Broadcast Newsline: December 21, 2005

The WTO Ministerial text is not consistent with the concept of a single undertaking for agriculture.

This week’s Cotton Newsline is three cuts.  All cuts are Dr. Mark Lange, President and CEO of the National Cotton Council.

Suggested introduction cut 1:

The World Trade Organization’s Doha Round of negotiations took place last month in Hong Kong.  According to Dr. Mark Lange, President and CEO of the National cotton council, the Council is extremely disappointed in the Declaration approved by the participants in the Ministerial Conference.

Suggested introduction cut 2:

According to Lange, The current text coming from Hong Kong is a draft text that ministers will be working on over the course of the next several months.

Suggested introduction cut 3:

Lange says the other thing that was generally agreed to in this negotiation is the concept that there would be zero duty and zero quotas for the least developed countries in access to markets in developed countries.

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