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LOGO: Journal of Cotton Science


Volume 14 / 2010

Issue 1 Table of Contents
pp. 1-12 Potassium and Magnesium Nutrition of Cotton Fertilized with Broiler Litter
H. Tewolde, A. Adeli, K.R. Sistani, and D.E. Rowe
pp. 13-16 Atypical Ligon Lintless-2 Phenotype in Cotton
Chuanfu An, Johnie N. Jenkins, Jack C. McCarty Jr., and Sukumar Saha
pp. 17-25 Neppiness in an Introgressed Population of Cotton: Genotypic Variation and Genotypic Correlation
Linghe Zeng and William R. Meredith; Jr.
pp. 26-33 Comparison of ACRE and DCP Programs with Simulation Analysis of Arkansas Delta Cotton and Rotation Crops
Archie Flanders and Eric J. Wailes
pp. 34-45 Predicting Fiber Quality After Commercial Ginning Based on Fiber Obtained With Laboratory-Scale Gin Stands
J. Clif Boykin, Derek P. Whitelock, Carlos B. Armijo, Michael D. Buser, Gregory A. Holt, Thomas D. Valco, Dennis S. Findley, Edward M. Barnes and Michael D. Watson
pp. 46-52 Effect of Glyphosate on Fruit Partitioning in Early and Late Maturing Bollgard II/Roundup Ready Flex Cotton Varieties
Jonathan A. Huff, Darrin M. Dodds, J. Trenton Irby, and Daniel B. Reynolds
Issue Editors
Issue 2 Table of Contents
pp. 53-63 Development and Utility of Q-score for Characterizing Cotton Fiber Quality
Freddie M. Bourland, Robert Hogan, Don C. Jones, and Ed Barnes
pp. 64-73 Fatty Acid Profiles of Cottonseed Genotypes from the National Cotton Variety Trials
Michael K. Dowd, Deborah L. Boykin, William R. Meredith Jr., B. Todd Campbell, Fred M. Bourland, John R. Gannaway, Kathryn M. Glass, and Jinfa Zhang
pp. 74-81 Estimating Seed Surface Area of Cottonseed
Frank E. Groves, and Freddie M. Bourland
pp. 82-90 Fiber Properties and Mini-spun Yarn Performance of Extra Long Staple Upland Cotton
Kolbyn Joy, C. Wayne Smith, Eric Hequet, Steve Hague, Peggy S. Thaxton, and Chris Souder
pp. 91-98 The Effects of Seed Cotton Cleaning on Seed Coat Fragments
J. Clif Boykin, and Sam Ray
pp. 99-106 Novaluron as an Ovicide for Bollworm on Cotton: Deposition and Efficacy of Field-Scale Aerial Applications
Daniel E. Martin, Juan D. Lopez, Jr., Yubin Lan, Bradley K. Fritz, W. Clint Hoffmann, and Sara E. Duke
pp. 107-112 Nitrogen Metabolism in Cotton Stems and Roots During Reproductive Development
Earl Taliercio, Prachuab Kwanyen, and Jodi Scheffler
pp. 113-118 Effect of Autumn Management on Winter Annual Weeds Prior to Cotton Planting
Theodore M. Webster
Issue Editors
Issue 3 Table of Contents
pp. 119-130 Beltwide Evaluation of Commercially Available Plant Growth Regulators
Darrin M. Dodds, J.C. Banks, L. Thomas Barber, Randal K. Boman, Steven M. Brown, Keith L. Edmisten, Joel C. Faircloth, Michael A. Jones, Robert G. Lemon, Christopher L. Main, C. Dale Monks, E. Randall Norton, Alexander M. Stewart, and Robert L. Nichols
pp. 131-137 Sweep Net Recapture of Marked [[em]]Lygus hesperus[[/em]] Knight (Hemiptera: Miridae) Adults After Different Release Times in Cotton
W. Rodney Cooper, and Dale W. Spurgeon
pp. 138-144 Fiber Quality of Cultivars and Breeding Lines in the Cotton Winter Nursery and US Environments
Lori Hinze, Richard Percy, and Don Jones
pp. 145-153 Effect of Machine-Fiber Interaction on Cotton Fiber Quality and Foreign-Matter Particle Attachment to Fiber
Ruixiu Sui, J. Alex Thomasson, Richard K. Byler, J. Clif Boykin, and Edward M. Barnes
pp. 154-163 Operator Feedback System for the Module Builder
Robert G. Hardin IV and Stephen W. Searcy
pp. 164-172 A Method to Estimate the Effects of Temperature on Cotton Micronaire
Michael P. Bange, Greg A. Constable, David B. Johnston, and David Kelly
pp. 173-180 Effect of Seeding Rate on Verticillium Wilt Incidence, Yield, and Value For Three Cotton Cultivars
Terry A. Wheeler, Jason E. Woodward, and Benjamin G. Mullinix Jr.
pp. 181-185 Impact of Mixing an Aqueous Capsule Suspension Formulation of Pendimethalin and Glyphosate on Growth and Yield of Second-Generation Glyphosate-Resistant Cotton
Donnie K. Miller, Robert G. Downer, and Daniel O. Stephenson IV
pp. 186-190 Interactive Effects of Tank-mixed Application of Insecticide, Glyphosate, and Pendimethalin on Growth and Yield of Second-Generation Glyphosate-Resistant Cotton
Donnie K. Miller, Robert G. Downer, and Daniel O. Stephenson IV
Issue Editors
Issue 4 Table of Contents
pp. 191-198 Mating Behavior of Wild [[em]]Helicoverpa zea[[/em]] (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) Males with Laboratory Females
Carlos A. Blanco, Douglas V. Sumerford, Juan D. López Jr., Gerardo Hernández, and Craig A. Abel
pp. 199-204 A Determination of Cotton Market Price Premiums Required to Justify More Lint Cleaning in the Gin Plant
Blake K. Bennett, Sukant K. Misra, and James Richardson
pp. 205-211 The Effects of Narrow-Row and Twin-Row Cotton on Fiber Properties
J. Clif Boykin, and Krishna N. Reddy
pp. 212-220 Effects of Different Roller/Crimper Designs and Rolling Speed on Rye Cover Crop Termination and Seedcotton Yield in a No-Till System
Ted S. Kornecki, and Andrew J. Price
pp. 221-232 Apparatus and Infield Evaluations of a Prototype Machine Vision System for Cotton Plant Internode Length Measurement
Cheryl McCarthy, Nigel Hancock, and Steven Raine
pp. 233-239 1-Methylcyclopropene Effects on the Physiology and Yield of Field-Grown Cotton
Eduardo M. Kawakami, Derrick M. Oosterhuis, and John L. Snider
pp. 240-250 Minimization of Operational Impacts on Spectrophotometer Color Measurements for Cotton
James Rodgers, Sho Yeung Kang, Chanel Fortier, Xiaoliang Cui, Christopher Delhom, and James Knowlton
Gerald O. Myers, Editor-in-Chief
Issue Editors