Broadcast Newsline: May 25, 2005

Pakistani textile mill executives visited the U.S. earlier this month as part of a trade mission sponsored by CCI.

This week’s Cotton Newsline is three cuts. All cuts are Tariq Mehmood, Chief Executive Officer of Pakistan’s Pak Kuwait Textiles Limited and Al-Nasr Textiles Limited.

Suggested introduction cut one:

Executives from nine Pakistani textile mills visited the United States earlier this month as part of a trade mission sponsored by Cotton Council International. Team member Tariq Mehmood, chief executive officer of two large Pakistani mills, buys U.S. cotton because it’s contaminant free – something Pakistani cotton lacks.

Suggested introduction cut two:

As one of the fasting growing countries in spinning production, Pakistani cotton production does not keep pace with demand. U.S. cotton’s quality and attributes makes it a prime import for the country’s textile industry.  

Suggested introduction for cut three:

Highlights during the week-long tour, included a visit of USDA’s Memphis Classing Office and the National Cotton Council, and a tour of American Cotton Producer chairman John Pucheu’s California cotton farm. Mehmood says the group was very impressed by the American cotton industry.

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