Broadcast Newsline: May 18, 2005

Jerry Rowland, president and CEO of National Textiles, comments on DR-CAFTA.

This week’s Cotton Newsline is five cuts. All cuts are Jerry Rowland, president and CEO of National Textiles, based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Suggested introduction cut one:

Jerry Rowland, president and CEO of National Textiles, thinks the Dominican Republic-Central American Free Trade Agreement is essential for preserving current trade in the region.

Suggested introduction cut two:

Earlier this month, the National Cotton Council voiced its support of the trade legislation. Rowland, who serves as an NCC advisor, thinks it is imperative for trade agreements to continue among the United States and countries to our South.

Suggested introduction for cut three:

Competition and pressure mounted on the U.S. textile industry following the elimination of textile quotas at the beginning of the year.Rowland comments on the role DR-CAFTA will play in the current trade environment.

Suggested introduction for cut four:

The United States currently has trade agreement with the Dominican Republic and Central American countries through the Caribbean Basin Trade Partnership Act. Rowland explains what the new agreement offers.

Suggested introduction for cut five:

As president and CEO of North Carolina-based National Textiles, Rowland comments on how the legislation could impact the future of his company.

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