Broadcast Newsline: March 16, 2005

Dr. Mark Lange, NCC president and CEO, discusses the recently released WTO findings.

This week’s Cotton Newsline is five cuts. All cuts are Dr. Mark Lange, president and CEO of the National Cotton Council.

Suggested introduction cut one:

Dr. Mark Lange, National Cotton Council president and CEO discusses the recently released WTO findings regarding an appellate body ruling in a September 2004 dispute settlement panel ruling.

Suggested introduction cut two:

Lange recaps some of the panel’s significant findings concerning U.S. programs.

Suggested introduction for cut three:

What does serious prejudice mean?

Suggested introduction for cut four:

Since the report’s release last Friday, Council representatives have met with the U.S. trade representative’s office and USDA to discuss interpretations on WTO findings and compare to the Council’s assessments of the implications of each finding.

Suggested introduction for cut five:

Patience is the key for all in regards to understanding how this ruling will affect agriculture.

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