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Indigo Ag Inc., a Boston-based company, focuses on the microbes that have evolved in conjunction with plants over millions of years to optimize health and maximize productivity. Utilizing these beneficial microbes, Indigo can work towards its goal of helping farmers to sustainably feed the planet. Inspired by insights from the human microbiome, Indigo began with the hypothesis that microbes living inside a plant (endophytes) are vital to its health. With sophisticated sequencing techniques, Indigo has assembled a world-class database of genomic information from these microbes, resulting in products that complement a plant’s natural processes to improve crop health while increasing yield.

Officers and Trustees 2016-2017

Mr. Benjamin Guthrie
Newellton, LA

Mr. Gill Rogers
Hartsville, SC

Dr. Gary Adams
Cordova, TN
Executive Vice President

Dr. Bill Norman
Cordova, TN
Executive Director/Secretary

Dr. Douglas W. Rushing
Saint Louis, MO

Mr. Drew Davis
Cordova, TN
Assistant Treasurer
Mr. Keith Corzine
Stamford, TX
Producer Trustee

Mr. Paul Ollerton
Casa Grande, AZ
Producer Trustee

Mr. John H. Willis
Brownsville, TN
Producer Trustee

Dr. Alan Ayers
Research Triangle Park, NC
Allied Industry Trustee

Mr. John Freed
Greensboro, NC
Allied Industry Trustee

Ms. Donnarie Hales
Research Triangle Park, NC
Allied Industry Trustee

Mr. Ranjit Nair
Thibodaux, LA
Allied Industry Trustee

Ms. Megan Provost
Indianapolis, IN
Allied Industry Trustee

Mr. Nathaniel Quinn
Memphis, TN
Allied Industry Trustee

Mr. Nathan Weinkauf
Racine, WI
Allied Industry Trustee

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