Broadcast Newsline: February 27, 2004

David Stanford, president of Cotton Council International and Allen Terhaar, executive director of Cotton Council International explain why Cotton's Sourcing Summit is important to U.S. cotton.

Cotton Council International recently co-sponsored Cotton’s Sourcing Summit in Miami, Florida. The conference focused on optimizing trading opportunities between U.S. importers and retailers, and manufacturers from the Caribbean Basin, Andean region and Sub-Saharan Africa.

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David Stanford, a Texas ginner and 2004 president of Cotton Council International, discusses why Cotton’s Sourcing Summit appeals to the vast audience of domestic and international retailers and apparel manufacturers.

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Information gathered during the two-day event benefits Cotton Council International in several ways. Allen Terhaar, the organization’s executive director, explains.

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Although the conference focuses greatly on global economics and trading issues, Stanford believes it benefits the U.S. cotton industry as a whole.

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Since 2001, Cotton's Sourcing Summit has been sponsored by the Importer Support Program of the Cotton Board, Cotton Council International and Cotton Incorporated.

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