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Machinery/Equipment Ultraviolet disinfection equipment, Water conditioners, Water softening accessories, Ultrafiltration equipment, Packaged water treatment systems, Collection tanks.

Project Support

The U.S. cotton industry is enjoying a healthy return on investment from Foundation member support of general projects and special projects. National Cotton Council staff estimates that taking into account cash and in-kind services, the Foundation’s general projects, for example, enjoy a return of about $3 for every dollar devoted to these projects. By supporting these projects, the Foundation is truly fostering innovative:  1) research to find solutions to cotton problems; 2) technology to implement those solutions; 3) education to speed new research application and 4) communication to spread information throughout cotton's production and marketing chain.

The Cotton Foundation continues to support research efforts on pollinator protection.

General Projects 2016-2017


  • Journal of Cotton Science
  • Cotton Losses
  • Enhancing Cotton Industry Education and Information Through the National Cotton Council Website
  • China Cotton Leadership Exchange
  • EPA Residual Risk and Technology Reviews (RTR) for the "Vegetable Oil Production" Source Category (MACT Standards Review
  • Evaluation of Low Volume TSP Sampler for Use in Measuring Agricultural PM10 and PM2.5
  • Sustainability of Cotton Production
  • Pollinator Protection
  • Cotton LEADS/Fieldprint Calculator Pilots and Coordination with LA-NRCS Field Support
  • Information and Research on Potential Consumer, Environmental and Workplace Risks
  • Improvement of Biological Control of Aflatoxin Contamination With Atoxigenic Strains of Aspergillus flavus on Cotton, Corn, and Pistachios
  • NCC Membership in Field to Market
  • Test Protocols for Determination of Combustible Dust Designation
  • Documentation of the Pink Bollworm Eradication Program
  • Application of the Field Print Calculator for Cotton Production in the Texas High Plains


Research Screening Committee*

Dr. Robert A. Haygood, Chairman, Dow Agrosciences, Collierville, TN
Dr. Alan Ayers, Bayer CropScience LP, Research Triangle Park, NC
Mr. Kirk Gilkey, Cross Creek II Gin, LLC, Corcoran, CA
Mr. Benjamin Guthrie, Tensas Coop Gin, Inc., Newellton, LA
Mr. Paul Kennedy, Helena Chemical Company, Memphis, TN
Dr. Jeffrey S. Mink, Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc., Memphis, TN
Dr. Bill Norman, National Cotton Council, Cordova, TN
Dr. Douglas W. Rushing, Monsanto Ag Products Company, Saint Louis, MO
Mr. Joe W. Thomas, Lummus Corporation, Pooler, GA
Mr. Paul D. Vaculin, AMVAC, Collierville, TN

Dr. Kater Hake, Cotton Incorporated, Cary, NC

*Each year, the Foundation's Research Screening Committee reviews and prioritizes general project proposals before submitting their recommended project list for approval by the Foundation's trustees at the Foundation annual meeting.


Twelve U.S. cotton industry members participated in the National Cotton Council’s 2016 Emerging Leaders Program, a special project that was launched in 2013.

Special Projects 2016-2017

Emerging Leaders Program

Cotton Ginning Symposium (Textile Manufacturing Symposium)
Bayer CropScience LP, Monsanto

Producer Information Exchange (P.I.E.)
Bayer CropScience LP

Multi-Commodity Education Program (MCEP)
Deere & Company

Policy Education Program
Syngenta Crop Protection

Cotton Germplasm Collection Support

Cotton Nematode Research and Education Program
Bayer CropScience LP

Cotton Seedling Disease Research and Education Program
Bayer CropScience LP

Weed Resistance Learning Module
Dow AgroSciences, Monsanto, Syngenta

Advancing Cotton Education (ACE)
Bayer CropScience LP

Cotton Australia, Cotton Incorported, National Cotton Council and Cotton Council International

Ongoing Special Project Contributions

Several Foundation members support the NCC-coordinated Beltwide Cotton Conferences -- helping the NCC produce a high quality conference with modest attendee registration fees. Among support given is for the registration desk, wireless Internet connectivity, coffee break, Internet Quickstop kiosks, Welcome Reception, the Confex Podium system and the Consultant's Conference.

The Foundation continues to distribute volumes in its Cotton Reference Book Series, which can be ordered online. The series includes Weeds of Cotton, Cotton Harvest Management, Stress Physiology in Cotton, Flowering and Fruiting in Cotton, Linking Physiology to Management and Boll Weevil Eradication in the United States Through 1999. The Cotton Foundation series reference books can be purchased from the Foundation at

Some other efforts helpful to cotton's overall research and education effort include the periodic development and distribution of various NCC-produced educational videotapes. The Gin Lab Symposium, sponsored by Delta and Pine Land, Syngenta, and Bayer CropScience LP, aids in familiarizing state land grants extension specialists with post-harvest processes of ginning and textiles to improve appreciation of end user needs.

internet quickstop kiosks
Internet Quickstop kiosks are among components of the NCC-coordinated Beltwide Cotton Conferences that receive support from multiple Foundation members.

Awards and Endowments 2016-2017

High Cotton Awards
Farm Press Publications

Robert and Lois Coker Trustees Chair in Molecular Genetics
Endowment: $1,000,000

The C. Everette Salyer Fellowship in Cotton Research is administered by Texas A&M University's Entomology Department which provides more details and a list of previous winners on its website.
Endowment: $300,000

Cottonseed Oil Clinic
Endowment: $60,000


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