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LOGO: Journal of Cotton Science


Volume 5 / 2001

Issue 1 Table of Contents
pp. 01-08 Measuring Maturity of Cotton Using Nodes above White Flower
Freddie M. Bourland, N. Ray Benson, Earl D. Vories, N. Phillip Tugwell, and Diana M. Danforth
pp. 09-14 Wick Applicator for Applying Mepiquat Chloride on Cotton: I. Rate Response of Wick and Spray Delivery Systems
Alexander M. Stewart, Keith L. Edmisten, Randy Wells, David L. Jordan, and Alan C. York
pp. 15-21 Wick Applicator for Applying Mepiquat Chloride on Cotton: II. Use in Existing Mepiquat Chloride Management Strategies
Alexander M. Stewart, Keith L. Edmisten, Randy Wells, Alan C. York, and David L. Jordan
pp. 22-29 Environmental and Host Plant Effects on Insecticide Susceptibility of the Cotton Aphid (Homoptera: Aphididae)
Larry D. Godfrey and Ken J. Fuson
pp. 30-41 Application of Remote Sensing to Strategic Questions in Cotton Management and Research
Richard E. Plant, Daniel S. Munk, Bruce R. Roberts, Ronald N. Vargas, Robert L. Travis, D. William Rains, and Robert B. Hutmacher
pp. 42-52 Fertilizer Additive Rate and Plant Growth Regulator Effects on Cotton
Donald D. Howard, C. Owen Gwathmey, Gary M. Lessman, and Roland K. Roberts
pp. 53-67 Neps, Seed-Coat Fragments, and Non-Seed Impurities in Processed Cotton
Karin R. Jacobsen, Yaffa L. Grossman, You-Lo Hsieh, Richard E. Plant, William F. Lalor, and Judith A. Jernstedt
Issue Editors
Issue 2 Table of Contents
pp. 68-73 Efficacy of Field-Aged Bait Sticks Against the Boll Weevil
Dale W. Spurgeon
pp. 74-80 Efficacy of Seed Mixes of Transgenic <em>Bt</em> and Nontransgenic Cotton Against Bollworm, <em>Helicoverpa zea</em> Boddie
Amy L. Agi, Jay S. Mahaffey, J.R. Bradley Jr., and John W. Van Duyn
pp. 81-83 Ovule Fiber Cell Numbers in Modern Upland Cottons
Daryl T. Bowman, G. A. Van Esbroeck, Jack Van't Hof, and G. M. Jividen
pp. 84-91 Starter Fertilizer, Additives, and Growth Regulators in Cotton Production: An Economic Analysis
Rebecca L. Cochran, Roland K. Roberts, and Donald D. Howard
pp. 92-102 Extruding Cotton Gin Byproducts to Reduce Chemical Residues
Michael Buser
pp. 103-113 New Dinucleotide and Trinucleotide Microsatellite Marker Resources for Cotton Genome Research
O. Umesh K. Reddy, Alan E. Pepper, Ibrokhim Abdurakhmonov, Sukumar Saha, Johnie N. Jenkins, Thomas Brooks, Yuksel Bolek, and Kamal M. El-Zik
pp. 114-120 Pink Bollworm Larvae Infection with a Double Subgenomic Sindbis (dsSIN) Virus to Express Genes of Interest
John J. Peloquin, Thomas A. Miller, and Stephen Higgs
pp. 121-136 (Contemporary Issue) Bollgard Cotton: An Assessment of Global Economic, Environmental, and Social Benefits
Julie M. Edge, John H. Benedict, John P. Carroll, and H. Keith Reding
pp. 137-141 (Contemporary Issue) Common Use of the CV: A Statistical Aberration in Crop Performance Trials
Daryl T. Bowman
pp. 142-143 Managing Editor's Report
Anne F. Wrona
Issue Editors
Issue 3 Table of Contents
pp. 144-155 Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilization of Disk-Till and No-Till Cotton
Donald D. Howard, Michael E. Essington, Joanne Logan, Roland K. Roberts, Wyveta M. Percell
pp. 156-168 Profit-Maximizing Nitrogen Fertilization Rates for Alternative Tillage and Winter Cover Systems
James A. Larson, Roland K. Roberts, Edward C. Jaenicke, Donald D. Tyler
pp. 169-173 Evaluation of an Enzyme-Based Method for the Detection of Stickiness Potential on Cotton Lint
G.R. Gamble
pp. 174-183 Protective Role in Acquired Thermotolerance of Developmentally Regulated Heat Shock Proteins in Cotton Seeds
John J. Burke and Patrick J. O’Mahony
pp. 184-196 Fluometuron Carryover to Flue-Cured Tobacco Following Application to Cotton
Arthur L. Bradley, Alan C. York, Fred H. Yelverton, A. Stanley Culpepper, Roger B. Batts
Issue Editors
Issue 4 Table of Contents
pp. 197-205 Potassium Fertilization of Conventional- and No-Till Cotton
Donald D. Howard, Mike E. Essington, Robert M. Hayes and Wyveta M. Percell
pp. 206-217 Cotton Producers' Use of Selected Marketing Strategies
Olga Isengildina and M. Darren Hudson
pp. 218-223 Using a Moving Average to Determine Cotton Futures Market Entry Dates
Blake K. Bennett
pp. 224-233 Adaptive Signal Processing for Removal of Impulse Noise from Yield Monitor Signals
Mathew G. Pelletier
pp. 234-242 Analysis and Design of a Drying Model for Use in the Design of Starch-Coated Cottonseed Dryers
Mathew G. Pelletier, Joseph W. Laird, Gary L. Barker, and Suhas V. Patankar
pp. 243-251 Relative Velocity, Density, and Temperature Effects on Cotton Moisture Transfer Rates
Gary L. Barker, J. Weldon Laird, Mathew G. Pelletier and Greg A. Holt
pp. 252-258 Plant Hormones Alter Fiber Initiation in Unfertilized, Cultured Ovules of <em>Gossypium hirsutum</em>
Sofia Gialvalis and Robert W. Seagull
pp. 259-267 Cotton Tolerance and Weed Control with Preplant Applications of Thifensulfuron Plus Tribenuron
Douglas E. Fairbanks, Daniel B. Reynolds, James L. Griffin, David L. Jordan, Christopher B. Corkern, P. Roy Vidrine and Stephen H. Crawford
pp. 268-274 Italian Ryegrass Control with Preplant Herbicides
David L. Jordan, Leon S. Warren Jr., Donnie K. Miller, M. Cade Smith, Daniel B. Reynolds, Stephen H. Crawford and James L. Griffin
Issue Editors