr., M. A. Latheef and R. W. Meola
Laboratory Selection of a Tracer(R)-Resistant Strain of the Tobacco Budworm and Comparisons with Field Strains from the Southeastern US
W. D. Bailey, H. P. Young and R. M. Roe
Cotton Pest and Beneficial Insect Management Strategies with Steward(TM), Insect Control Product in the Southeastern U.S.
Patricia Hammes, Dan Sherrod and Glenn G. Hammes
Steward(TM): a New Control Option for Tarnished Plant Bug
R. E. Seay, E. P. Castner and R. M. Edmund
A Three Year Evaluation of Non-Registered Lygus Bug Materials
Angela Gomes and Bill Weir
Cotton Yields and Quality Traits Associated with Late-Season Insect Simulated Defoliation
K. Torrey, H. Fife and B. R. Leonard
Validating NAWF5 as a Measure of Crop" Cut Out" in North Louisiana
J. H. Fife, B. R. Leonard, J. Gore and E. Burris
Cotman Plant-Based Economic Injury Level: Update
S. Mi, D.M. Danforth, M.J. Cochran and N.P. Tugwell
Scoutmap: Cotman Monitoring Technique for Boll Shed and Insect Damage
N.P. Tugwell, D.M. Danforth, S. Mi and S. Bradshaw
Effect of Boll Weevil Eradication and Planting Bollgard Varieties on Changes in the Insect Spectrum and Chemistry Needed for Cotton IPM in Alabama
Bradford A. Meyer and Ron H. Smith
Effect of Transgenic Bt-Cotton on Larval Mortality and Development of Beet Armyworm, Spodoptera Exigua (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)
M. Ashfaq and S. Y. Young
Effect of Nitrogen and Vegetative Growth on Plant Resistance to Bollworm Helicoverpa Zea, in Selected Bt Cotton Varieties
J. Breen-Pierce, R. Flynn, C. Ellers-Kirk and C. French
Bollgard(R)Cotton- Three Years of Resistance Management
J.M. Mills and J.W. Mullins
Monitoring for Tolerance to CryIAc in Populations of Tobacco Budworm and Cotton Bollworm: Summer 1998
D. V. Sumerford and W. L. Solomon
Performance of Bollgard Cotton with and without Insecticides
C. D. Capps, C. Allen, L. Earnest, P. Tugwell and M. Kharboutli
Alternative Infield Refuge Strategies for Control of Pink Bollworm in Bt Transgenic Cotton
L. Antilla, M. Whitlow, J. White, C. Youngker, T. J. Dennehy and R. T. Staten
Effect of Commercially Planted Bt Cotton on the Resistance of Tobacco Budworm to Insecticides in Southern Tamaulipas, Mexico
A. P. Terán-Vargas
Transgenic Bt(R) and Roundup Ready(TM) Cotton Versus Non Transgenic Cotton in Northern Mexico
J.M. Olivas-García, J. González-García, A.J. Obando-Rodríguez, Eduardo Magaña-Magaña and Guadalupe Reyes-Salinas
Efficacy of Biogodon (Bollgard) to Control Target Cotton Lepidopteran Pests in Argentina
G.W. Videla, E. Lorenz, R. Deaton, E. Lopez Mondo and F. Torcasso
Monitoring of Pink Bollworm Susceptibility to the Bt Endotoxin (CryIAc) in the Comarca Lagunera, Mexico
U. Nava-Camberos, M. Berdegué, H. Sánchez-Galván and E. Guerrero-Rodríguez
Spring Emergence of Pink Bollworm on Bt and Non-Bt Cotton in the Comarca Lagunera, Mexico
U. Nava-Camberos, M. Berdegué and Armando Francisco Castro Ibarra y Eladio López Ríos
Adequacy of 100 Square per Field Sampling Technique for Estimating Damage by Boll Weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) Heliothis Virescens (F.) And Helicoverpa Zea (Boddie), (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in an Area Wide Cotton IPM Program
Dan A. Wolfenbarger and J. W. Norman, Jr.
Contact Toxicity of Diacylhydrazine and Diphenyl Benzoyl Urea Insect Growth Regulators Against Beet Armyworm, Bollworm and Tobacco Budworm
D. A. Wolfenbarger and D. J. Wolfenbarger
Toxicity of Delta Endotoxin from Bacillus Thuringiensis Subspecies and Isolates and Beta Exotoxin Against Bollworm and Tobacco Budworm and Efficacy of Transconjugate of Delta Endotoxin Against Tobacco Budworm in a Field Test
D. A. Wolfenbarger and D. J. Wolfenbarger

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