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Economics and Marketing

Dicamba-Based Herbicide Programs, Cropping Sequences, Tillage Types in Cotton – Profitability and Risk Efficiency Analysis
Volume 27 (2023) Issue 4

Simulating Net Returns Among Enterprise Selection and Farm Program Choice Under Risk
Volume 25 (2021) Issue 2

Understanding Irrigated Cotton Producer’s Crop Insurance Coverage Level Choices Under the 2014 Farm Bill
Volume 25 (2021) Issue 1

Profit-Maximizing Planting Date and Seeding Rate for Upland Cotton in the Upper Mid-South
Volume 24 (2020) Issue 4

Export Demand Elasticity Estimation for U.S. Cotton
Volume 23 (2019) Issue 4

Influence of Cover Crop and Tillage Systems on Optimal Nitrogen Rate for Tennessee Cotton Considering Risk
Volume 22 (2018) Issue 3

Tennessee and Mississippi Upland Cotton Producer Willingness to Participate in Hypothetical Crop Insurance Programs
Volume 21 (2017) Issue 2

Precision Farming Adoption Trends in the Southern U.S.
Volume 21 (2017) Issue 2

Available Time to Plant and Harvest Cotton across the Cotton Belt
Volume 21 (2017) Issue 1

Influence of Row Spacing, Herbicide Technology, and Tillage on Fiber Quality and Economic Returns
Volume 20 (2016) Issue 4

Effect of the Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP) on Cotton Markets of Turkey and the World
Volume 20 (2016) Issue 1

Analysis of Returns above Variable Costs for Management of Verticillium Wilt in Cotton
Volume 20 (2016) Issue 1

Evaluating Cotton Utilization in Nonwoven Textiles
Volume 19 (2015) Issue 2

Panel Data Analysis of U.S. Cotton Yields for 2002-2011
Volume 17 (2013) Issue 3

Is the Cotton Checkoff Program Worth the Cost?
Volume 15 (2011) Issue 2

A Determination of Cotton Market Price Premiums Required to Justify More Lint Cleaning in the Gin Plant
Volume 14 (2010) Issue 4

Comparison of ACRE and DCP Programs with Simulation Analysis of Arkansas Delta Cotton and Rotation Crops
Volume 14 (2010) Issue 1

Yield and Economic Response of Cotton to In-Row Deep Tillage and Furrow Irrigation in a Corn/Cotton Rotation on a Silty Clay Loam Soil
Volume 12 (2008) Issue 4

Economics of Management Zone Delineation in Cotton Precision Agriculture
Volume 12 (2008) Issue 3

Testing the Efficacy and Economic Potential of Bollgard II under Burkina Faso Cropping Conditions
Volume 12 (2008) Issue 2

Simulation Analysis of U.S. Cotton Production with ERS Costs and Returns Data
Volume 12 (2008) Issue 2

Ethanol’s Effect on the U.S. Cotton Industry
Volume 12 (2008) Issue 2

An Assessment by U.S. Cotton Growers and Other Cotton Experts of Important Innovations in Cotton Production in the Last Decade (1996-2006)
Volume 11 (2007) Issue 4

Economic Analysis of Cotton Conservation Tillage Practices in the Mississippi Delta
Volume 11 (2007) Issue 2

The Impacts of U.S. Cotton Programs on the World Market: An Analysis of Brazilian WTO Petition
Volume 10 (2006) Issue 3

Economic Evaluation of Soil and Foliar Applied Nitrogen Fertilization Programs for Cotton Production
Volume 10 (2006) Issue 3

Effects of Defoliation Timing and Desiccation on Net Revenues from Ultra-Narrow-Row Cotton
Volume 09 (2005) Issue 4

Effect of Harvest Season Rainfall on Cotton Yield
Volume 09 (2005) Issue 3

Effects of Plant Population Density on Net Revenues from Ultra-Narrow-Row Cotton
Volume 08 (2004) Issue 2

Transgenic Cotton Cultivars: An Economic Comparison in Arkansas
Volume 07 (2003) Issue 4

Cotton Yield Response and Economic Implications to In-Row Subsoil Tillage and Sprinkler Irrigation
Volume 07 (2003) Issue 4

Irrigation Termination of Cotton: An Economic Analysis of Yield, Quality, and Market Factors
Volume 07 (2003) Issue 3

Are Added Land and New Producer Provisions in Crop Insurance Vulnerable to Abuse? The Case of Insured Texas Cotton Producers
Volume 07 (2003) Issue 3

Assessing the Competitiveness of Indian Cotton Production: A Policy Analysis Matrix Approach
Volume 07 (2003) Issue 3

Evaluation of Cotton Put Options as a Price Risk Management Tool
Volume 07 (2003) Issue 2

Improving Returns Using Nematicides in Cotton Fields Infested with Reniform Nematodes in Northwestern Florida
Volume 06 (2002) Issue 1

Improving Cotton Returns Using Nematicides in Northwestern Florida Fields Infested with Root-Knot Nematode
Volume 06 (2002) Issue 1

Cotton Defoliation and Harvest Timing Effects on Yields, Quality, and Net Revenues
Volume 06 (2002) Issue 1

Using a Moving Average to Determine Cotton Futures Market Entry Dates
Volume 05 (2001) Issue 4

Cotton Producers' Use of Selected Marketing Strategies
Volume 05 (2001) Issue 4

Profit-Maximizing Nitrogen Fertilization Rates for Alternative Tillage and Winter Cover Systems
Volume 05 (2001) Issue 3

Starter Fertilizer, Additives, and Growth Regulators in Cotton Production: An Economic Analysis
Volume 05 (2001) Issue 2

Soil- and Foliar-Applied Boron in Cotton Production: An Economic Analysis
Volume 04 (2000) Issue 3

Costs Associated with Alternative Cotton Stripper-Harvesting Systems in Texas
Volume 04 (2000) Issue 2

Economics of Using an Adjuvant with Foliar Potassium Nitrate (KNO<sub>3</sub>) on Cotton
Volume 03 (1999) Issue 3

Economics of Broadcast and Injected Nitrogen on No-Till Cotton Produced at Three Locations in Tennessee
Volume 03 (1999) Issue 3

Financial Viability and Profitability in the Texas High Plains After the FAIR Act
Volume 03 (1999) Issue 2

Factors Influencing Southwestern Tennessee Farmers' Willingness to Participate in the Boll Weevil Eradication Program
Volume 03 (1999) Issue 1

(Contemporary Issue) Cotton Market Price Information: How it Affects the Industry
Volume 02 (1998) Issue 1

Plant-Based Economic Injury Level for Assessing Economic Thresholds in Early-Season Cotton
Volume 02 (1998) Issue 1