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LOGO: Journal of Cotton Science


Volume 24 / 2020

Issue 1 Table of Contents
pp. 01-09 Water Volume and Deposition Effects on Harvest-Aid Efficacy
James A. Griffin, Seth Byrd, Gaylon D. Morgan, Alan Dabney, Tyson Raper, Darrin M. Dodds, Randy Norton, Andrea S. Jones, Guy D. Collins, Trey Cutts, Keith L. Edmisten, and Shawn Butler
pp. 10-16 Evaluation of Seed Treatment, Herbicide, and Nematicide on Tobacco Thrips (Thysanoptera: Thripdae) and Reniform Nematode (Tylenchida: Hoplolaimidae) Control
Whitney Crow, Angus L. Catchot, Jeff Gore, Darrin Dodds, Donald R. Cook, and Thomas W. Allen
pp. 17-26 Termination of Insecticide Applications for Tarnished Plant Bug (Hemiptera: Miridae) Management in Cotton
Whitney Crow, Jeff Gore, Angus L. Catchot, Donald R. Cook, Scott D. Stewart, Nick J. Seiter, Glenn Studebaker, Gus Lorenz, David Kerns, Sebe Brown, Moneen M. Jones, Fred Musser, and Tyler Towles
pp. 27-33 Comparisons of Cotton Boll Injury Caused by Four Species of Boll-Feeding Insects (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae and Miridae)
James P. Glover, and Michael J. Brewer
pp. 34-43 [[font color="ff0000"]]COTTON GINNERS HANDBOOK[[/font]][[BR]]Development of the Cotton Gin
Sidney E. Hughs, Gregory A. Holt, Carlos B. Armijo, Derek P. Whitelock, and Thomas D. Valco
pp. 44-59 The Effect of Various Processing Stages During Ginning on Fiber Quality
M. H. J. van der Sluijs
Issue Editors
Issue 2 Table of Contents
pp. 60-68 Making the Replant Decision: Predicting Yield and Fiber Quality in the Mid-South from Planting Date and Population
Shawn A. Butler, Tyson B. Raper, Michael J. Buschermohle, M. Angela McClure, Darrin M. Dodds, and Andrea Jones
pp. 69-80 Changes in the Lint Yield and Associated Traits of Upland Cotton in China
Pengfei Dang, Yajun Li, Xuan Pu, Hongyi Xing, and Xiaoliang Qin
pp. 81-86 [[font color="ff0000"]]COTTON GINNERS HANDBOOK[[/font]][[BR]]Gin Process Control
Mathew G. Pelletier, Carlos B. Armijo, Paul A. Funk, John C. Fabian, and Robert G. Hardin IV
Issue Editors
Issue 3 Table of Contents
pp. 87-96 Irrigation and Planting Geometry Effects on Cotton ([[em]]Gossypium hirsutum[[/em]] L.) Yield and Water Use
Srinivasa R. Pinnamaneni, Saseendran S. Anapalli, Daniel K. Fisher, and Krishan N. Reddy
pp. 97-103 Evaluation of Cover Crop Species Termination Timing Prior to Cotton Production in Mississippi
Savana D. Denton, Darrin M. Dodds, L. Jason Krutz, Jac J. Varco, Jeffrey Gore, and Tyson B. Raper
pp. 104-111 Making the Cotton Replant Decision: A Novel and Simplistic Method to Estimate Cotton Plant Population from UAS-calculated NDVI
Shawn Butler, Tyson B. Raper, Mike Buschermohle, Liem Tran, and Lori Duncan
pp. 112-120 Upland Cotton ([[em]]Gossypium hirsutum[[/em]] L.) Fuzzy-Seed Counting by Image Analysis
Matthew T. Herritt, Don C. Jones, Alison L. Thompson
pp. 121-130 [[font color="ff0000"]]COTTON GINNERS HANDBOOK[[/font]][[BR]]Moisture Measurement
Mathew G. Pelletier, and Rick K. Byler
pp. 131-136 [[font color="ff0000"]]COTTON GINNERS HANDBOOK[[/font]][[BR]][[font color="ff0000"]][[em]]ERRATA[[/em]][[/font]][[BR]]Gin Process Control
Mathew G. Pelletier, Carlos B. Armijo, Paul A. Funk, John C. Fabian, and Robert G. Hardin IV
pp. 137-147 Influence of Seeding Rate, Planter Downforce and Cultivar on Crop Emergence and Yield in Singulated and Hill-Dropped Cotton
Simerjeet S. Virk, Wesley M. Porter, John L. Snider, Jared R. Whitaker, Glen C. Rains, and Changying C. Li
Issue Editors
Issue 4 Table of Contents
pp. 148-158 Impact of Various Bt Cotton Traits and the Application of an Insecticide on the Within Plant Distribution of [[em]]Helicoverpa zea[[/em]] (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) Larvae and Injured Floral Structures
D.D. Kerns, D.L. Kerns, G.M. Lorenz, A.L. Catchot, and S.D. Stewart
pp. 159-167 Insecticide and Fungicide Residues Following Foliar Application to Cotton and Soybean
A. Lawson, S. Steckel, M. Williams, J. Adamczyk, H. Kelly, and S. D. Stewart
pp. 168-174 A New Ligon-Lintless Mutant ([[em]]liy[[/em]]) in Upland Cotton
Efrem Bechere, David D. Fang, and Marina Naoumkina
pp. 175-182 Merging of Plant Breeding and Pathology: A History of Cotton Breeding at Auburn
Jenny Koebernick, Jessica Ahl, and David Weaver
pp. 183-188 Profit-Maximizing Planting Date and Seeding Rate for Upland Cotton in the Upper Mid-South
Christopher N. Boyer, Shawn Butler, Tyson Raper, Michael J. Buschermohle, Darrin M. Dodds, and Andrea Jones
pp. 189-196 [[font color="ff0000"]]COTTON GINNERS HANDBOOK[[/font]][[BR]]The Classification of Cotton
Christopher D. Delhom, James Knowlton, Vikki B. Martin, and Cody Blake
pp. 197-210 Effects of Different Rollers and Rye Termination Methods on Soil Moisture and Cotton Production in a No-Till System
Ted S. Kornecki
pp. 211-228 The Effect of Round Module Storage Time and Ambient Conditions On Cotton Quality
Menghe Miao, and Stuart Gordon
pp. 229-237 Assessing the Influence of Spindle Harvester Drum Arrangement on Fiber Quality and Yield
Marinus H. J. van der Sluijs, John D. Wanjura, Randal K. Boman, Greg A. Holt, and Mathew G. Pelletier
Issue Editors