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Issue 1 Table of Contents

 Issue Editors
Agronomy and Soils
Effects of Weather on Cotton Responses to Harvest-Aid Chemicals
Joanne Logan and C. Owen Gwathmey
Pages: 01-12

Economics and Marketing
Cotton Defoliation and Harvest Timing Effects on Yields, Quality, and Net Revenues
James A. Larson, C. Owen Gwathmey, and Robert M. Hayes
Pages: 13-27

Economics and Marketing
Improving Cotton Returns Using Nematicides in Northwestern Florida Fields Infested with Root-Knot Nematode
David J. Zimet, John L. Smith, Robert A. Kinloch and James R. Rich
Pages: 28-33

Economics and Marketing
Improving Returns Using Nematicides in Cotton Fields Infested with Reniform Nematodes in Northwestern Florida
David J. Zimet, John L. Smith, James R. Rich and Robert A. Kinloch
Pages: 34-39

Engineering and Ginning
Comparison of Emission Profiles for Volatile Organic Compounds from Cotton and Polypropylene-based Tarp
Gary A. Eiceman, Jonathan F. Bergloff, and Paul A. Funk
Pages: 40-51

Molecular Biology and Physiology
Increasing Reversal Frequency in <em>Gossypium hirsutum</em> L. 'MD51' through Exogenous Application of Plant Hormones
Pauline Gould and Robert W. Seagull
Pages: 52-59

Plant Pathology and Nematology
Ability of Indigenous Yeasts from Aerial Plant Surfaces to Degrade Sugars from Insect Honeydew
Vern J. Elliott
Pages: 60-67

Textile Technology
High-Speed Stickiness Detector Measurement: Effect of Temperature Settings and Relative Humidity
Eric Hequet and Noureddine Abidi
Pages: 68-76

Textile Technology
Processing Sticky Cotton: Implication of Trehalulose in Residue Build-up
Eric Hequet and Noureddine Abidi
Pages: 77-90

Weed Science
Pyrithiobac and Bromoxynil Combinations with MSMA for Improved Weed Control in Bromoxynil-Resistant Cotton
David C. Bridges, Timothy L. Grey, and Barry J. Brecke
Pages: 91-96