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Fiber Quality of Cultivars and Breeding Lines in the Cotton Winter Nursery and US Environments

Authors: Lori Hinze, Richard Percy, and Don Jones
Pages: 138-144
Breeding and Genetics

Researchers in the United States routinely use the Cotton Winter Nursery (CWN) located in Tecomán, Mexico, for seed increase and generational advancement of breeding materials in cotton (Gossypium spp.). The objective of this study was to characterize the fiber quality of cotton grown in the CWN. High Volume Instrument (HVI) fiber quality parameters from cultivars and breeding lines were examined using correlations and principle component analysis as a means to determine similarities in germplasm response between the CWN and US environments. The US location mean values for elongation, length, micronaire, strength, and uniformity, along with correlation means, appear not to differ substantially from the values obtained for these traits in the CWN. These data indicate that the CWN could serve as an additional environment to select for HVI fiber quality traits.