Round Module Handling

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NCC Video and other publications describing round module handling and wrap removal techniques.

NEW! Volume VI of the National Cotton Ginners' Association Safety Series addresses round module system safety. The 17-minute video includes chapters on round module handling, wrap removal and contamination prevention training in addition to safety.

Round Module Wrap Removal Recommendation Poster (English version, Spanish Version) as referenced in publication number N390128, Round Cotton Module Ginning Recommendations.

Cotton Module Staging and Truck Requirement, John Deere Des Moines Works, KK11358 (11JAN13). Contains information about proper module staging, staging sites, general module handling information, module truck requirements and module loading procedures.

Round Cotton Module Ginning Recommendations, John Deere Des Moines Works, KK11359 (11JAN13). This is a more comprehensive publication than the preceding publication. Contains information about potential wrap damage caused by module truck chains, rock or debris removing rollers in the floor of module feeders, wrap removal instructions (where to cut), round module staging and feeding, etc. (8 pages)

Deere Round Seed Cotton Module Ginning Recommendations (publication is not dated or numbered). List of recommendations that pertain primarily to floor type module feeders. (1 page)