Broadcast Newsline: February 1, 2006

Johanns announces sign-up for 2006 Conservation Security Program

This week’s Cotton Newsline is 2 cuts.  All cuts are Robbie Minnich, (pronounced Men-ic), Senior Government Relations Representative for the National Cotton Council.

Suggested introduction cut 1:

Last week Senate Agriculture Chairman Chambliss and ranking member Harkin sent a letter to Secretary Mike Johanns encouraging the USDA to begin a sign-up for the Conservation Security Program. According to Robbie Minnich, a representative for the National Cotton Council, Secretary Johanns announced the sign-up period on Tuesday.

Suggested introduction cut 2:

The Conservation Security Program sign-up will only include producers who do not have existing CSP contracts. Minnich says producers can determine if they are eligible for the program by filling out a self-assessment workbook.

Suggested tag:

After completing the self-assessment producers should schedule an appointment to discuss their applications with their NRCS local staff to determine if they meet specific eligibility requirements.

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